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retail story/shitty customer thread
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>at work last night
>work in a chocolate store
>we make frozen beverages that compete with starbucks frappucinos
>high volume day
>customer wants a drink and some boxes
>she has a thick puerto rican accent and talks fast
>"i have my loyalty card"
>i have to sign in on my register
>"yes maam just give me a second to sig-"
>my phone number is onetwothreefivefivesiveneightnine
>i sign in
>"i can take your phone number now maam"
>she gets irritated
>charge her for her boxes and her drink on her credit card
>meanwhile theres a line of at least 10 people behind her
>start making her drink, making it is about a 3 minute process, whatever the people behind her will have to wait its not my fault she wanted a drink
>finish making her drink
>oh i also have a frequency card, i have it filled up can i use that drink you just made as the free one?
>oh im sorry maam i cant read your mind how was i supposed to know you had that fucking card you didnt tell me do you want me to return the drink i just made so youll get it free this time, also i stamped a new one so its like getting 2 free drinks!"
>she looks at me and rolls her eyes
>5 other customers in the store now, 15 people waiting in line
>no i dont want to return it, i just want it free!
>well maam its already charged to your credit card so if you want it free ill have to do the return
>but i want it free!
>yes maam, and ill have to return it so youll have it for free.
>when can i get my free drink!?
>i can return it now and youll have free now or the next time you come in you can have your free one
>that doesnt make sense, why cant i have the free one now!
>do you want me to make a new one?
>no i just want this one free!
>yes and you dont want to return it so theres no way you can have that one for free
>she rolls her eyes and stomps out drinking her fucking milkshake
>next customer in line just wants a sample
i'm sorry to hear that anon,
sometimes I forget how bad retail is.

Wouldn't trade my six year military contract for a even a month in retail.
Fucking hell OP thanks for reminding me how terrible wagecuckery is.
>tfw probably gonna be a NEET once I get out of school
>work at wal-mart in town with processing plant.
>large influx of shit skin Africans who only speak French
>be bombarded every night by ooga booga
>mfw they get mad that I don't understand them.

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theres a time limit.jpg
149 KB, 1302x1300

99% of our customers are either really nice or neutral.

>have huge case of chocolate
>45-50 pieces in it
>all labeled clearly and concisely
>customers will come up to the case
>i want that one!
>im sorry which one?
>that one!
>which piece im sorry?
>that chocolate one there!

grown ass adults refuse to read the fucking signs and it drives me bonkers

>10 year olds come in and say "i would like the salted caramel truffle please"
>40 year olds come in and say "yeah gimme that one"

do any fast food bros deal with that?

>in line at taco bell
>guy in front of me points to an item on the menu
>id like that one please
>black woman on the register looks him in the face
>sir i dont know which one you want pleasecall the items by their name
holy shit.
Do these people have zero self-awareness? I hate wasting people's time. Always ensure i'm clear and concise when ordering food from anywhere.
>Go into store
>Pick what I want
>Stand in line
>Say hi
>Say thank you to cashier

All my transactions occur in 30 seconds, or 2 minutes if i'm buying electronics. Whats the deal with the rest of you?
I don't think you read the thread m8.
The customers aren't posting, the people putting up with their low grade retardism are.

>have 2 registers
>checking out customer on one register
>theyre standing infornt of the other register
>dig out their payment method
>have to walk over the the far register and complete the transaction because the customer is too stupid to notice im not on the register directly infront of them

or worse

>checking somebody out
>scanning product etc
>its obvious im checking somebody out
>another customer hands me their things like their more important than the customer im checking out
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>work at animal shelter
>doing morning potty walks for dogs
>take out staffie mix who was part of a recent abuse/neglect case (talked about her last night in story thread)
>owner was a piece of shit that cropped her ears with a box cutter, but she's ridiculously sweet and friendly
>see white trash couple out front with a probably eight month old double merle Australian shepherd puppy off leash
>right next to the fucking parking lot
>thing is losing its shit every time it sees a dog so the guy has to grab her by the collar because she's trying to lunge at the dog on the other side of the fence
>the woman comes up to me asking about the low cost clinic we share a building with
>looks at the dog I'm walking like she's some monster even though she's completely calm and friendly
>tell her I don't know because we are two completely separate organizations
>have to tell her this four times before it gets through her thick skull
>also tell her she's not allowed to have dogs off leash here and if she doesn't comply she must leave
>she gives me a look then bitches loudly to the guy she was with
>want to bitch her out and tell her that her inbred dog is probably half deaf and blind
>have to get 40 dogs out to piss before we open so just go back to work
>about an hour later hear screeching from out front and yelling
>a volunteer was taking out the dog I had earlier on a walk and was attacked by the Aussie
>still not wearing a fucking leash
>our dog is just screeching and the Aussie won't let go of her neck
>had to kick the Aussie in the head to get her to let go
>dog redirects and bites my leg
>slam dog into wall to get her to let go
>owners have the fucking audacity to yell at me for hurting their dog
>tell them to get off our property or I'll call the police
>everyone who saw tells the same story, that the dog was off leash and ran up to and attacked the dog our volunteer was walking

pic related
Amazing. I feel like I'm missing out on some sort of spastic safari by not working retail.

I'll give you an amusing anecdote for your continual.

