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>neet since 7 months
>wasting time on chan
>have to go to my old school and get some paper for new school in august
>trying to delay stuff like that etc
>spend most of my money for drugs
>currently selling my consoles so i can afford a new gayming pc
How does one go on about becoming a NEET?
Just stop going outside friend
But how would i afford living expenses?
How has the NEET life been?
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The neet life has been pretty great in the last year. Been a neet for almost a year and a half since I failed out of college. My days are pretty much waking up at 12-2 in the afternoon, masturbating, playing games all day long. I only eat one meal a day and its usually something really shitty. I usually leave my apartment at 2-3 in the morning so as to get some exercise when everyone is asleep.
Welfare or Autism bucks mostly. Or you can mooch off the parents as long as you can getting expensive things you don't need to sell
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>tfw being forced by parents to go for a job interview tomorrow
>tfw panicking because I know I'll fuck it all up and look like a dick
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I do whatever I want or feel like and avoid work like the plague

Why do people here care about being neet? It only really works out if you arent a material/possessive faggot.
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>tfw no bf to leech off of while paying him back with cute outfits and sex
Wow cheer up senpai if you don't do good at least you can go back to being happy and if you do well then you have a job for cute anime figures.
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Could be worse, im often bored etc.
Wish i had more weed
do you speak Nippon yet?
Yeah but the person interviewing me is someone who my grandad knows, and I don't want him going and telling my grandad how much of a socially retarded incompetent div I am.
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Im not that autistic though, so no
Wow senpai it'll be alright I want to be your friend just try to be the best you can be! If he knows your granddad i'm sure it'll go well
Good answer to be honest
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>Germany chris chan is a neet neckbeard
>He is mentally challanged so cant really write and read normal
>>>>>>>He tryharding to learn chinese
>Says ohayou and other basic stuff in his videos and live stream
Oh gross
I did this for a while.
he kicked me out though after he found out i was pretty much in it for the money.
felt good being a manslut.
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Since he started to get youtube money and livestream bux he went full smug modus.
Like he thought already last year that he is fame.
But now i dont even feel bad for him anymore and his hater/krautchanfags do aloooooooooot shit to him.

>Says he earns more monay than wagecucks or people who go to the uni
>Meanwhile he is just earning enough to not being able to get neetbux while not being able to pay his car

>He turned on sub-only chat for his hitbox streams since people spammed insults
>Write a subfeg that he should ask him why he cant afford a pc if he earns that much
>He goes into denial mode
>Says he plans to do a 12 -24h livestream for donations so he can finally get a new pc
>tfw i triggered this
Worst case scenario is that he gets lucky and get some idiot to donate him that much, he got like once 200yuro
Ithappenedagain scenario would be someone donating him stuff via stolen credit cards where the police will take it away like last time
someone bough him a big dildo and pc with a stolen credit card
they took both things away

pic related, it is him
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I'm hoping it will. If it doesn't I'll never hear the end of it.
NEET for 5 months here, pretty used to my routine now.

>Wake up at 10
>Fap in bed
>Wake up, watch le top videos on reddit while eating cereal
>Go to gym for an hour
>Come home, eat eggs, smoke cigarettes
>Spend about 5 hours doing a job application that would take 30mins if I wasn't being constantly distracted by the internet
>meet friends, smoke weed, pub hop around central london
>smoke weed
>watch always sunny

money source: 10% parents, 90% JSA/welfare
live at home rentfree

life could be worse
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>Join penpal website
>get a message from a qt JP girl
Oh god please help. I'm sweating bullets trying to think of a reply
i'm so fucking bored and depressed i wish i would just fall asleep and never wake up again
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Same but i try to keep myself hyped for stuff etc.
Also music helps alot.
Also my steam bf wants to visit m this week
i wish my parents got me job interviews
or to a doctor
its been almost a year now
actually technically its been over 9 years i was diagnosed at 10
still no doctor
i desire games and pot
I have almost $10,000 US saved up from my current full-time job but I hate it. I wonder how long without a job I could last if I quit.

I pay my dad $400 a month in rent
Cell phone is around $100 a month
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Holy fuck I'm still not a neet and this thread is freaking me out. I don't want to fail in life like all of you.
been a neet for almost 3 years now it was great at first but now I just feel like a piece of shit and now at this point its hard to get any entry level job
Thread replies: 32
Thread images: 14
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