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I want to start life over in another country. Anybody here ever done it?
I want too, another country maybe is difficult, but for now, I want to start from 0 in another city of my country.
>inb4 I have no friends, KV, never had gf
That's my reason, what about you anon?
that's why i want to go on Erasmus next year, maybe to poland if i get the chance. I might be able to know some poland cuties there
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Same exact reason, no friends, kissless virgin, no gf. There is literally nothing at all for me here except for my family.

I know it's difficult to just pick up everything and start life in a new country. Maybe I will ask for a loan from my parents and go stay in some low cost of living country that doesn't require a visa for 3 months. If I can at least enjoy life for a while it might restore my outlook on life? Maybe disconnect from my old personality to get intimate with a girl? I don't know. All I do here is drive around and feel suicidal.
I tried. Took a year long internship in Europe. Got fired because I'm shit.
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Are you me anon?
I'm this guy, btw >>26327940
This is my little story:
>be me,19 KV, never had gf
>meet a girl through internet, 5 months ago
>she lives in a city, but same country
>i live in another, but same country
>talk with her on whatsapp then skype (cam, voice)
>we see our faces, body, each other
>a lot of confidence between us
>we talk about our tastes, fears, personalities, about everything, literally
>she never tells me she has a boyfriend
>she tells me 2 month ago
>after this, i choose not stop talking with her
>1 month later
>tells me that if I go to live where she is,she breaks up with her boyfriend
>but if I'm just going for a few days, she doesn't with him
>inb4 because she feels very alone, she has no friends and practically no social life
>she tells me that she loves me, she likes me
>she tells me that she feels more comfortable with me
I thought about going to live and to seek employment there, and of course, to be with her and start from 0.
Also i need to do this, like you, to be another person, more happy and self-confident.
you can always run, but you can never escape your feels
god your english is awful
OP here. Best of luck my man. Good thing you know someone there at least. I guess if you don't like it you can always come back.

Do you love her? Do you want to see her happy? Would you take care of her if she became ill?

If you don't really care about her don't bother wasting your time.

>people with limited social skills alone in a foreign country
Good luck for you too, anon!!
Yes to all, and yes, i really care about her, a lot.
My social skills are average in normal situations, i.e. non-romantic.

What is she like? What do you have in common? How are your opinions and desires different?

Then you are a normie

Your own country is definitely big enough for you to find someone there to date. If you can't start going outside more in your home town how do you expect to go out more in Thailand?
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It always helps anon. Once you are in a new country, see new people and a different culture your rusty social gears will force themselves to wor, you will be filled with the energy coming from enthusiasm of unknown.

Also making a decision this big means you are ready for anything.
I went to Montreal by myself once (Southern Ontario fag, I don't speak French). I had never been there before. I just went out drinking and made some friends. I stayed in a hotel, but I could've gone with a hostel to save money. Or I could have made a friend that would let me crash on their couch. Like how I had my first gay sexual experience there and this stranger just let me stay in his apartment. It's surprisingly easy to earn someone's trust.

I don't think it would be that hard.
>What is she like?
She's like a surprises box, one day she's so sweet and another day, she's the devil, she's like the sea, you can't know her at all, she's like the street, sometimes dangerous and unpredictable, but when she is sweet like a little girl, I get excited, I look at her, and then, I smile.
>What do you have in common?
Some things, she likes videogames, 4chan, anime and all that little things.
>How are your opinions and desires different?
Our opinions are very differents and our desires, some desires are different and others are not.
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