>I'm a medic
>Deckhand stabs himself while opening a paint tin with his M9 bayonet.
>whatever shit happens.
>deckhands are issued a tool that goes on their keychain for opening paint lids from now on.
>same guy, stabs himself again in the same fashion.
>another guy does it.
>It's literally more work for them to draw their knives than to use the tool designed for the job that hangs in front of them.
>keep doing it anyway.
>keep stabbing themselves.

jesus h christ just look at that moster
I work in my own gift shop.
I have had people grabbing shit if I don't have my eyes locked on them all the time.
Some people don't like me to watch them, but seriously. Why people is like this? I am working hard to go buy this merch and put it for sale, yet for them is so easy to just steal some stuff.
I haven't had very much angry or annoying clients though, the people here is nice other than the stealing shit and that they ALWAYS want discounts, no matter how low the prices is.
>Working at wawa
>Black teenager comes in asking for Newports and redbull
>Ask for his i.d.
>He tells me he's 22 and does not have i.d.
>I tell him I can't sell him the cigarettes without i.d. but he can purchase the redbull
>He asks me why I can't sell him the Newports over and over
>I try telling him because he has no proof that he is of age
>He accuses me not selling him the cigarettes because he is black
>He demands to see my manager
>I go in the back and get my manager who is some feminist dyke with pink hair and wears glassed that have no lense
>The black teenager tells my manager how I'm refusing to serve him for being black.
>Manager apologizes and sells him the cigarettes, she also gives him the redbull for free
>She reports me to corporate, I quit before anything comes of it

Now I work Gamestop
you must be a pretty big pussy
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'round the world.png
282 KB, 918x814
>40 year olds come in and say "yeah gimme that one"

My father is like that. Probably because he himself has never worked a full day in a service job and inherited his business from his dad, so he has always either worked for himself or his dad.

>pops has a fancy refrigerator/freezer combo with ice cube maker
>it breaks one day
>calls a repairman
>"oki doki, I'll be there between 11:00am-1:00pm on day X"
>pops tells repairman to call him in advance so that he knows he is coming
>day comes, repairman calls him at 10:40 with the intention of notifying him that he will be there in about 25 minutes
>pops doesn't answer because he had gone out an hour before and had set his phone to silent
>is not even home during 11:00am-1:00pm period
>repairguy had stood there for 20 minutes
>pops calls the company and yells at them for poor service later that day
>"you can't expect people to stay in their homes all the time"
>"you didn't call early enough"
>not like he had to be anywhere important since I was a Saturday and he just fucked around the city for a few hours without any intention of buying anything or going anywhere specific
>complains to me about poor service and that this is an example how to never treat your customers

>be 19 working at deli in safeway
>5th day working the counter on my own
>enraged landwhale stomps up to the counter
>doesn't even look at me
>*COUGH* "7lbs black forest, 5lb smoked ham, 3lbs pepperjack." *COUGH*
>all of these were on sale the entire day, she came at 7pm
>front tray is completely empty, tell her I'll be right back to check if we have more
>she groans
>I leave and check the stock
>fucking nothing left
>come back and tell her we're all out
>she freaks out and immediately asks for my manager
>manager outside smoking
>run like an autist outside looking for him
>he comes back in and tells her we always run out of stock early when things are on sale.
>tells her to be an early bird next time

honestly made me feel a little better seeing that hambeast trudge away pissed off
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Working in a chocolate store sounds cute
all breeds like that deserve death, deal with it fag

what the fuck man

hoefully your dm will applaud you for adhering to company policy

>be me
>at the grocery store
>buying booze
>always go to the same cashier
>35 year old dude named charles
>based as fuck
>knows im over 21
>any way
>go to store to buy booze
>go to based charles
>asks for my id
>oh sorry dude i left in my car
>no sale my man i need id
>understand thats store policy and he is adhering to it
>go to car
>get id
>complete transaction
It does:) it sounds really cute anon :p
>tfw no chocolate factory boyfriend to pretend to listen to his problems only to have sex later :(
you don't know much about dogs, do you anon?

>tfw when working in shelters for years
>never been bitten by a putbull
it's not hard unless you're a moron with dogs
>actually going physically to a brick and mortar store to get hounded by sales cunts who will literally sell anything to anyone without remorse
>not just looking up the best reviewed item and ordering it online without any hassle

>yfw you are a nigger dog apologist
Tell me anon :) you wouldn't happen to make any lewd products at th chocolate factory do you :p
You know... Some chocolate taste better melted :) or in a creamy spread :p
>they dindu nuffin'
>we need mo' animal shelters and mo' responsible owners
Are you Russian or something???
three four seven
Gotta love when customers try to be armchair managers. "Oh you got kids in the back of the store making a mess, they might be stealing stuff, you better keep an eye on them". They love to say "keep an eye on it".
If we have 1-2 people working and it's in the middle of the afternoon, we have to be stuck at the front at the register, or else the very same person would be whining that we don't have enough registers open. There's no way to win.
And even if I did go "keep an eye on them", there's nothing I can do. You aren't allowed to do anything to thieves. Especially not kids.

