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Anyone here have the criteria to be a Chad,...
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Anyone here have the criteria to be a Chad, but won't be one?

I am 6'4", 150 lbs (lanklet), and have a 7.5 inch penis, with 6 inch girth.

What the fuck am I doing wrong? I talked to a dumb bimbo girl named Alexis, and Allison, they are both equally dumb, and equally attractive. They both said "if you weren't so weird, i'd date you". I literally told the bitch to fuck off and kill herself and the next day her boyfriend Chad Thundercock gets in my inbox and says "I know who you are, and I'll kick your ass". I never use my real name on anything because of shit like this. When I was a teen back in the days of mySpace, I never used my real name because I knew some shit like this would happen where I would probably get fucked up by some Billy Badass for something stupid.

Anyways, I'm fucking done with women.
What do you guys think?
>I talked to a dumb bimbo girl
>I literally told the bitch to fuck off and kill herself
>What do you guys think?
I think you are just an asshole
You'd have to know her to know why I did that.

They were the biggest pain in the ass. This dumb bitch stood me up three times for a date. I have every right to tell her to do this after all the shit both of those "women" put me through. Get this, not just a FUCKING WEEK after I did that, she broke up with Chad Thundercock and got another Chad Thundercock plowing her left and right.

I don't even deserve to date women if I get stood up.
t this point I wonder why did you want to fuck them in the first place.
humblebrag thread that belongs on /adv/

not /r9k/ material
Chad is a made up term for the sexually frustrated r9k anions. There is no real standard traits to being "Chad" other then a perceived swagger and personality (and mostly negative traits) and looks that allow you to be approached by women.
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Pretty sure the number one requirement for a chad is top tier facial aesthetics and a masculine af face
as a chemist, I orgasmed instantly
That's a jock stereotype. Chad is more then just good looks he has a swagger that lets him get away with being a douche bag and still attactive.
Carbon is the most Chad element , bonds will almost everything.
Fluorine perhaps? this faggot an oxidize even Oxygen

Carbon is just capable of making strong polymer structures, and uh... its top valence is only 4
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It turns out the type of women I'm attracted to are the type that would be attracted to me.

They are very rare, but knowing the distinct high quality of these women vs the trash, it makes it easy to be bluff-alpha by being virtually unaffected by trash-girl advances.

Also, if a girl plays hard to get, she's not worth it. Keyword: "playing." You don't even want the sex. Fuck sex, you can just masturbate to 2D. Save sex for someone you can make a mutual emotional connection with.
I always thought Chad was just basically a normie but who is more scummy and will stoop even lower to get what he wants. Yeah he lifts and has a nice body but his defining feature is how he will degrade other men in order to gain a womans favour.
>Save sex for someone you can make a mutual emotional connection with.
too bad these "robots" don't even consider females human.
miserable angry creatures
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Well- most are kind of viciously vapid. The significant alleviation of responsibility and "easy-mode"-ness of the modern era has ultimately made both sexes appreciate emotional connection less, become distracted more easily, become impatient, and become more self-centered/ self-serving.

These traits are bad in both groups, but because of how tenderly men treat women/ place insane amounts of emotional trust in them after living in a world that despises them, the woman still has the upperhand in every aspect. And can get away with being just as awful. It's almost the standard.

Not to say men can't be complete fucking idiots, but an intelligent man still gets plenty of character-building backlash from life to be more objectively well rounded than intelligent women ever get in 10 lifetimes.
I think what people don't know about chad is that he doesn't exactly excel at anything, but keeps his perceived level to be a non trying savant.

Ex. Lifting; I've been lifting 3 years and am rarely outlifted in a commercial gym (pl I'm trash bc i refuse to get a coach). I constantly see chads and roid chads that just flail around 'with confidence' and talk to enough people that their girl is impressed.

Hygene; i read about all the hair plucking, tooth ehotening and appropriate hairstyles and clothing for a 23year old professional and follow it to a T. Chad kinda wings it but is comfortable woth himself that nobody thinks anything is out of place.

Employment; this is dumb bc girls don't care unless it's a major appealling factor and that is a girls niche (some girls go for the guy trying to be an actor, or the guy that works in marketing over the finance douche etc)

My observation with talking to girls is that they can innately tell if you're uncomfortable, disturbed, or not someone that will make them feel safe or fun. They just label these subconcious signals as creepiness.
Kill yourself u fake fuck.
>I'm le tall but suck in all other aspects of life :(
>why don't le women le fuck me :'(
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That's completely wrong you redditurd. Chad is a top 15% genetically superior man who can get any woman he wants without much effort. He doesn't bully, he doesn't degrade, he's nice to everyone and gives advice. That's where the who "just be yourself" thing comes from. God damn reddit.
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women souls.png
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6'5 220 lbs (I lift) and reasonably handsome. I sometimes get hit on by random women when im out in the world like at a supermarket or whatever.

I just cant stand women. I hate their guts. I cant even hold a conversation with one for more than a few minutes without getting an overwhelming desire to choke them to death. There is something WRONG with women. Pic related.

I was talking to some landwhale the other day and she kept repeating herself. I asked why she kept repeating herself, and if she thought I wasn't listening. She got mad and demanded I allow her to repeat herself. Why? What purpose does that serve? Do you just like hearing yourself talk? She wasn't doing it to add emphasis to a prior sentence by the way, she was talking just to talk.

I cant wait until they are all replaced by robots.
Well I can't say that you are completely wrong.
I dunno, after 5 years of being a moms spaghetti asocial freak, I'm trying to treat any person equally good. Now I feel better than ever before.
No gf, still, but I have my own reasons NOT to get one.
Just make a tinder with your bio saying some shit like 'Chillin, living life, you know". Guaranteed matches. Just open up with something like how you wanna fug
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>I am 6'4"
>150 lbs
>7.5 inch penis
>6 inch girth.
I'm not that anon, but Im also 6'4 and 150lbs.

Girls don't want a skeleton, most would actually prefer chubby. Being this scrawny just makes you look sickly and the girl beside you look fat.

>tfw can't gain weight because I run daily, training for first marathon this summer
>my fitness level is in the closet, most people assume I'm just an unhealthy nerd
Chad is just a tall guy with top facial aesthetics. Imagine top most attractive 20% of males.
His morality is irrelevant. He can be a bro, or he can be a jerk.
The bad guy stereotype comes from this. Chad can be a jerk but women still throw themselves at his feet, because of his superior looks.
Thread replies: 25
Thread images: 8
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