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I still miss my ex very dearly after nearly...
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I still miss my ex very dearly after nearly a year. I don't feel like this feeling will go away anytime soon.

What do?
drinking works pretty well imo
-females are not males
-men want to be validated, to feel relevant
-when men feel disconnected from reality, they think of suicide
-men understand that other men are just as pathetic as them
-therefore men cannot be validated by other men, but by something that is not male
-men want therefore to be validated by
--higher men who do not feel the need to be validated
-higher men are rare
-women are not rare
-how to be validated, to be noticed by cumdumpsters ?
-women are hedonistic, which means they are egotistic and what feeds their ego is their pleasures.
-therefore, to be noticed by women, men love to try to please women
-how to please tramps?
-women love sex and money
-women love to love sex and money
-- thereofre men give them money and sex FOR FREE
-men understand then that other men give money and sex to the same woman.
-men understand that women LOVE to have plenty of lovers
-men understand that women DESPISE poor and/or ugly men SINCE those men cannot feed her hedonism
-most men remain unvalidated, unnoticed and whine >no gf

most women always get what they want from men, even a solid decade after their menopause. EACH girl KNOWS that, in her life, there will ALWAYS be one man more dedicated to her than to any other girl.

-the goal of the girl is to get the best man who will focus on her for a very long time
-women want sex, as said, but equally to be entertained outside the bedroom (which cost money)
-men being worms, they build various strategies to provide for women
-men being worms, they attempt to avoid passing for worms in saying ''women are sluts and useless''

the fact is that women are far smarter than worms, and worms despises this. worms will say that any other woman which is not their /true one/wife/gf/oneitis is a whore (as if it is an insult HAHAHAHA)
2+ years

Some days I feel good, others days I cry, others days I am filled with boiling hatred and wish death upon her and her new bf

Its like it never happened. Its as if it happened to someone else. To FINALLY have found happiness...and then it was abruptly taken away from me.

>"Go out and sleep with 10 bitches! You'll soon get over her!!"

I got lucky. I will never get lucky again. Pain is all I know now
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she was so cute and easily embarrassed
It will. The fastest way to make it fade is to get another one and realize that they're all interchangeable once you notice that things are exactly the same as they were with the previous one.
Why did it end?
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She felt that I didn't appreciate her enough and she needed "more" in a relationship. It also didn't help that I was never able to bond with her family. ;_;
Typical excuse given to ugly cuckolds.
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You can fuck off my board normalfag
The zipper flap on her shorts protrudes through her shirt, and you actually miss this disaster of a person? Find someone who isn't so retarded she can't keep the functional parts of her clothing fully hidden behind the public facade parts of her clothing.
She looks kinda jewish...or?
this is truly autism incarnate
Or maybe that's what happened. It's possible.
Its because you keep thinking about her, which is pretty much a downward cycle and hard to break out from.

You need to learn to control your thoughts and simply stop thinking about her. If you notice you think about her, acknowledge it, release these thoughts (visualize them leaving your head), then redirect your thoughts and try to silence the inner dialogue.

You do the same with emotions: If you notice they are coming up, you just acknowledge them, let them surface, and release them and move on.

You continue doing that until one day it will stop.
get off these boards for a change you autist
This is accurate, but if you want help redirecting your thoughts, you need to do things to distract yourself. This is why people tell you to keep busy after a breakup.
OP we need nudes of your ex gf please

Disrespecting her will help you get over her
No, that would be even more pathetic.
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