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>be me
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>be me
>birhtday of the only friend i have
>know him since 2006
>said he wont celebrate his birthday
>log on facebook
>see him and his other friends partying
>log off facebook
>spend the the rest of the evening mastrubaiting and crying

how was your evening /r9k/ ?
Facebook is a device created by the world to further your feelings of depression, isolation, loneliness and jealousy.
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>took a kiddy speedball of some Benzedrex and kratom
>feeling pretty tingly and /stim/ed out, while comfy and /opi/ed out

I read on Wikipedia that some kid died from this combination. Must've been a fucking nice death, this feels amazing.
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my evening kicked ass? and yours? you too
Also, I've been drinking in town by myself all day while listening to music almost constantly so I don't have to put up with my own thoughts and the outside world. I'm about to go to a bar with 'friends', and then afterwards I'm going back into town to dance like a fucking autist in clubs with another 'friend'. So yeah. At least I can drown my sadness in alcohol. I suggest you do the same.
I lol'd

>woke up about 11
>watched shitty TV
>went back to sleep about 12:30
>wicked lucid dreams
>woke up at 5
>literally had chicken tendies
>tomorrow is me 26th birthday.
can i have some memes, please?
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Post tomorrow then, then we'll talk
>Woke up at 11 am
>played heartstone like a retard, fapped every two wins
>went to macdonalds, ate alone on the beach
>played csgo, with two afk in my team, ragequited
>my friends are partying up this evening, but i cant go there it's 170 km away + not invited
>going to cook pasta and melt a whole cheese on it, but i feel empty
>get ready for a lonely night, maybe i'll finally do the dishes
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>Have a bad eye, legally blind with it
>Can't drive because of it
>My snakes heat lamp burns out
>I need to put my paycheck in the bank and buy a new bulb
>Roommate says he'll give me a ride last night
>Refuses now because his girlfriend is here
>Like she has been literally every day since november

I have a regular bulb in the lamp now but it cant get hot enough.at night. I don't have any money in the bank to just order on online either because I cant deposit my check.
I might just have to give him up if I cant relaibly take care of him.
Heres his elaborate and expensive tank.
>We are the 6th a February, still not had my paycheck, I'll get it the 11th when i'll FINALLY go back to work, and I wont put it to the bank before the 14th because i'm working whole days before.
hope your buddy won't die anon, maybe you can get his gf to going to buy it with you?
atleast take the decency to talk to people when you're drunk

don't be dickhead
like me
He's been a useless faggot since he met this chick.
I have to work in an hour now so there's no way today, and tomorrow I work all day so I cant get it then either.
The earliest I could get tere on my own is tuesday since I don't work and it's a 4 hour walk to get there.
I don't think you should let jerks make you feel depressed. He's obviously not your friend so chin up and don't let people who aren't your friends make you sad. Seems useless to me.
>girl I had a crush on just got a boyfriend
last girl I had a crush on was around 2009 or 2010. I've been a neet since than and only stopped being one in mid 2015.

Now I just want to go back.
crash the party, seriously what a bitch of a friend.
But before, at least dress nice and get a present, don't pretend and make a scene like a black woman, just say you are glad you got invited.

My evening was quite nice a got a new monitor the old died yesterday, nice to ask from you.
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Is there a correlation between masturbation and feeling so low/empty?
they go proportionally together if done as sole relief of sexual desire
yes I feel so too. The best weeks are the ones where I manage to not masturbate. These weeks are very rare though because I'm a degenerate porn addict who masturbates multiple times a day to camgirls. The time not masturbating is spent looking at porn videos.
Just delete your kikebook and move on.
If you post tomorrow and I see the post I will wish you happy birthday.
Not now because my mom said it was of bad luck.
Isn't that the shit in inhalers?

Btw if you really wanna get the biggest bang for your buck with Kratom consider making a tincture with high proof alcohol and Kratom leaves/powder just let it sit in a container for a few weeks and strain it out and you'll have some potent kratom elixir
They're cool people and I liked the podcast. Rasen's streams are entertaining if you like his and his friend's humor. Watch the Nocturne stream, it is long and will give you a good taste of what kind of things you can expect from him. If you're looking for good podcast episodes, look for any of the ones with special guests who are translators (Devil Summoner guy, Kyuuyaku guy, DDS book guy, etc.), or the ones where they read fanfiction. And if you're into cringe they have like three episodes where they have viewers on to talk about whatever, most of the guests are absolute shit, so if you're into that it can be fun.

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Yeah, you crack 'em open, make some coffee, and put the cotton in the coffee pot. Let the pot sit for a couple hours while it's still sitting in the machine, so it's kept warm. Then drink it all down. Tastes nasty, but gets you tweaking hard. Propylhexedrine is very basic, so the acidic nature of the coffee pulls the propylhexedrine out. Additionally, stimulants have a multiplicative effect when combined together. Taking two stims gives a high that's greater than the sum of their parts. Take some Tums to increase absorption too if you wanna. 30 mg of DXM is good too.

Here's a fun fact. Benzedrex was preceded by an inhaler brand called Benzedrine. Both made by the same company. Benzedrine was filled with racemic amphetamine, back when it was still over-the-counter in the '50s. The hipsters and Beat poets used to buy dozens of these inhalers. They'd stick the cotton in their cups of coffee, just like I instructed, and drink them down.

Here's a song about it. Here, Mrs. Murphy put the cotton rod in her Ovaltine instead of her coffee.

Propylhexedrine feels different than amphetamine though. It's more entactogenic, like MDMA. Touching things feels fucking amazing, it's like waves of tingles all over. I also find myself falling madly in love with girls. Jerking off is to die for.

Jesus I gotta stop typing so much. People don't wanna read this shit.
Nah your not the only one, I have abused inhalers in my day.
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Also, I just toss and wash my kratom. I don't like extracts. There's this dissociative chemical in plain kratom that feels really comfy, but extracts always leave it out. And even some of the opiate chemicals will get left out too. I dunno, I'd rather just toss it under my tongue and swish it down with water. It's not too bad. I've actually tried a kratom tincture once. It was a huge fucking waste of money. I spent $40 on this stuff, and it only gave me like 4 moderate highs or so. Even if I'm making my own, just doesn't seem worth it, y'know? Different strokes for different folks though.

As you can see, Benzedrex makes writing just spew out. I use this stuff whenever I have to complete an essay, and it all just comes out like a rapid flowing river of text.
Don't mention it to him, you'll look weak. instead wait till he talks to you and tell him to fuck off
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