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who /mount & blade/ here?
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who /mount & blade/ here?

>tfw 20 of my 120 army are sword sisters
>3 female companions
>like to roleplay that they're my harem
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I enjoyed the game for a while, but I can't get over how terribly coded the horses are, and how the combat mechanics inherently favor infantry in multiplayer.
Over 3000 locked in hours in this game
Anyone here play NW? We could hop in a sever and fuck shit up like its 1813 ha-ha.
That's only if you're bad.
WTF do you mean.
Archers are OP as all hell.
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>16 hours into my current save
>have amassed an army of over 200 nord huscarl
>conquered all vaegir territory and formed kingdom of nords 2
>every single lord and king in calradia outside of nords wants my head on a stick
>every opposition is met with a hail of throwing axes that annihilates anyone who gets near my army
>should some poor bastards get through the steel blizzard, my huscarls will already have snorted a pound of ground fly amanita and have their skullsplitting dane axes ready
>have a million times more money than I can spend, buy spices and velvet just to discard for fun
>steal butter from swadian villages and sell it at praven before sieging just to leave it to rot until they retake it
Get some nords boys, they win battles.
Nordic invader swine.
My Swadian knights shall send you pagan fucks back to the shit hole you came from.
Mountain Blade Manlet Wars Robot here. I love to play online. I just can't play right now until Friday since. I have a lot of uni work. I'm usually named Nausicaa online. If you see me, let me know.
Don't have a steam account either. Sorry. If anything, you can find me I the NW Roleplay sever and sometimes 59th prison break.
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Don't worry little swadian, I'll take good care of Dhirim's butter. Just crawl back to Praven for today's 75th feast and let the real men do the fighting.
Damn you! Dhirim will never fall to the hands of filthy sea ferring invaders!!
Can anyone give me a quick snyopsis on M&B. What's the gameplay similar too, is it rts-like?

>Implying warfare is supposed to be balanced
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It's really unique really.
Just look up gameplay of it on YouTube. Basically imagine total war but in a first/third person perspective nixed with an over world map and conquering lands and fucking whores and drinking ale and shit
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kacey .png
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imagine total war but you're one of the people on the ground leading a company of men(or women)
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>try to play M&B
>really enjoy the first couple of hours
>suddenly have no idea what I'm meant to be doing
>know there's a tonne of shit I COULD be doing, just no clue how to actually do it

>try to increase my favor with someone
>go collect taxes
>come back and the niggers gone
>look through the log for any mention of his name
>scour the map looking for him
>just can't find him

Am I retarded and the game just really doesn't hold your hand, or should I be reading up a little about it before I play?
the game really just says "figure it out" and kicks you out on your ass, wiki is your friend.

if you need to find someone ask one of the lord's wives in a keep
Definitely read up.
After the beginning quest you can literally do whatever you want, which is a lot of fucking things.
Conquer the map
Set up a trading EMPIRE
Become a lord
Become a mercenary for hire
Become a bandit and raid villages and shit.
Or kill Muslims.
So much to do!!!
you can ask NPCs as to where their location is
What's the actual gameplay like? Never played Total War
File: LONG MAY HE REIGN.png (599 KB, 600x600) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>Never played total war.
Dude that game is like PC gaming 101. Legit the basic gane that everyone fucking has.played.
Forget Warband for now get your ass a copy of Medieval 2 Total War, nor Napoleon.
Alright, thanks guys.
I guess it's about time I try again.
Not that guy, but should I get SHOGUN 2? That's the one I see everyone playing most of the time.
Yes. Shogun 2 is literally the best in the series.
Fuck these guys
>raid bandits to get some nice exp for me and my dudes
>eventually end up near the sea
>sea raiders they're just regular bandits right

That's how I lost my anal virginity
u wot

The best is Medieval 2 then Rome with Europa barbarorum

And now they're making Europa barbarorum 2 for Medieval 2 get hype
>he thinks his pussy infantry can handle the
I use them as a really harsh quick level up. Get a bunch of peasants and throw them in the sea raider meat grinder. A lot of them die, but those that live grow up to be great.
>tfw sword sisters and female companions are always the first to die
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