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So i drunkenly posted a thread last about...
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So i drunkenly posted a thread last about how I had indergone a metamorphasis due to a broken nose. And I am noticably better looking as a result.

Having been a robot for the years since, I have been bemused go witness an increase in female interaction. I incorrectly described myself as a "super villian" in last nightjs thread. But that is only making light of my one man crusade.

It is a war against women. And my aim is to make them feel as mocked, humiliated and rejected as they have made us feel and more. I'll bump with some stories. But i want thos thread to be filled with tales of our victories.

>inb4 white night faggots
>inb4 denying free pussy
>inb4 closetfag
how would a broken nose change anything

>And he is noticably better looking as a result

Good luck to you, op. I fucking hate my nose but everyone I know would look down on me if I ever had surgery.
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story 1
btw literally almost every single story the slut approaches me

>be out with some friends several months ago.
>drunken gutterslut approaches me with "omg you look soo familiar" saying I am in one of her classes.
My friends are giving me the "nod" of approval, and my hatred of sluts hasn't grabbes their attention yet by this point
>so as per my protocol i wait until this girl says something which makes herself voulnerable.
>shes going on and on about how she loves kids and shit.
>asks for my name
>give fake name
>she says she likes that name, says all the Colin's she knows are really sexy. and that i am no dofferent
>"well they obviously feel the opposite about yourself or else you'd be annoying them with your pathetic attempts at conversation.
>Shes stunned, so no immediate reply
>Please do both you and I a favor and get away from me because frankly, I'm almost emberassed for you at this point.
>she calls me an asshole and goes away, trying to hide the tears welling up in her eyes.
>misson accomplished.jpg
well it was because i broke ot several times and never sought medical attention for it.

was having trouble breathinf esp as night and when congested i had no breathing capacity at all.

had a droop in the front due to displaced cartilege and once that was lifted to its original state Its noticbly different
There is no war. There is just you, hurting others at random because you yourself have been hurt. The fact of the matter is before your "metamorphosis" you had presented yourself as genetically inferior, and were therefore not given attention by the opposite sex. This is not unfair, this is how sexual selection works.

You're just being an edgy faggot. Zyzz was at least funny. If there was a war clearly you already lost and are spitting mad about it. I'm not even a toasty roastie you're just a faget
Story 2

This time my friends are wise to my act and literally beg me not to do my usual routine near them because they actually want to get laid.

>am playing ping pong with a buddy of mine, group of girls nearby ask to play the winner
>i win, I'm pretty good at ping pong.
>this one girl gets up to challange me
>heh please go easy on me, havent played this game too much
>almost feel bad for her as shes a short haired blonde blue eyed qt3.14.
>then i remember that there is to be no quarter in war
>shes awful
> the entire time my friend mike liteally cringing when she fails.
Literally the entire time i didnt sht talk but one friend jeff and I were visibly laughing at her.
>she attempts to concede how bad she is through joking
>I am having none of it
>reply short and coldly to every thing she says.
>ha told you i suck
>yeah, no kidding....
>at 21-4 she finally gives up and goes to the bar to do shots.
>I look at my friend and audibly say, that was fucking pathetic ahahaha
What made even my friend jeff feel bad was at game point she desperatly tried to salvage somethinf by sugguesting
>"ha winner buys the loser a drink"?
>uhhhh....no thanks...
>she sits at the bar the rest of the night not daring to leave the saftey of her group of friends.
>another one bites the dust.
>white knighting this hard

dont you have some fedoras you should be tipping
>i have been brainwashed by 4chan memes
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get out fagget
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>could hit on girl
>ejaculate to her and move on with my life

TOTAL VICTORY except for the crushing loneliness
Honestly i dont even feel lonely.

