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cyborg feels
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>never invited to do things but never minded that you hang out with normies
>have a small handful of friends that aren't really friends
>only girls interested in you are fatties and girls with daddy problems
>still make super autistic comments
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The feel is real bro
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>anon you're so handsome and cool
>Wow you do all those things!? You're so talented
>Wh-What? A date? Oh, hah, well...

Bitch I've been making you laugh all goddamn night and I know I look relatively handsome, what the fuck is wrong with you
How is it to have normie-friends???
I have some friends but all my friends are nerds, geeks, losers and wizards. All of them if course no gf.
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I ask not for the feels to go away

I ask simply for wider shoulders to bear them
As soon as a normie gets a gf, you start to slowly disappear out of their life since they only do stuff with their gf.
It really really sucks to have normie friends.
>interact with people
>still invisble to them

It sucks
Good I have no normie-friends.
All my friends are in the same boat like me. We have all the same hobby like animu and videogames and other nerd things. Before someone ask, I am 29 years old. One of my friend is now 29 too and some others are soon 30.

It adds perspective. There's value in our arcanine realm of feels, but it's not like it's not fun to be around people who like you at a place with music you like and everyone is having a good time. Maybe it's harder for us to slip into that, but once you get past the inner autist rage you see that it's just a bunch of people trying to feel okay about everything. There are normie fuckbags but there are just as many sperg retards with 20 foil pikachus or whatever and we go "holy shit" and never talk to them. It becomes fun and a gateway into being skilled at conversing with more people. It helps
They try to socialize you and that's kind of nice until they understand they can't do anything to change you. And then they slowly start to ignore you while they're talking about and doing normie shit
>have a small handful of friends that aren't really friends
Glad I don't have these feels, my small friend group is very close.
So fucking true. I had so many friends become normies and try to bring me with them, but I refused and now I'm all alone
>although you share banter with normies occasionally at work and perhaps even attend nights out with them, ywn actually be considered a friend
>normie 'friends' get your hopes up by promising exciting shit planned for the future but 9 times out of 10 will never pan out/they will forget about you
>all your relationships with girls will last a couple weeks, perhaps a even a couple months if you put some effort but will always fizzle out in the end

fuck man, at least NEETS know where they stand on the social hierarchy. having to endure this limbo hybrid normie life is pure torture.
At least you have women interested you. Try not talking to any besides family members. Shit's fucking rough. Can you at least get sex from the fatties or girls with issues?
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At least you know why they say we are already in hell
I have my pack and I try to stick with them, but it seems like the less we see each other the more I like them (just as other people, I guess I'm just autistic)
I can't count times when even they called me "a fucking freak", there were so many
I know this feel, but no one showed intimate interest with me. I opened myself to them, I was nice, I showed what care I could, and I didn't even get a group of friends to occasionally talk with, After HS no one batted an eye to me.
How...how are all of us so similar?
>Invited by one of two "friends" to the county fair when I was 12.
>About 15 minutes in after buying a $15 ticket and meeting up the other friend whispers to the one that invited me "lets ditch him"
>Suddenly I'm alone at a dump in the American deep south with rusting rides and the smell of deep fried concessions
>Ride a couple of rides alone stone faced.
>As I go to leave at the exit methy looking white trash couple say to each other, "That kid is gonna get his ass kicked."
>Walk home alone in silence and play games on the family windows 98 emachine.

That was one of my first introductions into the real world.
I guess we have personalities that make us somewhat normie compatible but when it comes to making the effort or plucking up the courage to solidifying relationships with people we drop the fucking ball.

