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Come on in, take a seat, have a drink. Share some feels, tell some stories. Go ahead and pick a song for the jukebox. You're among friends here.

won 60 pounds at the casino tonight, certainly not been a bad week. Here's 5, give the next guy a drink on me.
>Tfw drinking alone in my dorm room on a Friday night

i drink alone in my room every friday night. it hurts.
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I started working at a restaurant as a prep cook. It's mind-numbing boringness and I hate being told what to do so I hate it. But I have to have a job because I decided not to go to college, so this is where I am. God I want some friends so life can be at least a little fun. But how the fuck can I get some? Everyone's either going to college somewhere or... I don't know where to start. I've always had this problem. It's funny because people always say how much they enjoy hanging out with me since I like to act ridiculous and act very extroverted when people finally give me a chance.

At least I have anime and 2D. 2D is so amazing.
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Heya Barkeep
Cuba Libre please, hold the libre this time.
Here's one for the jukebox

As far as things go, I think that they're going alright. Should start my job sometime next weekish, finally got my ID as well, just gotta wait for it in the mail. I spent most of the day with my dad. Decent enough I suppose.

Already can't wait to start clocking in and working up my hours. Gonna be worth it when I finally get paid, and gonna be so worth it when I get my income tax next year.

How're you barkeep?
Wow...it's been forever since I've been here! Get me something good, bartender, I'm celebrating a small sucess today. I made the fucking [Your name] the Hedgehog thread and I can't believe it because the way it did

The thread killed me with laughter.

I also got a new PC, so I can play vidya again.

At least for now, life is good.
it will hurt less when you start doing it every night
Literally everyone I know is making fun of me. My parents, my """"friends""""" my family, even people I don't fucking know. Everyone in school used to pick on me, hit me, say rude things, even the fucking teachers were bullying me. I just wanted it to stop, I just wanted to graduate and leave this shithole, and once I did I found myself too damaged to build any new relationships. Fuck.

My best friend (who I supported through his mother's death) just stole $2000 from me and went MIA yesterday.

I'm crushed. He left me a note that basically said that he never liked me. I let him live with me at one point and we were friends for 6 years.
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For the juke

Ill take 2 pints of the cheapest beer you would deem good.
Formed Rus in ck2 and beat back the mongols on ironman
Conquered caladria except for 3 cities, should finish it tomorrow
Retook Jerusalem in 1257, got it awarded to me.
Going climbing tomorrow, gonna shred some plastic, looking to hit a few 5.12s on lead.
My new AR should be done soon
Squatting pretty heavy compared to were I was a month ago, doing a smolov program when I hit 405, should be soon.
I developed a historical based depression. I want to meet alexander, I want to hang out with him, prevent his death, and conquer the world with him. I want to meet Sargon too. Wouldn't mind meeting jesus too, after all, he built an empire based on love. There is just so much stuff I have missed, I feel sad about it. There's also so much stuff I will miss, and I guess im sad about that too.
I think my infatuation with alexander might be a bit sexual too, but he was gay as hell so he would be fine with it. I dont even think im gay. Might be Bi. Who knows.
good on you mate
drinking alone is better than drinking in company. When you drink alone, you hang out with your best friend, yourself.
Sign up for a class at your local recreation center. Pottery, sewing, german, history, basketball, they have it all. Meet people there.
2d a shit
I just ate an entire pizza and feel like masturbating
Fuck offffffffff normie. I'll shit on you.
Ill shit on you more
I guarantee im less of a normie than you.
>tfw normal fag
>tfw meet someone who makes you question everything you previously thought about love and people
>tfw sperg out from your brain melting

It sounds cliche but this month has blown my brain right out of my fucking head.
The worst part is she very may have felt that too.
I hate you all but I've become what I hate.
Yo dawg. I'm laid up after skiing accident, so I'm just going to have a nice quiet night here.
How about a Jager? And keep em coming.
How did you wake up today?
I woke up in the floor sleeping next to my best friends bed
>I realized we spent until 3 am talking the previous night
>and I admited to him that he is the only person that matters to me, that I would do anything for him and that the thought of loosing him made me cry for the first time in my life :)
>I wanted nothing more than to get in bed with him and wake him up with tons of kisses
But I stayed on the floor instead, until 8 when I woke him up so I could leave
>got to settle with a fist bump instead :(

I spent all day feeling like shit because he will never feel the same way and afraid that all I told him would buy him today like it hit me
just a vodka with orange juice, im taking it slow tonight

Last time i was here (like two weeks im not really sure), i was looking for an advice about a problem that i had, and some anon just give me the best advice ever, my life is getting better and even if is still hard for me follow that advice, im taking it a step on a time, if that anon is here im just want to say to you

thanks, my life is getting better because of you.
Are you the guy who wanted help with that girl with a blog or the anon who was struggling with his family due to a suicide?
>21 in march
>Won't be able to drown myself for valentine's day
I'll make up for this year, and all of the previous years, next year.
Give me whatever you normally give friendless, sexually frustrated, shut-in NEETs.
neither of those bro

i was the one that has a lesbian best friend and she was using me to do all her shit but i was so used to it that i just cant say no.
i should really be studying but instead i'm wasting my life crying and listening to jebcore
i can barely keep my head up it feels so heavy all the fucking time
i'll have a vodka

So what changed for you?
well, that day i was feeling really shitty, this anon told me a story very similar like my situation, then he gave an advice so good that i save and read it when i feel like talking to her again, this is what he say:

Stop answering all her fucking calls. All her texts.

Let me put it to you like this: If you aren't willing to listen to a guy friend of yours blabber on and on about their relationship and life problems, then why the fuck giver her such special treatment? She's just a human, can she fly? Is she a fucking god? NO! So because of that, derive the amount of attention you give to her from the same place you derive the amount of attention you give to your other friends/acquaintances. This is the only way to actually degrade her in terms of your relationship.

She might start to wonder and even ask you wahts up "are you mad at me?" is one of the typical questions, and while it might make you guilty, just fucking explain it to her "no sorry I was busy" because it's the fucking TRUTH m8. It doesn't matter if what you were busy with was 4chan or whatever. But she has to understand that you are your own person and you need to be happy for yourself. She's just sucking away at your energy, always remember that.

My life is better because of that anon, im no longer thinking about that hoe, my attention is on college and some friends, and i feel like i can do everything.

come here and say my problem was the best thing ive ever done in years
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>200 dollars in my bank account
>Need a job by the end of the month or I'm fucked
>Parent's threating to kick me out
>Best friend stabbed me in the back
>girl of my dreams loves another man
>Everyone I know has either left me behind now that theyve become successful or just doesnt fuck with me anymore

Just give me the bottle
I have this unexplainable sense that my gf is gonna cheat on me. She is the first girl that I truly have had feelings for and for some reason I just have this sense that she is gonna end up cheating on me and breaking my heart, am I just being paranoid? I think this board has ruined me
you wrecked it hard yo
Not sure man but I'm in a similar boat. Going for a call center job, 5PM-11PM through bad parts of NY, looking up concealed carry, then I choose Sunday or Saturday shift, full time 50 hours minimum for a data mining company. I'm trying to get at least $12 but I'm worried they'll lowball me.

Maybe try looking up local events? Like maybe a local concert or coffee shop with hipsters where you might get to know people.

Wouldn't recommend druggie friends though, they only like you for the drugs. 2D is best though. Just finished watching Meme Gate for example, good shit.

This sounds good anon, what kind of job are you working? Got your ID for your job or a gov issued one?

Play Meme Hat Simulator 2: Strike Fortress

Been there. My honest advice to my younger self in your position would be LAUGH IT OFF. LAUGH WITH THEM. I know you might want to be taken seriously, to feel like your problems matter, to feel like a person but if your family isn't willing to give it to you, you have to move on. Abandon those "friends" because they'll get you nowhere fast. Find genuine people to hang out.

Stop doing things I want to do.


Literally find a place to yourself if you can for a day, just chill at a library and listen to music, reflect, and collect yourself. Good luck anon.

Do you like...spicy meme?

>Best friend stabbed me in the back

I fucking love normie drama. What happened there?
I'm just sitting in my room tonight. I have some reading for classes to catch up on.

My roommate is here too, I would prefer to be totally alone.

A girl I liked seems to have picked an uglier, younger guy over me, and I saw another qt from class with a bunch of tall chads today. I don't really care anymore though, so not too bad a day.

That's really cute.

What happened, anon?

I cant post from firefox for some reason, so back on the botnet.
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>The only thing I still feel is existential anxiety
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america beer.png
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Left a place with shitty former-friend roommates, had a great time with some real friends and some real alcohol, truck broke and my friend helped/showed me how to fix it, now I'm sitting in the living room of my new place dreading all the work I've got to do tomorrow. Gotta move all the stuff out of boxes, sort it, etc., before starting the new job on Monday.

Still, a non-union job working on a union worksite. Which means I get union wages, but don't have to pay union fees or anything. The pay will be through the roof, if the job works out and I don't get fired within a week I'm actually going to consider building a house and getting out of rentcuckery.

