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Dream Thread
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Share some dreams (or nightmares) you've had recently, robots. Here's one I had last week:

> Be me, having sex with hamplanet bitch
> Finish, rest a little bit, then more sex
> Finally get done, walk out of bed, naked and walk over to nearby amusement park
> Get on roller coaster, still naked, alone.
> Train get to the tippy top, then simply falls.
> Keep falling, disorienting dream sensation
> Finally land, green and blue sky, two yellow eyes staring down at me
> Orangutans everywhere
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1_Front_Cover (1).jpg
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I want to dream I have a furry gf.

I'm a huge deviant IRL, but somewhat my subconcious is fucking clean.
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Last night/early this morning:
>at a cemetery, very green grass, family standing around at a funeral service for someone I don't know
>I'm a necrophile so I'm scanning the entire area looking for opportunity or a distraction
>miracle of miracles, there is an unattended, open casket just on the edge of my line of sight
>try to sneak over there without arousing any suspicion
>make it to the casket
>inside is my gf, she's newly deceased, dressed in a bride's outfit, with a little princess crown attached to her veil
>overwhelmed by how beautiful she looks, climb into the casket and hold her tightly against me, extremely sad but can't focus on anything other than how much I want to be close to her body
>just as I start to lift up her skirt, one of my cousins runs over and shouts at me
>what's wrong with you?! what are you doing?!
>I ask him what's wrong, I don't understand what the problem is
>he stops for a moment to vomit
>collects himself, tells me that I'm holding a rotten corpse and everyone saw me
>I look back at my gf, she isn't fresh at all, she must have been in there for three weeks at least
>the whole bottom of the casket is a pool of bile and other various fluids, I'm soaked in it
>bits of her flesh are sticking to my face and clothing
>the smell is overwhelming
>this only makes me more turned on
>the rest of the family starts walking over
>I panic
>grab the body
>try to make a run for it
>trip, fall on top of her, squishes her body almost completely flat, there's flesh and bone everywhere
>I'm surrounded by my family and they're all laughing at me or telling me what a freak/sicko/sick fuck I am
>wake up

>this is a recurring dream
>starting to look forward to having it even though it's awful
That's really, really fucked up. Are you seeing a therapist? I think you should
I'm seeing a psychologist twice a month and a psychiatrist once every three months. Both of them know I have nightmares every night, but they don't know how bad they are. I've already been on four different medications to try and reduce my nightmares and I've tried a bunch of different therapies over the years, too. Nothing seems to help.
Do they know you are a necrophile? Are they trying to cure you?
My psychologist knows, my psychiatrist doesn't. I've already been through a lot of treatments to try and "cure" me before I started seeing them that didn't work. He thinks that I can't be cured, only treated, and has been trying to focus on making my life as bearable as possible instead of forcing me to change my sexuality. I think it's a better approach.
Jesus, good luck man
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Here's one I had a few days ago. I need to stop posting on /pol/

>in middle school
>attending a christian boarding school
>the principal is crazy and he will kill anyone who sins
>he kills my roommate and I get a new one
>we find a shotgun and a stun rod (looked like pic related) left behind by my old roommate
>just then the principal kicks down the door
>the principal is Jeb Bush!
>he starts quoting the bible as we prepare to fight him
>wake up right then
I was fucking pissed when I woke up, things were about to get super badass.
Thanks man. I'll need it

This is hilarious. Can you lucid dream? Have you tried continuing it?
Nah, I can't lucid dream. I remember having other dreams recently but I can't remember what they actually were.
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I had that dream weeks ago, but I can't forget it.

>be me dreaming
>night, snowy bridge
>about to lob myself of the bridge
>hear footsteps
>as I turn around a qt pushes me against the railing, knife at my throat
>"You will ne my boyfriend now!"
>we run around hugging each other
>"Anon let's go to my place, loving each other"
>"You'd have to tell my father about us though"
>as we enter, she goes upstairs leaving me with her father
>make up some bullshit story, how we met since I've moved here to my grandparents and been dating since.
>for some reason do it in russian
>as I take the first step on the stairs

wake up to my parents shouting at each other
In russian.

I felt like shit that day famillia, I still remember the face of the qt. It all felt real.
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comfy crusader.jpg
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the best dream i remember having was when i owned a company that mass-produced robot waifus and shipped them everywhere in order to achieve global happiness
Sleep paralysis keeps fucking with me
>dozing off in bed
>hear a chair creak in my room(later realize it's just a hallucination)
>try to turn to see what it was
>powerful wind starts crushing me against my bed
>hear wind thundering and howling
>head feels like it is being crushed and feel massive migraine
>hear a witch cackling right behind me
>heart pounding so loud
by this point i realized it was just sleep paralysis. Is this night terrors? How do I make it stop it's like once a week now
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