At least that's what I consider to be my main problem with myself.
Were you really small or skinny? Were you black in a white trash area?
I was the same size and weight at 12 years old as the guys I went to meet. I was white in a town that was 50% black, 40% white trash, and 10% old money.
Yea, so shitty area... Sorry to hear your story, dude. Those guys were assholes.
>>As I go to leave at the exit methy looking white trash couple say to each other, "That kid is gonna get his ass kicked."

just for wandering around alone?
Yes. I think it was my school uniform of khaki pants, collared short sleeve shirt, and out of style combed over hair my parents insisted looked classy in a time where spiky gelled hair with bleached tips was the in thing.
For awhile I hung out with normies and got fairly normal myself

It was awful. I put up with it for a bit, but in the end relapsed back to full on NEET. Dealing with other people is a terrible experience

0/10 would not recommend
Depends on your friends, I know some dudes who are total chads and hanging out with them will make you learn how to socialize and act like a semi normal fella.
You will also meet women and learn how to talk to them.
It can also be pretty fun and one can have some deeper conversations. (Save these conversations for a bit later on when people have had a few drink and are separated from the rest of the group, smoke breaks are the perfect occasion)

But it can be a bit depressing seeing how successful they are in comparison to oneself.
It's also a bit hard to be the one guy who has the worst job, drives the shittiest car and dresses like a slob.

>Pretty much this.
>Considered most attractive/top 3 most attractive in Class of 300 when in HS but never tried to get with girls
>Never had a close friend
>Never Go out on weekends
>Spend over 6 hours a day on internet
Can confirm, knew a Chad, hooked up with at least 4 of the females in our grade, was fun to hang around, had some good laughs. The only reason I made some of my "friends" was because of him. Also met my first Stacy because of him, also my first experience as an orbiter, and being thrown in the trash by her. In the end he eventually stopped taking to me, like everyone else...

I concur
> hung out with everyone in HS (it was a small school)
> became well known by being myself (being yourself kinda works, it got me "proximity friends")
> got on everyone's good side, respected them, bought them gifts just because (so much steam money, wasted...)
> was considered genuinely nice, always helpful, good to hang around with (albiet there were lots of autism moments)
> never got invited to things (of if I did I autistically said no)
> somehow became valedictorian because I was the " nice guy" even though my grades were meh (they forced me on stage and made me prepare a speech, 9/11 experience)
> after HS no one talked to me again
> tried to initiate convo with "friends", to no avail
> couldn't make friends in uni, got my dose of reality
> gave up on uni and went into a depression spiral
> computer broke so sitting on phone browsing the only place accepting of me
>Talk to colleagues.
>have a good group of friends.
>Go out.
>Never quite "made it" though.
>People constantly talking and texting each other.
>Everytime I try to talk to people more I don't feel right doing it but more than that, they don't seem as responsive as they do to other people.
>Always feel like I initiate too much and they do it too little.
I don't try too hard, I know some people like me but maybe they just sense something a little off?
And to continue:
>People constantly assume I am gay.
>Have a laugh with people, for other blokes it is banter, for me people think I am camp.
>That constant and frustrating "But you're gay right?"
>still make super autistic comments
me too bud
>bump into someone at self checkout lane
>unintentionally shout "UH OH SPAGHETTIOS UHUH"
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nobody knows my feels

im not a cyborg, robot or normie

im not a virgin. the reason for that is i got so god damn thirsty for a hole to put my dick that i went to POF, OKC, made a profile and exlusively talked to girls below my league

literally, 2/10s, single mothers, girls 50-100 pounds overweight.

im 18 and ive had sex with 4 she-beasts. i am mocked by normies for this and cast out by robots

Nothing gives you a better idea of your level than online dating.

It's harrowing.
Worst part about being a cyborg is that you're so close yet so far away from being a normie. It's like the Greek myth of Tantalus.

Btw, what's the difference between a cyborg and a failed normie?
Failed normies still retain parts of their old self.

A cyborg is someone who can work in the normies' world but will always have something off about them. Whether large or small.
Being a cyborg is worse than being a neet, it's cruel to be so close to happiness yet still know you're too far.
fair guy here, around year later in 8th grade those guys would act like a flame queen around girls to be funny, they would laugh and tell the guys they were too funny etc.

>Do the same flame queen thing later because I was a sheep at 13.
"Oh we didn't realize you were gay anon we will make sure to tell everyone."

