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What do you make for food thats quick, simple,...
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What do you make for food thats quick, simple, and good, robots? I have roughly $50 to spend a week on food and I live by myself. $200 a month seems like a lot but its not enough to where I can eat out very much.

Making a grilled cheese or frying up some hamburgers is too much work for me. Even making chili where all I have to do is let meat cook in the pot and then throw in the spices and tomato sauce and let it sit for an hour is too hard.

Also, what should I drink instead of soda? I go through a 24 pack in like a little under a week and I think I am addicted. What else can I drink that's cheap and sweet and tastes good?

The only part I hate about living alone is having to buy my own food and things..
Drink squash. It's mostly water at the end of the day.

The only part I hate about living alone is living desu.
Drink water along with your soda. Drink enough water until you feel satisfied, then have a swig or two of soda afterwarda, so you'll taste it for a while.

Are hot boiled hot dogs too much work for you? They cook very quickly and all you have to do is boil water.
Pasta is pretty cheap. A packet of beef ravioli that's worth 4 servings costs about 5-6 bucks. Brown rice, eggs, peas, and corn are easy to cook and not too expensive if you buy in bulk.
Oooooh I do like hotdogs. I love hotdogs actually.

Do you just buy the pre-packaged Oscar Meyer hotdogs or something?
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>fibrous breakfast cereals
>bread with deli meats and cheese
>various vegetables to cut up and put on your sandwiches
>just drink water you dumb faggot

There, problems solved, idiot OP. Relatively cheap, somewhat healthy.
I wish this anon adding trump hats and stuff to anime girls would stop, its getting annoying
i just bought these items and it came out to exactly 50$
1 beef roast
a pack of chicken breasts with bone
pack of carrots
5 red potatoes
pack of Dewshine
5 Diet Pepsis
a pack of frozen salmon
and like 5 cans of vegetables oh and a bag of chips and some chicken tendies
50$ bro
get your fucking shit together.

>trump hat

It says #pussy you illiterate cunt
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1) Don't eat unhealthy shit often. Makes you feel better (more sensitive receptors, more energy, etc) and it makes unhealthy stuff taste GODLY when you can only eat it occasionally.

2) SWEET POTATOES NIGGA. Toss a nigga in the microwave and salt and butter it up (use iodized salt to cheekishly get some iodine in your diet)

3) Whole milk. Lots of nutrition and goodies for cheap

4) Dark chocolate. Taste good as fuck, easy as fuck, good for you and gets you high (mild high)

5) CANNED FISH MY FUCKING NIGGA. (ideally tuna and sardines for selenium and niacin, and omega 3 respectively)

6) Some fuckin' almonds

7) FUCKIN eggs (making them is EZ)

8) Yogurt muh nigga

ez but pretty healthy neet foods
I know but its the same guy making the make america great again hats on ritsu
btw all those meats all you do is put garlic salt and pepper and then throw them into an oven, the tendies you just put into an oven.
if you're too fucking lazy to set a timer, you need to seriously Darwin yourself.

switch to diet coke
eat more salads - mixed greens are your friend
rare burgers are win
get delicious asian noodles, the black soybean sauce ones when u don't want to cook.
This dude can't be bothered to make a grilled cheese. He isn't gonna cook rice and veggies and pasta and shit.
This is the kind of hotdogs my family buys.
$4 for 30 whole hot dogs.
Stick them in the freezer so they stay good for a long time. When you go to make them, just let them sit out on the counter for a while or run them under warm water or something to unfreeze them so you can pull them apart.
he needs to an hero then.
not being able to feed yourself is beyond omega, it's like zeta, unforgivable.

>guys I bought like 4 meals for 50 dollars BEAT THAT

you might as well just eat out for how badly you spent your money cumstain.
Just microwave your hot doggos senpai
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Buy some frozen digorno pizzas.
Diet sodas are disgusting and still unhealthy as fuck. Just get some damn orange juice and learn how to ration it, like get half a glass for two meals a day or something. I usually drink only enough to cleanse my palate when eating, and it's nice to start the day with breakfast and OJ. Also, I'm lazy as fuck as well, but making stuff like eggs, pasta, and grilled cheeses is easy and they're tasty.

Finally, a question for others: what do you guys think of canned shredded chicken?
Okay so I will do hot dogs and eggs. The thing I don't like about buying fresh meats is you have to know when you are going to use them, set them out for a day, then if you change your mind you have to refreeze them and stuff.

