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Make a poem about yourself
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Make a poem about yourself
No one
walks along this path
this rainy morning
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quietly obscene
an ache constantly denied


a katana's blade
its asperity unmatched
except by my edge
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Loser sits inside on his computer
Posting online
His ass lets rip a righteous tooter
As he views a vine

Here he sits with nice hard wood
Shitposting never felt so good
Flaming comments anonymous
The internet's economist
So sick of all the Chads
Guess it's time to end it lads
post post post,
fuck off, roast!
when boredom strikes,
me likes to post!

little manlet,
tiny brain,
no gf,
he got no game!

stupid slut,
craves jamal,
pumped and dumped,
makes me lol!

fucking chad,
easy mode,
get off my board,
or i'll post toads!

wagie cucks,
got two days,
for my neet life,
you'll need to pay!

normie scum,
lots of friends,
beta uprising,
will be your end!

post post post,
fuck off, roast!
when boredom strikes,
me likes to post!
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A dotted outline life hanging, suspended mid air.
Whatever filled this space, has taken all thoughts and care.
Wandered far off, plotting a vague footprint trail.
In the snow it gets colder, the fog grows more pale.
White blankness on everything, my hands turn numb.

I could point to the footprints, maybe they'd imagine who left them and try to fill in this blank space, but who would do that? The silhouette collapses in the blizzard far behind and a white blanket hides it.

The outline remains, still and quiet.
Breathing day by day becomes chore
Women don't want him because he's a bore
Tall ugly skinny, stupid hair
Where'd you get that cut? Did you lose a dare?
In the navy he works his ass off no more no less
No family, no love, his life is a mess
End yourself richard, get out of my sight
End yourself Richard, end it tonight
Smash that pussy, mhhm hhmmmm mhhm
Stick it deep in that pussy, yahhh yahh mhhm
Smash it with my penis, mhhm hmmmm mhhm
my penis goes in her pussy, mhhm yahhh yahhh mhhm
Everywhere I look, normies I see
Normies to the left and to the right of me
They don't know my feels, I just want a girlfriend
But I mustn't break, I mustn't bend
Just love of some kind, a hand to hold
"Just be yourself," I am constantly told
Most are disgusted by what they view
So I put back on the mask, big guy for you
I say I'll make changes starting tomorrow
But changes never come, not even in sorrow
Days pass me by like bitter cold
The years go round, I grow old
People are settling, they all have a wife
But I have not begun my life
It's too much, I cannot do it
One chance at happiness, and I blew it
Nothing in life, no legacy
Generations of fathers, and it ends with me
I am nothing but an empty shell
I can already here the funeral knell
Empty chairs, empty casket
People will walk just right past it
I'll order that helium tank one day
One day never comes, I learned the hard way
I have no other outlet but rage
Fuck you, fuck this thread, sage
So while I wait for my doom
I post on a board for little girl cartoons
I join in this culture of hate
Against those people who did not wait
It's all I have left in this sad life of mine
They still don't understand, they just think I whine
What l wanted in life will never be
wow robert frost suck my weiner
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they didn't fit in so they talk through pictures
they loved too much so they feign indifference
pieces of jigsaw strewn out to sea
some float into others, connect in the breeze
some sink to the sand, and barely breathe.
blank slate
that gave me a le feelie....

What swaying seas of dirt and wet growth
My hope, my hearth, my dirge, my rope

Victorious in longing, I conflagrate my time
and crawl into the artillery, the blindfold is mine.
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He can, but he don't.
If he couldn't, he wouldn't.
But he can, and he still don't.
Tick tock, there goes the clock
Ticking and tocking away
Ever so slightly
Ticking tocking
Until the end of the day
Out in the wasteland of dead end roads
I don't tread on any of them
as rolling dices got old and feeling good was not enough
My footage can not be collected
not due to its vastness
I wanted it to be like that
prince of bel aire whatever
Go and finally fuck that bitch
God son, what's wrong with your dick

You've been dating for a year.
What your fear, are your a queer?

Your her lapdog each turn of the moon.
Might as well cut of that useless thing soon.