It's sort of a variant of the telling a joke to class and no one laughs, then literally two seconds later popular guy tells same exact same joke and all of a sudden it's a laugh riot deal.
>had """friends""" I can hang out with and they'll tolerate my presence and laugh at my jokes
>literally NEVER got invited to anything
>none of them ever cared if I was ill for days on end

I don't know what's worse. At least when you have no friends you know that nobody likes you, but with this it's so unclear.
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I've never really tried to explain this in detail before but this should help flesh it out.

>"friends" essentially forget about every encounter they have with me
>for example, friend calls me day before, talks about his recent affairs
>see him the next day
>repeats everything he told me yesterday as if he didn't remember a second of telling me.

>friends promise to go to/set up events and invite me, completely forget to, or just intentionally leave me out, idk.
>It's like they look at me as if they are excited to do things with me, but end up forgetting our entire encounter all together.
>started to realize they don't actually want me as part of their friend group.

>haven't talked to any of them in months
>this may be the reassembling point from cyborg to robot
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fuck it, who needs friends, got trips
You have to force yourself on her. Not rape obviously, you just have to overwhelm her senses to the point where she can't resist
>be me
> only have one friend
> weird kid from radical Catholic family
> Can never hang out because of Church
> Can never hang out because homework
> Can never hang out because of work
> Finally hang out
> "Sorry anon, I got to go to bed so I won't be too tired for tomorrow's Mass" at 9 PM
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>went to meet a friend between classes the other week
>go to the student lounge
>he, my other friend, and a qt I don't know are sitting around the table shooting the shit
>take a seat
>work myself into the conversation, start to feel comfortable
>actually talk to the qt more than my friends
>don't get her name
>don't get her number
>see her around campus a few times, but never feel comfortable enough to even say hi
Is there anyone else here who can only talk to strangers if you're with other people you know? I guess it's so I can switch the conversation over to someone else in case you run out of things to say and get that awkward silence.
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>tfw normie friend uses you as emotional tampon
>his biggest problem is that his dad is annoying
>he gets sad 50% of the time we drink together
>punched a hole in my wall
This. All my friends are real friends too.

One friend become a normie. I don't refused... I am just unable to become a normie. For me is it a big big mystery how some nerdy people get normal. I am always the same guy.
tfw similar feels. Uni has been a lovely wake up slap that no one cares about me except my parents if anyone. Normalfag words are empty and you are nothing more than a convenient space holder and validator to them.

>never invited to do things but never minded that you hang out with normies
>have a small handful of friends that aren't really friends
>only girls interested in you are fatties and girls with daddy problems
>still make super autistic comments
it hurts
Goddamn are you me?

Anyone else always make normie friends who get really excited about getting you a gf but then just kind of realize that it's nearly impossible?
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>too smart for normalfags
>not stupid enough to fall for /r9k/'s bullshit
>impossibly high standards in friendships and romance lead to having 0 real friends
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>Just be yourself anon!
>What the fuck is wrong with you anon!
>Fucking normies...
It really enforces the fact that normies are fucking retarded and annoying as shit for one

But it's also nice having the option to do some normie shit
Good to see this thread still up. Curious, what's worse (for lack of a better term), robot or normie? Or are they bad in their own ways. I personally don't like this state of limbo, not knowing what to go after, getting dragged along by life's changing currents, not getting anywhere. At least robots have some way of receiving some contempt, they know where they stand, what they like to do, what they can get into, there's no direction like that for cyborgs. Or that may be a me issue, I have serious motivational and passion issues, there's no positive emotions/reinforcement in me telling me where to go
>sit inside as a NEET all day
>see/do the same shit daily, news on pol and r9k, movies, tv shows, music, video games, and other shit
>occasionally normie friends hit me up to hang out or I'll send them a message
>figure since it'll be something new it'll be fun
>it never is
>I just sit there thinking about how much more fun and comfort I'd have at home
is it me or is it the people I know? are they just boring?
I'm feeling specially suicidal today. I went from robot to cyborg and I was motivated as fuck at first, but it's just a different kind of hell and it's harder to progress. As a robot just buying clothes or exercising was productive. Now that the only thing left is getting a girl I'm stuck hard.
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I feel you man. I only attract overweight girls with depression. I date and have sex with them because I'm incredibly lonely and girls I actually fancy aren't interested in me on any level.
>tfw attend college and have normie friends who hang out with you, but only because you live with them
>pretend they're your friend and claim they want to spend time with you outside of school, but whenever you go on night walks you see them having fun without you.
>Have multiple female friends, but all have no interest in you and probably think you're gay.
>normie friends all go to parties and come back with hickies and shit, know I'm a virgin but think it's by choice.
>tfw if they knew I was a suicidal KHHV with no chance of getting a girl they'd all leave.