Anyway, long story barkeep, give me something Dogfish. All I've had is Midas Touch but it's absolutely amazing and drowns me in that sweet, sweet 9% ABV. I'm gonna go down to the truck and see what brews I can rummage out of the beerbox that I haven't bothered unloading yet. God bless ameriga.
It's Gov. Issued one.
Had to go to the DMV and stuff, very busy and boring stuff desu
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>tfw when you have $39 in your bank account and rent is due soon
Fuck it just give me something cheep I need it
My new keyboard came in today. It'll be a great stress reliever and use of my time. Just gotta figure out how to be able to start recording into Audacity.

Had my first therapy session on Thursday. It went alright and I'd like to keep going, really think it can help me.
barkeep where you at
That's nice to hear. You see too many negative experiences with therapy around here. I've also wanted to pick up guitar again after I quit in middle school when I sperged out in my classes. Learning an instrument from scratch is pretty intimidating though, even if I've done it before.
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>tfw you will never be raped by your oneitis
What kind is it OP? I own a razer. I know they are overpriced as fuck but I think they are pretty cool.
I think he means a piano keyboard, desu.

I want to be a musician but am a very later bloomer (started when I was 20). Community college has been a great crash course and a good foundation. I'd recommend that or getting some guitar books.
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The shittiest vodka that you can give me that still comes in a glass bottle.
I fucking hate people I swear to fucking god. Why do all these selfish entitle little shits even bother to wake up in the morning? Why am I the only one willing to point a gun at myself and at least be aware at how undeserving I am? Why are all these people so shallow, so fake, so goddamn stupid? Why do I have to pretend to be nice and respect these people who deserve little more than a bullet through their skulls? Because it makes my life easier.
Why did I waste 5 years on my life on that cunt. Why. Why did it take until after it was over to see how much of a shallow bitch she was? Because your greatest shortfall is having faith in people. Same thing as why you bother to keep being friends with that nigger. Yeah, he's nice, but he's so fucking stupid he's perfectly content to be a drug dealing dopefiend because he's too petulant to bother to live for anything else. Why do you want to ask out that girl out? For what? She's crazier than a box of rabid foxes. At least she's aware. Struggling. Can appreciate a fellow dead soul. But she's going fucking nowhere not for lack of trying. Sure, she's pretty, but she's a ball of nerves and idiocy so below your fucking level you know you'd feel bad for taking advantage of someone who's practically mentally retarded. Why did you have to go batshit crazy. Fucking why. WHY WHY WHY
You were doing fine. Then you started college and let your pathetic ego and shit laziness crush you. It's all your fucking fault she left. Sure, she was a crazy selfish bitch not worth loving, but she loved you for a time. Whatever. That's done. Sending her threatening letters or texts isn't going to do shit kid. All she'll do is retreat to her pathetic harem of faggot orbiters to prop up her shallow ego, maybe swallow another bottle of pills for sympathy. You don't even remember why she did that shit the first time. She probably doesn't either.
Ooh, I'm 20 right now. My roomate plays, so I brought it to uni with me, but he never seems to want to play together. I thought of a class at uni, but decided a graded class would be too much pressure. I found some pdfs online, so I'll try those out. Don't have too much free time now though.
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help me ojut anons. so im drinking a beer thats 8% abv. i want to drink more. more and more. at what point is it seriously bad for my health? ive had four so far and am already pretty buzeed. but i want more. what should i do
I think the reason I'm so fucked up is because I have a late start. I never go to parties, or have sex, or smoke weed because I've never done any of those before and I'll fuck up somehow because I don't know what I'm doing.

Also, today I sat next to my oneitis for 3 hours and only talked to her once.

Can I have peach brandy please? Leave the bottle.
Do you drink all the time, or just tonight? If you don't drink all the time, just try not to pass out and choke on your own vomit and you'll be fine.
I think i'm getting cheated on m8s

lemme get southern comfort, on the rocks
Oh man, I know those feels. I tried weed three times, but it made me throw up every time, so I'm done with that. I'm always self conscious about doing things the first time though.

Also, there was a cute girl in my classes that used to sit next to me for a few weeks. I think I showed too little interest in talking to her, now she doesn't even say hi to me. It hasn't been that long though, only like a week, so I'm gonna try to start a conversation with her some time, at least just saying hi.
you there barkeep? i want my vodka

i usually only drink on weekeneds. so am i good to drink as much as i want??? its what our forefathers would have wanted right??

sorry bro im here. i feel bad for making you wait so take some of my finest grey goose im so sorry. im jujst really depressed tonight. i mean i love the frogs and feels but i didnt' see anyone open it so i thought i should. honestly i love this board, the frogs and feels i just love it, it makes me happier so i want to make it happen. enjoy the cool vodka anon, take the best in the house.
How you holdin' up, barkeep? I'll have a water please, need to lose some lbs.
I guess he left us, anon. I can't handle fancy drinks, but vodka I can do.

I have 2 books to read, one by a week ago, and one by monday. They're just novels for a lib ed class, but the work still piles up. I have trouble keeping my eyes open and focused.
Mind if I put on a fitting theme for our troubles barkeep?

I want to get back into being /fit/ but I'm scared to start heading back into the gym and working out. I'm skinny-fat and I wish I had a friend to ask to go with.
Oh, hey, welcome back.
Was about to give up on you. I don't come here often, but it just seemed so comfy, and I'm in that kind of mood tonight. Sorry for trying to jack your booze.
By the way, whiskey, straight.
I started working out for a few days, but gave up for no reason really. Wish I stuck with it. I'd love a gym buddy too.
thanks man. I love this board too, especially F&F. It's the only place where I can talk about all my feels. Maybe a therapist would help me more, but the people here relate to and understand me more than a therapist probably would and i just don't really like getting professional help for reasons even I don't know
It sucks because I used to exercise all the time and be in athletic clubs, I just anti-social and shit. I want to get back in, but I don't have the social connections to get back in.
I had weed once, but I have asthma so I started choking after one hit. Then I was given a brownie at a party, but my friend took it away and said I couldn't have a brownie if I never smoked before.

Speaking of cute girls, I talked to this one girl (not oneitis from previous post) between classes a few weeks ago, and I've seen her around since then but haven't talked to her because I can never think of a reason to.

That's what has me fucked up socially the most. I can never find a reason to talk to anyone.
Not the barkeep, but I hear so many of those feels.
>why did I waste 5 years
only wasted one year on the truly crazy one, I can't fathom 5. I can empathize, though. Fucking hormones.
>onetis going nowhere
I have friends that make me feel pretty depressed with their lack of motivation putting them in pretty depressing places (drugs, part-time min. wage at age 25 with no ambition to climb the ladder, losing some truly great romantic/platonic friendships because they just couldn't be assed to put in any effort past the token "hey bro u wanna blaez" text from time to time. I never believed in the phrase "degeneracy" as /pol/ uses it until I really looked at some of my hometown friends -- small-town rural contentedness-with-poverty, despite multiple opportunities to make something of themselves thrown into their laps again and again.
>sending her threatening letters
Please don't do anything that will land you on a federal list, anon. We all have emotions but you're better than a crazy woman who can't behave like a rational human being.

dude i spent two months in a psych ward. it was honestly the best time of my life. but when i goot out everything just returned to normal. fuck.
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Started uni, forced myself out of my comfort zone, it is ok but I'm a dumbfuck in algebra, if I don't get gud at algebra by the next monday I'll quit.
Anyway there's this girl in my cereer, she is the only girl actually, she says she is married. I don't know how I don't know why but she always comes to talk with me despite I suck at conversations.
The other men in the class are noticing this and they just barely talk to me. Also if she is married there's a chance that her husband comes and beat the shit out of me.
Why women always ruin everything? I don't need any of this shit, I just want to be left the fuck alone. I'm just trying to not fail at life dammit!
Sorry for the wall post I needed to vent this.
hello friends how are you? i would like a coors banquet
i am doing ok. im looking for a new job since my current is turning to shit and i need one if i want to move in with my brother to humbold park
the problem is that everywhere is part time and my current job as shitty as it is, is pay great just as i want to leave
but besides that im ok. ive been better than i have in a long time
I think we just have to go for it and say hi. I thought about ti like this recently, if someone never says hi to me, I assume they don't want to talk to me and so I stop saying hi to them. Maybe that's normal, and they aren't saying hi to me because they don't think I want to talk to them. Been trying to find a good time to say hi to her, but she always gets to class after me and talks with her friends after class. I'm sure I'll run into her sometime though.

Also got a good laugh out of your friend not letting you have a brownie. Maybe I should try an edible some time, but I'm not sure if it was the smoking or just the weed that affects me.

I never was, really, but I enjoyed it for the brief amounts of time I exercised here and there. I look on /fit/'s uni threads once in a while, but not sure if I'd actually meet up with someone off there, and my uni doesn't get posted too often, even though it's big. Wish i had another noob to go with.

No husband is gonna come looking for you because you talk to his wife in class or at work. Try your best at algebra, I'm really bad at calc, and everyone in my major thinks its easy. There are four classes in it I have to take, and this is my 7th semester of it now. Should finally be done after this semester. I'm glad I didn't give up after failing a few times.
Uni's some tough stuff, I was STEM and I ragequit before junior year. One of the greatest lessons I gained from college, or my college years, or whatever, was that male bros are far, far more important than dating or hookups or romantic relationships. Don't go full RoK and hate women vocally or anything, but if you're ever given a choice between hanging out with some woman you don't really know too well or hanging out with males I'd always pick the second, no homo.

