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ITT: Fails and lost chances
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>be me
>be 18
>be autistic as fuck
>have a chad friend, lets call him 'josh'
>josh uses my house to fuck girls(he has a key), and I 'lend' him some money sometimes becuase I don't want to lose a friend
>josh calls me one night "Hey anon, I am bringing some girls to your house, one is for you......"
>tfw he says he will let me get the hotter one
>tfw she is a 16 year old virgin
>tfw josh says girl wanted to lose her virginity to him but since I was such a good friend he sealed the deal for me
>Keep waiting until they arrive, time is around 11 pm
>First I hear the key entering lock socket, as door opens I start hearing voices of girls chuckling and talking with josh
>Autism: On
>Suddenly I feel an anxiety rush, a cold feeling starting from my stomach, it is rising upwards trying to rot my brain
>Run to my room, shaking, I watch as they enter my small living room from crack of the door, while sweet darkness hide my eyes.
>See a 7,5/10 brunette and 9/10 petite blonde
>Blonde wearing black dominant clothes, just my type
>Feel hotness rising from my chest, battling with anxiety
>Josh says "just a moment girls" and start walking towards my room
>Rush to bed and sit
>Josh enters
>"Anon, come meet our guests"
>"I will, just a minute, josh"
>Josh gives me a funny look knowing what kind of person I am "Okay, we are waiting, be quick."
>Start walking back and forth in the room with anxiety
>Realize my dick looks like a rocket launch site in amazons
>Get undressed, enter bathroom and start shaving my dick.
>Hand is shaking, bleed a couple of times, but doing great
>Hear footsteps from room
>Door suddenly opens
>It is blondy
>Before she sees me I rush behind shower curtain
>"Hey, are you okay?"
>Damn her parfume smells sweet
>Awkwardly say "Yeah, I will be there."
>"O-kay" thank god she leaves
>Finish my bussiness
>Get dressed
>At the edge of the door leads to living room
>Doki doki

Will continue.
>Realize my dick looks like a rocket launch site in amazons

I'm weak.
Bleeding dick and virgin 16 girl... that sounds fine for me
My sides are fucking inverted from that.
This... is not gonna go well.
Cont pls i need to stroke mu cock
>not writing it out beforehand
this. i've been f5'ing for awhile
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>>Hand is shaking, bleed a couple of times, but doing great
I don't think this ends well
Seriously op? Leaving us mid-story?
bumping for rest of the story, come the fuck on OP
yes, f5'ing...

what should i have said you anime fuck
Shaving your dick?
I've never shaved my pubes(its like a forest down there) and the girls iv'e been with dont seem to mind
How about not being a stupid newfag fuck and clicking update at the bottom instead newfiggington
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I'm irking for a gherkin.

> Know girl online who likes video games
> Met on Halo 3 and played multi player often all the way upto Reach
> Get her Skype
> She was really cute and nice
> Her parents had tons of property too
> She hitted on me once and I was too naive to even know
> She moved onto a new guy
> Some Star craft 2 bloke she met on a stream
> He "trains" 12 hours a day
> Lost 30k USD in fan donations because Paypal thought it was drug money
> She fugged him and told me he lasted 4 seconds

She was a QT too. She even introduced me to 4 Chan back in 2008.

Veronika senpai why
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f5ing one button to click= better then a update button on screen
bump OP has abandoned

>Enter the living room
>Feel like there is a spotlight on me and thousands of eyes watching me from darkness
>Formal salutations with girls
>I am awkward as fuck
>We start drinking
>When I speak, it is like I am reading a paragraph from encyclopedia
>Keep drinking
>Feel like I am fucking everything up
>I want to get under my blanket and cry
>Keep drinking
>Drunk as fuck, dont care about anything anymore
>Josh starts kissing brunette
>Blonde and I awkwardly watch them
>They get up and move towards my room after a few seconds of kissing
>Josh gives me the look as they get into my room
>We are alone with blonde
>My heart is pounding like crazy
>Man up with bravery and soft headness coming from drunkness
>Get up and sit beside blonde
>Start kissing her
>She doesn't say a word
>Start touching her leg
>She pushes her tongue deeper
>She breaks apart for a second, we are breathing heavly
>She takes her top off
>Sweet puffy tits
>My every cell is yelling me it is finally my time
>"Do you like them anon?"
>"They are perfect"
>I start touching them as we start kissing again
>She starts caressing my dick

