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Did any robot here get expelled/suspended...
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Did any robot here get expelled/suspended from school? Share your stories. Here is mine

>be me, 15 so 4yrs ago
>had insane anger issues (still do)
>hated this one fat kid
>mocked him relentlessly and humiliated him in public
>this continues for 3monts
>he reports me to the school and they arrange a meeting with me him and his parents
>he cries and says that I beat him physically which is bullshit
>school believes him
>call him a retarded liar and tell his father that he raised a pussy faggot
>school bans me for a year
>come back on my first day a year later
>see him, fatter than before
>friend tells me he is now 'scene' , listens to bvb and linkin park and cuts himself
>tap him on the shoulder and punch him in the face
>get permanently expelled

Never saw him again, but someone who still knows him told me he now weighs 290lbs
Really nice stuff, I used to regularly beat this Aspurgers kid who had a big mouth I got expelled from school at 15 on purpose.
>be me
>15, tired of school year is almost over figure fuck it I'm going to get expelled.
> try a bunch of shit, smoking, fighting, skipping school.
> doesn't work get put in special class away from my mates
> realise I need something big to do the job
> timetomanup.jpeg
> sitting in social studies
>get up walk across the room and ask my friend blatantly to borrow a lighter
>pull out cig and light it
>teacher loses his shit starts yelling at me to get out
> ashing on the floor start singing white supremacist anthems
Got everyone out of social studies that day because the teacher walked out after he left I did and that was it
Oh yeah and I came on the chessboard in the library and got caught on camera
Was there a particular reason why you hated him, or was it just illogical hatred stemming from what you said were 'insane anger issues?'
I only got suspended once
>be high school stoner
>be with childhood friend and other friend
>getting high as shit in my car
>go to school
>other friend asks to leave weed in car, its chill
>everything's fine
>intercom says stay in your classrooms, this is drug dog sign
>chilling in class, get called to the office
>principal and police start asking me questions, deny everything
>after 20 minutes of lying my ass off and defending other friend they tell me other friend told them I sold them weed
>suspended for ten days
Fucking narcs.
I got suspended for getting caught masturbating.
So edgy, so rebellious.

They should make a movie of your lifr
>tap him on the shoulder and punch him in the face
this is hilarious
>oneitis starts dating chad friend
>some asshole starts sexually harassing oneitis
>legit sexual harassing, not the tumblr kind
>collect a bunch of proof of his shit
>link everyone that i was aware of at my school's facebook to a post
>post pics and explain how much of an asshole he is
>he was really popular, that's why i had to do that
>get written up for "massive electronic disturbance", recommended for expulsion
>find out his parents are both teachers in the school system
>he gets a week suspension for incredibly fucked up shit that he's done
>i get expelled for the rest of the year
>after everything oneitis broke up with chad friend because he was an asshole
>eventually we started dating, still are to this day

All worked out in the end, to be quite truthful.
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>senior year
>they tell us to buy parking passes
>fuck that just copied my buddies on a color printer
>they find out
>threaten to expel me for forging a county document
>get 3 days outdoor
>we borrowed this kid's phone
>call random family members on the contact list and fuck around with them
>tell them their son is in trouble
>parents call the front office
>administration lady comes out onto the courtyard to see who's making the fucking call
>some of us were smart enough to ditch when we saw her coming, some weren't
>i wasn't
>I and two of my friends get suspended

worth it tho

one time a kid managed to pick 'Zyklon Ben' as a username for a class online activity without getting in trouble though, which was amusing.
Nominees for the edgiest teen award.
I seriously don't get how retards got caught with drugs in school. I smoked every year of high school as well as using harder drugs, and never got caught with anything once. As long as you're not an idiot, it isn't hard to avoid problems.

That reminds me, I used to sell weed to a kid who ate pot brownies on a field trip and had a massive panic attack and got busted. Apparently he had never taken edibles before, and decided the best setting to first experience that was a fucking crowded school bus. He got suspended for a week, and after that was no longer interested in buying weed from me.
I hate the corruption of some schools
I used to fantasize about having an opportunity to do something like that. Except I would've rather jumped him than do something online.
Best part is that every friend I had hates me now, and I literally only have her.

It was worth it, 0 regrets.
I've only been busted that once, and that's because some retard decided admitting everything to the cops and then lying to make me look like the worse individual so he'd get less punishment.
Not getting caught is easy, its other people that fuck it up
If your friends hate you now, they were really shitty friends. I didn't have many friends, but I probably could've counted on the two I had to back me up even if I wanted to try to flat out kick his ass.
That's true I guess, you can't trust other people, and a lot of people in high school are complete idiots. That's the main reason I never really dealt. I had great connections, but I had shitty social skills and was paranoid. I didn't want to just throw it out there to a bunch of idiot underclassmen that I had drugs for sale.
wasnt a complete autist robot
I had friends