"There's no way to win" seems to be a regular theme in this business. No matter what you do, there's a bad consequence. And trying to take care of that consequence leads to other consequences. Solving one problem creates another, and everyone from customers to managers expects you to just have no problems at all.
>work at starbucks
>every customer is stacy or stacy's mom

fucking kill me

do they have it going on?
Bretty funny desu senpai
>falling for media made myths
what a sheep

Do you make alot of money?
Not really.
Kinda the same as a dead end job.
The advanatage is of course, that I can sit down in my pc whole day browsing 4chan, and just have to clean up sometimes, go to main city for merch, attend people when they get inside (those have helped with my hemorroids).
The downsides are obviously no insurance or benefits of any kind and the fact I could be mugged at anytime, including people breaking in the store at night. But that can happen anyways to everybody.
File: having a laff.gif (1 MB, 176x244) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
having a laff.gif
1 MB, 176x244
>attend people when they get inside (those have helped with my hemorroids).
>those have helped with my hemorroids
They are hereditary btw. I had them even when I was 15 and did a lot of physical activity.
Now that I have an inflatable wheel to sit down on, it is not so bad anymore. Would recommend.
Do you get many tourists stealing your stuff for shits and giggles?
I think that gif badly censored draws much more attention to her nipples that would have been there before
Fucking edgelords.
are you gay man?
No, the ones that steal shit are the equivalent niggers of my town. We are ina touristic zone, so some americans come sometimes.
They get kinda amused when they find out I can speak english (at least in a basic level.)
Lol. All the navy does is paint. I'm in the army and we just clean up trash. Fuck this military life
I wagekek'd at a grocery store for a little less than a year. This man came in with his receipt and complained about the BUY 2 GET 1 FREE we had on the bottles of spices.

In his head, buy 2 get 1 free meant that he buys two and then one of those becomes free.

We didn't really argue, we were gonna let him have what he want, but he still made it difficult.
He didn't even want to show his receipt to our manager for the longest time even though manager is the only person authorized to issue refunds.

Just fucking can't get over how a man in his 60s is retarded enough to not comprehend the simplest of signs.

buy 2 and get one more for free
no buy 2 and get one of those 2 for free, essentially making it a buy 1 get 1 free
He knew exactly what he was doing anon. He wanted to 1. Give somebody a hard time and 2. Get money back.
J.J. is that you?
No really good stories, but I worked a cash register at a Rite Aid for three years in high school. I live in a wealthy area that has a ton of Jews. Never had a problem with them before, until I started working there. Holy shit. They are literally the worst people to serve. There was always a problem, always snarkiness towards me. I was screamed at, cursed at, threatened to have me fired, all of it. Niggers are more civilized than Jews. Never again.
Old people love playing stupid and juvenile to get what they want. Old women are the fucking worst. They are cheap, bitter, dried out cunts.
This, I work at a grocery store too and I had a woman complain that a half galon of milk by itself in a double paper bag was too heavy, and refused a carry out when i offered to fucking bring her shit to her car for her. People just want to bitch.

Somewhat related. I'm a 23 year old alcoholicfag. They never card me anymore
>Work in fast food
>Only the most cheerful, sweet people are allowed to work the drivethru
>One qt is always on dt
>Customers are so shitty that she just fucking snaps every few weeks
>People going through the dt
>Order like 40 bucks worth of food
>Get mad when they get parked
>Or they throw on "oh, and um, how about ten tacos too? Yeah that'll be all"
>Work at diy store.
>specialise in electrics as i use to be a sparky.
>guy comes in and asks me for help with plumbing supplies.
>explain im not the best guy to ask but ill go get sean who is head of plumbing department.
>"for fuck sake, idont have time for this shit, what kind of place hires retards who dont know shit about diy.
I am in desperate need for a job but refuse to work retail because of how shit the customers are, I feel like I've been traumatised by retail
>pitbull apologist

i hate people like you and your nigger dogs. i shoot them any chance i get
that's sarina valentina b.
They're so miserable that their only joy is making wagecucks miserable, because they know wagecucks can't talk back without getting fired. I had this one old asshole ask for a specific brand of paper towels, turns out they were sold out. He then asked me, a cashier/floor guy, why I didn't order more. I told him that I was only a cashier and not responsible for orders. He starts screaming "It's your fault!" and just walks the fuck out. I wanted to hit him so bad.
>Work nights at fast food store.
>After 1am everything ia cook to order because so few customers.
>group come in around 2:30am clearly at some event
>start bitching they need to wait for food.
>6 doubles, 4 cheese and a few mac grills and chicken sarnie and 20 nugs.
>what ya mean a gotta wait? Fuck kinda fast food is this.
>nightshift manager so based he says, food thats faster than waiting 30 minutes at a restraunt mate.
>mate starts aping out.
>manager cancels order and throws him out.
>tfw I dont get carded at the liquor store anymore

I don't know how to feel about this
>work in home improvement store.
>Sell this guy top of the line zero turn mower from John deere.
>comes back and says it doesn't work.
>ask him if he's read the manual
>insist that he did and is using regular gas.
>look behind the mower
>notice the safety pin is sticking out
>push it in
>Tell him to try it
>to his surprise it starts.
>rides it like a fucking kid happy about it.
>all you had to do was read the fucking manual.
I always try to be nice to retail wagecucks

I feel your pain brothers
I had a friend who managed a Thorntons shop and hated it. On the other hand I knew a guy who drove a forklift for Cadbuy (literally packing fudge all day) and loved it so who knows.
Electrical sucks I hate trying to find the specific bulb people want.

Mixed feelings. I'm glad I don't have to deal with the bullshit every time since I'm buying a handle every 3 days. OTOH, it's a huge low. Oh well, at least he's nice and asks how's it going since I'm polite and it's in an area of nignogs. That's all the human interaction I need
>slams a literal puppy into a wall because it has shitty owners
if you can't use the proper techniques or equipment to separate aggressive dogs you probably should seek a new line of work
To be fair anon you did a terrible job explaining it.