Wish I had better tips at how to succeed at talking to people in uni, but half the reason I ragequit is because I hated 99% of the uni crowd. No doubt in large part due to my social ineptitude.
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I just want to cuddle man, is it really too much to ask?

I don't even care much about sex, just someone to hang out, hold hands and fall sleep.
>new job since my current is turning to shit
What do you work, what are you looking for?

And if you don't mind, where is Humbold Park, is that East Burgerland or West or Europoor or what?
As someone who's worked good and shitty jobs, I'd honestly say unless the job is seriously driving you to suicidal thoughts that you firmly believe would not be present unless you left the job, it's probably in your best long-term interests to stay at that job. Unless, of course, you find another offer at a place that offers some real vertical mobility or will increase your marketability a lot.

That's all me, though. You do you. Fuck, I wish my brother and I were close enough to move in together. We're fine going to bars and talking, but I just feel like the highschool "muh rebel muh family is muh uncool" years pushed us too far apart.
>tfw I love all my family and one of my biggest regrets in life is that my social awkwardness prevents me from knowing how to get closer to them
File: 1387646707871.jpg (78 KB, 640x480) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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I spent 5 years with her because I genuinely loved her. Appreciated how she was. She wasn't so bad. Then I started to go crazy and she decided to be a lazy shitbag. She's never really cared about anyone other than herself, honestly. I was just too concerned in loving her and thinking about myself being unworthy of being loved that I never took the time to examine her too closely. We had some amazing times and I thought I meant more to her, but nope. She is crazy though. She's on so many psychiatrics its a wonder she can even think. Then again she dropped me to move in with some 18 year old child she met through dark souls to get a video game degree, so she isn't thinking at all much these days.
The dude's OK and his mother has a goddamn PHD and wants to hand him a $15 an hour job, but nope, he literally just wants to work at the mall and sell shoes and pot. Whatever. His life to piss away. I tried motivating the dude but he's just so content on being what he is. Its sad. But whatever. I haven't sent her threatening anything and it was going to be less threatening and more of an analysis of her situation, but I already wrote that letter and dropped it off to her. God knows if she read it though.
She was my first. My only. It just hurts being thrown to the side by the only person I've ever given enough of shit to bother with all because they're a horrible person.
I just wish I could make friends that weren't vapid morons or batshit crazy.
I need to go back to school, I really do.
>implying your hands wouldn't start to wander
I've been there, "All I want is to cuddle," then I cuddle and realize it's like taking one tiny nibble of cake and then just having to sit there looking at it for the rest of the evening.
Sometimes that's the harder thing to find, even for the normies around here.
Its in mid burgerland, chicago more specifically
the job is ok its just that for almost an entire year i worked like 25 hours a week at max, maybe 3 days a week too
now im at 5 days almost 40 hrs but thats because the work conditions here have gone to shit and no one wants to stay
i work in a small family owned grocery store in the deli btw
the owners are trash, they skim hours off the pay checks, withhold holiday pay and overtime etc
id do anything to be honest if the pay is decent and doesnt make me want to kill myself like my last one id be golden
trying for another grocery store or a book store or something but everythings part time 25 hours a week at max. shit sucks
grade school is what really drove me and my younger brother apart but it wasnt until like 3 years ago when he broke up with his first girlfriend and we talked about shit like how he was feeling and how i was depressed and in therapy at the time and no one knew that we really became close again
now we are ok. hes a dick but not like he used to be its great
you just have to wait for the right time i guess
>Then I started to go crazy and she decided to be a lazy shitbag

>tfw my bad-relationship ended because *I* decided to be a lazy shitbag and *she* went crazy
She came across as only caring about herself, too, though. We might have pretty similar experiences, past the 4-year relationship-duration difference.

Your first/only, that's rough shit, I know I'll live my entire life never forgetting mine.
>want to meet friends who aren't vapid morons or crazy
>go back to school
Maybe our experiences differ, I'm West Coast Burger, but for me the vapid/crazy people (male and female) are almost always college queers. Them thar fancy city-slickers, I tell ya what boy, I tell ya what.

Are you small-town or city? All my feels are small-town feels, I've never thought about it but it would be really interesting to study the differences in robots' feels/experiences in towns vs. cities.
in a couple of weeks im starting uni and im convinced im going to fail cause im a dumbfuck in math. if i fail at this im pretty sure im going to end up killing myself, i dont really have enthusiasm to live anymore
File: ded.jpg (108 KB, 552x540) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
108 KB, 552x540
I used to be called a nerd because people thought I studied alot, now I'm literally the least educated person I know and my life has gone worse than anyone I've talked to. Starting to wonder if I made any correct decisions at all. Anxiety feels more like it had just been an excuse rather than anything else, seeing as how literally everyone else was able to clear whatever basic tasks was given to them.

I could've gone to the adult education shit to make sure I can actually go to university, but for some reason I thought it'd be better to start looking for work and ended up travelling to another country where I was even more alone. Ended up coming back after a few months so that was a complete waste.

I've made no steps forward and have been unable to do anything I promised myself that I would do. If it all just ended then I would be fine with that.
File: 1449797957927.gif (1009 KB, 500x280) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
1009 KB, 500x280
>Send messages last week
>She reads the but doesn't respond
>Send some more a few days ago
>No response

This feeling is crushing. And I know sending more messages will make me seem more pathetic than I already am.
As soon as I get out of class on friday, I just sleep and watch tv shows when the chads next door make too much noise.
File: 1454689906049.png (202 KB, 406x436) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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I get nervous in awkward silences at work with my normie coworkers, so I ask questions just to fill the silence, and everyone thinks I'm a fucking retard as a result because I'm constantly asking obvious questions

This girl at work is like five years younger than me and she treats me like I'm her kid

I want to cut my own fucking face off and staple it to my chest
You're the third guy in here with that problem. I'm
I feel like a dumb fuck all the time now because everyone is so much better at math. I'm getting outclassed by freshmen now, I'm a junior. Don't let stupid math classes break you. I know its tough, I almost failed out because of it, just do your best.
File: life.jpg (14 KB, 456x320) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
14 KB, 456x320
I completely bombed my first ever job interview today. I fucking went blank on a question for at least five seconds that I had to answer to and then told the person interviewing me that I was sorry.

Then went onto forget my original answer and had to make some complete ridiculous bullshit answer that would make anyone in their position laugh at.

Kill me.
File: 1357769632841.jpg (85 KB, 350x420) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
85 KB, 350x420
I get alone OK with people but what I look for most is intelligence and college at least has a chance for me to be put together with folk near my league. I'm not crazy insane smart, just insane and decently intelligent, which puts me miles and above my compadres in foodservice it seems. Plus I have some decent local colleges i can transfer into that apparently have good crowds.
I live in the city, but I'm in the midwest, so a large-ish city kinda feels the same but with more crime. Or at least that's how I think about it.
There's not much around here but shitty chain stores and the local joints are just expensive imitations. Some of its decent but most of its overpriced for what it is. There's no real social scene since its the midwest and the nearest bar crawl place has no culture but normalfag college-tier bullshit and the usual teenager garbage.
Its so hollow around here.
My brother's white-collar, he's making pretty good money in that exact city right now. Corporate something-or-other that I don't know anything about or even particularly care, much as I love my brother I don't give a shit about what he does. Nice paychecks though. Sounds like we have similar experiences in brothers, I tried to prove how much better I was than him all throughout highschool and I'm still trying to repair those bridges.

I shill a lot for construction/trades, but especially in a big city like Chicago I'd guess there's a lot of opportunity for any sober male in that sort of work, if you're not afraid of breaking a sweat or working with ESL laborers (who, for the record, are almost always total bros in my experience.) I'm the blue-collar to my brother's white, I slaved away for a couple years doing menial labor and low-paid ditch-digging positions, now I'm making $40/hr full-time.

Thing with construction is, you fuck up and get fired, you can hop right back on the bus and get work at another firm within days. It's never taken me more than 24 hours to find a trade/construction/skilled-labor job. Especially in a big city, nobody's going to bother calling your past supervisor to make sure you're telling the truth about why you got fired.

But construction's not for everybody, I get that.
Maybe, I always think in the worst possible scenarios. If she keep getting that close some jelly fucker will rat me out with her husband and eventually I will get in trouble, hey, situations like that happened before.

Man, that's kinda dismaying.
I don't want to quit my career I don't really care about people but I couldn't accept another failure in my life, my life is written in failures and uni is supposed to fix that.
I'm studying software and technology, I had a programming class yesterday, the teacher started straight with algebraic equations and I was the only one with a dumbstruck face.
I need to learn very basic algebra with easy explanations, any page you can reccomend??
Don't worry anon, you can learn in the next few weeks. Algebra is just equations in the end, and if you can memorize them, then you can solve any math problem. If that doesn't help, here's a few good qoutes.
"Those who have a 'why' to live can endure almost any 'how'."

"Everything can be taken from a man but one thing:The last of human freedoms-to choose one's attitude in any given set of circumstances, to choose one's way."

