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>Alright class time for you to give your...
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>Alright class time for you to give your presentations, remember it must be at least 5 minutes!
>Okay let's see who's first - oh looks like it's Anon!
>Oh don't be shy Anon, it's only 5 minutes!..at least
>Now everybody remember to listen closely and take notes on Anons presentation!
>Okay, anytime you're ready to start, Anon!
You don't give presentations in classes like this. The only type of presentation you would give would be some type of engineering model/experiment. But that's only if it's an engineering class, and even then it's with a group and just doing something like programming a robot.
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That image always makes me kek inside. All those macbooks. No wonder apple is successful. btw from what I know, this is a journalism class too.
And that's why I cannot go to uni/college and stuck with just HS level education for the rest of my life.
We had marked presentation for the next 10 weeks and I got picked to be in the first week with 2 others. Presenting terrifies me. To make it worse I was given the topic of 'discrimination against woman in science and wider society'
Oh and it was a 15 minute presentation
kek nice subject. What major are you btw?

I personally don't have that much of an issue presenting. I just can't socialize for shit.
>that one normalfag that comes into these threads and try to push the idea that he is a "robot" and he is extremely comfortable giving presentations

I wish that we could ban these reddit normalfags from /r9k/, If you don't have extreme stage fright making it impossible for you to do presentations than you need to get the fuck off this board you fucking normie.
I study Psychology in the UK which I think basically is the same as your major.

The degree as a whole is actually pretty scientific but it looks like I fucked up in which module I picked... For us in psychology we present on a semi-regular basis I wouldn't say its only a English type courses.

Presenting isn't too bad, spontaneous conversation which you didn't rehearse the night before is definitely harder. Maybe if I wasn't so lazy I would do that.
Its not that I am comfortable. I just don't give a shit what normies think of me. No need to get mad. If anything, its the normies that get nervous when they have to present something since their reputation is always on the line. I have nothing to lose.

I feel for the EE meme. Frustrating as all hell. I didn't have to do a lot of presentations except for a 15 minute presentation about identity or some shit for one of my core classes.
I dunno if that's true... I cope terribly with presenting the day before.. I will breath the whole day until I actually present but when I get up there I just spew out my internal script verbatim and it's done and I can sit down. I don't present shit but im definitely finding it a lot scarier than others.
What course? / major thing you do?
Electrical Engineering. The course I took was a Literature class that all majors have to take. The most SJW class I ever had to take. At least the ethics course I had to take wasn't even like that in the slightest was pretty cool to be quite honest.
Normies can go wherever they want, it's one of our privileges. Sorry hth ;^)
aha yeah mine was called 'social issues in psychology' Im not saying there isn't discrimination and stuff but half the studies people use to back up this SJW stuff are garbage and this is like actual published research opposed to a buzzfeed survey. Engineering is a sweet course man, all the guys I know who do engineering are so safe. Good luck with your studies man!
Same for you anon. We are going to make it.
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>all those laptops
>probably copying the lecture notes into Word


>"wow anon your essay looks really good"
>"heh thanks Chad"
>I look at his essay
>he's printed out fragments of a word document and written the equations in pencil
>"how'd'a put the numbers and shit in anon?"
>"I use LaTeX but you could use Microsoft Equation if it's too-"
>"wow anon you're such a loser"
>wut the fuck
>Chad turns to Stacy and whispers in her ear
>they laugh
>I begin to twitch
>laugh and say
>"heh I use LaTeX for everything, except sex letters, heh no EVEN for those!"
>nervous laughing
>ask engaging questions in seminars
>enjoy talking to my tutor after class
>later Chad comes up to me (angry)
>"anon what the fuck dude? you're making us look bad"
>"well I want to study a Phd and-"
>Stacy cuts in
>"Jesus you fucking creep, everyone is sick of hearing your shit all the time so just stop okay?!"

Man I hated Undergraduate. Most of them were there just to go though the Higher Education meat grinder and become middle class wageslaves. Thank G-d it gets better as the normos go and work in banking/law/etc
You went to a shit school. I've literally never experienced anything like this in my undergrad classes.
what the fuck? that's just rude bullying, people are really that rude in real life? LaTeX is awesome anyways.
>Its not that i am comfortable
You're right, it's that you're a FUCKING NORMIE REEEEEEEEEEEEE
If it makes you feel better, I never had a gf, I don't have friends, and I sit alone in my dorm all weekend.
It was one of the top Universities in the UK >>26308740
There are many, many bullies. They are very "smart", but they're either normies or crypto-normies, They are very smart but not academic in the slightest. They just want to get on daddy's gravy train.
That does make me feel better, thank you for your LIES
fucking normie
that's rough. i've heard the UK is hard on robots with 'lad culture' and shit.
But I am not a normie in the slightest. I am not lying to you. I just so happen to not have stage freight or whatever. I am still never gonna get a hug or a kiss ever considering how I am short (5'4") and overweight.
>w-well you s-s-see
>the jews are re-responsible for all the p-problems
>tfw forgot mature student application deadline was 1st feb
is there anyway i can apply?
Well now I believe you, that's a damn shame.
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From what I read, Hitler was also a sperg too and he was one of the greatest speakers of the 20th century if not of all time. Do I still have hope at least?
If you lost weight and lived in an asian country you could make it
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nightmare tbh.png
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you would be right.

>2am coming home from the library
>free Uni bus
>sit in my spot (top deck, back row, window)
>bus stops
>hear shouting from downstairs
>20 "rah rah" posh lads come up the stairs
>lots of posh girls with them
>they're all loud and obnoxious
>one of them starts shouting at me
>ignore him
>they all go quiet and giggle
>they all chant/shout at me while the girls laugh
>cute girl comes up the bus and sits near me
>try to start a conversation
>the "lads" start jeering and shouting "whayy fuck her mate, right in the arse"
>they all laugh
>I want to die
>listen to Eroica and pretend I'm Napoleon killing normies with the Grande ArmRee (yes I know it's autistic)

Just imagine this
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Thread images: 5
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