Is there peace from this hell?
They make you feel more empty than you already are
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>hang out and work with aggressive, egotistical alphas
>often behave that way myself when I need too
>shoot guns, rapell from helicopters etc
>hate alpha chads, not competetive
>prefer staying indoors, drinking and browsing 4chan
>not a virgin but rarely get laid and despise women.
>good dress and grooming
>Captain of Football and Track teams at my high school
>Also captain of Math team and Quiz team
>Chads think I'm too nerdy
>Nerds think I'm too chad
>Can talk to girls just fine but not the only one that I like
>Have plenty of "friends" that will talk to me during school but never invite me anywhere.
>TFW nobody understands that feel and you are truly alone.
>>Captain of Football and Track teams at my high school
>>Can talk to girls just fine but not the only one that I like
>capslocking greentext
go away chad
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You will be a step "below" them, respect-wise. He could plan something with you for weeks but abandon it in a minute when Chad calls wanting to go out drinking or Stacy hints that she might fuck him. You're completely expendable in their eyes, and it won't be a true friendship. You have to censor yourself to stay in their good graces or else you'll become the "weird" friend who is lolsorandumb. I haven't had a true friend since early childhood.
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>normies show you unfunny pictures and ancient memes


Normies made it possible for me to talk to girls, before I got my job I used to put girls on pedestals and couldn't talk to them. They helped me improve. Now I can talk to 8/10 qt strangers like their a normal person or my friend. It's nice honestly, I can get gf the day I apply myself thanks to them.
I'm an offensive lineman and a shot-putter on those teams. For those of you who don't know sports, those are the only things you can do if you are fat.
When I say "talk to girls" I mean I can ask them what the homework from last night was or that sort of thing. I don't have real conversations.
Can I still be here?
>never invited to do things but never minded that you hang out with normies

>have a small handful of friends that aren't really friends
i only have 2 friends who keep me sane and one who went to america forever

>only girls interested in you are fatties and girls with daddy problems
nobody is interested in me so idktf

>still make super autistic comments
so much this

>Be browsing the net not doing anything really
>Text from qt inviting me to an event
>Have no money so say I can't go
>She says she'll pay for me
>Say ok
>Event is in part of town I don't know
>Meet up with here
>Oh fuck is it actually happening, I'm so happy this is gonna be great
>We talk for about 5 minutes before she says she has to go because work came up
>Now alone in this strange place
>Surrounded my friend circles and couples all alone

I almost cried, I can usually ignore my lonliness but having it slap you in the face with that much amplification was almost too much to bear.
You're not the only one.

Every. Single. Time. I've been invited out by friends, I've regretted going.
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I know that feel. In high school I was the "funny guy" in my group. I was hospitalized for a week. One of my "friends" texted me asking if it was just a joke.
>hang out with friend all day hoping to go to some fair
>end up not going at all
>the next day they go with out me
one of my friends is a normie, the other is a cyborg. although when we go out we really get along and i feel like i dont need anyone else.

it still hurts that they both have it better than me and i never ask them for help when i need it just not to be a hassle to them
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>tfw all my friends discuss their relationship history, empathizing with each other because of their stories
>tfw just sit there quietly, hating yourself

>go to party
>spend the time getting fucked up in the corner

>overhearing roasties say ".....after the first text, I just ask, do you want to have sex, no fucks given"

>only kissed girls while both parties while drunk

>many girls think I'm creepy because I'm too obvious, which makes me desperate, which makes me even more blunt

>"Why do you look so miserable all the time, anon?"

