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It's that time again lads, place an order, tell ya woes, and I'll try my best to answer. Or listen back and enjoy the music.

I've lied to my professor for two weeks about a project and I've procrastinated so much that I have to face him tomorrow morning and explain why I don't have anything. I'm going to fucking fail college. Fuck the STEM meme. Fuck this gay planet, I'm going to move to Somalia or some shit and start a tribe.
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Getting really sick and tired of your bullshit, mr barkeep.
>Ask girl out
>"Sorry I like someone else and don't think we should date" day of date
>Texts again a few days later, says she wants to be friends
>Messages me until like 2 am most nights since, sometimes later, and sometimes at 8 am to wake me up
>See her again at a party
>Say hi to her, she immediately excuses herself and goes to talk to someone else

what. the fuck.
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Is it normal to seriously think about suicide every day? I don't know why or how I keep going. Every day I wake up and hate myself, but I also know I'm better than everyone else around me; it's such an odd feeling.Sometimes I feel like I just, 'wake up' suddenly. I'm confused as to everything that's going on or where I am and nothing seems real. I have to touch things and feel them or feel pain to bring me back to reality. I don't know what's wrong with me.. I want to start cutting myself up again.
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I know the feel personally, anon. I couldn't hack college so I moved home with my parents and almost joined the military. Here's to a brighter future.

On another note, I have to get a haircut tomorrow and I have no idea what to get.

>tfw you have thin hair and a receding hairline
>tfw all of the advice articles online are of chads/movie stars
>fuck looking good
Yeah I'll have a Shiner & a bacon cheeseburger with mustard
Any other military Bros /suicidal/ here?

have you seen a therapist ever, anon? It didn't always work for me, but sometimes it kinda helped
I can't see one. I'm in the army and they could kick me out for mental illness or some other bullshit. I just deal with it day by day as best I can.

No, but almost joining made me almost suicidal. Where are you, and what do you do? Why is the military so bad?
spend your haircut money on finasteride idiot
It's alright anon, you just gotta change plans. Sure you failed this, but you don't have to fail everything. Maybe you can leave and try for a trade? Hang in there and keep digging. >>26334042
Woman are weird man, don't take their internet talk at face value.
I dunno that feeling, but I know the feeling of wanting to die. Listen man, you just have to ask yourself "Why haven't I killed myself yet?". Look at the answer, and live your life by it. If a man has a WHY to live, they can endure any how. Keep that in mine.
Shut the fak up.

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IgbPHTBiAVQ New song for the jukebox.
>Depression getting worse and worse each day
>just hit 25, but feel 60
>working wage cuck job to provide for my mother, brother, his wife, and kid
>Paranoia is getting worse. Legitimately convinced that my house is filled with spiders and snakes that I just cant' find.
>Insomnia getting worse, combination of racing thoughts and a belief that a Manson family type cult will break into my house and kill me if I sleep
>romantic life consists of fucking my 18 year old coworker who a) has a boyfriend and b) is blatantly a lying crazy bitch (like she'll contradict herself with stories all the fucking time), but she looks like Natalia Lust so I continue the dickings
Wouldn't that be better then if they kicked you out? You wanna leave don't you
Ease up brother, just trying to get served around here
I'm at Ft . Gordon, GA. I'm a radioman in an infantry unit. I haven't seen my gf or my dog or anyone I know for 6 months. I'm using nicotine and caffeine pills to wake myself up every day at 4 am, and sleeping pills every night to sleep by 11. I'm all alone all the time, nobody here really cares about anyone but themselves.
Just standard unis feel. Exam and a quiz tomorrow, two more exams later in the week. Barely looked into any of them. Then I have to do my research for my paper conference next week, haven't started that shit.
Then the standard social woes. No friends, have to lie to my parents every time they check up so they don't realize that I'm a looser sitting alone in my dorm room every night because I can't even get other nerds to hang with.
I'm not one for alcohol, but I'll take some nachos, thanks.
What would I do if I weren't here? It's a double edged sword anon. And who would hire a mentally unstable vet?
If you ask me my man, you're probably doing something no other anon could. You're suffering for your family and that's the biggest sacrifice you could make for someone else. If I were you, I would stop dicking the 18 year old. She may not even be legal, and you never stick your dick in crazy. Need a drink?

Sorry, out of burgers, but I'll get ya Shiner. Got anything to get off your chest?
its pretty typical if youre a overly self conscious, delusional, paranoid, thinks hes in love, out of shape beta

Im use to it by now
You can have some milk. If I were you, I would just take what time you could to get a night of good sleep, and study what you can in the morning before your classes. The stress is just gonna eat away at your soul. Keep on pushing forward. And try hanging out at a club meeting or so, maybe it's been awhile since I been in that situation.
Yeah I've been living alone in a govt subsidized apt for 2 years without friends, but feel like I'm just hitting my stride & things are starting to looking up
If you join the army you can be in shape and hate yourself with me anon. Let's grab a beer.
2 coors light please barkeep.
That's good my man, let's get some happier tunes going on here.
Anything to get off your chest my young gentleman?
>Need a drink?
I used to drink a lot, now even a little booze makes me feel sick as fuck. Honestly I feel myself getting closer to just an hero'ing
girls does not equal logic + they don't mind beta orbiters that would be always nice and reply to their shit anytime anywhere at any condition to make them feel better. Most of the time they don't think about those things at all though, which is for us men, really hard to understand. Also their purpose in life is to get fucked and make babies, so being social with men at any level is what they do. imho.
Right away, a drink for friends to be made.
I know the feeling, but I want you to ask why you haven't. What's been going on to stop you?
I'm just a pussy who gets scared.It's really that simple
Cmon there has to be more to it then that. If you honestly wanted it, you'd have it by now. What's driving you man? What's waking you up each day and driving you to work? You've got something down there greasing the engine, and I want you to find it.
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>bullied at work
>asking a question work related
>getting shit for that, and made fun of
>finally stand up for myself and flipping out and letting it all out
>everyone looks at me like Im a total psycho
>nobody talks to me to the rest of the day

I need something strong mister Bartender please.
It's hard. I've tasted gun oil myself anon,I know how you feel.
So, I'm failing really hard at my career.

