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Write a letter to someone who may or may...
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Write a letter to someone who may or may not read it..
Dear Kuban,

I hope a midget whore cuts your penis in your sleep.
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Dear Kenneth from HR,
Fuck you.
Dear M,

I hope you have two beautiful children that will die very painfully of cancer when they're 8.


You might not even like me as a friend, but I'll always love you
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Emily... please come back
Dear Abigayle

I just can't deal with you. We're such different people that this isn't working at all. All we do is make each other miserable, so what's the point? I'm having a hard time justifying this. I'm sick of you assigning all the blame to me. I don't think we could ever really be happy together.
Why can't I be like you dad, please be with me in your spirit.
Dear Lauren,
I don't know what I did wrong, but I'm sorry for doing it.
Dear D,

You probably think it's a joke, but you're everything to me.


>This thread
Dear G,

I still like you, I just never know what to say.

What if Drew doesn't read it?
Dear J
I'm so sorry for being an asshole.
I can't stop thinking about you.
I hope you get v&, you're fucking dead kiddo
Dear everybody,

what the fuck kind of letters are these? they're supposed to be longer than one fucking sentence you know. dipshit fucking millenials man with your blown out limbic systems and your shit grasp on history. this is why we're headed for another massive economic crisis. jeezy petes man
Look you shitdick, this isn't Randy Rates 4chan Murder, we don't need your goddamn opinion on

every fucking image. Do you walk into grocery stores and start rating the produce? Well, shit

this apple's a bit browner than the other, I don't understand this cucumber, that's the best

fucking grapefruit I've ever seen. No, you don't do that. So why the fuck do you think we need

you to analyze every fucking post someone puts up? If I ever see some retard rating asparagus

I'm going to walk right up to him and kick him in the dick, because I know with confidence it

will be you
settings -> filter in the lower right hand corner

problem solved
I really like you. Those things you write in (more) are really substantial and worthwhile, I've read through most. You really touch important themes like racial segregation and finding yourself in life. It's kinda disappointing you gave up and started watching gundam. But it won't decieve us. It's actually better to just post whatever you want about manga or anime on r9k instead of a because you won't get banned. I actually got banned for writing about women can't write and basically ruin anime industry but it got deleted after the first hundred of posts. It was sad. But seriously Mushishi,Sakamichi no Appolon, fma, Aria, Honey and Clover, Rose of Versailles, Usagi Drop, Hotori, Aoi Bungaku Series, Hourou Musuko, Ranma, Urusei Yatsura, Saraiya Goyou were so unpleasing, and I am not being ironic, there really is something you can feel about it, something wrong with a show you watch. They all share 1 thing in common, inconsistency. And it's not that they usually just make shoujo or josei-plots, hard to describe with words but it really is a big problem.
Do you know what else
You will never be considered the greatest darts player in Colorado
This is actually extremly depressing and the pain is almost unbearable to endure. Just thinking of all the possibilities makes you pray for the second life, she'll say you are good at darts and a guy will bet he'll beat you at darts for a beer and you'll drink for free.
Manga is overall a good and rewarding media. Light-novels is the worst media I've ever encountered and why would anyone read it ever Doesn't make any sense.
You told us to not give a fuck about Shaft but there is nothing in this world I hate more than Shaft.
You probably have to be really happy to watch good stuff like shigurui and kemonozume.
It wasn't anything personal kiddo
Thank you for this analogy anon, that made me lol.
dear c.f from troy
i've been thinking about you a lot.

that's all
Thread replies: 22
Thread images: 3
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