Find your "why" anon.
Send one last message telling her to talk to you or fuck off- put it nicely if you want. She clearly doesn't care about you that much.
File: 1443724932215.jpg (811 KB, 1920x1080) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
811 KB, 1920x1080
>tfw the only girl that thought i am attractive lives on the other side of the world
File: bNMCS8M.jpg (34 KB, 489x277) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
34 KB, 489x277

Same. I cri everi time. But, alas, there are 7 billion other people who will do the same to us.
>Its so hollow around here.
From my own experiences and what others have told me, that sounds like a pretty accurate summary of the midwest.

My cousin worked fracking for a while and made a ridiculous amount of money, but then Mr. Saud started selling his stuff like water and the fracking fields went out of business. Now he's doing trucking, he makes decent cash I suppose. Not much in the way of 'intelligent' friends, though.

If you feel it's too hollow, and particularly if you have no ties holding you down, I'd recommend moving somewhere. Doesn't have to be permanent, but I moved across the country a couple times before learning how to settle down and accept my surroundings. I think it really built me a lot as a person, and honestly if you're already /poorfag/ you don't have too much to lose. I'd recommend doing any moves in the summer, though, winter moves absolutely suck no matter where you are. Also, if you're looking purely at convenience-store type jobs, lots of openings in summer, because of all the students leaving town.
/r9k/, do I try to get disability or join the Air Force? If I get disability, am I fucked for joining the military?

I'm looking to get a job but it's looking like no one wants to hire me. I did randomly get asked for a job interview by some place, so I have that to look forward to.

My goal is to get some money and get out of my house within the next two years.
Recently met this girl at job, she is super hot and we have fun and all... Fast forward a few months she knows everything about my anxiety/depression etc... We're kind of a couple now, but she always says to me that she can't feel that I love her... I'm so empty inside it must be true and I hate feeling weak in front of others so it must be true that I don't give her that much love. I had no real relationship for like 8 years and I'm dead inside
I'm not the anon you're replying to, I'm the other anon eith algebra problems.

Man... I like your post, this must be one of the few useful posts I've seen here I know it is just a bunch of obvious solutions but it actually made me feel better. It's gonna be hard to learn it all by myself but how hard can it be right?
>any page you can reccomend
I'm sorry man, for all my retarded autistic shit algebra is the one thing that comes as easily as breathing to me. I'd recommend Wolfram Alpha, though, and if you're lucky and good at Google then you can find solutions guides to some textbooks -- some have not only the answers, but detailed guides describing how to get to the answers and why.

You might also be able to legally purchase a teacher's edition of most textbooks, I honestly don't know because I've never tried.

And don't call yourself a failure if you need to retake a class or even switch majors. I did that to myself, and that's probably half the reason I ragequit -- as an ex-Engineering major, I look at some of my non-STEM friends' homework and laugh to myself even now, years out of school.

My uni also had a sort of a math tutoring center or whatever, which I understand not all schools have, but if you have the resources I'd highly recommend it. Higher math students who have taken the same courses just a few years ago sitting down to help you understand it, it really helped me through some pretty rough math. Most schools have a lot of resources, they're just not too well-publicized. Ask around, don't be afraid of making an ass of yourself and always remember there's probably 100 other students right behind you who would never dare to ask that question but silently thank you for doing so because they needed the answer too.
I locked the keys in my car last night at a gas station nearly an hour away from home.
Spent an hour loitering outside in the cold, browsing the nearby general store, walking around the nearby storage buildings and hiding in the bathroom waiting for my mom to bring the spare key.
It was late and I was the only one there while the employees were cleaning up and doing inventory.

How do you wait for someone in public without looking suspicious?
>tfw it's like you're being examined under a microscope by everyone when you go outside
If you can, join the Air Force. Seriously, if you can get it, the Air Force is the white-collar of the military world.

Plus, military experience will guarantee you a job in almost any Burger city. I know Walmart, for one, has a policy of hiring every single ex-military member that applies unless they have a very specific reason not to. That, couples with the fact that there are not very many veterans at Walmart I think speaks volumes to how easy it is for veterans to find a job.

I grew up on an Air Force base, so maybe I'm biased (Air Force brat here) but honestly any military branch aside from possibly Coast Guard (no h8, just honestly don't know) is better on your resume than almost anything else you'd be able to achieve in 2 or 3 years. And you don't want to get disability, I don't know of a single professional-cripple whose life wasn't absolutely pitiable in every way. NEETbux aren't just a meme, they're a trap of despair and self-pity. Men throughout the ages have evolved to pride ourselves on our work and our independence, not on a check that comes in the mail every few weeks because we made up a sob story about how hard our lives are.
File: 1401906005139.jpg (38 KB, 500x344) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
38 KB, 500x344
One of my online friends has moved about 5 times across the US and watching him has kind of put me off that notion. The location doesn't bother me, it's the fact that I'm alone and have nothing to do but sit by myself and repeat the same tired thoughts in my head since I'm depressed as shit and don't have the energy to do much but browse 4chan and jerk it to stave off those awful thoughts. I'm living with my parents who are kind enough to keep me as long as I'm working and planning to go to school, and that's too good to pass up. I'm not really content with where I am geographically, but I don't quite hate it. I just need to buckle down and actually commit to college and forge a future for myself. I psyche myself and feel older and like I've wasted more time than I have because I read too much history and politics and try to make-believe I'm Che or Hemingway, and ideally, I'd like to be. But the way the world is, nobody can be a great man nowadays without getting a bullet put in him or put behind bars before he even moves. I need to settle myself, figure out a degree I want to get that I can have a future with that won't make me want to kill myself doing it. But for now, I'm stuck here. Just have to make the most of it.
Peacetime military is insanely selective and barring special circumstances and doctor's notes, if you're not perfectly healthy they won't take you.
>How do you wait for someone in public without looking suspicious?

Seriously though, if you're really trying hard to look unsuspicious, either lean against your car or (if it's cold) walk circles around your car, making it very plain that this is your car. I've never locked myself out, partially because of my near-religious devotion to only locking the doors with the physical key from the outside, but I've had countless mechanical problems because I drive four-wheelers that break a fair amount, and am also a cheapskate who waits until the absolute last minute to buy a new battery. It's not the end of the world, we've all been there.
Read "Man's search for meaning" sometime. It was written by a Jewish holocaust survivor, and it is where I got the quotes. My step-dad once told me hear learned math by going to back to square one (Kindergarten arithmetic.) and rebuilding from there.

File: 1977540186573.jpg (15 KB, 480x360) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
15 KB, 480x360
I found a girl I really like but she is too young to do anything about it. I'm an 18 year old in 12th grade, she just turned 15 and is a freshman.

This entire existence feels like a big joke. I've had girls like me before, but literally every time I couldn't do anything about it for one reason or another. I'm thinking of joining the military when I graduate and going far away, part of me at the same time just wants to go into NEEThood and just stop giving a shit. I'm not depressed, I just don't feel anything. People have told me feeling nothing is depression, but I still don't see it that way. I've always felt like I could and probably should feel worse.
I'm a junior in uni and I like a freshmen here. When you're 20-21 and she's 18-19 its no longer an issue. Not saying you should wait for her, but some of the things that stop you should be eased with age.
File: 1453761198187.gif (374 KB, 640x480) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
374 KB, 640x480
Hey bar tend, I always love coming to this tavern.
Pour me a nice rum and coke.

Not much to talk about really. I've picked up some new hobbies, crocheting and sewing (real mans man here) which I'm enjoying as a break from video games all day.

Also started an OkCupid and PoF account. Not much luck yet, mostly fatties liking my page and conversations that lead to a drop off, but it's whatever. It's not like I'd know what to do if it actually led somewhere.

God bless, bar tend.
It's alright anon, you must push foward. You HAVE to for your greater purpose. A quote I like on the matter. "In some ways suffering ceases to be suffering the moment it finds meaning, such as the meaning of sacrifice."
I can't go to college here. My parents have offered to pay for my school, but the college in my area doesn't offer the classes I want and that happens to be the college that 90% of the kids out of my high school go to since it is so close. Not only that, I hate living with my parents. My dad is a cunt and my mom is constantly nagging me because I am "never happy" and never want to do anything. Neither one of them want me to go into the military and at the same time they won't just leave me be. Like I said, I'm probably joining the army or navy soon and just getting out of here. If I can't find anything that I have a passion for I will go NEET. I already sit around doing nothing, it will be no different to what I do now. For some reason that makes me feel empty even though right now I am more neutral than depressed.
Good job anon. A quote for this could be "Happiness cannot be pursued: It must ensue"
>falling for the age gap rape meme

Dating between 13-20 is normal. Old roastie fems started the condemnation of youth sex because rich men prefered young girls to used goods in the 20s/30s

As you can see today autistic children are the result of women "hooking up" past age 25 and dragging society down with their rotten eggs.
You don't have to go to college. I guess it won't really be an option to bring grills back to the barracks, but if you get out of there away from your parents, that's one less thing stopping you from doing what you want. No matter where you are, that age gap won't mean as much in a few years. I don't mean to say all your troubles will disappear, but you can start to lessen them by removing the negative things in your life. Fuck your parents, go into the military if you want to.
>If I can't find anything that I have a passion for I will go NEET
I really don't recommend it, mostly because of personal psychological reasons (I can't be satisfied if I didn't work for what I have, so it's hard for me to understand people who can be) but also because as a NEET you're wholly dependent on The System(c). If your NEETbux ever get cut off or your parents ever kick you out or whatever happens, you're going to be way worse off as a 30-something who's never held a job than as a teenager who's never held a job.

