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What's an average day look like for...
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What's an average day look like for you, Robots?

>wake up at 7 AM
>Drive to work at 8 AM
>work comfy IT job
>don't interact with people unless I have to
>Finish work at 5 PM
>Go home to 1 bedroom apartment
>Eat dinner, or sometimes I'll stop at a fast food place if I crave it
>play Xbox, PS4, or PC, but mostly PC.
>watch anime
>drive to gym at 8 PM
>workout until 9 PM
>get home
>eat second dinner
>shitpost on 4chan or watch anime or play vidya until 12 AM

>friday night
>go to gym after work
>get home
>play vidya, shitpost, watch anime
>stay up till like 2 AM
>Saturday and Sunday
>go to the gym
>shitpost on 4chan, vidya, anime
>maybe I'll order pizza
>maybe go out to eat
>maybe I'll visit my parents

Being lonely ain't that bad desu. I'm fine with having no friends.
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>wake up at 2 am
>shitpost till 9 am
>make coffee
>shitpost some more
>have a nap till 6 pm
>shitpost a little till it's time for beddy bye byes
>re pete
>wake up at 5:30AM
>drive to work at 6:10AM
>get there at 7:00AM
>comfy data analyst job
>shoot the shit and chat up qt's
>4:00PM leave work
>get home where I live with my mother at 5:00PM
>read/vidya/Netflix/browse internet until I go to sleep around 10:00 or so

I need to get my own place, my mom is an alcoholic and starting to depend on me for money. Shit is getting depressing desu.
>wake up at 4am
>drink coffee
>read reddit/4chan for a few hours
>go to bed again at 10 am
>wake up at 3pm
>eat something
>read 4chan/reddit for a few hours
>go to bed again

so exciting.
>wakeup whenever
>do whatever

It's pretty neet
That's a pretty comfy life. How do I get a job like that?
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>Wake up at 6:30AM
>Get on a bus to college at 7:30AM
>start college at 9AM
>be miserable all day
>finish college at 12:30-4PM (depending on day)
>go home
>go upstairs to room
>play vidya/watch anime
>have existential crisis and daily dose of depression
>listen to music til i fall asleep at ~10-12PM.

I don't have many friends, and being lonely most of the time sucks.
Claim jobseekers, do all the searching just make yourself unhireable for the interviews etc
>Wake up at 6/7
>Eat bowl of oatmeal
>Play Fallout 4 (though I'm currently replaying Fallout 3) until 11/12
>Shitpost on /r9k/, /pol/, /b/, /mlp/, and occasionally /x/
>Watch videos from about 6 YouTubers even though I'm subscribed to 40
>Play more Fallout
>Go to sleep
>Wake up at 8:50
>Have toast and juice while browsing websites
>Take shower
>Do WoW dailies while listening to podcasts
>Browse the internet more or watch a show/anime or play another game afterwards
>Go have lunch at 11:50-12:00
>Fap in bed at 12:40 for about 30 minutes
>Nap for ~90 minutes
>Catch up on internet/Twitter
>Watch anime
>Play video games
>Dinner at 7:00
>Raid in WoW on T/W/H from 9:00 to 12:00am
>Play another game after or fap
>Bed at 2-2:30

Every day, more or less. Occasionally I'll go out to lunch with my family on weekends, but not all the time.
why do you wake up so early?
Forced Habit from my school days, 18 right now, graduated not too long ago.
I can't stand waking up late. Makes me feel like complete shit. I take a nap every single day to counteract the waking up early and staying up late. As I've grown older, the threshold for when I feel like shit has become earlier and earlier. Used to be like 11. Then 10:30, then 10. Now it's about 9:30. I set an alarm to wake up for every day even though I have jack shit to do
>wake up 10 am.
>walk dog, make breakfast, work out
>11:30-12:00ish smoke and shoot up
>nod for a few hours
>work at 4:30-12
>Come home. Eat dinner Shoot up again
>nod until I pass out
>get up whenever. usually afternoon
>turn computer on
>eat something, if had money to do shopping
>get on computer
>take meds
>check favourite sites; load 4ch
>lurk 4ch, and google anything that comes to mind that i want to know more about, while occasionally getting up to eat snacks, if any; later eat dinner, if any
>more internet and lurking until decide to go to bed, sometimes early and sometimes late
>wake up whenever, almost certainly past noon.
>if I'm still tired and just want to go straight back to sleep I'll fill up a piss bottle, if I'm hungry I'll leave my room, go to the kitchen and eat the most convenient thing available
>go back to my room and fall asleep while watching movies and shit
>cycle like this until I'm unavoidably awake
>4PM: make a coffee with 'O'Donnell's Irish Cream' (ALDI Bailey's)
>Then either repeat the original sleep cycle by drinking and smoking synthetic weed.
>Or put on my least dirty pants and shirt, and shoes (usually without socks) and walk two hours to buy more Irish Cream and blue lotus.
>wake up at 5:30am
>get out of bed at like 6:00am
>make myself lunch then go out and have a cigarette
>mother drives to work at 6:30am and get there at 7:20am
>don't start till 7:30 so I just chill there
>I'm an apprentance to a blow molding technician so most my day is spent learning and doing all the grunt work my mentor doesn't want to do.
>get out at 4:00pm and wait for the bus
>get on the bus and get home at like 5:30
>video games till 10:00 then I go to sleep. Wake up repeat
>wake up
>go on computer
>troll spam loud music on csgo
>play league and talk shit
>play visual novel
>watch anime

This is actually the type of life I'd like to forge for myself atm
>Wake up at 2 PM
>Drive to uni
>Back home at 7:30
>Come back at about 8:45
>Study till 10:30
>Play League of Legends
>Watch anime or movies
>sleep at 5:00 AM

Meh it's all good
Thread replies: 20
Thread images: 3
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