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I saw it mentioned in a thread earlier, but...
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I saw it mentioned in a thread earlier, but I wanted to discuss it in its own thread.
Who else here is absolutely disgusted by sex?
It's just nasty, and it seems demeaning to want to badly to jam your pee pee in a woman's stinky hole because your animal instincts tell you to.

I recently received some medication that has fixed my depression (to be specific, bipolar disorder), and I couldn't be happy all by myself. Women are too much work, have no genuine interest in anything of substance, and pussy smells awful.

It feels good. I feel independent. I just have a daily masturbation and move on with my life.

Anyone else here relate?
To an extent. It is pretty gross, if you think of it. I find anal sex grosser in theory, so I think it would be less pleasant than vaginal sex
I agree. Never understood the fascination with anal.

It just seems demeaning, sex I mean. I'm not saying I'm above other human beings, or that I've "transcended" or something like that. I'm just saying I'm pretty damn happy by myself.

Also, to any robots who are genuinely miserable all the times- it doesn't have to be like that anymore. Get medication, refuse to take SSRIs, they're awful. Get something like seroquel, something like that. Colors seem brighter, I don't think about killing myself everyday. I am happy now. And being alone is now a luxury.
I've been there. Just like being disgusted by pussies.
It's normal to associate only with the disgusting parts because you never experienced good sex (or any sex at all).

Sex is disgusting in many ways, but can also be very rewarding, much more than masturbating.
it is gross when you think about it
but when you do it you just don't think
you become an animal
now that is disgusting
Well not totally grossed out by sex, but really happy without any grill. Had been meeting one last month and after a few weeks I just got pissed everytime she texted me.
I used to :(
But that's because I saw it all the wrong way :)
Just picture cuddling with him :) tikeling his waist :) kissing his him under the belly button :) making him pop a boner :p taking away his boxers with my mouth :p with his cock slowly getting out :p
I really fucking want a boyfriend goddamit :(
I have had sex a few times. It made my pee pee feel good, but I would roll over onto my back and think, "Isn't there more?"
Life feels a lot more pure when I am just thinking about what movie to watch, what video game to play, what music to listen to, what instrument to learn, what story to write than when I think about women and all the work they require.
That's the worst part.
I resent myself for ever having done it, although I know if I didn't I wouldn't be feeling this way now.
I worry about sounding arrogant, I'm not. I don't feel above anyone else. I just feel happy and I wanted to share and see if you guys know this feeling.
I know the feeling. Most women are so shallow. They have no interest in things beyond how it will aid their appearance. If they'll look like a gamer girl, if they'll look smart, whatever. It sucks.
I'm the same way. I see people get anxious because they haven't been in a relationship for five minutes, but I don't see the point of stressing out over it.

I'm happy being single. Will I be happier if I were in a partnership? Dunno. Is sex gross? Yeah, but I'm not sure if it's more pleasurable than wanking. If I have sex, fine, but it isn't a huge deal. I'm also happy as I am
Yeah. The thought of sex is pretty disguisting.
Normies that say they need to get laid are so vile.
I'm glad to hear there are other robots who feel at least somewhat content. Being alone is awesome.
I don't look down on people for it, I get it and it's completely natural.
Just for my personal taste, it's pretty gross. Especially how normal it is to sleep around. It's odd seeing people be so casual about baby making, and getting completely naked together and rubbing their genitals on each others until one cums.

It's just odd.
Same. Like you, I don't feel better or worse than people in relationships. It's just part of me, and I'm content with that
>No Interest in Things [...] Beyond their apperance
Excactly what I woulda said. Not only did she really waste my Time like 24/7 with some talking about unnecessary and boring shit NO she also wanted me to tell her how pretty she is multiple times per day. Hell we were not even in a Relationship and she pulls that shit
Glad to hear it robot.
My best friend got a girlfriend and she would text me obviously fishing for compliments all the time. It's stunning just how many women are BLATANT attention whores. They feel no shame, and nobody tells them they're wrong because they just want to fuck em.
I honestly don't get why people are so obsessed with it. I can't even watch oorn without feeling disgusted
Porn especially disgusts me. I think that sex can be a neat thing inside a truly loving relationship, but even then it's still gross. But porn? Whores sucking dick and taking dick in their stinky bloodhole on camera for money? Disgusting.
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