>with friends early one morning senior year
>state testing for 9-10th grade
>juniors and seniors had to go to the auditorium and homerooms for half the day
>seniors were first in the auditorium from 8-12
>we decide to get stupid high
>go to these casual apartments next door to the school
>we always went there to smoke because no cops and no one cared
>this particular morning seemed abit off
>we still smoked
>as we already got done with 2 blunts
>a cloud of dank surrounding us
>we hear someone close their door coming down the stairs on their phone
>a woman
>we decide to move to another spot and smoke
>we went to another corridor within the apartment complex
>to my fucking luck, who walks right infront of us is my fucking math teacher
>current year math teacher
>we are blown away, hiding the blunts against our legs
>it was super cold that morning so the blunt wasnt letting off much smoke behind my arm
>try to play as cool as I can like we arent high
>really fucking high
>she says we need to leave and get to school immediately
>go to auditorium for half of the day high as hell
>at 12 the juniors and seniors switch
>off campus lunch is blocked off by campus police
>we see outside that they havent blocked the exit yet
>we immediately sneak off and hide in the car for like 10 minutes
>nothing happens
>we end up getting even more high and chilling at the mall and doing other dumb shit
>the next day i got pulled out of class and was threatened of going to "alternative school"
>2 months left of school too
>deny everything
>end up getting let go due to no evidence of weed or intoxication since it was the day after and off school grounds
>hated the bitch for the last 2 months I had with her

what a dumb whore
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6th grade
>send out email to the whole school telling them my AIM tag is RuckFules96
>principal tells me that wasn't okay
>send another email telling them my new AIM tag is Born2Kill96
>I never actually had an AIM

7th grade
>bully spits on my notebook in math class so I punch him
>later that night decide that it wasn't enough so I text him, taunting him about his dead dad (I bet your dad killed himself when he found out what a dick his son is)
>suspended and ostracized because of this, but the bully himself tearfully apologized to me and he accepted my apology and never fucked with me again

8th grade
>sneak off campus to buy a sandwich
>the same week that a kid had gone missing so it was a big deal

11th grade
>cool kids talking shit about me on facebook, ironically call them Nazis in response (they were almost all Rich Jews)
>brought into main office, someone told principal that I was antisemitic and a threat to the school
>some kid gets in my face about it
>punch him

too many rules at that school man
>had unknowingly dropped my scissors on the floor
>teacher comes by
>sees scissors on floor
>sends me to the office
>I get suspended for 3 days

>get in a fight with some arab faggot, kick his shit in
>teacher catches us
>get suspended for 3 days, him 1 week because I was defending myself
>dad tells me good job and buys me a video game + mcdonalds
Your first story doesn't make any sense at all. I feel like there's something missing. If there isn't, then your school's administration was full of unbelievable cunts. On a second note, one nice thing about my school was that some of the administrators wouldn't make too much of a deal about fighting if it clearly wasn't bullying or anything like that. I knew people who got caught fighting, sent to the office, and then one of the nicer school administrators talked to them for like 5 minutes, made sure it was nothing serious, and then let them go. We also had a school cop who wouldn't even take your weed away if you got caught with it as long as you weren't an asshole.
>wear a trench coat to school
>administration freaks out
>parents get called
>have to put on a new jacket in front of everyone
>>other friend asks to leave weed in car, its chill
stop talking like this
I'm really glad I never wore my trench coat to school back when I had one. Probably a good thing my dad took it back from me, it looked lot better on him than my fat adolescent ass.
what doesn't make sense about it? it was grade 6 I believe and the teacher had it out for me, I think she just wanted me in trouble for no reason

I met her recently in a grocery store and she called me handsome
>skip the first four months of school in my final year
>come back fifth, they send me away. Expelled.
>Dutch law states that they can't take your right to make the exams from you when you're enrolled for them.
>came back 5 months later, made the exams, passed.

Eight kids in my class failed that year and went to school for shit while I was fucking whores and drinking beer
It's just insane that you would get a three day suspension for having scissors on the floor. I would think at some point along the line one of the administrators would have realized that was bullshit.
I thought it was bullshit too, as did my parents but muh safety concerns and shit.

w.e got to play runescape 3 days in a row all day erryday and watch nuruto
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>Be sophomore
>Regularly smoke weed before school with beaner and black freshman
>One day we're all high as fuck, coming in tripping and stumbling at 7 AM (school started at 7:20) from outside after we smoked at the park
>We all fucking reek, beaner and black freshman have a ton of shit to distribute and go off to do that
>I have just half a joint left in a swisher pack and a lighter since I'm not trying to fucking deal
>Chilling in my second class, see one of the hall monitors everyone hated named Gollum
>Guy was balding, pale, had huge eyes and ears and skinny as fuck
>Also wore muscle t-shirts for some reason
>Probably preyed on freshman girls
>Teacher leaves the room, see her talk to him
>He makes eye contact with me
>While they keep talking and he looks away, I lean down under my table, take the swisher pack out and stuff it in my underwear
>Dig around for lighter, can't find it
>Gollum comes in, tells me to come with him and bring my stuff
>Get up, grab my shit, go with him
>Too late anyway
>We get there, the principal's there with a fucking cop
>Cop pats me down, doesn't find anything because he didn't touch my dick
>I sit down while he goes through my shit
>They find the lighter, smell my backpack, it fucking stinks of weed
>Back in like 2006 it was super fucking bad where I lived to snitch, like get jumped and stabbed level bad
>Make up some bullshit story about how I was holding it for a freshman I had met that day
>Name some freshman I had heard dealt through a few mutual friends
>Kid gets suspended, since when they found him that day they searched him and found a bag full of cigs and shit
>Two day In School Suspension for me
>No one ever found out
You're an idiot for carrying around weed at school, you deserved everything that happened to you.
>you deserved anything that happened to you.
Which was nothing
The ISS I mean. Frankly you deserve a lot more than what you got, you sound like a little bitch.
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Thread images: 4
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