Shittiness aside, I'm just grateful that I have friends who put up with me. I'm doing badly in school, but for some reason or another , they think I'm smart.

I just wanna do nothing but listen to the beach boys and browse the web all day.
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>tfw cyborg with no friends
>people accept me and assume I have other friends
>actually completely alone, spend weekends by myself playing games

;_; tell me there is hope in college
This hit me way too hard... fuck.

You guys have no idea how much I despise my birthday

Well people will be desperate to make friends freshman year. Then after the first week or so they will split up into cliques. Just make sure you have a clique of good friends but don't come off as desperate. I had a group of bros but we all split up for better colleges, now I'm just alone playing league
A lot of them are so stupid its impossible to comprehend, and the others ignore you, its not too good.
You don't belong here. Since your actually important and people would notice if your missing. This place....this site is meant for the ones who are forgotten and looked over.
You just summed up my life in that greentext.
Being invited? Pretty much.
Change it to "Accidentally stumbling your way into an event because they mention it around me" and it's pretty accurate though.
>a few people will recognize you on campus
>even able to get someone to answer a text once in a blue moon
>constantly hear things like
I can't believe we don't hang out more!
Tell me next time your back from uni, we need to hang
We should hang sometime
>you start to learn none of them mean it
>you realize that you cease to exist to them the minute you're out of view
>the worst are the people who like to pretend you actually matter
You're like my best friend Anon, I mean really.
>took a little longer to believe that one wasn't true
>or when they specifally ask about you and you think
Hey your birthday is next weekend, isn't it?
>still manages to forget
Dude, I'm going to stop by campus next week, I'll make sure to come over
>doesn't tell you when he shows up, spends hours in the dorm directly under yours
>Nerds won't talk to me because I don't watch anime or play MMOs
>normies won't talk to me since I don't go to any of the parties I'm not told about
>finally begin to except your status as a robot
>a qt comes up to you while you're wondering around
Hey, what'd you think of that quiz today, that last problem was tough, don't you think?
>manage to have a conversation last a few seconds before she leaves
>think you might have a chance at a normal life
>it's not like I talk a lot in class, so she must have actually remembered me
>and so it starts all over again

I get responses from 5~7/10 qts but it never goes anywhere.

What's my level?
>going to county fair with mom and grandma
>find out my friend is going at the same time with his parents
>plan to meet-up
>never been to the fair with a friend before
>maybe I'll get to have fun this time
>so excited I can hardly sleep
>buy an arm-band as soon as I get there
>we're gonna ride everything!
>he won't answer his phone
>maybe its broken
>separate from mom to go look for him
>wander around for over an hour trying to find him and call him
>give up and stand in line for something I've always wanted to ride since I already paid
>1 hour later
>get to the front and the guy asks me where my partner is.
>shake my head
>he ushers me to the side
>lets the people behind me on
>continues letting more people with friends on the ride
>just leave before I start to cry
>find my mom
>she saw my friend twice
>cry tears of rage and try to tear the armband off
>it cuts my wrist
>kick a fence post
>it jams my toe
That day I promised I would never get excited for anything ever again.
File: 1454813727498.png (422 KB, 665x662) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
422 KB, 665x662


