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so /r9k/, how many of us here have been to...
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so /r9k/, how many of us here have been to psychotherapy/counselling? Give me your stories and experiences there, looking for dissertation ideas so anything odd or interesting that has happened in therapy...
forgot to add, psychiatry too
I've been going to a psychologist since i was 14, ask away
well, im mostly intersted in any experiences that stood out, perhaps certain techniques they used or things that you remember as odd or interesting.
Nothing to report, happy to answer any other questions though
thanks, what was it about the relationship that you think helped you?
He makes me feel better on the one day a week I see him. Makes me feel slightly more optimstic. Can't say the same for the rest of the week since I'm not on SSRI's. Oh well. Maybe ill get a prescription somehow.
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I made my therapist cry.
it's a bad sign for some reason.
that is not that unusual, sometimes its appropriate but others not, depends on the relationship I guess. Would you mind telling me the situation?
Thanks for the honest response, in what way do you feel better?
I cried and blubbered around a lot, because talking about my life immediately sets me off, I literally cant think about how short I fell of all my goals without immediately turning into a wreck

He made me draw a lot of pictures and diagrams, I dont think they helped anything

There were many long periods of silence

He cried a few times when I delved deep into our topics

I stopped going once I realised my problems were beyond the capability of any treatment, and I couldnt express what was wrong with me articulately
I feel less suicidal and get a little bit of motivation to go forward and not to go exit bag mode.
it can be difficult to express ourselves sometimes, perhaps another therapist might suit you more, one who is more directive instead of passive. I'm not sure I would agree with the use of diagrams in your case, looks like it only left you feeling further apart from understanding yourself. Can you remember/describe any of the diagrams? Thanks
well thats great to hear
She is the kind of always-unimpressed-kinda therapist and it made me feel bad because it seemed as if she's belittling my problems.
In our last session I was really depressed and I had an aggressive tone when I talked about how my brother means nothing to me and that I have internet friends that I'd rather have in place of my own brother without hesitation; she asked about our relation and at some point in answering I said "Some relations are meant to stay dead" .. she cried.
yes, doesnt sound like she was right for you, can I ask how old she was? I am finding more and more that older therapists are having toruble understanding the possibility for close communities online
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my therapist kind of laughed at my a couple times, im a masochist so it turned me on, I would have left otherwise (and if she wasnt so hot

what do you think she was laughing at? What was it like to be attracted to her so much?
She refused to tell me her age, but if I would guess I'd say she's in her 40s, looking younger because of makeup.
I agree with you, she honestly was shocked to know that one of my internet friends actually met me after years of talking, and that we can video chat.
I think I will stop going all together after a while ..
Nothing is working and I just want out.
thank you, consider trying again with someone else
>feeling anxious, prone to panicking, no sense of direction, terrible for procrastinating to the point where it compromises my life- it just leads into a cycle of more anxiety and more procrastinating

>decide to see a psychologist
>tell her I think I just have general anxiety
>she keeps dismissing everything I say because, "you don't seem so nervous now"
>had told her I get a little bit of social anxiety, but mostly with people my age or people above me academically or in a job
>starts asking me weird stuff like, "If I was a girl you were interested in, how would you approach me?"
>asks me, "When was the last time you had anxiety in a social situation?", meanwhile I literally hadn't left the house but to go see her
>I literally hadn't seen anyone not related to me, except for one friend I'd had since elementary school, for months
>eventually experience depersonalization
>my vision fish-eyed, my hands went numb, my throat dried up and it felt like "me" folded into the back of my head and could only watch as something else assumed direct control of what I said and did
>bitch didn't even notice

>tell her I'm not sure when I'm free next and that I'll call her when I know

>don't call her, but eventually she rings me up and asks if she can "close my file"
>"sure", hang up
wow, thats one hell of a story, thanks. Have you tried again with another psych?
the first time it was something that I said, she laughed at a core part of my identity and the second time she laughed at what was obviously an in joke directed at either me or patients in general, either way it hurt and she refused to explain why she laughed.
Many anons wouldnt understand why I would stay but I do have a humiliation fetish and I didnt go there to fulfil it, but it did influence my therapy, I enjoyed the feeling of my whole mind and life being so exposed to this beautiful slightly older woman who I knew nothing about, I wanted her to hurt me more emotionaly, the more the better, obviously I didnt tell her that
>Have you tried again with another psych?
No, but I think I'm going to be getting screened for a learning disability soon, and maybe I can raise some other issues while I'm there.
good plan anon, stick with it
Thanks for telling me this, seems like a complicated relationship
I've been to numerous counsellors, but gained seemingly nothing from it. Each time they just seem to nod and regurgitate what I say until eventually the answer to 'do you feel you need another session?' was no.
it was complicated for me but simple for her, I was just a patient, it hurts to think of it that way but it helps me to get over her
yeah, more training is needed these days
i had an abusive step dad until i was like ten. He would choke me out when I annoyed him but always acted nice when my mom was around so he could keep living with us. He left a porn cassete in my moms tv and i discovered it when i went upstairs to watch Thomas the tank engine one day. watched like three minutes of t on accident before my mom discovered me and freaked out. Cussed out shithead step dad and overeacted to the whole thing. Made me go to therapy over it because of my "delicate psychy". Therapist just talked to me about school and played board games with me for four weeks before telling my mom, "lol hes just a normal kid" Looking back on it I realize I told him all about the child abuse and he didnt say a fucking word to my mother about it.
Fuck psychiatrists man he could have saved me from years of mental and physical abuse.
wow, how terrible he didnt tell anyone, how old are you now and how do you feel about it?
18 now and about 8 at the time, the fucker seriously just wanted money, wish my mom would have noticed but she was in the navy at the time and I only saw her at night. I'm not upset but looking back at it if the psychiatrist had said something our lives would have been a lot better. Mom ended up having two kids from dickhead stepfather and when they divorced he maxed out all her credit cards and she had to apply for bankruptcy. Stopped her from getting some good jobs but we live alright. No point in being upset, shit happens and I think it made me a stronger person overall so whatever lmao
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