>Sudden realization
>Shit shit shit
>Not erect
>Not getting erect
>"Is everthing alright anon?"
>"I don't know, this doesn't usually happens"
>She gives me a dissapointed look
>Josh gets out of my room
>He is topless
>"Hey blonde, can you check brunette?"
>"O-kay." She says suspiciously
>Josh sits beside me
>"Man, We drunk too much, I can't get it up"
>"Same here, josh.."
>Moanings start to come from my room
>Girls are probably fucking each other
>"Damn man, lets watch some porn and try to wake these thing up before girls finish."
>Connect my laptop to tv and open a video
>"Not this one man, I need some role play porn."
>"Role play porn?"
>"Yeah, other stuff doesn't turn me on."
>He opens some role play porn
>We start wanking our dicks to role play porn
>We keep wanking without talking for 25 minutes
>Nothing happens
>Girls get out of room
>They palyfully look at our dicks
>Messy hair and make up, what they did is clear
>They start walking towards exit door
>"Good luck boys" they laugh
>We keep wanking to role play porn
>"Sorry anon, I should ve known this."
>"It is okay.. This is probably my fate."
>tfw I never had a chance like this ever again
>tfw thoughts of this depress me and keep me from sleeping at least once a week
>tfw everytime I see role play porn
kek fag
jesus fucking christ
you could have tried to donkey dick her at least
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>"Not erect"
>"Not getting erect"
>literally mfw
I feel for you OP
>Be me
>First of my friends loses his virginity
>He starts getting real alpha. This is also where I start to want a girlfriend real bad
>The girl he lost his virginity to is 7/10 scene girl with neon hair and nice tits
>They break up a short while after
>Fast forward 6 months
>Summer vacation
>Me and friend have been doing nothing but drinking and having fun
>Get pretty drunk with friend
>At this point I've gotten pretty depressed over another lost chance from earlier in the year
>Tells him how much I hate myself
>I've also started looking for girls I could potentially do stuff with
>Tell him how his ex was pretty hot
>"You could totally bang her, anon"
>Sudden confidence
>Next day I add her on facebook
>Texts me instantly
>Talk for the whole day
>She's really sweet and funny
>I'm going all in for this girl
>Start getting my shit together
>Shower and check fashion magazines everyday
>Clean my room. Getting my cumstained bed and shit out of my room
>Starts to look like some hormone filled, virgin teenager doesn't live there.
>Meanwhile I've been texting this girl a fuck ton
>My alpha friend helps me a ton but I also manage to have good conversations
>Going away for summervacation so I couldn't meet her until after 3 weeks
>Texting her by myself
>Decides to go full alpha
>"When I get back we're gonna cuddle"
>"Yeah totally lol"
>I felt like god
>3 weeks pass and I finally come home

Ban this underage please, i can smell it
dubs says cont
>Arrive at home saturday night
>We already planned that we should meet at sunday
>She had plans for the day but was available later that night
>She lived a 2 towns over
>I was going to visit her a 10 in the evening and stay for the night
>Never met this girl
>Never heard her voice
>Starts getting nervous if I'm gonna get gangraped by some large niggers
>We agree to meet at the nearby trainstation
>My dad drops me off and speeds off
>My phone fucking died because I forgot to charge it
>Shit my pants
>Waiting for what seemed like 30 minutes
>Summer is still fucking cold in denmark
>Suddenly I see her down the street
>Dark as shit
>It's really her
>"Hi anon!"
>She sounds so cute
>"Hi, Tracey"
>Hugs her
>She hugs be back
>Huge success
>We walk back to her house
>Nice big house
>All alone, her parents are away in spain
>Didn't get the hint
>We talk in her room
>We watch some televison
>Suddenly she says she has a panda kigurumi
>Asks me if I wanted to see her wear it
>Fuck yeah
>She starts undressing into her panties and bra
>Thinking that's odd
>Never been with a woman so I guess it's just how they roll
>Didn't get this fucking hint
>She looks adorable
>She asks if I want to watch some movies
>She lays out some matresses she found
>Says it's the "Fuck matresses" because her brother apparently was an alpha that had lots of sex
>Didn't get the hint
>We lay down and watch some stupid movie
>She shimmies closer
>Suddenly we're spooning
>Raging boner
>She knows
>Grabs my hand and we start merging fingers
I am cringing so hard guys, fuck my life.
>I didn't get the fucking hint
>She starts licking my face
>Didn't get the hint
>She teases me by pinching me
>Didn't get the hint
>Lay like this and watch movies until three o'clock in the morning
>We wake up
>More movies
>Say's she'll call in sick for work because I'm here
>Full autism mode
>After she has called sick I suddenly would rather not be there
>Didn't get this fucking hint either
>Don't say that I don't want to be there, just say that I have to go soon
>She gets visibly upset but seems understanding
>We go down in her living room to watch television and just talk
>Go home
>Couple of days later I visit her from 1 to 8 in the evening
>She cooks but not much happens
>We text a lot
>She gets into a relationshit suddenly
>I cry
>Don't speak with her for a couple of months
>Now 16
>Arrange to meet with her
>We come home to me and start watching movies, as original as I am
>Spoon, cuddle, mergefingers
>Suddenly she licks me on my face again
>I turn to her and ask my she did that
>I try to lick her face
>She sticks her tongue out
>I lick her tongue by mistake
>"Is this weird?"
>We kiss
>We make out for 2 hours
>Miss the entire plot of mazerunner
>She starts griding on my leg
>Parents are home
>She doesn't want to fuck
>We do other stuff bust mostly she just grinds on me for the whole nigh
>Still didn't get the hint
>She goes home
>Life goes on
>Suddenly i come home a december night
>Piss drunk
>"Back in semptember, what was your intentions"
>"I wanted to get with you but it felt like you only wanted me as a friend"
>"I've also started seeing chad"
>My life returned to what it was back in the summer before her
>The only girl I've ever had a chance with is gone because of the stupid 16 year old me
Do I win R9K?
Puberty hits hard huh
Her behavior shows you might have same chance with other girls anon. Try harder next time.
Nah, she was a slut and I was lucky I found someone easy.
This is the most cringeworth shit i've read here today.
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Thread images: 5
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