You've tried one night stands
Always back to your own bed, crying into hands

something something tendies
There once was a prick from Philly
Who loved to play with his willy
He was rather smart
His jokes quite dark
And his poems absurdly silly
thanks bruh i also wrote this one >>26368944
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As I had found the origin of the categories in the four logical functions of all the judgments of the understanding, it was quite natural to seek the origin of the ideas in the three functions of the syllogisms of reason. For as soon as these pure concepts of reason (the transcendental ideas) are given, they could hardly, except they be held innate, be found anywhere else, than in the same activity of reason, which, so far as it regards mere form, constitutes the logical element of the syllogisms of reason; but, so far as it represents judgments of the understanding with respect to the one or to the other form a priori, constitutes transcendental concepts of pure reason.
death is out to buy a drink
in sadness he can hardly think

or want his mind to here exist
or want his heart to pump and twist

for once he loved his life's career but now he finds no joy in fear

no love in pulling quick the grain
no love in reaping soldiers slain

in life has death found drink and cried
living men are dead inside
You play mount and blade warband
Chad makes her cum with only his left hand
I see. Are you a fellow Kant-ian?
kill me
kill me
kill me
Why do I keep finding myself so surprised?
The qualities, you openly have advertised.
A bigger man might not feel quite so compromised.
But I've never been a saint and I won't start tonight.

It's burning me up
I've heard it enough
I won't let my lousy reputation throw me off
I've heard it enough
I won't let my lousy reputation throw me

I've heard some things I guess it's better not to know.
It's pretty bad as far as first impressions go.
A bigger man could probably get past it all.
Oh, the problem here is I just won't grow up.
>le introvert philosopher special snowflake meme

All of you fuck off
>hating on the only thread in the whole fucking catalog producing OC
get out
For sale: magnum condoms, never worn.
Haiku of the cyborg:

I don't belong there
So I hang with the robots
Don't fit here either
> i cant appreciate poetry so it must be a meme

there once was an angry faggot
his post ended in forty eight
if he could use words better
he might better communicate his hate
i r8 his b8
just eight out of eight
anything to do with artsy fartsy shit is a meme desu
My brother has a brother who is not my brother
My mother got divorced with my dad
My aunt died of breast cancer at fifty
My grandfather long didn't really last

My father got married to an ugly woman
But her daughter was looking pretty fine
Sometimes I dreamt about seeing her titties
But I know she is someone I'll never fuck

My dog, she got older as time has passed
My other dog always wanted to kill a dog
I wasted all my time songs composing
That I never really found someone to show

One day I woke up feeling hung over
For me it was another normal day
I turned on the TV without expectations
No channel was showing anything worthwhile
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quietly he stands in the tar of the night
not able to move and to weak to say
what he really wants, that his only hope
is the end of time and the return of day
so he stands there as time flies away
and no piece of light finds it's way
into his sealed, wooden coffin. nothing
will change, nothing will happen
when you're already dead inside of your head
nice rhyme scheme anon
I guess I have no relation
To the feeling of elation
These feelings experienced by kids who gave me hate
I guess it must be great
Because whether I'm 10 or 28
I still haven't got a date

Thanks, I translated it from spanish so it felt kinda off at parts but I guess it turned out all right.
damn man, fuck bullies
and those people who don't prevent harassment
pls post the spanish version, I'd be glad to see it
Tfw I stood up for the kids who were being and I got in trouble for hitting the bullies
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In a large french city
Lives a pathetic robot
Spending a half studying
And the other half dreaming
Split apart by a terrible void.
Burning his eyes with illusions
Is his only way to cope with reality.
Surprisingly he can talk, he put on his mask
He's a pleasant person to be around, even.
But, after he quits the violent light of the class,
He remember what he is: Nothing.
Checking up the phone: last text weeks ago
Checking up e-mails: only spams and work
Checking up facebook: no update since months
Slowly losing his sanity, he open his laptop,
He put up pretty pictures on his screen
Re-Watching his favorites scenes.
It's midnight, he goes to sleep
"Tomorrow will be different, I'll promise."

It's the same circle all over again.
Roses are red
Violets are blue
>Tfw no gf
>Tfw no rhyme
I've traced this sidewalk
with nothing but leaden feet for company.
I look up: there is only the grey splatter of clouds
and the knowing that my end is near.
This self-induced ending draws exitement and disgust even as I pray against it
What god would let me direct myself
What man would accept my life
What version of myself would accept these decisions
Made pointlessly in spite.
Roses are red
Poems are hard
This doesn't rhyme
People are shit,
They need a hit,
Across the face,
With a can of mace.

Kill me senpai
Ask me when, why?
This world is toxic,
You stupid spic.