I've wanted this since I was a lad and I'm fucking up immensely. This dream was all I had but I have to keep trucking, maybe it'll get better later. I seriou8sly can't imagine myself doing anything else.

I'm also growing more and more bitter by the day. It's very hard for me to meet people because I have terrible social skills and also because I distrust and prefer to preemptively dislike people because I know they'll dislike me and that way I can pretend I didn't care what they thought anyway.

Some shit.
Have a slap from old jack. Sounds like they're dicks and not worth your time my man. I know you need human contact and such, but don't let the small things get ya down.
Thanks man.
School clubs are alright. Even managed to snag the captain of this nerd club, the Medieval and Renaissance Recreational Combat Association. I'm more what you might call a cyborg than a full robot. I can talk to people just fine, it's getting a real friend that's hard. I can get a wave on the quad, maybe even have someone reply to text once every other day. But it's like I cease to exist as soon as I'm out of sight. I don't keep up with sports or parties, so Normies won't talk to me. I don't have the time to get into MMOs and I never got into anime, so I can't even get a nerd to hang. Then you always got those other freaks, who always hang around with one or two friends, but all they do is sit around and get high.
It's like, people recognize and know me, but if I just left or went missing, no one would give a shit, if anyone ended up noticing.
I don't want to sound cliche and like a douche, but you just gotta keep on doing what you do. We all learn from mistakes, and if you've made a bunch, you're gonna be the best after awhile. It's your goal to do this, and I know you can do it. As for distrusting people, I would say it's not really a bad habit. A bad habit is never trying. Try to meet people that you feel comfortable doing, and keep them at the distance you feel comfy with. If that's arms, or meter distance, that's fine, it's your boundary.
That sounds cool man. Work on that, get to know the people, maybe organize an event or two at a local bar (heh). People will warm up to you there when they see how cool you can be. And get some sleep man, you have some test.
Thanks man, I needed this. I'll head on off then. Here's my tab, and a decent tip for a decent man. I'll have to come around here more often, I could use a watering hole like this.

A small change in music to keep things along.
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I miss my pupper. What about y'all; got any furry best friends?
Sorry to hear my friend. Just a orange and white meowjew to come home too at night.
You own Garfield huh? Any pics?
Had a shit ton of work I had to do this weekend and did none of it. :/ Tomorrow is gonna suck
None, unfortunately. Lost all my pics when I had to reset my harddrives when I made a mistake installing graphics card.
Dang, sorry to hear that bud.
That's no good.
Take it in stride, and do what you can before you get to work tomorrow. Don't make excuses, just own up to your teacher/boss and take whatever punishment they give you. They'll respect you more for that instead of trying to weasel out of it.
Give me something strong barkeep, leave the bottle.

I'm gonna go down to the store and buy myself a litre of strong alcohol later to restart my alcoholic days.
Just lost the only thing that has ever meant anything to me, now i'll sweep down into blissful apathy and nothingness on a waterfall of alcohol.
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I'll try to keep it brief. I've basically haven't improved much of my life since mid 2014. Been making less money, I'm more depressed than ever, I can't get dates like I used to, friends hardly hit me up anymore.

Just hoping I can get an interview for this job I applied for. It would really bring my confidence back up and cause less stress money wise.
tfw stuffy nose
tfw spring always makes allergies and asthma act up
Sometimes, we were just made to suffer man. I grew up with some handicaps I won't bore ya with, but we advance. Humans were made with our body facing foward, and are legs in the same direction to advance. The minute you lose the WHY to your life, is the minute you lose the ability to use any how to achieve it. I can't find that why, but I can beg that you find it, and never let it go.
It's just a speedbump. In the grand scheme of things, what's a year and a half? You got 80 of them to waste away anyhow. If you shoot for that job, you have your why, which is good. Now endure the how's and get that job. Keep those steps going, and don't lose your stride.
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I removed a girl I really like a while back out of frustration. She'll never feel about me the way I feel about her. I HATE her for it.

I added her back not too long ago and got really drunk recently and tried messaging her. She won't respond.

It shouldn't hurt like it do, but it does.
I don't want to waste my youth. I already lost one year to my depression where I did virtually nothing.
I had a short moment of relief when I started university and actually made some friends. But now four of them decided to do something else and I'm stuck here with only 2 friends again, what the fuck.
Besides that, I haven't had a single crush in two years, my last girlfriend who cheated on me really fucked up my trust in women.
Not to sound like a dick, and I know the feelings that can form over words (Words, in my opinion, are the expression of the human soul), but in the end, it's just app/computer stuff man. Cut her off PERMANENTLY. Remove her, and your abilities to contact her if you must. It is essential that such is met, and that you do such without fail. You'll only hurt yourself if you try anything else.

What is "Wasting" your youth anon? Do what makes you feel happy and comfortable, not what others say it is. Do those 2 friends fulfill your needs of social-contact? If so, what problems do you have? I don't think you're doing anything wrong.
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