I"m not even one of those retarded "muh perfect submissive waifu" types.
yeah, man. you're welcome here.
File: 1454826690006.jpg (450 KB, 1085x1217) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>all your relationships with girls will last a couple weeks, perhaps a even a couple months if you put some effort but will always fizzle out in the end
man fuck you
File: 1452753680966.png (214 KB, 500x700) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>Grew up as a dorky, unhappy boy
>Learnt to love vidya and reading to make up for my lack of friends
>During teenage years, pinpoint reason for deep depression
>Switch schools, spend late teens as a girl
>Everyone at the new school is super friendly, make fast friends with some girls
>They compliment me a lot like: "I'm so jealous of your height anon, you have amazing legs"
>But they always want to talk about hot boys and celebrity gossip
>"What're you into, anon?"
>"I like to play video games and tabletop games"
>"Wow anon you're such a tomboy! Like girl Sheldon!" (Actual quote)
>Can't ever really connect with them
>Can't hang out with the dorky boys like I used to because they get too shy
>Occasionally when I go out with girls one of the popular guys tries to shove his tongue down my throat, stop going out with them due to this
>This carries on to adult life
>Only make acquaintances, can't connect with boys or girls in a meaningful way
>Can't hang out with other trannies because they're batshit crazy
>Go home every day and host online D&D with a few online pals
>If they're not around just read and hug my cat, maybe watch anime
>When co-workers invite me out drinking, politely decline and make excuses

My situation is pretty unique, but I would say I'm a cyborg.
How old are you anon? Have you had reassignment surgery?
I'm 22, took HRT at 15. Yeah, I got that as soon as I finished school.
>Never in anyone's "inner circle" but still a step above strangers, which essentially means that they care enough to pretend to that they like you but really they don't
Its like always having the carrot of "normiedom" dangled above you, but never being able to reach it
>Have a normie friend
>Do shit like go drinking and smoking but dont see them a lot
>They tell me about a party they were invited to
>Ask "Cool could you get me in"
>This was all face to face, in person
>He literally puts in headphones and doesnt respond
>It was one long bus ride
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get out youre not welcome here.
hope you get shot by a mudslime
>I got that as soon as I finished school
What's it like? Is the pleasure better or worse than when you had a dick?
fucking same, and forcing yourself to chuckle because you appreciate the fact that they even went through the trouble of showing you
Significantly better.
>NEETS know where they stand on the social hierarchy. having to endure this limbo hybrid normie life is pure torture
shit nigger this is it
sometimes I feel like I'm more of a normie than a bot but I'm here all the fucking time and have been for years because of shit friends. I don't even meet enough girls to have fizzled relationships. The worst part is I don't know what I'm doing wrong, if anything. Everything just falls through or I'm ignored
I guess I'll wake up someday and try to take the world by the balls but I'm afraid if that doesn't work nothing will, I need a gf soon.
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>look outside, see a great day
>hear two people walking together
>remember that everyone else I know is out there enjoying it together
>shut curtain and return to vidya
>fit but autistic
>liked by everyone at work but never invited out
>one or two actual friends
>enjoy some normalfag pastimes
>enjoy socialising in small doses
>iois off grills but too autistic to talk to them

It hurts to sit on the fence
>hear two people walking together

Those are some powerful ears dude
sometimes I wonder if when I ask people to hang out I'm putting myself out there or just embarrassing myself
they were talking and window was open
>Make a friend in school as easily as you always do
>Suddenly care about their opinion
>Begin sperging out
>Start avoiding them in order to preserve what they think of you or continue sperging until they no longer want to be around you
>no car
>lost home in 2008 housing crisis
>literally cant achieve normiehood because poorfag unemployed depressed lazy parents are welfare whores
>dad was addicted to heroin and believes in the Billy Meier FIGU cult
>mother is a psychotic bitch
>both don't give a shit, don't wash clothes or bathe
>don't really care about me
>house looks like a hoarders episode
>riding the schoolbus as a senior at 18 in high school
>with sophomores
>doing landscaping work as a messican to pay for bills
>too autistic to hold conversations with qts despite their initial interest
>kill me now

I just want to be done with highschool so I can leave and forget this life and be someone new in a different state where no one will know my history and I can finally be a fucking normie and live a normie life.
How is it different? Is the sensation different qualitatively or mostly just quantitatively?
Have you been DPed, cummed inside, knotted or dragon dildoed?
File: 1449047650287.jpg (87 KB, 567x564) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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I used to have it great in high school. I had friends in all cliques, plans nearly everyday after school, and I was looking forward to meeting new people in college.