On that note, by the time you're in your thirties, most of your peers will be making ~30k a year at the absolute minimum unless you live in a literal trailerpark in the middle of nowhere. You might feel left behind if you're still shopping the dollar-aisle and can't afford to go to bars three times a week.

And before I say this, yeah I know where I am, but women in real life don't really become particularly moist when they hear that your career is sitting at home telling Uncle Sam you're too disabled to work. If you give a shit about that. Not saying you should, relationships are more trouble than they're worth from an #autistic point of view sure, but it might be worth consideration.
File: 1450806587002.jpg (80 KB, 645x773) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
80 KB, 645x773
Thanks, but no thanks. I'm not willing to risk trying to hook up with her and find myself in prison.

The problem is I don't know what I want to do. I've never had a girlfriend, but seeing as how I've not felt anything for a while it is hard not to assume my lack of female involvement is what is holding me back from being happy.
Get good with the parents m8. Plot your success.
>I guess it won't really be an option to bring grills back to the barracks
If you had any idea how much military men got laid in comparison to similar non-military men, you'd be laughing along with me at this statement.

I'm not being sarcastic, dropping the "I'm in the military" card has gotten people free makeouts on multiple occasions, something about military men turns slutty bar chicks on like nothing else (with the possible exception of beards and severe daddy issues.)
just admit that you are a 20 yo american from the middle class. just go in bar, try to be noticed by a girl and eat her pussy. you will feel achieved. do not try to be something that you are not.
Dude, I'm not fucking a 15 year old girl when I am 18 and considered a legal adult male. I've seen guys get crucified for stuff like this. She might be cute and innocent, but I'm not getting thrown in prison over a high school girl chase.
That's cool. I just thought it might have similar issues as living with other people. Was assuming one of the reasons he couldn't get laid was living with his parents.
>20 yo american from the middle class
24yo American from lower-class, but I have a fair amount of military friends. The one in particular is full-blown, car-autist, RoK-level "women le only date chads" stuff, and he gets laid more than you'd believe just by dropping the "I'm an officer" card.
Living with other people isn't a big barrier to getting laid, only time it's hard is if you have other people sleeping in the same room -- and even then, if you're just a massive douche about it, it still happens. Ask anyone who's roomed with a Chad in a college dorm.
File: F21.jpg (83 KB, 573x400) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
83 KB, 573x400
i just asked out my oneitis

i don't think of myself as having high standards, but I thought she was cute. No other guys ever approached her, and some even called her ugly, and she seemed pretty lonely. I liked her because she was into discretely into vidya and manga, and she was sweet. I spoke with her often and I could make her laugh easy, so I thought I had it in the bag.

I asked her to lunch, and she said:
>oh, uhhh no thanks
So I said: "Oh, that's cool. Can you give me your number so we can study sometime?"
>she pauses and looks at me with disgust
>says: "uhhhhhhhh, okay?"
>gives me her number, reluctantly

So I tried texting her, just to chat, and she's ignoring me, now.

At this point, I've pretty much given up, and I'm trying not to blow my brains out on Valentine's Day. I'm 21 and this is the first time I've tried asking a girl out. I can tell I have a long road ahead of me.
File: 1454550472049.png (199 KB, 720x404) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
199 KB, 720x404
I have no advice as I am a kissless handholdless virgin. One thing I will tell you, at least you tried. I've never had the balls to ask a girl out, even ones that I was sure liked me. At least you can feel good about that, good luck, famalam.
barkeep make me a hurricane please
well it's been a shit week for me
my rent recently went up so now i have to give up smoking pot. the one thing that can stop me from suicide.
my laptop screen broke. that's a 200 -300$ fixso i'm posting from my wii u
which is also broken. the right joystick went out. 139 to fix.
my 4chan pass is about to run out
i'm just a poorfag NEET going through benzo withdrawals. i don't need any more shit to fuckk up
oh wait my phone keeps dying randomly

thanks for listening barkeep and anons
I think I'm subconsciously fucking up my relationship and uni life so when I eventually kill myself I have less holding me back.
>3 major suicide attempts in the last 4 years
>6 month stint of self harming
I don't want to explain my problems, but I just don't want to exist anymore, and haven't wanted to since I was 12.
>my laptop screen broke.
If you're willing to turn your laptop into essentially a tower PC, you can get a monitor for less than $100 at Best Buy.

Also, if your internet usage is 99% general browsing and shitposting (like me, no homo) you can pick up a used Galaxy or similar phone for chump change on Craigslist (in major cities, at least). Anything S4 or later should work decently, I have an S4 and an S6.

If you're a poorfag why in hell do you have a 4chan pass? You have strange priorities, my man.
File: 460px-57203-16.jpg (72 KB, 460x345) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
72 KB, 460x345
No-questions-asked return policies, and widescreen monitors for under 100 cuckbux, m8.

I know they overprice a lot of stuff, but honestly the return policy makes up for it in my opinion. I bought a TV for $170 or something, and didn't like the way it rendered skintones. So I just brought it back and said "I don't like the way it renders skintones," and traded it for another model that I'm very satisfied with.

Same reason I shop at Home Depot and Walmart so often, I can just arbitrarily return stuff and give "I don't like it lol" as the reason, and it's never questioned.
the capcha system annoys me and i'm not trying to shill but it makes my shitposting much more enjoyable.
will my spare hdmi cable save me from laptop hell
>the capcha system annoys me
I get it m8, we all have our tics (or however it's spelled, fuck me.) Mine is glossy screens, I hate seeing my own reflection in the screen.

>will my spare hdmi
Yeppers, I mean again if you get it from Best Buy you can always return it for full-cash-back if it doesn't work, but I knew a few chumps who have been in your exact situation and used either a shitty monitor or an old TV or something. If you're full /poorfag/ chances are (not to assume anything) your entire laptop isn't worth much more than that 200-300 fix and even then it's just a laptop with a relatively short shelf life, anyway, but the monitor will last you basically forever unless you routinely punch fragile things.
I'm almost 20 and I'm in the same kissless handholdless boat. But same as >>26287330 said, at least you tried, take pride in that. It may give you the courage to try again with someone else. My oneitis is 6,000 miles away and I'm still too chicken to confess my liking to her. I think I'm slowly getting over her though...I hope. Gimmie something strong pls Mr. Bartender.
I'll have 100 beers, exactly 100 thank you
>My oneitis is 6,000 miles away
I'm sitting at a comfortable 2000, those are some rough feels friend and fellow anon. Does she at least pay attention to you or reciprocate any interests, or are you full orbiter status? We've all been there, I'm sure.

I think the bartender's gone, but have some Coors and a shot of Jack, dump the Jack in the Coors halfway through to prove your heterosexuality and further your inebriation efforts.
The only man I've thought about sexually for several months now is the Scarecrow from batman. Girls are free game, I can think about ALL kinds of chicks sexually.
I'm supposed to be bisexual. I have been for years. I don't know how to feel about this and it's honestly kind of freaking me out.
Currently sitting alone in a crowded Waffle House at 2am enjoying a coffee after a night of drinking alone at the local bars.
>TFW when you heard the table of Stacies next to you call you ugly.
>TFW this picture is going to be upside down
I think I'm gonna need another drink.
Ive had it up to this point /r9k/, I fucking hate everybody. I fucking hate that people have given me so much fucking shit for no reason. I hate that I've never gotten any recognition from anybody. I hate that no one gives me the respect I deserve or that no body looks to me for guidance. All throughout my life I've been a nobody just because of stupid standards like how many likes you get on fb or who follows you on IG. FUCK YOU IVE NEVER DONE ANYTHING TO DESERVE THIS. is anyone else like me? Just filled with hate and wanting to end it all but lets start off with the people who have given you so much fucking shit? I hate these people and do you know what it is like to know that your life fucking sucks because you're poor and being told so by teachers? I'm done r9k. I'm fed up with this shit, its time someone finally does something. Someday r9k I will avenge every single one of you.
File: 1427608329814.jpg (42 KB, 518x517) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
42 KB, 518x517

How long have you been talking with this girl?
File: Ayy pizza.jpg (19 KB, 501x485) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
Ayy pizza.jpg
19 KB, 501x485
Decided to get in on the meme and try dxm. Just took 300 mg of it.
File: 1447497609250.gif (1 MB, 500x281) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
1 MB, 500x281
Thanks for the drink, anon. She dated one of my best friends but dumped him because of long distance and the fact that she lost feelings for him. I talk to her on kikebook from time to time and she still responds. She's coming back for about a week in the summer and then heading to Colorado. She said she's not going to university here so that's helping me get over it. Hopefully I'll be over it fully by the time she comes to visit. I just want the feels to end.
File: 1454736392621[1].jpg (340 KB, 1242x1666) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
340 KB, 1242x1666
Why are guys so mean to me ;_;
File: 1438416702606.jpg (36 KB, 446x528) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
36 KB, 446x528
cheers m80
Went out. Danced with a girl. Went home.