Just from your story you made it sound like you'd have to throw that drink away and make a new one. You should of just said "No problem. I'll just take the charge off your card".

Work on your communication skills.
>so its like getting 2 free drinks!"
>she looks at me and rolls her eyes

christ m8, you're never gonna make it.
Mate. We have thwm in order of type/watt.
If you cant find your bulb check what it says on thw sode of the used on and look for that. I.e: e27 20w or whatever.
Failling that, bring in the bulb and someone will get it for you.
Can only confirm this.

Old women are the second biggest group of shoplifters (the first being rapefugees) at the store I used to work at.

Once some old hag even lied about me short changing her 15 euros. She gave me 5, but after she got her change she suddenly though she paid me with a 20 euro bill. Went all out with confused speech pattern and look too. After a back and forward she suddenly dropped it when I told her I'd count the register to see for certain.

Saw the miserable sow give me death glares every time I saw her in the store afterwards. Saw her try it on others working the register as well. Not sure if she ever got banned from the store or not.
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>work at clothing store
>fitting room answers phone first for some stupid reason
>busy day, have to juggle getting people into rooms, making sure they don't steal, processing clothes and taking calls by myself
>woman calls asking about a dress she wants to put on hold
>i know the one she's talking about, ask what color she wants
>she says black
>put it on hold continue with my day
>she comes in 15 to close asking for the dress
>hand it to her
>'oh no i wanted this one'
>it's a floral print dress
Gonna have to second this.

Not sure why you'd have to toss this drink and make a new one.
>Someone orders like 10 tacos
>Next order has 20 more tacos added on
>Next one has 10 more
>All on top of the rest of their orders
>Manager is mad because I'm unable to make 40 tacos and man the rest of the fryers and crank out every order in under three and a half minutes
The taco struggle is real. And then you realize that they can order tons of tacos and still hardly pay anything. The fucking worst
I guess they go crazy after not having hordes of young men after them for a while, and then their kids move away, and their purpose in life is void. I'm in the States and old people are fucking revered here. They get away with everything. I think a ton of them belong in mental hospitals, because they are that fucking insane, and I don't just mean retail stuff. They cause so many car accidents and potential accidents, it's just insane.
Kill your father.
Worst thing is they'll just pretend that they're retarded so you'll solve their problems for them.

Yeah I get it if you're not with the times, but how some old people act like little children and get away with it is bizarre.

My housemates grandfather is kind of like this. He suddenly stopped liking any food, rarely talks, never wants to go anywhere, cancels all social appointments. And then complains about being lonely and miserable, and expects his children and grandchildren to fix all of his problems (which are caused by him acting that way). His family is catching on though and is treating him like a little babby because of it, almost no respect for him anymore.

>do you want me to return the drink i just made so youll get it free this time

How do you get "throw it away" out of that?

It was already charged to the card when she asked for it to be free. She would have to return it to get the money back for it to be free.
>worked in 'designer' store.
>guy asks to try on a jacket.
>its yves saint laurent
>comes out
>ill take it, but label fell of but ive got it here.
>label has price half that of jacket
>is the stores 'budget' range brand
>point this out
>argues that was the label and that i have to sell it to him that price.
>ask if he wants the manager.
>nah, ill leave it. And walks out.
I don't know where you're from, but mental health care in the States is absolute shit. I don't blame old people entirely, but I refuse to deal with their bullshit. It's such a stigma that families will not have their relatives diagnosed and treated, and most of the time the crazy old people refuse to believe that they could be mentally ill.
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13 KB, 241x251
>Work in a store that sells home electronics, bathtubs, beds etc
>I am supposed to talk to customers and give advise on what to buy
>Have been here 4 months
>Don't know what I am doing
>Luckily we don't get commission and are just 'assistants' do it doesn't matter
>Whenever customers come I try to avoid them
>Don't know anything about any of the products
>Last week
>I was hiding in the bathroom section of the store
>Trying to look busy by pretending to adjust a display of some showerheads
>Some customer walks over
>Nice old lady and a cute younger woman
>Ask me for help
>I try to be nice, walk over, assume I can bullshit my way into making them fuck off
>Old woman tells me she has great difficulties getting in and out of the bath, tells me her granddaughter (the woman) has to help her and they are trying to buy a new bathtub which can be more accessible
>I know nothing about this shit and start to panic
>find a bath that looks slightly off
>one of them has steps
>'I-I-I think that this bath is very suitable for somebody with mobility issues'
>mimic an old woman
>walk feebly and climb into the tub
>lay down and look at them
>try to make a joke
>'n-n-now my daughter can give me a sponging'
>they both look at me, then each other
>they talk for a bit
>'I think we'll go someplace else' says the daughter
>they leave
>somehow they didn't complain
>tfw I still don't know anything about what we sell

So.. you give her the drink, and then she has to hand it back?

