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I'm sort of a normie, but I have a story...
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I'm sort of a normie, but I have a story to share for you.

>Have a girlfriend of 5 and a half years
>Both turning 24 this year and thinking of moving in
>Three weeks ago her parents inform they're divorcing
>Don't think it's a big deal
>She's pretty broken about it
>Babbles how she hates her mother for leaving her dad
>I agree, her dad is about the nicest guy I know
>Her mom a manipulative religious bitch
>Leaves him for pretty much no reason
>She pretty much had everything fine in her life
>Decides to figuratively shoot herself in the foot because reasons?
>Leaves everything behind, gets an apartment elsewhere
>Doesn't walk to talk things over with dad
>Is known to talk shit about her siblings and husband behind their backs and pretty much everyone else as well
>I'm w/e but gf is pretty shit for it
>Try to listen and support her
>Keeps complaining about her mom for breaking her family (lives on her own)
>Directs her anger towards me sometimes
>Almost no sex for weeks even though she keeps talking about it herself
>Bring it up, suddenly I'm a shitty boyfriend
>One night tries to leave me in hysterical rage
>Cries for hours,
>Complains about everything that's wrong with me
>Finally settles down a bit, towards her rage back to her mother
>Call her out on her shit afterwards, barely get an apology
>Somehow, sex for a few days

I know most of the details behind the divorce, but won't share 'em all. Let's just say that during this whole incident I've learned a couple of things
>1. How much she starts to resemble her mother sometimes
>2. Women have no idea what they have until they lose it and sometimes not even then
>3. How much of a overgrown children women are
>4. How whimpy men get torn by women for no reason
>5. How much you need to stand for yourself because relationships with women are a huge power game.

Honestly, I didn't think much of women before, but this shit is why I can call myself a misogynist.
i think you're in wrong neighborhood pal
/soc/ is that way
Yea, if this is the first stressful situation she's been in her life, she will definitely not handle it well. I am proud of you for calling her out. Shitty behavior should always be challenged
I'm a programmer lonewolf, who watches anime, plays video games, is overweight and introverted.
/soc/ a shit.
Please leave our board and never come back.
how/ where did you first meet her?
and how long after knowing her did you ask her out?
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Bipolarity is hereditary and it sounds like her mother has it, and your gf is developing it too.

Stay with her through this and see how it ends up but do NOT move in with her or get her pregnant or marry her. Think of this as a preview of how she would react if another big problem came up while you two were more seriously invested in the relationship.

>already witholding sex as a weapon

top lelaroo
>>1. How much she starts to resemble her mother sometimes

This always inevitably happens. Don't date a gf with a mom that you wouldn't have dated back in the day.
It pretty much is. She pretty much hasn't had anything happen in her life up until this point. Her parents help her whenever she has trouble with money, she's never without food, clothes or whatever, she's currently studying cooking. Her biggest stressful situation before this was when she moved away to study and her umbilical cord was still attached so to speak. Still kind of is though.
I'm a non-frequent cyborg, but perhaps you could learn from me and vice versa, so do not shut out all possibilities immediately.

We started as class mates in a marketing college, enrolled in IT basics program. At first I thought nothing much of her, but somewhere around third year she ended up chatting me on FB on one weekend for whatever reason, both were bored because it was some celebration day going on and neither of us felt like going out with friends. We had a chat, she seemed nice and polite. We ended meeting the next day, just chat at first then ended up making out in my room. Both agree on dating. I picked up my driver's licence on next monday, had a date for Wednesday, we have sex at mine, we just keep on dating.

Point taken, will start taking notes, let's see how it goes.
Bumpan with some more ass.
Ass is pass

Moar shitty mom/daughter stories anyone?
REEEEEEE shut up, what are you gonna do, fite me?
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This is an original response, definitely.
How does one even make images like these?
I basically see marriage as one extended/giant shit-test and it's why I have no plans of getting married.
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I've been thinking of that as well. Though I sort of want to get married, but I intend to take precautions.
At this point, it would take an extremely exceptional girl to make me even consider marriage. Like, she has to have an 11/10 personality before I would even consider it.
>implying women can have personalities

I read that as
>I'm a pregnant lonewolf ...

Boy was that an emotional high for me.
Mind sees what mind craves, eh?

No, I was about to shit on you for being a shitty future-parent and go on about how some people shouldn't be allowed to have kids.
Well, you did indeed double-check and not rush to bashing, so I'm proud of you for that. It's a lot better than some, if not most.
>3. How much of a overgrown children women are

>cries he isn't getting sex when his gf is going through stressful situation through life
>Brings it up because she keeps talking about it herself but not act on it

Fixed it for you.

Mind you, I never said I couldn't manage without or actually complain about it, what I did is bring it up because she keeps telling we should have sex tomorrow and shit, while not actually doing anything, most of the time not even saying that she doesn't feel like it, she just ignored it. What she did wrong is not being frank with me. If she said she doesn't want to, I'd be fine with it in this situation.

So, either I didn't bring up my point elaborate enough or you're just a cherry picker.
I'm glad you found out you should speak honestly about what's pissing you off, but you should've known in the first place. No idea how people can go entire relationships without telling the bitch to shut the fuck up.
Oh, I do speak. I do it gently but frankly and constructively, just complaining proves to be useless. With my gal, it's the best way to go, though it can sometimes be a slow process.

What is the point of this? If you're barely realizing all women, regardless of age, are huge cunts and incessant crybabies then you're in for a hell of a time when you guys start living together
now i have to masturbate to mia khalifa
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Thread images: 6
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