I can't rhyme at all
So I'll take a fall,
From a building,
That's really tall.
Mi hermano tiene un hermano que no es mi hermano
Mi mama se separo de mi papa
Mi tia murio de cancer a los cincuenta
Mi abuelo no duro mucho tiempo mas

Mi viejo se caso con una mujer fea
Pero su hija no estaba nada mal
A veces sonhaba con poder ver sus tetas
Pero nunca me la voy a poder tirar

Mi perra despues de un tiempo se puso vieja
Mi perro solo anhelaba a otro matar
Mi tiempo desperdicie escribiendo canciones
Que nunca a nadie pude lograr mostrar

Un dia me desperte con mucha resaca
Para mi ese era un dia normal
Prendi la tele sin mucha expectativa
No habia nada bueno en ningun canal

This board doesn't allow written accents or the n with ~ on top so excuse the shitty spelling.
Crawling in my skin
I've become so numb
Fear is how I fall
I can't feel you there
roses are red
violets are blue
this guy acts like a faggot
he probably is
putain mec, je te comprends
I'm sick since last friday, and my "friends" didn't even text or call me
6 hours in front of a pc screen is normal
i want off this ride
goddamn, fuck teachers
worst is I'm actually going to be one
Hiding from the outside
devoid of emotion,
maybe even pride.
Lost memories
and fleeting bliss
the brown haze
comforts the abyss
gracias mi amigo
Nobody will ever love me
i sit inside all day
grey, boring, measly
a bland sign of the night time
i sob into a pillow of yellow feathers

this pillow will never be personified
i live a daily lie
I feel nothing now
Wage slave with no end in sight
Just let me drop dead
C'est tout le probleme, je connais des gens et je sais a peu pres maintenir une conversation, mais j'ai absolument 0 ami. Du coup je deprime et je reste sur le PC a rien faire.
At least browsing 4chan improved nicely my english.
My head is itchy
I should wash my hair right now
But I'm too lazy

Maybe I will go
Do something about my hair
Get off my fat ass

That went so easy
I feel much better right now
My hair isn't itchy
homeless soon
job barely
lost myself
now i'm scary
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Standing in the rain
The article of my pain
Kill all normies reeeeeeeeeee
feeling empty
years has passed
nothing can change
Mental cell
Constant hell
Want to die
I'm scared of pain.

>Where the fuck is my award fags?
just out of my reach
everything I want to be
behind a wall built by me
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if i had just one friend maybe i wouldnt drink alone

but i can still go to the bar and stare at my phone.
I can't be truly alone.
Why do I feel such.
Am I truly a robot?
fuck i didn't want it to rhyme
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Sounded like a linken park song to be quiet honest family
sorry anon but its not a haiku because the last line has 2 too many syllables
not bad, robot, not bad at all
yh can't argue with that familia think that says it all though if my life is a linkin park song
Let's talk about self doubt
I'll out
The skeletons in my closet
Locked them away
They fraught my head
And paused my thoughts
And I never make progress
I got this inkling
A feeling it's
Niggling and wiggling
In the back of my mind that I've lost it
Or maybe I've tossed it away
Either way
I daresay that astray is
Where I've wandered
And the road ahead's
So grey of sky
And full of fucking dread that I
Just don't even want to waste my time
By pressing my mind
Away from the lines of
Thought that seem to comfort me.
Craftsmanship is dead
That's why I
Find I lie
By high tides
When a dry mind's nigh
Else I'll die instead
But it leaves me alone:
Only the open ocean for my throne
I am the captain of a ship with
No crew who'd do anything
To get home
Sometimes the gales they
Come and they go
All the while, my smile
It pales with the snow
Feel the whitecaps bursting over the whole
Vessel. And I constantly wrestle
With the currents of doubt
That billow and swell and swirl around
Stirred up in a tempestuous bout
The fury of the vastness crashes down
See my tomb is swells up now
I shout out loud
All lost in the deafening howl

Wake up
Work boring job
Die inside
Mind a bleak desert wasteland.
Reality a carnival of flesh and concrete.
The two don't match.
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No one ever saw me
Or even bothered to speak
Ready to call it quits
Might have died
If not for this advice:
"Everyone feels sad some times"
So I picked myself up

Ready to turn the page
Unrelenting I tried to
Leave the old me behind and
Entertain ideas of happiness

