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Why does no one understand the Foot Fetish?
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I'm going to spell it out,

Alright look. As a man who takes pride in himself, I usually don't make a habit of lowering myself to others.

But to say that I would get down on my knees and worship some girls feet brings me satisfaction at the thought that she understands the gesture, and how much of an expression of my love it is.

Though sometimes I think even the girls themselves don't quite understand it. It's more than just a fetish to me. But I don't think anyone gets that.

When you bow to someone, that shows respect, even the fucking normies should understand that much. So how is it they can't connect the fucking dots and understand?

This is why I worry I'll never make a real connection with someone.
top cuck
original post
I have a foot fetish and the shit you're talking about disgusts me. You're pairing a foot fetish with a fetish with submission, just face it faggot.

I just wanna suck my ladies toes before/during sex and nut on her soles if I feel like it. Nothing wrong with that.
Women don't want respect
They like being treated by a slut by Chad. Respecting a woman by getting on your hands and knees and sucking her feet is turbo beta.
Jesus had a foot fetish too. He would wash everybody's feet.

>Jesus, what are you doing?
>just let me wash your feet, bro. chill out.
So now I've got to sub-catagorize my fetishes now?

I thought my shit was the same thing?

How the fuck can you honestly suck some girls feet without feeling anything?

I've honestly just thought about reprogramming myself to something else. No one seems to like who I am anyway.

Just wipe the slate clean till I am nothing but a blank who follows orders. Seems like the only way to survive.

Mr. Conformist man. This is all unironic by the way.
>How the fuck can you honestly suck some girls feet without feeling anything?

Did you not get what I said?

I have a foot fetish. I get a huge boner by sucking a bitches feet. YOU like "bowing" and "worshipping" their feet, that's what you said.

That's submission. You can have a foot fetish and not be submissive like that, bud.
Does it really bother you so much that someone might call you submissive while you're licking feet?

Why the fuck does it matter so much? I'm submissive to someone who I care about in the bedroom, whoop-dee-fucking-doo.

Oh I guess you win more MAN POINTS though because you weren't "submissively" licking their feet.
sounds more like you are the one who is in denial about being submissive, meanwhile OP has come to terms with his sexual desires. saying you aren't submissive by wanting to lick someone else's toes is like saying you aren't gay but want to be fucked. please just kill yourself.
If you:
>have a foot fetish
>have pectus excavatum
stop bitching, your problems are normie problems
I have to agree with this guy. Footfags fucking disgust me because worshiping feet isn't manly in the slightest. If you aren't manly then you're a fucking fag and should stay away from me.
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What I don't get is.

>Hurr how could you like feet you stand on dirt with them

Yeah, and everyone loves asses when you shit out of those.
>Does it really bother you so much that someone might call you submissive while you're licking feet?
>someone might call you
Not at all. But again, you're missing the point. Licking the feet isn't the submissive part. It's fucking bowing and worshiping them. If your foot fetish isn't fucking degrading like that I promise your lady won't mind it. But being a submissive little fuck about it will make her think you're a little bitch, which is unattractive to 99% of women. You really can have your cake and eat it too. But women like to be dominated, not t dominate. That's just how it is man.
I am a submissive footfag who is probably way, way worse than you in how deep into creepiness and grossness my version of the fetish goes, and I probably creep women out less than you do because I don't sperg out about it like this.

Own your fetish and only tell girlfriends and unusually receptive friends its intricacies. I also have some weird spiritual inner zen thing when I bow down and kiss a girl's feet, because I'm a fucking weirdo, but I don't go around waxing poetic about it (unless I'm drunk).

Women are creeped out by footfags for precisely this reason. Every footfag turns it into some SPIRIT QUEST TO ATTAIN THE SACRED FOOT instead of just being like "yeah sometimes i fuck ur feet deal w/ it."


