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Anime makes me happy because I live in a...
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Anime makes me happy because I live in a world of shit and self-hate and it's good to see people being happy and funny.
Can anyone relate?

>uninstall league of legends
>life gets better
no surprise, the game is shit
Play dota 2 now
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I agree, OP.

I've been getting into non-toonami stuff a lot recently. Most of it seems retarded and unwatchable (High School DxD, Seikon no Quasar) but the slew of military anime are all great.

Girls und Panzer, Upotte!!, Strike Witches, and Kantai Collection stuff have kept me happy.
I like Girls und panser too. I also like spice and Wolf and Himouto! Umaru.
Pretty sure that's why anyone watches anime. Nice attempt at being deep and introspective, though.
>did this
>objectively better game
>didn't notice until it was too late but life got 5x worse
That's because you're watching shitty harem ecchi anime.
How can life get worse when you're enjoying dota 2?
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I can't wait for the Sentai Filmworks Bluray of Umaru and Monster Musume to come out, those jap BDs are expensive as fuck.
Yeah, I've learned my lesson, but some of them are okay. They have to have a gimmick though. Kore Wa Zombie Desu Ka? has a successful gimmick.
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>posting best girl 1st try
My nigga
same reason i like watching kid Youtube channels.
seeing how happy they are over the most mundane things makes me smile. the joy of getting a toy or being surprised.
/r9k/ is not like anime, anon. Fuck off.
you have half of the chan for you, get the fuck off you failed normies
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Ave, true to Caesar!

For that to not be an original comment fills my heart with joy. Vale!
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Then why are you on 4chan? You should be on a non-weeaboo forum for enlightened gentlemen such as yourself. A forum like Reddit.
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Why do you have to hate on us Desu senpai
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he don't know where we are
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who war thunder here
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Are their cute animes in War Thunder?
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Yes, I am a bitter, angry man.
Gentlemen, I like anime
Gentlemen, I like anime
Gentlemen, I love anime

I like mecha
I like cyberpunk
I like mystery
I like action
I like drama
I like sci-fi
I like fantasy
I like sport
I like slice-of-life

In moors
On highways
In trenches
In plains
On tundra
In dessert
On sea
In sky
In mud
In marshes

I love every aspect of anime that takes place on this earth.
What are you guys watching nowadays?

I picked up Natsumes Book of Friends the other day, like it so far, it's very comfy.
What's that one with the pervert club? With that one girl who secretes vaginal fluid all day?
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Ah nay, you're probably thinking of Shimoneta, I didn't like that one too much to be fair.
This one's more akin to shows like Mushishi, Kinos Journey, Dennou Coil, Ghost Hound, Zettai Shounen
It's fun until all the cute girls fall in love with the protagonist and I'm left feeling like I was betrayed and hurt by fictional characters.
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I never got the waifu biz a lot of people seem to have. Too lovesick to enjoy any other aspects of the story?
Ironic when the guy punching is an anime character also
Bruh, there's a new girls und panzer? I don't anime much (probably should, it seems like a good escape) but I watched that one during my WoT phase. Is it any good?
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My waifu is my reason to go on

Do not underestimate the power of my waifu
Fuck you, I don't like anime either but I hate reddit, why can't the weebs just stay on /a/ or stop posting unrelated anime girls all the time
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Who's the best waifu then, Mr Dubs?
Why not just not pay attention to their pics? Does it trigger you that much?
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It's literally the best anime that has ever existed. It satisfies my need to hear Japanese seiyuu try to pronounce words in English, German and Italian.

It keeps getting better too. The OVAs cover the Italian school's fight and they have a bunch of tiny tanks that go fast
I try. It was my favorite series but now every time I see her interact with the protag, I just feel like dying. Letting myself get so attached was obviously a mistake.
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It makes me sad because I'll never have a hot alien gf
I hate being associated with you people, that's why. r9k should be losers, weaboo losers aren't even people, they're the bottom of the bottom, so I have to hate them
The point is to be a hypocrite? Kek
>caring about your anonymous image/reputation/pride
>posting on one of the most hated boards on the site
Are you dumb?
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Heather of course! But she's mine so you'll have to get your own.
Cry more about it.
Nice! Wonder if they employ real tankery strats this time, they shouldn't have gotten away with their wins last season imo. Is it still an all female cast? How's the storyline? Is it riddled with cliches? Do they try to pull any echii to substitute for good story? (I'm probably still gonna watch it anyways)
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You being here makes absolutely no sense whatsoever, fuck off.