It's been a complete disaster. I lost contact with nearly all my old bros, each new "friendship" lasts like max 2 weeks with barely any real contact. Each weekend I just sit in my apartment playing games. Its my freshman year and I only feel like its gonna get harder to meet new people from now on.
They are not Normies just so you know, just people acting. Normies are only seen as Normal to you because they surround themselves with similar people. Get them on their own and you'll see they can be just as pathetic and insecure as you or anyone else here.

The key is that they can act better and put up a more effective facade.
This is the worst, I feel you.
>get invited somewhere
>stops responding texts when the night comes
>see updates on social media, you know they're on their phones
> "why don't we hang out anymore?" When crossing paths
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>Get drunk with normal
>Admit to him tfwnogf and he wants to help me
>Few months go by and things go fine
>Other friend goes to jail so I hang out with him more
>Get extremely drunk and admit that Im suicidal
>Gets all weird with me
>Get drunk again and he kicks me out of his place
>Only heard from him once since then

Alcohol just isn't good for me, I turn into a woman.
What do you look like anon? Everybody thinks I like fat girls, but I like Asians.
>be Me at college in class with normiew
>lie about being virgin
>guy in my class tells truth
>normie help him lose it

Should of came clean tbqh
The Normie fears the Cyborg.

Looking, sounding and acting relatively Normal but having a autistic undergrowth gives me a edge over Normal Scum. They are more passive than you think, always planning against each other, picking sides etc. They never say what the need to say, always pussy around and just exist to get attention, sex and do boring things.

For them to deal into a cyborg then, in my case a 6'2 actually good looking cyborg, it always upsets the order. It's odd but to see it in action is eye-opening. Girls look at you, assume you are like the chads because as I said, tall and good looking, the guys assume you;re as dull as them...both always look like they've hit a brick wall when all becomes apparent.

Imagine then being around these people who at first glance, assume you are one of them so to speak, then when they find out what's up, they immediately become hostile.

I just don't like women, they annoy the fuck out of me so when I've been hit on by good looking girls and brushed them off or didn't reciprocate interest, they get really offended and snarky because they are used to the first wanker they show interest in wanting to fuck them. For me, I juts dislike most women despite having no trouble being able to get them.

As for the males, some Normie guys are fine but many are animals, competing for dominance so when a cyborg stands out as someone who doesn't follow their retarded ways but has an equal chance of gaining their benefits (women, sex etc.) They too get hostile and VERY SUSPICIOUS. They expect good looking guys who can hold their own to be exactly like them.

That's what I hate about being in between. I appear Normal, hell I'm very good at pretending I am but in reality I feel no connection to them at all and it shows if I can't be bothered to put up a facade.
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>22 years old
>never had a gf
>qt indie artist girl asks me out
>spaz hard as fuck and basically tell her no even though I liked her too
>she moves away a week later

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I do believe
I am also
A cyborg
Im on verge

of crying

Most of the day.
But never gets
past the eyes
watering stage

Fear stops me from killing myself
With just the right amount of Alcohol I become a determined, unshakable motherfucker.

My discipline grows, My fear vanishes, I seem to never run out of breath or strength and my mind goes 90MPH with analytical thoughts. JUST the right amount though, enough to feel light but functional.

It's so odd. Drunk I'm just the same as any other bumbling idiot but buzzed I'm a machine which can lead to some bad things too as I said, very fearless and think a lot.

Point being, kno what kind of drunk you are and drink to enjoy yourself but avoid that state. In your case, you'd be best just being tipsy and light.

This. When you act assertive they go down like a spinster in Richard Branson passenger seat.

I think there must be an uncanny Valley effect. We're so close but slightly off so they find unsettling
Honestly this was my experience.
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You're not smart
If you can't even cope
With your environment.

In fact you are unfit for your human life

So off with you

Ebin edgy leddit maymay pic related Bro l! XD
I'd say it's something like that. Too many people have it drilled into their heads to take people soley based off of appearance and what they perceive them to be, projecting onto them.