I guess you probably mean that you'd have to refund the drink and then use the card for it.
Yep, it's absolutely pathetic, they aren't worth it though. I'm probably gonna get fired for it, but I just look at those people like they're children and ignore them for customers that aren't abusing me.
>She would have to return it to get the money back for it to be free.
I don't get it either, why did you need the drink in order to refund her? Isn't it done on the cash register?
what the fuck man...gave me a good laugh though.
Why would that be annoying though? Don't you have like dozens of premade tacos sitting in a fridge somewhere just waiting to be adopted? That's what they did at my store.
no way this is real
File: dale1.png (68 KB, 270x250) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
68 KB, 270x250
Yep, he was telling the woman she had to "return" the fucking drink instead of explaining he had to do a "refund" on her credit card.

His fault.
Good for you for having balls. I only work retail jobs here and there because I'm still in college. There have been so many times I've wanted to scream back at these fucks, but my family needs me to help out occasionally with money, so I'm forced to take it like a bitch. It's so funny, because 99% of these asshole would never dream of acting the way they do to people outside of a store. Retail has caused me to hate most of humanity. So many will pick on the weak when they know there's no consequences...

>she had a coupon for a free drink.
>she bought a drink
>after i swiped her card she said she had the coupon for a free drink
>i offered to return the money she spent on the drink back to her card
>she keeps the drink
>she refused to return it

You have to "return" the drink to the store using the register in order for the money to go back on the card.

You would then take their stamped card in exchange for the drink which is now given free as part of a new transaction.

I guess if you buy everything online and never go to physical stores maybe you're not familiar with the basic terminology or the returns process and this might seem silly to you.

Really though it's all a matter of putting things through the register so that there is a paper trail and the cash is all accounted for in a way management can see.
But why didn't you
>refund the money
>let her keep the drink
>take her coupon
>You have to "return" the drink to the store using the register in order for the money to go back on the card.

But op made the drink so there's no barcode on it. What exactly are you "doing" with the drink when you're "returning" it?
It's so autistic and creepy, can't stop laughing over here.

Because of what >>26322774 says.

The way its described is nonsensical / not practical. I've worked retail for 6 years by the way. That's the reason why I'm confused in the first place.

It may have a barcode on the cup, or it may just be a button the register.

Either way what some customers don't want to do is stand there while you set up a return transaction and put their card through the machine so the money can go back on it.

They just want to walk away at that point, but they cannot do that and get their money back so they are unhappy that they have to wait.

Basically grown ass people can sometimes be whiny impatient fucks and get mad a person who is just an intermediary between the store and the customer and must follow the process as they have no real power over anything.

Thanks for bringing back old memories, bros. Thank Christ I don't work retail anymore.

Don't know what to tell you, friend, I worked 10 years of retail. It made sense to me.

Sure it could have been worded better, but anyone that has ever had money refunded to their card would understand what is happening.
>OP posts a story about a retard customer that didn't understand something
>a bunch of retards post defensively about how they don't understand it either

It's like those stupid fucks that just walk up and put money on the counter and walk away. No, that's not how it works. You can't just take that newspaper or drink or whatever. I need to scan the thing and complete a transaction on the register. That's how buying things works you fucking idiot. You have a coupon? Fine. I have to put in in the register. You want your money back? Fine. I have to put it in the register. I've had to literally call the police and have them arrest people because they were too fucking stupid to understand this. If the shit doesn't go through the register, it's theft. You didn't pay, you stole something and left money behind. Fucking idiots.
>I need to scan the thing and complete a transaction on the register.
Shut the fuck up you retard, op said he made her a drink, meaning no barcode, thus there's no point for the customer to give the drink back.
It might help to mention that I don't live in a country that uses credit cards and subsequently things like credit score. Mostly debit cards and cash here, refunds were done exclusively with cash.
Nothing with the drink, but you need to have the credit card again
>You can't just take that newspaper or drink or whatever
B-But I do that every week when I buy the Sunday paper. I just take the paper and drop two bucks on the counter. The cashier just thanks me as I walk out...

You wouldn't call the cops on me just for wanting to read the Sunday funnies?
>but you need to have the credit card again
Yes of course, but OP demanded the drink back, which is pointless.
people try to do this at my store all the time by putting sale stickers on clothes that aren't on sale. Sorry bud it's the system that lets us know if its on sale or not

Well here when things were refunded 90% of the time they were to be refunded in the same way they were paid for, even down to the specific card that was used.

If it was a gift and they had the reciept and all that some places would allow you to give them cash.

But generally as a wageslave you weren't allowed to just refund cash to quickly get people out of line even though that would be much faster.
Shoutout to anyone who just orders a black coffee.
We cashiers and baristas all love you.

Anyone who orders a small needs to be killed on sight

the drink has a sku that i have to type in the computer so the transaction is as follows


total 6.45

the system now thinks we sold a 10315, so we have x amount of inventory to make that drink less than what we had prior to he rbuying the drink, and we have 6 more dollars in the store.

she realized she had a coupon for a free drink after i had rung her up

i have to return the drink, as in, i have to give the money back to her credit card while she physically has the drink

then i have to type in the code that makes the 10315 (the sku for the drink) free, so our inventory wont think we have x amount of drink ingredients stolen because i dint ring up as a free

but the customer refused to have it charged back on her card and i didnt want to fuck up our inventory because damn puerto rican didnt want to return a drink
He needs to scan the card you retard, how else do you get money back ?
>are you gay man?

