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Who /almost 30 and still a loser/ here?
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>only accomplishment so far has been earning a worthless BA
>Also got TEFL cert, but don't really want to teach overseas anymore.
>still stuck doing near minimum wage part time work
>spent the last 5 years mostly shit posting, watching TV, and drinking a lot of beer
>at least I stayed in shape by jogging
>video games don't seem as fun as they used to be
>no friends anymore (had 2 in college, but they moved away)
>never had a gf
>Hard liquor and large amounts of beer so disagreeable that I don't think I'd ever be able to reach end stage alcoholism.
>Felt terrible after smoking marijuana so I don't think I can use drugs to escape reality either.
>Parents got tired of paying my rent, so they finally let me move back home. Life is getting a little better(stopped drinking, working out more, feel like social skills are getting a lil better), but feels like it is too little, too late.
atleast you done a little something

ive done absolutely nothing
28 is not too late, you can still do everything.

Piece of advice: forget about acomplishments society or other people pressure you to acomplish.

Your goal in life should be to be happy and enjoy the time you have in this planet.

If you enjoyed all that time of playing vidya/watching TV etc. it was all worth it.

Sure it sucks to not have a gf but having a gf doesn't = happyness, and there's a million things in this world that can make you happy.

If you do want a gf, or a good job or whatever and it's you who want it, you just need to put in the work and suffer to get the reward later, it's all up to you though and want you want to do in this life.

If being a loser is enjoying life and doing whatever you want, I'd gladly take that adjective from society.
Yes, I know they say "life isn't a race" but stagnation stinks. Escapism seems to only work for so long. Eventually you realize you are going nowhere, and that you missed out on a lot of things, and that you can never go back or make up for lost time. Can you make up for lost time?

I guess you said 28 is not too late but it feels like it.
Honestly, I'm 25 and just quit a job I hate (it was in my field, but it was God awful). If I can't find a good job that I actually like by 26, I'm just joining the military.
I feel like it's almost too late and I turn 21 in two months.

If I started when I was 15 or 16, I'd already be reasonably accomplished. Well, at least I started 1 month ago.
this guy has it figured out

never thought i'd say that on /r9k/

>kissless virgin
>in university but dropped out again
>total autist
>never goes outside
>havent had a job since i was 18
>want to kill myself every day

it wasnt supposed to be like this man
And let's dispel once and for all with this fiction that Barack Obama doesn't know what he's doing. He knows exactly what he's doing.
>want to kill myself every day

I dont think I can off myself, but I've come up with the next best thing: riding a motorcycle
Tell me more. Explain.
live alone
no regular sex
build guns, grow mushrooms, to scared to end it
Confirmed for best thing ever.

Plus at least if I die on a motorcycle it will be while I'm having fun.
>in community college trying to get first degree
>never had gf
>only internet friends and they don't live near me at all

I have a few positive points, but I won't mention them.
you've had sex, haven't you?
what if you only veg yourself tho

that would be horrible
Do you think vegetables realize they are vegetables?
some of them probably

you gonna take that chance?
I dunno. Seems worth it. I want to feel something again.

Speed is the one trick that does it. I really like riding my road bike, so a motorcycle should be even more fun. Might try skydiving if riding a motorcycle fast becomes boring.

I didn't even get close to getting my shit together until I was 28. Now I'm 36, employed in a job I enjoy that doesn't feel like meaningless slog, married, own a house, and generally feel content.

Fuck what anybody else thinks, aim realistically, focus, work hard, and you'll be fine.
>I didn't even get close to getting my shit together until I was 28.

Oh great. Feel a lot better. Did you read the subject line? Many of us are almost 30 and don't even have a goal or much experience doing anything productive. How messed up were you? Were you a permavirgin?

>aim realistically, focus, work hard, and you'll be fine

elaborate. How do we know if we are aiming realistically?
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>worthless bachelor's degree
>lots of SL debt
>never had a gf

But at least I'm not wagecucking. This is important. 1 year of NEETdom is worth 3 years of wagecucking at least.
people with locked in syndrome are completely aware of whats going on around them. Its literally a living hell.
Don't become a shut in anon.

That only works for so long.
>back in grad school
>more miserable than ever
>consider suicide frequently

It doesn't get better.
What kind of program? How toxic are grad school qts ?

>raised by solo mother, long term unemployed, welfare, drug dependencies, psychological problems, but not a perma-virgin...

Realistic, to me, is something you could aim for achieve in 5 years of hard work and commitment - not becoming an astronaut or a rockstar
What do you do now?

I considered going into law or trying to get a job in the State Department, but that seems out of reach for a borderline autist. I'd like to make a lot of money too- always have - and law doesn't seem like a good way to make lots of bucks right now.
>Never had a job
>Drink every night
>No friends
>Spent 3 years as a shut in

This past year i have been going back to the outside world due to shitty "work ready programs". It dose not get better.
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