I've had it from the other side too, used to frequent a gaming club full of gamer robot types into Yu-Gi-Oh and vidya. Some were generally kind but others had a prejudice against me, a tall and good looking guy who was a lot like them except I shower work out and dress decently while they were mostly fat, smelled and had Apergers and the like.

It's natural though really, being weary of what is different and outsiders.
File: image.jpg (56 KB, 500x573) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
56 KB, 500x573
That doesn't make any sense
Kill yourself
File: 1286746365509.jpg (48 KB, 333x299) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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It's more that I want a qt3.14 to cuddle with, how ever it's always a sausage fest. It takes a lot for me to get slightly tipsy then it just suddenly hits me hard, its also dependent of what I'm drinking. Just normal whiskey and coke then I can keep the same buzz going all night but then the second I try to mix it up I get all fucked in the head. Fortunately I'm not an aggressive drunk, those types are the worst.

That and I much prefer getting stoned off some tasty Sativa (Indica just makes me too tired most of the time) and playing some vidya shotting the breeze. They mostly just want to play CoD, but they play a bit of Street Fighter.
Maybe in actual college, but in CC good luck.
>Actually being yourself around normies
Kek, that's just normie talk don't ever take anything they say seriously
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Quality wise, it's better. The sensation feels much more like it flows out to every inch of your body, like static on your fingertips. It's a warm feeling. You can also do it a lot more than once.

Yes, no, no, only a regular dildo.
>having a autistic undergrowth gives me a edge over Normal Scum
>gives me a edge
you definitely have an edge or two
Shit advice.

Here's the secret, Normies are not being themselves either, no one ever does unless you are a mentally retarded person.

Everyone is acting, you are only ever yourself when you are actually BY YOURSELF. Notice all the silly things you do when alone? You'd never do that in public so it stands to reason you shouldn't do it in a group. You think Normies go home and are all logical and stoic and cool when alone? Are they fuck, they're as retarded and goofy as anyone else. Just watch how they go on with friends around too, you'll see the curtain slip.
>Just make sure you have a clique of good friends
Yeah thanks I'll just do that. Easy.
Yeah the edge of THIS KATANA

*Slices you in two for being a filthy Robot scum interrupting a Cyborg thread
fucks sake.. reading through all of these comments hits way to hard.
> total neet up to highschool
> puberty hits and i actually manage to gain some respect, get friends, girlfriend etc.
> get into college,not doing well in school. start doing drugs because life is on downward spiral
> now should be in 3rd cemester of college but failed out of last 2 because of use
> sober and left with no friends, work few days a week, sleeping in parents basement.
> very few friends left only will come out when they can use me for my car, or other things that i have.
> cant even smoke pot since i got arrested and am on 18 month drug program, friends dont call me, or agree to my plans.
> whats left
Cyborg feels coming through

>only ever had one semi serious relationship that turned into dog shit and ruined me
>all other friendships and relationships are fleeting.
>girls that like me are 3/10s or just fade away after a few weeks.
>long periods of isolation. Some time o get so stressed I message old friends on Facebook or drive to a mall or something just to hang around by myself
>night walk a lot

I know enough about him an nature to think that my isolation might indeed be a good thing. Still feels so lonely.
Not a cyborg, just a robot who has a normie friend.
>friend in relationship
>occasionally whines that the relationship won't last much longer (everything always works out)
>I've never been in a relationship and he knows this
>bullshit my way through the conversation, he never goes into much detail about the monthly fuck up
>ask him what he did this time
>tells me he can't go into every detail of his life
>want to tell him to start a diary for bullshit minor issues next time
>don't because it's the last friendship I have left
>tfw friendship on life support
Fucking normies, man.
I know that feel all too well
>wow man she's fucking annoying blabla
>so why are you still with her
If you have a friend you're a cyborg.
>Realizing all the people you used to call friends were those people who said "I cant believe we don't hang out more" but never meant it.

There isn't. I'm on my 8th semester and made maybe one friend.
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