Especially not participating in this very thread, if you hit up the catalog right now you'll find 151 threads, THREE of those mentions anime, why not stay in any of the other 148 shitty threads? Ima no jisatsu kudasai kakujinsama
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>watch shitty anime for the innocent happy bullshit
>suddenly, drama/sex/rape/ntr

And it hits extra hard because I had my defenses down.
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>Is it still an all female cast?
The only male is Hana's manservant.
>How's the storyline?
>Is it riddled with cliches?
You say this like it's a bad thing! The national stereotypes are where the series' charm comes from.
>Do they try to pull any ecchi to substitute for good story?
Never. They have an OVA for that and even then, they downplay the ecchi.
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Just for the record, she's from Silent Hill right? Haven't played that in aeons, don't think I ever finished more than the 1st and the 2nd game, great atmosphere though.

No worries, if I were to pick a waifu it'll be this one.
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I understand your feelings desu
Yeah, she's from Silent Hill 3. The atmosphere in 3 is the best is you don't like the depressing feel of 2.
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>Letting myself get so attached was obviously a mistake.

Time is a healer, anon-san.
Cool, I'm just not a fan of cliches in general, it just seems like a cop out to me, sorta feels cringey ya know? At least they don't take the echii route. I liked the original, so I'll give it a shot. Also since its pretty much the only anime I've really watched, what's an ova?

and thanks for the good review/second opinion senpai
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An OVA is like a 15-30 minute movie that exists to supplement or bolster the continuity of the main series. If you've seen the Samurai X Trust, Betrayal, and Reflection series, that was an OVA.
Yeah, but just don't spend too much time escaping. No matter how much your life sucks you have to come back to it eventually, and if you put zero effort into making it better it's really, really going to suck when you find yourself face to face with reality.
I'm in the army and going to college online too. I try and stay busy, but I need an escape sometimes.
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Ohhhh OK, like a hype vid of sorts? Not sure if I saw the ova for girls und panzer, mind giving a link?
I always liked the tiny Russian leader girl, her tall friend was nice as well if I could remember. Didn't like how the Germans got rekt by a few tanks not "following the meta", Germans were smart adaptable folk, and were pretty chill with eachother on the battlefield, not super rigid and strict. Guess that's where the cliche charm comes in. Mfw tiger porshe doesn't break down but a bunch of panthers do. Mfw tigers but no king tigers. Mfw the tiger is hiding in the city, not using the 88 to snipe. Mfw jadtigers are patrolling the city. Mfw they battle a maus just chilling Alone in the city, with no support to out flank the enemy, and decides to rush 3 tanks instead of pounding them with the main and 75mm coaxial gun. Mfw no camo or tank crews using machine guns to blind opponents. I wonder if they could incorporate panzershreks and the like, like tank crews can harness some emergency AT firepower. Step it up guise. Sorry for the sperg, at least I spoilered it
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>this board is for losers
>losers should get out

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Sorry, I don't stream.

Image is Yukari dressed as a bear to do reconnaissance in Russia.
It makes you happy at first, you actually enjoy watching it as you discover more good stuff. Then comes a point where you just get more depressed because you realize you will never have a vibrant and satisfying life like those in the anime or experience a pure cute romance. I don't know, maybe it's just me.

>tfw never gonna live in neo-venezia
>tfw never gonna have akari heal my heart and teach me how to love life again
>tfw forever stuck in this reality with only way out being non-existence
That's fine, where do you download from if you don't mind me asking?

Also what is that pic from? An actual manga or is it just a single page thing?
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Single page thing.

Also I don't download at all, I bought the Bluray. I'll pay for an anime if it's really good.
I'll take that as a sign of its quality then, thanks for the advice. A question though, if you don't stream or download, how do you decide which anime to buy? Reading Reviews?
/a/ showers you with content from whatever anime you're curious about.

If you're looking for some good anime, try these.
Kore Wa Zombie Desu Ka?
Mayo Chiki
B Gata H Kei
The World God Only Knows
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I love my waifu
>Loving a waifu that will take your soul
Worst MM, have a best instead
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I respect your opinion
But what is wrong with a waifu who want to have your soul?
absolutely .
fucking normies
this board was an escape. but now with the normie pandemic its worst than the real world
so anime is my escape :3
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I see you before me you see me before you
Never thought that I'd fall in love with you
I will take your soul if you take my heart
Fly away together, far away forever

Thx bbg
are they original?
Yeah, they have some pretty fresh gags and whatnot.
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