Still just a thirsty asshole who can't flirt for shit and can't get laid.

Maybe next week
>tfw you fell for the dxm meme
Never again
Turn 30 this year. It's a lot harder to lose weight than when I was in my early or mid 20s.

>tfw 200 lbs

File: 1413416718903.png (87 KB, 241x311) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
87 KB, 241x311
Can you guys define what a friend is?
I'm 24 and i still don't know if the people i hang out sometimes are friends or not.
i think you meant to ask what a real friend is bro, friends... you can have a lot of them and still have no true friends you know

Play this my man, i want to feel comfy tonight...
File: me.jpg (57 KB, 720x479) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
57 KB, 720x479
That sounds like great progress though friend, most people here struggle just by going out, you should feel proud
about to start a new antpshycotic called Invega, feeling a bit apprehensive about it.
It's hard to tell sometimes. I thought I had a real friend but then he suddenly stopped talking to me and I haven't even seen him in months. You can never truly know anyone. I thought I loved him as a brother and he just cut me off with giving me a reason. Trust is a funny thing anon

Thanks for sharing this. Gonna have this on in the background for a few hours.

obligatory rainymood set to the lowest volume of course, i'd recommend it.

May as well think out loud in this cozy pub for a few. I miss my mom a bunch. It's hard to believe she's gone. Hell, my dads mom is still alive. She caught pneumonia out of nowhere, and just like that, dead. You know, they call pneumonia the old mans friend. It's one of the best ways to go that you could ask for in old age. I'm very glad she didn't go out in pain. I know she's looking down on me from heaven though - in a sense I'm glad she's moved on to a better life. Christ has her now. Some days I really yearn to give Jesus a big ol' hug for what he went through.

Pass a jack and coke, right over here 'tender. It's that kind of night.
Hey guys, slavkeep here. I wish I was still making these threads, but I've been caught up in work and depression and I was just staying off 4chan for a bit.

I just wish I could pause the time for a month, stop all the obligations and bills and all the fucking shit that needs to get done, and just sleep it off.

Also, I hooked up with some chick out of town last weekend so at least that wasn't too bad. Still however

>that feel when no gf
sorry to hear that friend, she's in a better place now indeed

everything's going to be okay...
>tfw literally shitting blood all week
File: votoms 3.jpg (256 KB, 733x1000) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
votoms 3.jpg
256 KB, 733x1000
I started watching VOTOMS tonight, which might now be my favorite anime. So that's pretty good.
Today I found out that a dumbass chad from my high school just got accepted to medical school. True talk, senpai. While I fuck around all day every day and willfully refuse to improve my status because change is hard and I'm a huge faggot.
I keep re-reading old emails from an ex where she apologized for cheating on me, wished me well, and hoped I'd be happy. I'm not well, and I'm not happy.

File: 1340641505675.jpg (323 KB, 753x810) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
323 KB, 753x810
I'll have a whiskey on the rocks bartender.

Man this whole week has just been one hell of a ride I wish I could get off. My family's apartment lease just recently ended and we had no other place to go so we moved all our junk into a storage unit and hauled our asses to a motel where we're living at the moment. I've been searching for a place to move to but my family makes jack shit and I'm unemployed. (It doesn't help we live in the fucking OC where everything is so goddamn expensive.) I help out with my financial aid I get from college to pay rent and other bills but that's dwindling with each day as we stay longer in this motel. I've applied to several places to get employed until I start spring quarter but I haven't had any call backs until yesterday so hopefully something will change.

On the bright side my dad and his wife applied for a relatively cheap apartment that we're waiting on to see if we're accepted.
On the other hand, my dad apparently owes a previous landlord $1400 and that is making the landlord iffy about us. My dad and I are going up to talk to the landlord and see if we can convince him we're reliable (at least this time around now that I'm of age) tenants. I just hope against hope the landlord accepts us. I don't want to sleep in this godforsaken motel any longer where the walls are so thin you can everything. And our cash funds are quickly dwindling by the day. God oh God. I hope against hope.
That's why we drink. To numb the pain.
File: Naka's Smile.jpg (1 MB, 1000x1200) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
Naka's Smile.jpg
1 MB, 1000x1200
Christ Man I'm so sorry.
It's happened to me before (living from motel to motel) when I was a lot younger and it was the worst thing ever.
>tfw living in shady motels
>tfw small than cramped living area

I hope that things go well for you anon.
>had not the best school experience
>all conversations feels forced to me unless im high
>former drug adict
>abused at work,bullied at school
>don't understand why people treat me like shit
>realize that most people are actually really fucking miserable and look to pick on others
>alot of people i met can't be reasoned with
>alot of people i met only appreciated me for what i have
>lots of two faced shits pretended to be my friends
>most people tell me money and woman come easy, i don't know if they tell that to themselves and i hope they don't

i can't list all my problems
File: 1409241621982.jpg (332 KB, 1600x1422) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
332 KB, 1600x1422
Thanks anon. I hope it goes well for us too. I just want to finish my bachelors and move the fuck out of California. I've had it with this state.

>It's happened to me before (living from motel to motel) when I was a lot younger and it was the worst thing ever.
Indeed, its awful. Sorry to hear that anon. I hope you're doing better than when you were young. Didn't think I'd find robots who experience something similar.
File: 1452551122252.png (355 KB, 598x600) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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nice dubs
No worries anon, you're among friends

Doing alright now, moved from a house we spent nine years in to the one we're currently in during October. It's alright but I miss my old home since this neighborhood isn't exactly the city's best. Nothing has happened yet..
File: 1402294059610.jpg (523 KB, 1280x850) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
523 KB, 1280x850
I know the feeling. My family and I spent 5 years in the apartment we just moved out of. Felt bad leaving.
>since this neighborhood isn't exactly the city's best. Nothing has happened yet..
I used to live in a pretty bad neighborhood as well. There was one time where a few gangsters drove by and shot a man living 3 houses away from ours. Hope you're holding up well there.
File: NPC_fairy1a.png (6 KB, 57x50) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
6 KB, 57x50
Christ. The worst that's happened here so far is someone's car getting stolen from down the way. I'm not sure if he's gotten it back or not.

Things are alright so far,I'm going to get a job soon and will eventually take gun classes so I can legally obtain a firearm in case something stupid does happen.

People have knocked on my door and weren't there when I answered. I read on /k/ the other day that a burgler usually does that to see if someone's home or not. I could be just paranoid but I'm still a little wary.

I hope you're able to find a job soon. I was in your situation a few months ago, helping around with FA money and stuff. Couldn't afford to go this year since I didn't have enough money for bus passes and wasn't able to get into the course at the right time.

Summer will work out a little better though, hopefully.
File: 1454561760726.jpg (568 KB, 1200x1600) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
568 KB, 1200x1600
got to the grocery store at 11:56
They close at 12:00

took me until 12:04 to get out

tipped the dude $5 for keeping it open late

he didn't take the tip at first but I insisted so he took it

>tfw nicknamed "the best" at work
>tfw only one in my position not having my hours and days cut to save money
>tfw both managers love me
>still only making $10/hr

Am good but can always be better

>"close friend" hasn't texted me in about 2 weeks now
>best friend hasn't texted me in about 3 days

Why do I always have to text first fellas ;-; just for once shoot me a text just to see how I'm doin eh?
uuuugh i think ill sit down, can i get a shot of some coke and gin please?

sure anon.

File: 1371109386349.jpg (66 KB, 169x235) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
66 KB, 169x235
>People have knocked on my door and weren't there when I answered. I read on /k/ the other day that a burgler usually does that to see if someone's home or not. I could be just paranoid but I'm still a little wary.
Jesus that reminds me of this one Youtube video of a man knocking on a woman's home and coming around the side to look through her living room. Probably was a burglar but you can't be too careful with those types.

> I was in your situation a few months ago, helping around with FA money and stuff. Couldn't afford to go this year since I didn't have enough money for bus passes and wasn't able to get into the course at the right time.
I was going through that last semester at community college. Had inputted some wrong info on my financial aid application and my aid got postponed till Jan. 15. Went the entire fall semester with no aid whatsoever. Luckily for me, the college wasn't too far so I walked it for the majority of that semester. Here's hoping it goes better for you buddy. College might be a pain in the ass for some but if your in need of cash, FA money can really help.
Just stopping by, friends. I was invited to play Wii at a coworkers house multiple times over the past few months and finally accepted tonight. I was so nervous going in, but it turned out to be a really good time. I might actually have a friend for the first time since middle school. Got home awhile ago and poured a few Crown and Cokes.