How easy is pasta? You just pour water into a pot, boil it, then stick the noodles in? You then strain the water out and put the sauce in the pan and you're done?
the roast is 4 meals, its a huge roast
the salmon is a pack of salmon
the tendies is a pack, there's like 7 breasts of chicken in the pack also.
the roast is already 4 meals, i think you might be tarded boy.
Why are you so stupid, OP? Storytime?
Pretty much, but I don't even use sauce. Just butter and cheese is enough for me, or even a spritz of virgin olive oil for some pastas, although I'm not sure that's something you should get if you don't like cooking.
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Trader Joe's veggie tendies.
I dont know for you OP but im really not picky when it comes to food, what I est most of the time is stuff like this:
2eggs with some egg white, cooked in the microwave then I add mustard, a can of tuna straight or maybe with some lettuce and mayo, these are the two meals I eat for most of the week. Other thant that its mostly ham, fruits vegetables, nuts and yogourt when its cheap
>I have rougly $50 a week to spend on food

If you have a 99 cent store near you, mine sells lettuce for 99 cents.

Weekly shopping list
>3 heads of lettuce - $3.00
>Bottle of cheap ceaser dressing - $1.00
>frozen carrots - $1.00
>2 bags of frozen peas - $2.00
>5 packs of ramen - $1.00
>24 eggs - $4.00
>4 small boxes of microwave sausages - $4.00
>Assorted bags of chips+popcorn - $7.00
>5 piece of candy for each day of the week - $7.00
>a 2 liter of soda every other day - $3.50

I never spend more than $40 a week on food
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>not just moving back in with your parents so mommy makes your meals and buys your tendies
It would be awkward now that she has a guy already living with her.
>tfw live with your parents but your mom is a shit cook
One day we had a bunch of fried shit and no vegetables.
Buy 0 calorie powdered or concentrated beverages. There's one made by Powerade that tastes amazing.

Buy frozen meals, I guess. They can be healthy.
Legumes and grains. Kidney beans and quinoa, son. I've been living on 40 dollars a week for 4 months.
rice+frozen vegtables (peas are good)
instant noodles (lots of salt/fat, aren't too healthy, but cheap and good for something different that you can make instant)
eggs (mix with rice, make omelletes, on toast)
cheese (put on any food, will make it taste better, but it's not too good for you).

you can easily buy those for less then 50 and last a week.
the rice+peas will last you 2 weeks+ if you ate for every meal and only cost around 10 dollars (rice is cheaper by bulk).

if you want you could buy some meat but it's expensive compared to other foods.
but with meat, stir fry rice is easy to make and my favourite... just cook the rice, defrost vegetables (you can buy stir fry ones which have whats used in stir fry). while those are cooking/defrosting, cook whatever meat you use (cook it just under but not too undercooked, i just cook it till its done but recipe says to do just under), then cook 2 eggs and chop/scramble them and throw in the vegetables/rice/meat and then put some sweet chilli/soy sauce over it all and stir/cook for a bit.
that will give like 2-4 meals worth depending how much you cook and it's easy to do.
only hard part is cooking the meat and rice.

cereal/oats are fairly cheap too. fruits are pretty expensive depending on what you buy. lemons are good to use in cooking though

if your too lazy to cook and want ready meals then you'll pay more.. most of that stuff is expensive (except cereal/canned food).

stop drinking soda and you'll get over it. i used to drink it a lot and hated not having any... but after not having for a while you realise it's not that good
Whole milk
Tortillas (specifically, the kind with the Bell Logo)
Canned Fruit (fresh fruit is expensive)
Kale/spinach (Popeye ate 'em for a reason)
Frozen chicken
French Bread

Fuck soda, but if you're gonna get it, get the 3-liter bottles from the dollar store.
>$200 a month seems like a lot but its not enough to where I can eat out very much.


1) keep 2 frozen pizzas in freezer at all times, they stay good for a long time
2) instant noodles, STOCK UP
3) porridge flakes that you boil/microwave with milk, cheap (cheaper still if you use water instead of milk)
4) potato!! very cheap and very carbs
7) PASTA AND RICE !!!!! cheap !! healthy !!!
8) if you have store nearby, get the HOT FOOD SECTION and buy premade food its FAST but a bit expensive
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Thread images: 6
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