For Sarina Valentina? Sure. She can even fuck my virginal butt.
File: 1440965668891.jpg (22 KB, 400x300) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
22 KB, 400x300
>Mexican comes in speaking perfect english
>He has food stamps that only allow him to buy certain types of food
>He does this at 2:00 am because night crew were never trained to know how to use these checks
>I've never done these specific type of food stamps before
>Have to have a manager over to sign each stamping check
>He purposely hands us the produce check instead of the grocery check, knowing full well we told him not to (he did this last time)
>Hands us the grocery check for produce
>It doesn't go through
>Manager obviously has no clue what to do because upper management is to lazy to teach us this shit
>Manager goes "fuck it" and pays for the rest of this fucking beaner's food with his own money
>Beaner keeps his special food stamps for another day
>Mfw he doesn't even say thank you
>After that he still has 3 items he wants to pay separately
>He pulls out a fucking wad of 20 dollar bills
>Ask him if he's gonna at least pay my manager back
>He plays dumb and say "no, no, no understand, sorry"
>Call him out saying he was speaking perfect English before
>He just keeps saying "no, no, don't understand, sorry" as he walks out the door
>Afterwards tell manager what happen and he gets pissed
>He tells me the next time I see this beaner come into the store refuse their sales unless if they have cash or a card
For fuck sakes this is the second time this happen by the same fucking beaner, its obviously he has a job if he keeps $200 worth in 20's in his pocket but now he has to abuse the system by getting government paid food stamps? He probably get paid under the table in some landscaping job, fuck dude this shit pisses me off.
Okay, sounds shitty but understandable. The store I used to work with has now updated its register software and from what I've gathered they're not allowed to do things like that anymore either. Good way to prevent theft and fuckery, but its slow as balls when you get a difficult/retarded customer or a return.

Back when I was in retail we'd get a ton of functions and options that allowed you to handle issues quickly at the cost of poorer inventory management and possible theft by employees. Besides that most returns or more complex issues were handled by a service register, and employees weren't trained in how to use those extra functions except to just not use them. Most of the stuff I had to figure out myself, which in hindsight is a really dumb way to handle employees, especially 16 year olds.
File: 132803495867.png (364 KB, 609x476) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
364 KB, 609x476

>do you want me to return the drink

I see you have no experience buying things in a physical store. Let me explain for you:

What OP said means "do you want me to go through the returns process and put the money back on your card?" OP asked this question as returning things is often a time consuming process and the customer may not want to wait and OP is hoping they will say no and get their free drink later as there is a lineup behind the customer.

What OP meant was not "i need you to physically give me that drink as in order to return it I must take out my chemistry set, break this drink down to its fundamental components, return them to the shelf, and make a new drink for no reason". That is the interpretation of a sheltered retard.
>working at walmart
>black woman, her friend, and three nigglets approach
>start scanning her items
>scan bag of sugar
>sugar spills all over me and the floor
>tell her it's open
>"they were all open"
>I know they aren't but just continue
>she starts eating a bag of jolly ranchers
>"oh by the way you scanned this."
>I say okay
>i literally give two shits if she stole it or not
>she looks at her friend
>"look, he don't believe me. he can't even remember what he scannin"
>honestly don't remember if I scanned it because of the sugar I spilled all over the fucking place
>finish scanning her items
"Man, would you mind letting have those jolly ranchers to see if I scanned them or not."
>Coonmother mode activated
>starts yelling and cursing at me calling me and asshole
>all eyes are on us
>she refuses to give me the candy and ask for a manger
>manager comes over and tells her to do the same shit I was asking
>she complies
>she leaves cursing her way out of the store
puerto ricans are fucking uneducated cunts
But anon, thats racist!

You're a horrible person for even suggesting a minority can do anything wrong.
>whatt OP said means "do you want me to go through the returns process and put the money back on your card?"

Why didn't OP type that then. Its not that hard to grasp in the context but it's not clear either.
Why did you have to make a new drink?

Learn to read idiot.
>do you want me to make a new one?
OP said he needs to make her a new drink. That's ridiculous.

i didnt

she would use the drink i made as her free one, she physically is in possession of so i would have to put the money back on her credit card and ring it as free.

i asked if she wanted another one because then that would be the free one and she would have 2 drinks, having paid for one and gotten the 2nd one free.

jesus christ m8s

>learn to read

Follow your own advice.

OP offered to go through the returns process and the customer did not agree.

OP then offered to give them a second drink and make this second drink the free one.

Why are you having such a difficult time understanding this?

I'm sorry OP assumed that people on this board have experience purchasing things in physical stores and are familiar with basic retail terminology.
Worked at McDicks a few years back.
>customer orders specific time limited burger
>"Sorry, its no longer available since its only for sale for a limited tim"
>customer proceed to scream and yell shit at me
> i'm not worried since manager is bro tier, so just try my hardest not to laugh in customers face
>Manager tells customer to calm the fuck down, and that he will call the police if he bothers any of the employees

Really? a fucking burger got him so angry? i simply cannot understand these people
>mate starts aping out.

It's nice to hear that the navy isn't the only branch that is primarily janitors
I used to work at an Officemax
When I was being helpful to customers my douchebag manager always ended up giving me shit for ignoring his orders and when I did what he told me to there was always this customer bitching at me for not helping
Fuck that job
a page long shitpost on "media bias" doesn't negate the actual statistics of dog attack incidence
>reading the jewpapers

you could simply ask them to come to the other registry, it works 95% of the time.
God, I hate this shit so much. Customers that order their food like spastics are the worst. I'm a cook at whataburger (Cook on the grill and prepare sandwiches on the line) and I'm decent about it, but even ONE SINGLE FUCKNUGGET can throw the entire balance of any fast food place out of the fucking window.