I felt like dumping something about this, mostly because I'm drunk now. Even though this board is often a cesspool, it has been my home for more than a few years now. OP, I appreciate what you do. These threads are some of the only ones that I ever post in.
Congrats anon, I hope it continues to be well and you make some long term friends!
around november of 2015 the things i was seeing that no one else was started to get worse and i started to hear whisper
december 2015 the whispers got louder and i could hear the thoughts of my boss and coworkers saying they wanted to kill me and how they were going to do it
since then i have been unable to work. i'm on medicaid and the psychiatrist i'm seeing is a piece of shit who is just trying to hurt me more but i have no other option.
waiting for food stamps/TANF/disability approval and my savings are running out. going to be homeless or starve if shit doesn't get approved soon.
too crippled to leave my house for more than maybe 1hr every few days or see my girlfriend because it requires a 20 minute drive and everyone that passes me triggers more voices.
no family to help me.

all i want to do is go back to school and finish my degree so i can help people. my entire future ruined because i lost the genetic lottery in every aspect except intelligence. (4.0 during first year in college where i took calc 3, linear algebra and differential equations, organic chemistry, physics (mechanics and electricity/magnetism), etc)
>turning 23 this month
>did not go to college after high school because my parents didn't have any money
>stayed in home town while my small social circle went away and completely forgot about me
>took out a shit load of loans and went to community college full time
>racked up thousands of dollars in debt and only earned an associates degree in 4 years
>shitty GPA
>have not been working because I'm afraid of being questioned on my lack of steady work history
>lost my virginity to a 19 year old a few months ago
>confidence and optimism through the roof
>she got bored and stopped talking to me
>feel like I have nothing to live for again, parents are the only people on my side in the whole world and my dad is a heavily medicated psychotic developing symptoms of dementia
>mom has severe personality disorder and has done nothing but leech off men her entire life

I just feel so lost. I've spent the last week in a drunken stupor spending what little money I had left in my bank account on booze. I just sobered up at 5AM and I'm thinking about finishing the last of my beers. It's not like I have anything to look forward to tomorrow.
Is the tavern still open, guys?
Its a long one

>am a musician
>meet 10/10 qt wouldmerryinasecond
>she's talented as fuck
>fun, sweet and we get along pretty great
>falling hard for her
>spoiler alert: I was in a relationship at the time
>don't do anything but still have massive feelings for the chick
>we start working on an album together
>wrote best songs I have ever wrote because she was my muse
>wrote a heartfelt ballad thats basically about her
>"anon, this is such a beautiful song and I'm so happy to sing it, I'm so happy you're in my life" and blah blah
>she has no idea its about her
>one time get drunk as fuck and tell her my feeling for her
>she friendzones me hard because of the relationship
>I feel like shit for having feeling for another and of course for being rejected
>we still somehow continue on the album
>I sober my mind up and really focus on my relationship
>life is pretty ok
>my gf goes to study abroad for a year
>in the mean time me and qt are getting some media attention with the music and live shows
>gf meets chad abroad and cheats on me
>several times
>comes back and breaks up with me
>6 years down the toilet
>feel like shit
>2 months before she dumps me qt starts dating another member of the band
>with a broken heart from the relationship have to put up with literal perfection: the girl and her chad bf because we are actually moving in our music career
>have to put up with this constantly
>having an aching heart on each show
>still continue with new songs
>qt and me get closer and closer
>months pass
>we go out partying one time and she mentions she is not with bf chad anymore
>play it cool
>was pretty fine
>"anon you are so great, so talented, so beautiful" blahblahblah
>constantly joke about sexual stuff
>we go out with friends another night
>she's all over my best friend
>have to put up with this all the time

I'm not even bad looking...
So I asked for this girl's number and I got it (even though she was very awkward about giving it away). Later I checked her WhatsApp profile and saw her pic. It was with some guy who was hugging her, and I'm pretty sure she was sitting on his lap, and both of them were smiling.

Now I stopped initiating conversations with her altogether, because what's the point? She clearly noticed that, because I used to talk to her every time before. She wouldn't talk to me alone the last time when she had the chance, she just quickly looked away once our eyes met, and left.

I have to keep seeing her, only twice a week but it still sucks. I wish I'll find another girl soon enough.
why do you think the psychiatrist is trying to hurt you? You sound pretty lucid at the moment, maybe the idea that the psychiatrist is out to get you is your perception being skewed by symptoms of paranoid schizophrenia.
File: canadian man.jpg (109 KB, 640x640) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
canadian man.jpg
109 KB, 640x640
I was asked by some old friends to go to a club. I was constantly anxious about going for the week before, but when the day (well, night) was there, I went.

I got shitfaced drunk and I'm quite sure I fucked this cute chick. Had loads of fun.

I didn't realize social activities could be this fun. That's all thanks to alcohol, though.
>why do you think the psychiatrist is trying to hurt you?
in terms of antipsychotics
i've been on: zyprexa, abilify, latuda, risperdal, and most recently geodon.

none of them have worked or have had unbearable side effects (namely intense akithisia.)

before the voices i was seeing other psychiatrists for depression/mood disorders and have been on basically every SSRI, elavil, lamictal, and lithium, and none of them ever had any effect.

he gave me a script for a small amount of klonopin when i first saw him because that's what my last psychiatrist gave me and it's the only thing that allows me to leave my house and function/not be crippled by the thoughts of others saying they want to kill me.

i had an older sister who killed herself that needed benzos to function. my mother and younger sister also need benzos to function. nothing else works for them.

he said he's not giving me any more and is going to keep trying antipsychotics until something works. i only get to see him once every 3 weeks or so.

he knows all of this and is ignoring it. he wants me to suffer. i've heard him think it.
File: glitchwojack2.png (23 KB, 450x450) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
23 KB, 450x450
Suddenly things feel like they have depth again, hopefully I'm slowly getting out of depression. Anybody here know this feeling?
Thought I could handle my liquor tonight, but I made a fool of myself in front of these normies.

Drank way too much and woke up in a sleeping bag with puke all over me. Just started the slow recovery from that incident.
>go to party at friends house
>party is a blast
>obviously gonna die soon since there's a lot of people and neighbors are gonna complain
>finally hitting it off with a girl
>my friend is chatting her ugly friend up as I chat with the 7/10 one
>party dies
>girls get bored cause everyone left
>ended up getting nothing
>still had fun cause drunk as fuck chatting with girls
I'd gladly drink a glass of vodka right now. Bartender, please.
>the party is a blast
Is there anywhere on the internet I can go where people don't say or think things like this?
How else should I put it?
It was easily the best party I've ever been at if it hadn't ended early.
File: image.jpg (118 KB, 957x1300) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
118 KB, 957x1300
>be me
>waifu tier grill from my school posts a justgirlythings.jpg on Facebook
>"When guys do unexpected things for you <3 :3"
>Find out where grill lives
>Cook some spaghetti and buy a bottle of champagne (consider it an investment)
>wear my Dick Cheney mask
>paint red swastika on my hairy chest
>get to grill house
>sneak into her bedroom while she's having dinner downstairs
>lie on her bed naked (socks on for better gripping in case I need to escape)
>plate of spaghetti in front of my dick
>champagne in my hand
>hear steps up the stairs
>get ready
>steps get closer
>door opens
>"Holy moly, who's in for some spaghettoli?
>pop champagne
>it wasn't grill but her mother, however she starts to scream
>whole family rushes to grill room
>put my things in backpack (I had practiced to be as quick as possible)
>no time to put on briefs
>get out of the window
>hear mom screaming in shock, describing what she just saw
>running through their neighbors front lawn
>hear grill's dad screaming at me from her window

When I got back home I ate spaghetti and drank champagne.
Fapped for a whole week thinking about it.
Here's my song for the jukebox

For a drink maybe something sweet or warm would be nice, even something like rum mixed with something.

Don't have any real current feels going on just a couple introspective moments I've had about myself and my life in general.

But I'll chat later if anyones interested.
I don't want to have to read the comments and opinions of normies.
I don't want to browse the same website as normies.
I am tired of them and want to get away from them.

Anyone who can enjoy a party is a normie.
I'm don't fit with normies, I've never got laid or had a gf and I only have two friends. I don't consider myself a robot cause I have kissed before but for me to enjoy a party is a really unique experience and I value it even if I didn't get anything out of it.
Sorry if I come out as normie but I'm an ex robot almost finishing his way out of this hell. One day I'm gonna get laid and I wont come back here ever again.
>got invited out to a club last night
>didn't want to go but I thought fuck it
>night was alright until I asked some guys for a lighter
>I have a stutter that gets worse with drunkeness, so I stuttered pretty badly
>they started laughing and mimicking it
>lose my shit and in a fit of tard strength lash out at one of them
>pretty sure I broke his nose but then his mates started on me
>got beaten up a fair amount before the bouncer threw me out
>feel nothing but regret for being such a pussy

I fucked up
I also don't want to read about the complaints of people whose biggest "problem" in life is not having a girlfriend or being a virgin. They are also normies.

This place should be for only failures and mentally ill people. Not whiny normies.
I'm still not a non-failure. Hell I've failed at everything so far in my life, I'm even a NEET, but I'm still almost crawling my way out of this shithole. Still not made it, though.
If you have the capability to "leave this shithole" then you don't belong here. Plain and simple.

Listening to you complain about no gf is, for me, like listening to the son of a millionaire complain that his dad bought him a BMW instead of a Cadillac.
>girl is interested in me
>she's obviously deranged
File: 1454399526571.png (380 KB, 600x469) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
380 KB, 600x469

I'll have some vodka, it's been a while since i last drank but i think i can handle it.

I used to be /tfw no gf/ and spent my days shitposting and fapping. By some lucky chain of events (now that i think about it it was luck, i was just in the right place on the right time) I found myself in a relationship.