>watching their entire selfnconfidence implode to a few sentences is better than any sex I've ever had
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nice meme old man
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>don't care about women
>move on with my life

look at how pissed white knights get when robots treat women the way that women treat them
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>people come up to me, are polite and try to make conversation
>better shit on them as aggressively as possible
>this is treating them the way they treat me
>mad chad: the thread
story 3

>be at concert with cousins and 2 friends.
>have to hide my power level cause 2 cousins my age are girls.
>one cousin amog my entourage is that guy who takes his shirt off and writes free hugs on his abs.
>whatever im just here to drink and listen to music.
>the entire time I'm forcing myself to be polite to groups of random girls
and bu polite i mean ignore them almost completely.
>they go off to the bathroom
>my cousin informs me they will be joinig us te remainder if the evening.
>my buddy mike tries to tell my cousin how bad an idea that is with me there.
>I am drunk so I promise to be good.
> one girl takes it upon herslef to try to start flirting with me
>at this point I'm being obnoxious and obviously making fun of her to her face but she doesn't seem to notice and thinks im "so funny". My buddy mike shkes his head and texts me dont do it
>i give him a quick smile and lay in wait for my prey
>she puts her hand on mine nad rests her head on my shoulder
which if any of you remember the previous thread i have a thing about physical contact.
> i immeditely shake her off me and tell her to leave me alone.
>you dont even know me so why dont you fuck off to do adderall in those porta shitters.
>shes dumbfounded because in her small brain she thought everything was going well.
>i tell her shes an emberassment and if shes gonna dress this way
she was wearinf a lowcut tee witb a skirt
>that at least have some semblence of a body to pull it off.
>her and her friends scatter like roaches
>cousin says i have issues and to get some help.
>former friend mike redily agrees.
>fuck you all then
>drive home drunk leaving them stranded at the concert

i have a few more if anyone wants to hear.
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What exactly do you get out of this, other than a tarnished reputation? Is this just a "poorly-written-revenge-fantasy: things that didn't happen edition" thread?

I mean, you claim to have said some mean things to sluts that are drunk enough to want to fuck you. You also claim you got your powers in an accident and are trying to pretend like you're the anti-hero everyone faux-edgy wants to be. I know the Deadpool movie is coming out soon, but if that's why this thread is here, that's some fucking next level viral marketing. Maybe calm your hype down a bit and let some actual writers tell the story you're craving.

This thread is perhaps the most peurile attempt at machismo and wish-fulfillment I've ever seen, and I can't stop throwing up in my mouth for the embarrassment I feel for you right now. You've made me cringe so hard I actually vomited a little. I was unaware that was possible until today. I have no reaction image for this. I was not prepared for this day.
Yes. This is amazing. I've never heard of anyone being so full of spite. Please keep going.
>I'm an omega male - the thread

There's really nothing more pathetic than the fantasies of a subhuman.
Well I enjoy watching their reactions to being destroyed.

i have no real feelings of empathy towards them at all. and they absolutely deserve it. All you white knighting faggots think women would treat you any differently?

do i feel bad sometimes, yes but such is life.

get a fucking clue man.

>complete strangers deserve my abuse because I'm an omega male who refuses to accept that I'm emotionally retarded
>you're a white knight for criticising me

Shift the goalposts of denial all you like, you're still a piece of shit.
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>what really happened
So mike is your tard guard and realizes you're hopelessly autistic, but takes you out to attempt to socialize you and because he realizes you've got nobody else. A girl that's being nice to you gets nothing but abuse, but she ensures it with a smile to hang out with Mike, but you drive her off because you're jealous and have touch aversions like any autismo. Mike once again is the only one that suffers and you continue to act all justified in cockblocking him because you live in a fantasy and think you're spawn, when you're really more like an angry Don Quixote.
>You're just being an edgy faggot. Zyzz was at least funny
Is this the male halo effect? Because Zyzz was a shitcunt it's okay for him to treat women like shit but robots are assholes when they do it?
OP is an awful human being but the idea of just completely blindsiding people by shutting down their advances like this is hilarious whether they're true or not. Particularly since there's no actual reason to do so other than spite.
The metamorphis begins with confidence. Its a meme tier suggestion but just fucking do something confident. Build on it till you have a wall. Lifting helps. Exercise helps. Our brains fucking drug us with happy when we exercise and lift. Use that to go to a chick you've been orbiting and go "Meet me @ x at 12." Just do it. Give no fucks. Lift > approach > tell not ask > repeat
story 4

theres this college bar near my house that i go to sometimes because they have good wings.

