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>consider suicide on a daily basis
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>consider suicide on a daily basis
>fall asleep crying every day
>no friends
>therapist says I'm making it up
same. mine doesn't tell me I'm making it up, but tells me its a problem thats all in my head and a "positive new attitude" can fix all my problems.

I've been sick since I was fucking 5 years old, its not something I can fix without help

It's all to keep you their slaves so you pay them forever.

Seriously, they are no good
Mine told me that the way I have been feeling for the past 4 years is unrelated to any mental issue and that if I get more hours of sunlight it should improve.
I figured that out and stopped going, I only see the psych because he writes me med scripts, and thats only 4 times a year
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>psych doesn't want to give me meds

damn, must be nice to be able to afford someone who is paid to pretend to understand and care about you

and it's why they're about as valuable a listening comrade and motivator as a whore is a mate
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> tfw when you've seen 5 different therapists and have made absolutely no progress
Everything seems to get worse each year.
Same here but my tear ducts dried up so i cannot cry anymore.
have to exert my emotions in other ways takes hours to sleep usually.
haven't told my therapist about it though might tell her next meeting.
1 to 2 friends i think.
It's your therapist a woman?
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On 40mg of this. Is it true it damages brain?
if so might talk to my therapist about cutting down. been on it for years without knowing much about it. brought stability to my hellish life.
Mine is shes a cutie with short hair but married with a child :(
If it's working then by all means stick with it.
The crazy brain damage stories you hear are most likely a rare occurrence
>ready to tell your psych about your violent and suicidal thoughts and urges whenever she asks her usual questions
>she never asks
>get 3 month script and leave within 15 minutes of checking in
I started out with it and didn't notice any short-term problems. If it keeps you stable great, it had the least side-effects of the other anti-psychotics I was prescribed so stick with it.
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Thanks for the input just got a bit worried about brain shrinkage when i initially herd of it. have not noticed anything bad so I'm ok. haven't been hearing those voices since i started witch it really helps with. thinking about starting to date to occupy my time and not think about death so much but i think that's another complex story.
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>go through way more then your fair share
>a few of the results are submissiveness and extreme confidence and social issues
>nobody believes or feels bad for you when you talk about yourself because of your poor social skills
>some guy who has been through a fraction of what you've been through
>has no confidence or social issues
>Everyone believes and feels bad for him because he expresses it better
This is like a fucking curse.
We'd be better of with the pest or with cancer.
It's like my body won't even respond, I cry all night because I'm too scared to end my life.
I've rationalised it, I'm 100% objectif I want to stop living but I just can't do it.
I don't think about the consequences or something It's just that I litterally can't do it.
So it's like I'm in a fucking cage and with suicidal thought come great frustration.
I can't stop thinking about how fucking at peace I will be.

And I don't even know how to express it without sounding like a depressed emo teen
This pretty much. I hate living. My life is shit, barely have friends, know zero women, have no prospects, no positive job outlook, live at home... There are assisted suicide clinics in some European countries, but they usually only accept the terminally ill, so that's out. I am scared to kill myself because if I fuck it up, either I die painfully or I get permanent brain damage or something. I don't want to die painfully, it's just horrifying to me. The minute assisted suicide becomes legal in the States, I will be the first fucking one to be signed up for it.
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I cried a lot due to bad life experience and thinkn about mrs death a lot. damn so many pretty boys with so much followers/friends and the theres me with 1 friend. might have to go out of my comfort zone with an ugly mug but have fears of other people/outside my home. life aint been a cakewalk but i have some fight left in me and maybe I can do something big especially as the world is turning to a Post-scarcity economic society with the coming emergence of the singularity life will get better than i could ever dreamed it would be I hope.
Yeah thats the best thing to have someone do it for you since we can't bring ourselves to.
I'd love to find someone who would be willing to end my life in exchange of my PC and all my belongings or something.
I don't want a therapist I want someone to respect my decision thus respect me as a human being and just do me this favor without doing me the OH but you know life is great etc...
I know the earth has endless possibilities etc..
I just don't want to be part of it, I just want to be at peace
The world has endless possibilities if you're rich/good-looking/high status/lucky. Any one of those gives you a huge advantage compared to the average robot, but two of them will get you places. This world is narcissistic and nepotistic. Moving up in your station in life does not happen for most. It's funny how one day everyone will die and all of this will be worthless. I think that suicide is honorable, because it shows you have the balls to just not give a fuck. I don't wanna die old and senile with memories of a shit-filled life. I'd like to die at like 40 or something, unless my life has really gotten better. If it hasn't, then there's no real point in continuing, as it'd only get worse.
Np man, keep hanging on.
Maybe try saying fuck the therapist?
And then what you just don't pay him anymore?
Only male therapist can help you anon, females cant remove their emotional bias no matter what profession they are in.
I think a male therapist would be leagues better than a female one, but they still won't solve his problems. I think therapy is complete bullshit for the most part. I've had eight therapists in a little over five years. Seven of them were women who were just freaked out by me and my issues. The one guy I had was cool, but left my city after a bit. Cunts just do not get robot problems, they have no idea what life can be like for loser guys.
Holy shit stop as soon as possible.
If you're schizophrenic it's going to only get worse no matter much, but if this is for depression or anxiety get the fuck off of it.
>no matter much
Weird typo. Meant what
Yeah absolutely.
If you aren't born with thoses traits statistically it's not even a bad idea to just not try it's perfectly normal to consider suicide if you consider your chances.
Of course yeah by luck you can unfuck your shit and find happiness etc
But for me it's not worth risking the high chance of things getting even worse
It's gotten to the point of physical suffering, I know my brain is damaged, I don't hate myself I just know that for me it's the best statistical solution.
And the worst thing is that everything is perfectly logical we are animals it's normal that the person who has the better traits has every reason to win at "life"

It's kinda sad to know all the people trying so hard when you know the game is rigged.
You can go Kaiji on their shit and win the game with dumb luck but we can't pretend to not know how low the chances are.
>i pay someone to listen to me and tell me i'm just delusional
People who pay for therapy are massive cucks.
Government funded mental health institutions are a melting pot for pharmaceutical industries to throw their shitty pills at
I hate talking to people about my problems
like I can't name anything I hate more.
It never helps it just makes me feel like I gave more shit away to people who now have a whole new exploit to use against me.
Yeah and they probably don't care anyway.
They are persuading themselves to be good persons, they listen to us just becaus it's the "right thing to do"
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ive accepted im probably going to kill myself before i hit my 30s
>cry almost every night
>no future
>no qualifications
>family acts like I'm worthless call me stupid and tell me to fuck off if i tell them my issues
I pray for death every night
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Thread images: 11
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