It lasted for 5 years until yesterday when I lost my temper when she brought her Chad friend over to study and I told her hanging out with Chad is unacceptable for me. She then admitted that she's really confused about her feelings and she 'made a mistake'(we all know what that means) and feels bad about it.

I did the only thing i could do - told Chad to gtfo, gave my gf enough cash until the end of the month and packed my shit and told her i don't want to hear from her again.

I guess it's back to robothood now. I know cheating is unacceptable but i still feel really bad and fight off urges to call her.
>tfw you had a crush on ally sheedy in the breakfast club before her makeover

I've always had a thing for the weird girls, wednesday adam types or goth girls.

rooney mara from dragon tattoo.

Its a shame they are both so rare to find, usually unrealistic and me being a introverted quiet neet will most likely never encounter.

still its nice to imagine

>move to a big city
>still stuck in your shell
>roommate is a tall punky girl
>she introduces you to smoking and you hang out
>you let yourself be happy rather than the usual safe cynicism

maybe it was more likely in the 90's to find a girl like that
What was a shit night turned into a great night.

Ended up in a strip club with a mate and a couple of my University lecturers.

I'm liking the real world faam.
What sort of job is:
available almost anywhere
not too demanding
requires little in the way of qualifications

I don't really care about pay they could pay me half of minimum wage for all I care, I just need to get a job so my parents stop bugging me about being NEET.

You did nothing wrong bro. It was pretty alpha punching that guy. Good for you.

Fast food industry ? They literally hire anyone.
I wonder sometimes if there just aren't that many people on this board, or if people just don't bother replying to my posts :(
>woke up from my roommate fighting loudly with his gf this morning
>leave the room and go get food in the meal hall
>come back to dorms and there's cops everywhere
>roommate got arrested for domestic violence because he started throwing his gf around
>gets a felony charge
>has to strip down in jail and spent the whole day there
>family had to post $50000 bail
>his relationship is over
>will probably be kicked out university
Shits crazy... I can't get over the fact that his life just got fucked when everything was fine yesterday. Now he's got a criminal record and will be in major debt. It's almost surreal to think how quickly it all happened. But the worst part is
>the cops confiscated my weed that I had out while they were in my room
Feels bad man

I get that feel too sometimes. maybe our posts are just shitty :(
Maybe so :( Good luck in the future anon
I think you're overestimating my normality. As much as I wish I was a normalfag, I've been working for years to become one and wasted a shitload of time and money on it.
I'm not the son of a millionaire but I'm a hard working ant. I decided to drop out of everything and just focus on my social skills, and now I can enjoy parties.
You could, too, after years of trying hard and with some luck. Even if you think you wouldn't want to, you'll probably change your mind later. I used to spend my summers playing pokemon and visual novels and never going out of my room. I was happy like that, but you just can't be a fuck up forever. You eventually start feeling like you're wasting your life meaninglessly.
God, I so want this to be true
Today my parrents saw that side of me... I was mostly antisocial with them , but now I bursted out and I'm pretty sure now my father is certain that I'm a schizzo or something. Will they take me away? They never took me to a psychologist in childhood, even when it was obvious I needed that shit... my opinion about those "doctors" is mostly negative anyway...
>but you just can't be a fuck up forever.
You can be, and you will be, if you're mentally ill and treatments don't work. Like schizophrenics and such.

Failed normies like you are normies all the same.

Normies isn't even a good description of who I want to leave at this point. It's more NTggers, like in the old days.
>You could, too, after years of trying hard and with some luck
Also no, I couldn't, because I'm a fucking schizo with massive anxiety issues and can hear the thoughts of people saying they want to kill me. Parties are literally worse than death.
You don't have to be schizophrenic to not be a normie. That's retarded. Under that logic, you schizophrenic normies don't have a right to complain when down's syndrome retards exist.
>You don't have to be schizophrenic to not be a normie
I just said normie isn't the right word for the kind of person I want to leave. NTggers. Neurotypicals. Those are the ones I want to go, or at least find somewhere they haven't shit up yet.
I'm sure there must be some boards or forums somewhere in the net for people with mental illness. 4chan's never been the place, though. Most people are just ironically retarded here.

Don't forget - tens of people read your post, it's just that most of us don't have the energy to respond, it's not that they aren't interesting
>for people with mental illness
You don't get it. I don't want to talk about mental illness all day; I just don't want to read posts by NTggers and normies.
Go hang out with her mate
File: 1453710710331.jpg (37 KB, 640x480) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
37 KB, 640x480

pic related

it's also never been more accurate since i've been here for a little over 7 years
Yeah but like there might be a random board in snowflakechan where whatever the fuck you think that you are kind of people post about their lives.
I have lost a match in hearthstone arena. I summon neptulon and enemy beat me anyway REEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE,
here's your (You)

you didn't earn it but you can have it anyway.

i would go to wizchan but it's populated by failed normies who are just obsessed with getting a gf.
Don't normally post on /r9k/ let alone feelfaggotry threads but my grandfather died a few hours ago.

His last words to my mother were "I'm not gonna carc it" which was so typical of him. He was the only family member I really liked and respected. I'm crying like a bitch as I type this.

The important thing is that you've found a way to feel superior to both. Grats.
>you've found a way to feel superior to both
it has nothing to do with that. i just don't want to read or hear the opinions of these people. i don't feel superior; i just want to stop getting upset.
Carc as in carcass as in corpse as in die.
Yup. It's my fourth day and it's getting really hard to control myself. Science help us
> woke up to twins crying, I have work bu the wife says it's too cold to get up and feed them.
> get up feed the kids, take a shower ,masturbate while crying, let the dogs out, get dressed and go to work
> work long hours, telling people to shape up or find a new job. Truth is I have fired over 75 people this year. Their faces haunt me.
> finally get home, kids diapers are dirty hungry dont seem to ne feed since I did it this morning.
> wife has not left the bed, bitching that I didnt bring home food, why didnt I get a raise, that I am worthless
> goes back to facebook, I knoe she is cheating on me and flirting with her lover. But her mother is a judge and I will not win custody.
> let the dogs out again smoke a cig
> gonna make it
> gonna make it
> baby is crying, followed by the next.... gonna make it, right guys?
>I have fired over 75 people this year
you are a scumbag.

either he fires 10% of his staff and allows the other 90% to continue on, or he fires nobody and is unable to keep up with the costs and taxes and his company burns out and now 100% of the people are jobless. L2basics

I know that feel bro. I have a gf who i want to punch every time she opens her cunt mouth. But i still put up with her because I don't want my son to grow up with her. I cant break up with her because women always win custody unless they are drug addicts etc..
I have a feeling the majority of those fires were for bullshit reasons and abuse of at-will state laws.

well I'm glad you base arguments off of your feelings then. well done
You don't fire 75 people during the course of the year unless you're firing them for retarded reasons or hiring people that shouldn't have gotten the job in the first place.

what are you even arguing? stop assuming stuff about stuff you don't know
Are you him? Explain why you fired the 75 people or shut up.

You already assumed 75 is 10% of his employees and not that he's just some HR piece of shit for a huge corporation, btw. And you assumed that he owns a company with 750 employees and still goes to /r9k/.
>tfw woke myself up with a wet fart
Thought I shit myself, didnt
Preztels please.
I'm not feeling well, I had to to take a laxative and I'm really feeling it this morning. Took a shit so foul the smell made me want to throw up. I had to open a window but it's freezing outside. I'll never understand why people eat ass.
My friends keep wanting me to come out and hang with them but i have no interest in it.

Ive gone out before and it just ends up with me getting drunk and being forced to akwardly talk to some random girls.

Even the ones that aren't bad i just have nothing to say to them. I have no interest in doing anything other than sleeping.

I wish every day i would die in my sleep because im just so tired of being alive.

I dont even feel alive because it's just the same shit every fucking day. If i knew for a fact that there is something after deatg i would've pulled the trigger years ago
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I need to get over a girl. I had been trying to get with her for about 2 months without making a move cuz im a retard (though I don't regret not doing anything now) but I've realized we aren't as compatable as she is with another guy she's with more often. This girl is almost perfect, and these two get along great, and I don't think she's ever said anything to me that'd indicate she's into me. The only incentive she would have to date me over that guy is I make way more money than he does, and I don't wanna date a fucking gold digger (thankfully she's not one). And even then, I work 10-12hr days most of the week working a job I hate while this guy absolutely loves his line of work whereas mine is so depressing and stressful that in the past 4 years ive become borderline alcoholic. I cant even find it in myself to hate this guy because he's probably a better option for her, and I want her to be happy. But yeah, this whole situation has made my week very depressing.
> hr piece of shit that works in the oil industry
So what is the reasoning for firing 75 people? Are you the HR guy for oil rigs? Firing DYELs?
Thats what the hirer ups deemed necessary since we lost three contracts due to the price of oil
So you make your living by ruining other people's at the whims of the literal Jews in charge of the oil industry.

You deserve your shitty life and wife.
File: 2RFnKup.jpg (10 KB, 249x243) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>tfw going to Japan tomorrow.

Feels good man. I'm going for a short period of time but I'm very excited to visit some parks.

This is what tolerant leftists ACTUALLY believe.
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