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Can /r9k/ tell which ones are fellow Robots?
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Can /r9k/ tell which ones are fellow Robots?

kek no wonder he killed himself
>My beautiful daughter you grew into such a loving caring young woman with a very big heart, a positive attitude and compassion for those that had no voice. You have no idea how infectious your personality was to so many people, they just couldn't get enough of you. We still can't get enough of you. You didn't realize how you would light up a room just by walking into it and how bright your smile was. I've had so many people approach me that didn't even know you very well tell me how you made a difference in their world when it mattered the most and when they needed it the most and you didn't even know it. So many people have thanked me for bringing you into this world. You truly were a remarkable young woman who made this life so fun and happy for so many people. You are loved by many, many people and missed by all whose life you touched. I know you tried so hard to not take your own life and the person you sought help from and who should have at least notified me did nothing to stop you, nothing. I just wish you would have told me how you were feeling. After all, we were best friends and that is what best friends do, help one another, rely on each other and tell each other everything. I love you so much beautiful daughter and I miss you more than words can say. xoxoxo "Mommy"

Stacey whore deserved to die
>tips fedora
Too bad she was actually a qt. Now she's just bones
>he killed himself with looks like that
What a waste... If I had a face like that my life would be so much better
I saw this a while back.

Any robots here interested in sending flowers, cards etc from /r9k/ to the families of the guys on there who seem like robots?

Or would it be creepy?
>Rachel "Rage" you were my beautiful daughter and best friend. I will miss you as long as I remain here on earth. I hope that you have found peace and comfort and can look down on me someday and give me your smile.
>Can't even live happy with life on super easy mode

How the actual fuck do idiots like this pull it off? Imagine being a girl that looked like her. You'd have things fucking handed to you on a silver platter. There is nothing that couldn't depressed this girl enough to the point where beta orbiters and their money couldn't make her happy.
>tattoo on her neck

Lol she a roastie
>Alec was a fun, loving, caring guy. he helped out a lot of people. i didnt know him for long, but he was one of the most amazing guys i have ever met. people pushed him to far one day and he gave in. your time came to soon alec... i love and miss you <3
love Amanda
typical edgy faggot of his time.
Looks like one to me
>Sell, Mac
09 September 1999 - 13 March 2015
Huntly, Scotland, United Kingdom

>Our Remembrance
Marc Sell always had a smile on his face. His favorite pass time was to play video games like Minecraft and Kek`s Adventure in Dudesville, so much great times we had together! I prefer to remember him for the good rater than the bad. I`m going to end this like he would - Be excellent to each other and party on, dudes!
Probably due to bullying
True robot right here? Or just Autist?
>Cole was such a loving, kind and compassionate young man. He was a wonderful friend, always there for people, and he never judged anyone. Cole was always full of energy and put a smile on anyones face when they were down. Cole, you will forever be in our hearts. I miss you Big Guy. 333rnHighlanders forever. xo

For you
I guess i've found him

Our Remembrance
You thought the world didn't need you, but it did.
For you were unique,
Like no one who has gone before, or will come after.
No one can speak with your voice, smile your smile,
Speak your thoughts, or shine your light.
No one can take your place, for it was yours alone to fill.
Because you are not here to shine your light,
Who knows how many travelers will lose their way
As they pass by your empty place in the darkness.
Sean -- Forever 19 and Forever in our Hearts.
>Rose had been battling Schizophrenia and other mental illnesses for almost her entire life, and had been dealing with seizures and strokes for the last 3 months of her life, all of which she fought bravely. The people who love her only wish she is somewhere with her mother now, who was also taken away from us by suicide when she was a child. She will be missed dearly.

>Real people have real problems, yet you're still throwing a pity party for yourself

I really am a piece of human trash
Why is it that in pretty much every case the guys look ugly as hell, old and ugly or look like they've got some serious problems while almost every single girl is always either some attractive Stacy like chick or an equally attractive tumblr-tier goth?
Nah senpai, do it
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>Center right is pretty qt

Oh no
The girls probably accidentally killed themselves while attempting to kill themselves for pity and attention.
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>tfw I have schizophrenia so I get to complain all I want
I'm a degenerate with pretty low standards, but I'd fuck like half of those guys
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