Like when some asshole comes in and starts ordering his food like he has down syndrome, Taking a long ass time to order a few things. Then at the end they just drop a bomb like "Oh yeah and I want 5 number 1 combos please".

I feel like I need to start posting rules on the front doors on how to order your food so these aspies can get their shit together.
File: image.jpg (53 KB, 400x366) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
53 KB, 400x366
pic related

at that point the dog had redirected and was then attacking my leg and left four deep puncture wounds, I did nothing against protocol. and it was in our parking lot, not in the kennel with lots of people around. did you expect me to wait around while this dog ripped up my leg until someone would've been able to grab a hose or mace? that's completely impractical.

and age doesn't matter when it comes to aggressive dogs

>tools to separate aggressive dogs
meaning a hose, mace, or capture pole. none of which were available

and if a dog is going for an animal's throat, that means they're trying to kill. you don't wait around, you do whatever you have to do to defuse the situation immediately.
you are fucking idiot
kill yourself
>actual statistics
which are based on media reports, which are shown to be biased.

there's no official national database on dog attacks based on breed, because such statistics are so easily skewed. there's so scientific evidence that they're aggressive towards humans

if pitbulls were the problem, the number of dog bites in the UK wouldn't have risen 70% since they were banned
Poor people tend to keep wads of money around instead of depositing it into a bank. Probably because they either obtained that money illegally or by doing odd jobs/manual labor for regular people.
i remember that story. Now is this a copypasta or are you that same anon ;)?

wanna fuck?
You've posted this before. Post some original content cuntmuffin
I still couldn't understand why he wouldn't even have the common decency to say a simple "thank you" to my manager, let alone god for bid pay for his own shit. Just fuck that scumfuck, my manager is a broke black guy who lives pay check to pay check and had to pay for those people twice.
why dont you take that fucking gun of yours and pierce your fucking skull with it? you worthless piece of shit
This post triggered me. I hope you're happy for ruining my day, you fucking shitlord.
>'n-n-now my daughter can give me a sponging'


fuck that got me real good thanks anon.
Eh, a lot of people are giving you shit for this, but I think you did it right. I live with my dad and he's picked up a shitload of strays and taken care of them, so we have many dogs and one of them is a pit. He's terrifying, but not dangerous. Fat fuck though, if we leave him alone he'll steal food from all of the other dogs and snap at them if they come near. We think he was starved by his previous owner.
I couldn't do what you do though, I've seriously grown to hate these dogs.
>couple bring in stray purebred boxer they supposedly found and kept to to try and find the owner because "hurr shelters r evil"
>story keeps changing on when they found her
>changed their mind and brought her in after she got out and bit a kid on the face
>keep changing story on when bite happened
>dog is extremely pregnant
>snarls and lunges at me and my coworkers but is completely fine with them
>they leave really fucking quickly after we ask to see an ID
>almost positive they're just trying to dump their pregnant dog after she bit someone
>start looking through their social media to find pictures or other evidence
>can't even clean her kennel
>any time we try feeding her she freaks out and slams her head against the door trying to get you
>finally find pic of them with dog from 6 months ago
>tell animal control
>they go talk to landlord
>confirms it's their dog
>turns out dog has a bite history and is known dangerous dog
>they get cited for numerous DD code violations and charged with abandonment
>they've been charged with neglect before
>still can't go near dog
>two days later she gives birth
>she eats one of the puppies
>even more aggressive
>court deems her too dangerous and to be euthanized
>owners don't try to appeal
>have to do it with blow dart sedatives
>she finally goes down
>put surviving puppy in foster care
>ex owners call us regularly demanding they get the puppy
>came down to shelter once
>had to threaten to call the cops before they left
>regularly posting on all the extremist animal rights pages about about how we're "stealing" their puppy
>regularly get angry phone calls and messages about it

it was right before Christmas too. stupid fucks don't even realize we didn't have a choice and were court ordered to do it
>age doesn't matter when it comes to aggressive dogs
Undeveloped little puppy teeth aren't going to gnaw through your ankle bone. There was no reason to slam it on the wall, and if you hadn't let your feelings for the dog's owners cloud your judgement, you could have easily overpowered it and pulled it away by its collar. I understand it's a stressful situation to be in and requires immediate action but you did not handle that as well as you could have. It's pretty stupid to work around potentially violent and unpredictable dogs and not carry some form of defense. Particularly spray - with its weight and size there is no good reason to not carry it with you.
File: 132803495897.png (260 KB, 403x448) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
260 KB, 403x448

>armchair dog handler
It's because banks and credit card companies are all a bunch of fuckers that like to steal money from poor people's bank accounts and there's nothing they can do about it. You don't have to worry about 'fees' stealing a $50 bill out of your wallet.
yeah, resource guarding is almost a sure thing in dogs that were emaciated at one point. my dog was starved as a puppy until I got him up to a healthy weight at around 4 months, and he had intense resource guarding. but he's 8 months now and after training with him he's totally fine, it takes a lot of work though. good on your dad for taking them in, and at least the dog is going for corrections instead of aggression.