For a while
Unknown to me
Changes were happening
Killing the man I was

With this death
I found a new calling, a
Zombie now; immortal life
A brilliant life
Ready for life's next adventure
Daring for every new challenge
Such a wonderful life I've found
I'm a shadow of my former self. The end.
I hope you guys like it . I worked very hard and poured my soul into it
OP is a confirmed
Faggot indeed
ITT: there's nothing
Useful we need
teenage angst
existential anxiety
woes of the needy
scars of the outcasts
the crawling in our skin
its what we write about
all this fucking garbage nobody cares about
except you, Chad
Riding able selfish unstable
fishing deception relocating fable,
passing turning waking taking
flying biting eating hiding,
signing waiting sleeping
22, 94, 88 score.
Worthless sack of space wasting money every day
staying up till I die forget why
eat, waste, sleep, wake
shower, waste, sleep, wake.
bake, stew, beer, whiskey
always feeling frisky.
cat, comp, window, ground
short fall now I've done it.
Somebody save me.
There once was a girl named Nicole
Who fell in love with a mole
She wanted to get married
Instead she got burried
And now she lives in a hole.
Fat little piggy sat at her computer
dreaming of a robot with the decency to shoot her
Degree so shit it's printed on some toilet paper
Mean, gross, and ugly couldn't get a dog to rape her
Couplet A and B match at the ends, she's a submoronic slut
would blow her fucking brains out if she only had the gut


>Underrated post going unnoticed for this long


beautiful dramatic reading, anon

Fucking bravo

I had never lost anyone
Until I lost you.
And the hole that opened in my chest,
Swallowed me whole.

Now only darkness waits for me.
It echoes like a sympony
The future stretches on and on,
Without you.

Took me a half minute famalam
File: 1448168554496.png (185 KB, 474x350) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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No ones gonna sit here and read your shitty Poems you faggots. Why don't you take a book of poems and read them instead of dumping all of your meteocricy on this thread.
>be me
>a faggot for free
>post on a thread
>realize it's dead
>now I am sad
>alone in my bed
>at least im not moot
>I say in my head
Look at me, a bored man with nothing to do
ill tell the people having fun posting poems to shoo
please pay attention to me i cry
this is the only mark i will make on humanity before i die
stop posting this stop posting that
i have a neckbeard and i am fat
File: 1449277456824.jpg (14 KB, 480x360) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Look at he a sad man indeed on his way to lame, quite a shame, I'm a Poet. Look at me
stfu faggot you splee and you sply, I kill your rhymes as I bid you goodbye
You are a sad man I feel in my heart, You'll probably die of diabetes or a fart. Kill yourself now with helium bags. Kill yourself now you autistic fat fag. Go away you troll you need now wander, Leave us be before we slumber
said the neckbeard as he fled
i have better things to do
like jerking it to shemales taking a poo
he claimed he had left but we all know hes just shy
hes still lurking this fucking thread even though he said goodbye
Wow what a poet you suck and you know it.
when will i understand
i wish i had a plan

My dark, unclean computer screen
Winks out for one more night.
The cheeto dust about me crusts
My keyboard's keys from sight.
I turn and fart, and in my heart
I know I'll be alright
For I shall sleep whilst Normies creep
To work at dawn's first light

What sort of fool would go to school,
Uni or work or train?
Do they not see that as I reeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
I'm king of my domain?
What form of prat could stand all that
And more: I can't explain.
Can only smirk while Normies work:
Wagecucks they all remain.
You sit inside
As time goes by
worrying too much about when you'll die

You try not to think
so you see a shrink
Hoping he'll take the pain away

Im really bad at poems and cant finish
I don't remember
the last time I've felt
anything other
than the feelings that melt

among all the rest
the ones that are just "the others"
the ones that I would just frankly
like to smother

like pain, regret, guilt, and sadness
but happiness isn't there, nor has it been
for years upon years
of living without sin

so maybe one day, one bright shining morning
I can wake up and feel again
doubtful, I know
as this is just a game that I cannot win.
File: Life.jpg (40 KB, 604x482) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Mindlessly aware of my own drowning;
liquor store knows me, but I'm never frowning.
Mother Mary on my mind and on my breath;
Trippin' into Lucy, just to forget.
Oh fuck! Been born a nig nog
Depressiveness enveloping like a thick fog,
Mist intangible
It's not manageable
So I shit post daily about a sad frog.
What dosages /drug/ bro
I like yours btw, reads how my head works.
Belonging to neither world
I walk the middle
Straying in each field for just a short time
I pluck a flower, I dig a tuber
I wonder where the path will lead
Yo this is some tupac shit right here man
Drinking and driving, where is my pipe?
Smoke a quick bowl, then turn right.
Park in the same spot, thinking "Why?"
Clock in on time, thank god I'm high.
Always escaping, sober is a rarity.
Smile with Lucy; so much clarity.
Poot poot
Gonna eat some wings
Gonna do some things
Poot poot
Maybe write a book
Maybe fuck a hook