>Footfags fucking disgust me because worshiping feet isn't manly in the slightest.
>worshipping feet

See my other post >>26286193

I guess I hadn't realized foot fetishes are commonly paired with submission. Why can't I just stick a girls toes in my mouth during foreplay without being lumped into that shit?
nah, licking feet is 100% submissive. every single woman is going to think you're a fag if you ask to lick their feet. you are massively in denial. wanting a gross foot in your face is one of the more degenerate fetishes, and you are in no way preserving your masculinity if you ask for this. once again, please kill yourself.
Domination x Humiliation x Feet = pleasure
that foot shape is gross.

Okay let me ask you something. Have you ever actually had a girls toes in your mouth?

They aren't stinky and nasty. Those are your feet, because you're male. Our feet are gross. They take good care of their feet, they lotion them up before bed and keep them very clean.

There isn't anything nasty about it. If I had a foot fetish which included male feet I would wholeheartedly agree with you.

Bro, it's this exactly.

I was following you, expecting some research journal type of quotable shit, then you switched it up and went turbo cuckold and fucked me up. I'm lost. Does a foot fetish legitimately imply cuckoldry. Dropping to your knees and worshipping anything is the most cuck shit I've ever heard of in my life. An expression of admiration is simply giving someone a solid gesture, but worship? Bruh... no. Solid. Fucking. Bait.
I'm not trying to make you like it you faggot, I'm saying that girls feet aren't disgusting and stinky like men's feet are. That's an actual fact. It isn't my fault if you aren't experienced enough in this to understand that.
Foot fetishists are the ones most likely to autistically implode on themselves in public. There are thousands of videos of footboys approaching women and just straight up asking and expecting them to whip out their big veiny feet
okay let me ask you something. are you the most retarded person, on this entire board? i don't think i've ever heard someone in more denial than you. it's fucking hilarious

>have you ever had a girls toes in your mouth

nah, im not a submissive little bitch who would ever ask for something like that. unlike you. just accept your fate, you're the bitch in the relationship the second you want to kiss her gross feet. stop trying to act like it's masculine in anyway. own up to your own degenerate fantasies.
Foot fetish is the most common fetish and is the result of neural pathways getting fucked-up.
Thanks bud

You might be right, I've never been able to understand why I had a foot fetish. I just remember it started in 7th grade, and my friend who I grew up with has one too. Kinda thankful for it though, it's like seeing tits but girls aren't smart enough to cover them up.
Girl construction worker here, my feet get fucking ripe after a day of work, same with everything else on me until I get a shower. We have the same sweat glands as men do, our feet can get just as nasty, hate to tell you buddy. Sometimes, I forget to put on socks before I put on my boots and head out, and don't realize it until I'm already on the site. You can bet these dogs get stinky after nine hours.
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>Girl construction worker here,

I apologize in advance for asking this but can I lick your feet after work

I hate myself
Sure, you live in Florida? I'm not driving anywhere just to get my feet licked. Also, you'd have to be okay with me reflexively kicking you in the teeth.
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b .gif
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>tfw polar opposite end of your country

Why does God want me to suffer?
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1002 KB, 1000x1500

Fuck it, I can't lie to myself, not too fond of that picture either.
Chad here, just wanted to let you guys know that I've fucked feet before and one of my mates is a foot fetishist. The Dom/Sub argument is a load of shit, if you fuck women and you fuck feet good for you. Bitches love getting fucked by a tongue up the twat and some even enjoy a tongue over the toes, if it get's you pussy then do it. A guy who sucks toes and gets pussy is more of a man than a some prancing cunt on a forum who doesn't get either. Man the fuck up, cunts.
>We have the same sweat glands as men do

Not entirely true. Men sweat and stink more.
based chad demolishing pathetic betas who try to gain status by shitting on other sub-chads
I'd fuck feet, but I dunno about toe sucking. That sounds really fucking awkward.
I rarely change my socks, I'll wear a pair until they're standing up straight from the filth. Still think I've got dainty little tootsies? I wear size 10 men's boots. I'm just telling you that girls are gross, too.
Nice samefag.>>26286696

Who said I'm not a chad that loves feet too?
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>making baseless claims
Such rabid denial that what I said is true is what says you're not a chad that loves feet, you soppy cunt.
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