>undeveloped little puppy teeth
at eight months old most dogs have fully or nearly fully developed canines and close to their full potential of bite pressure, depending on breed

>overpowered and pulled it away by its collar
at the time the dog wasn't wearing a collar, or a leash. and simply pulling off the dog would have resulted in an even worse injury, since the dog had already started clamping down and shaking her head. just trying to pull the dog off does not work in situations like this

we used to carry spray, but there were too many hazards with it in such close quarters like the kennel. and usually when an attack happens it's inside the shelter grounds where there's other people and we have hoses on almost every corner. not in the parking lot
You never specified age, was it even over 8 months?
File: image.png (276 KB, 640x1136) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
276 KB, 640x1136
>you never specified age

yes, I did. read it again

and regardless of age, if dog bites at level 4 they're considered a serious threat


guys, the average iq is 100. That means 35% of people are borderline retarded. Now you know why people do the things they do.
File: 118454.jpg (32 KB, 752x701) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>chubby neckbeard wanders into the store when im on register
>tiny grocery store in small town on a tuesday night, it's like 10:30 and no ones come in a while
>chubby dude waddles to the chip aisle and comes to my register with four large bags of Lays.
>"alright that'll be 16.65"
>him: "that seems a bit steep for just some chips..."
>me: "well thats how much they cost"
>him: "hmmmmmm how about $15"
>me: "16.65 sir"
>he "hmmmmm"s a few more times really condescendingly like hes thinking really hard
>him: "how about just $16 even... I really dont have time for change"
>me: "nope"
>him: "fine, ill just have three then."
>I check him out again with just 3
>him: "have change for a 50?"
I really don't see the issue here, why are you mad?
So glad I don't work in retail now, but I used to work in a wholesale supermarket and most of the customers were smelly pakis buying 3289532 boxes of shit for their corner shops. They always got really angry whenever I couldn't understand them or made a mistake. Quit that job after a month, got tired of lugging round tonnes and tonnes of beer, sweets and sacks of rice and potatoes for ungrateful streetshitters.

Then again it's not always foreigners that pissed me off in retail. I also worked in a hotel bar/restaurant and most of the clientele were white, rich, drunk, angry and British though I suppose all those things are a given. That was always fun.
fucking people thinking store are flea market ... pisses me off go buy used shit there if you want to bargain ... i pay commercial taxes and last time i tried to bargain my 7,000$ a year tax it didn't work so fuck off lol
>worked at a video/music/book store
>customers always shitty
>one girl asks me to help her find something
>Help her
>she's happy as hell
>gets her DVDs and leaves
>20 minutes later my manager pulls me into the office
>the girl accused me of offering her $50 for a blowjob
>manager reviews tapes and leaves me alone

>at a gun store
>some random fudd wants a certain gun
>I know for a fact the gun he says he wants doesn't even exist
>fudd: "I want that mini-14 in .243. My daddy had one that Marlin made and I wont one!"
>clerk explains things to the raging fudd
>raging fudd finally says: "you swapped out that one barreled on my nephew Danny's ar15 so you can do it with a mini14. Just do it!"
>fudd left

>work at a casino
>everyone's pissed they lost their money
>everyone wants a free comps
>everyone thinks we decide who wins and who doesn't
>people always reply with, "tell me which machine is hitting, ayuck ayuck!" When theyre offered assistance.
>the girl accused me of offering her $50 for a blowjob

what did you even do anything weird?
>the girl accused me of offering her $50 for a blowjob
Thanks for reminding me to never trust a woman
Ever since my dog was killed (hit by a car, he ran out of the front door when I was coming back from being out), stories about animals, especially other dogs really get me. I don't know if I could keep a straight face in front of someone who abused their dog.

I've been thinking about volunteering at one of the pet shelters or hospitals here. Any tips? If I'm a dysfunctional introvert who can't handle socializing with people will I be able to do anything besides just sweeping up the place?
what the fuck man women are evil

>i need some bullets for my luger
>what they really mean is ammo for their hipoint
>staying late because our floors are being washed
>floor guy is an esl eurobro and likes talking to us while he works
>we have to move a display of bird houses
>they're really tacky looking, like a lighthouse, trailer, floral Volkswagen
>"Jesus who buys those things, what bird would sit in that stupid car. These are for gay birds."
>I accidently drop a trailer birdhouse and it breaks on the floor, he looks over and laughs

I'll miss him when I leave
I'm really sorry to hear that anon, but helping out animals can be a great way to feel better

you're probably going to have better luck volunteering at a shelter than animal hospital. the reason being that the hospitals that do take volunteers more often than not accept people who are trying to get animal clinic hours to be accepted into vet school. plus the work would be a lot more demanding socially. I actually worked part time at an emergency vet for a bit as an aide.

and as for what you'd do at a shelter, it really depends. there's cleaning kennels, dishes/laundry, dog walking, and some shelters (like ours) have behavior modification programs where you can learn how to help train dogs with behavior problems to make them more adoptable. what id recommend is starting with something simple like kennel cleaning, it gives you a chance to get easily comfortable with the staff and shelter environment before moving into more social/enrichment type work like dog walking. there are some shelters that require new volunteers to do a certain amount of cleaning type work before they "graduate" to the more fun stuff, but that's certainly not a universal policy. I started off as a kennel cleaner, then dog walker and cattery companion, then behavior modification, then was helping out in the surgical facilities before getting hired

and being a social butterfly really doesn't matter as long as you would be able to communicate to the staff if there's an issue or you have a question. you likely wouldn't be interacting with the public unless you chose to do event volunteering or something of the sort. there's no reason you wouldn't be able to do some of the more fun jobs as well
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