>be at college bar
>sitting at bar waiting for my friend to arrive
>girl sitting next to me orders something.
>i order a craft beer
>she turns to me and informs me that she as well ordered the same beer, asks if its any good.
>its alright.
>im too prepccupied with my wings
>nothing happens for awhile
>buddy arrives we do a coulple shots
>buddy jeff telling me a story of how his car broke down and how shitty of a day he had.
>notice aforementioned girl evesdropping
>dont really care as long as shes not talking to me.
>order a different beer
>girl pipes up and requests a taste of my beer as she hasnt tried that one yet
>i decline
>she persists
>jeff offers her a sip of his
>she insists she wants one of mine
>then buy your own fucking beer, i dont want to end up with fuckig mouth herpes.
>shes silent
>entire bar hears
>only sound is my friend jeff laughing
>we leave 10 minutes later
>girl literally sat there looking at her drink until we left
>go to another bar
fuck off. just because you're willing to do anything for some menial girls affection doesn't mean i am.

girls dont agive a shit about your feelings why the fuck should you give a shit about theirs
Its not autism is funny.

I am doing it purely for my own amusement
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>white knighting
Who am I defending? I'm just calling you out for completely making this poorly written fantasy up. This is clearly just you creating revenge-porn for yourself so you can get your ego off. You're not fooling anyone, least of all yourself. The premise isn't even good.
>I broke my nose a lot and now have the superpower of attracting the type of women that used to be mean to me.
Come on, faggot. REALLY?! THAT'S what you're going with?!
>I totally got hit on by a g-g-girl and said mean things to her and she just totally laughed because I'm smart and she's stupid and then I hurt her feelings and my friend thought I went to far but I don't think I did
Your character is Lenny from Of Mice and Men combined with Holden Caufield from Catcher in the Rye; derivative tripe.
Ah this is pure gold keep them coming. Someone that treats girls like the coddled children they are.
wtf why am I the only one contributing.

Sad that there are so many nu-males and beta cucks here now.
You are trying way too hard for the product you're actually putting out. If (and there's no chance of this) this is all true then you're really only denying your friends the ability to get laid because you're walking birth control and social suicide, actively committing yourself to a life of lonliness and virginity to impress some faggots that already did that to some degree and don't give two shits about you or your crusade. Anybody saying this "is awesome" is just laughing at you. All your friends aren't laughing at the girls, they're laughing at you too. You're not nearly as cool as you think you are, but people will watch a trainwreck because it's morbidly entertaining; schadenfreude, if you will.

Now that I've given you my one serious response, time to blend back in and tell you how awesome and funny your fucking stories are, like you want to hear, so I can laugh at you and slip insults in that go over your head.
Dont really give to fucks if you believe me or not you beta cuck. I posting what j do when i nurse my growing drinking problem because i thought t was kekworthy.

I get that im a fucking trainwreck. But im going to take as many people with me as i can.
Where are all these nu-males coming from? It's getting worse and worse.
Jesus. These fucking thirsty bitches wanting even free sips of drinks so they can get just a little nickle and diming in. Glad you put that pig in her place. Jeff sounds like a real bro.
all cucks
all faggots

youre all against me for treating these people badly and are just basicly saying
>fake and gay
so you can "win" because calling someones story fake i the best way to illigitimtize someone.

get over yourselves ffs
>trying to save face this hard
Dude, we get it. You're a badass with superpowers just like in the comics. Keep posting your awesome stories, I want to hear more.
can you bait any harder?

i just wanted to let you know that I called you out last night for turning down free puss like a retard and I'll do it again.

anyway, this board gets enough people posting their sexual fantasies here to get off. We already have literal cucks who post their "real accounts" of how they got cucked.

put down your fuckin dick my man, no one is buying it.
Got nothing to contribute with since i am an actual robot, but i have to say OP ,that i am a supporter,whether or not these stories are real.

People here should really calm down,yes he is making bad stuff, but there is nothing so strange about it, people harm eachother all the time, no i am not saying this makes OP right, but he is doing fun stuff and even if he is huting people he doesn't seem like the retarded monster you are claimin him to be.(eventhough it's pretty stupid to consider it some great rightful crusade)
Op this stuff is good, but no, not all these random women diserve it evenfhough the majority probably does according to some points of view. Are there some traits that would make you be merciful? Would you hurt xena? A woman who devoted her life to helping the needy?
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