Don't care if that last part didn't rhyme
Not gonna sweat over this post of mine

Poot poot
Body keeps on aching
Kind of irrigating
Poot poot
Maybe write a song
Can't do nothing wrong
File: raretomato.png (501 KB, 1500x1500) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
501 KB, 1500x1500
Make it all end soon
Please, life has to be a joke
it is far too cruel
File: 1977540186573.jpg (15 KB, 480x360) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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When you left your happiness went too
You don't know what you're doing anymore
They party and fuck and have a good time
You twist, turn, cry, and masturbate

Over 10 hours of sleep every single day
Still tired and I don't know why
Why am I so tired
Why, do you know why?

Still a virgin in a generation of hookups
A reject still with no friends
In a time when all of this should be easy
You somehow found a way
File: 1454693397277.jpg (103 KB, 500x469) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
103 KB, 500x469

She would have loved you but you chose your dear Molly
Her porn name was Angel Dust, you fucked on the trolley
You met up with Crystal to soften the blow
from when Mary Jane left you feeling sort of low
And as you take Lucy, your clumsy words slur
"I'm warming to you, but I could have had her"
roses are red
violets are blue
I want to kill myself
and so should you
I'm a tranny
I'm weak
This world's bleak
I wish I was normie

You wanted a crutch but she gave you her leg
You hate to see blood so you threw it away
Then, without balance, she clung to your side
So you left her alone on your carnival ride
I'm a robot desu
I post on r9k desu
Please pity me desu
Wake up
Grab a brush and put on a little make up
Hide the scars to fade away the shake-up
Why'd you leave the keys upon the table?
Someone please fucking kill me
Who is that boy who never speaks?
Why is his face so vacant and glum?
When he walks, can he tell where it is that he's going?
If we bothered to ask, would he say where he's from?

Now it is a bit strange
and it is a bit odd
Through our "yes's-or-no's"
He yields not a nod

And it puzzles me so
Yes, I'll never quite know
Why he hides like a bird in a burrow below


A bird in a burrow can do no wrong,
can but drown the rich ground with his lovely song
And all the while dying,
from the still of his head,
"It is better than flying"
Or so the bird says
porno in the streets
hentai in the sheets

>>26377320 (You)
>>26377635 (You)
Working for that check, building a dream.
Overtime struggle, acting like a fiend.
Alcohol daily, Mary's a lovely lady.
I need a new routine, can anybody save me?
Only myself and now it's time for the comeback.
High as Micheal Phelps and now I'm 'bout to swim laps.
Puma's on my feet and my mind staying' on track.

And who
Has persecuted you
To the point where you must hide
Below a painting on the ceiling of the sky?


Someday, small bird
While flapping un-mended wings
You may see it was you
Who chose not to sing
Friends come natural
Except for me
There is only sorrow
And sometimes some /b/

To buy yourself shoes with the name of a cat
You spend forty hours breaking your back
Kids pluck out flowers, examine the roots
Then learn the word "weed" and discard them for boots
With the name of a cat or an ancient greek god
Or a woman named Mary who feeds the facade
Save a spot for me
you up there
I'm not sure if I can be
doesn't matter where

Time is like a wave
if you're on top
you can see for miles
I'm at the bottom

we drift down here
we the discarded
save a spot for me
doesn't matter where
File: WriteOffSeinfeld.webm (861 KB, 480x360) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
861 KB, 480x360
Used to be nihilist but then I relaxed.
Used to be something but then I got tired and relapsed.
Didn't cause any harm to anyone else though.
Maybe you all should also try to let it go.

>not hurting all of your friends and family members

shut up selfish prick
File: 1294557945131.jpg (6 KB, 204x258) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
6 KB, 204x258
Now im just some bobby that you used to know
you used to know
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