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Stop playing your obscure anime trash and...
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>anon you play LoL too?!
>Im not so good im silver 4 tehe
>Y-Your plat!?!? so high!
>Here is my summoner name! Lets play together tonight~
>See you later, anon!

If you guys are so "good" at video games, why havent you picked up league and claimed your nerdy qt who wants you to boost her elo.

Im not even good and it works for me
Plat is shit. I only play one champion, run flat AP rune pages and climbed from Silver 2 to Plat 4 in a couple of weeks with little to no game knowledge outside of my champion.
its pointless if u have no outside contact to begin with
i'm challenger
Every girl I know who plays LoL is literal trash with no desire to improve. Majority are support mains who have no idea how to play the game.

>I was dia 2 last season
>oh wow, I'm only silver!! lets play some games

Then you play some games with them, watching them play wants to make me kill themselves. After a while of the games being great for you because you're against shitters, they complain be cause the elo is averaged to plat or someshit. They consequently get shitstomped.
You're bad at the game till about D3.
>help a friend boosting his lady friends acc to gold v (so she can get the end of the year reward)
>she does not need to play a single ranked game since you can't decay out of gold anymore
>still drops out of gold
>gets placed in bronze this season
because my faggot friends didint invite me to premadea, so i figured out they might aswell dont need to invite me to they funreal
>played league for 3 years
>can't get out of bronze
kill me now, I don't even know why I suck so much. I play this game for so many hours a day
I switched to the superior moba
I don't play LoL because I'm not a faggot who just started playing video games in the last few years.

When you've experienced as many games as I have, you can tell when a game is lame by a single glance. LoL is for bandwagon jumping "nerds".
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Are you a woman? What heroes do you play?
I feel like anyone should be able to reach atleast gold
I'm high Diamond and I literally cannot play with some shit tier scrubs because they make me want to kill myself.

The absolute worst feeling ever is when I end up dying just because I trusted them to do the most basic thing and they fail and think I'm bad as a result. It's really hard to not tell them they are fucking shitty players when it was absolutely their fault. Playing with silvers/bronzies is NOT fun
Either you can't identify your mistakes for shit and fix them or you have 0 mechanical skill because mechanics alone can get you to plat
Sounds like you are just a shitter and got destroyed by the bots
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My ex's all play league. All of them are autistic. I've failed to meet a guy who plays this shitty normie game that didn't own a pair of autism boots.
I've never even played it, I know better than to play this normie fad game.
There's nothing good about League of Legends. Even the porn is shit.
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Tch, regular game with bronzies and silvers
>15-20 mins of laning phase
>no one wards at all
>everyone is blaming jungler for not being in 3 places at the same time
>you win like 15-5
>after 20 mins, starts aram in mid lane
>you waste all your lead
>no one is pushing either lane
>no pressure when someone is split-pushing
>zero objectives
>trading kills and playing aram till enemy score is the same as yours
>you lose one teamfight
>they push and take nexus
And whole time you're stuck in support role and cannot do a shit but watching your team losing.
I'm not good, but when i play TF2 they suck and get mad when i stomp them
play melee u stupid fucking niggers
it has a higher skill cap than all ur shitty mobas and u can live off it if u win locals
The problem is I can't play a game and talk with friends on Skype or something at the same time. My eyes start wandering around and it's really hard to keep track of what's happening
Just play Sm4sh instead, it's easier since you only have to learn one character and that character has such an incredible match up outside of mirror matches you'll top 8 without even trying.
fuck smash 4, it'll just die like brawl did when the meta stagnates and nintendo abandons it, melee is eternal and objectively superior.
>it has a higher skill cap than all ur shitty mobas
This is what Nintentoddles actually believe?
ignorant peasant, i wont even bless u with the wisdom of 20xx
keep playin ur degenerate kike pay to win garbage
>League of shitters

I don't even play mobas anymore but honestly I lose all respect for someone when they play this game.

It's literally Normie who is bad at vidya: The Game

I've met so many fucking normies who are so god awful at this game yet still play it all day every day it's unbelievable.

You would think that after playing 5000 hours of this shit you would have a high mechanical skill at all mobas like a regular pc gamer but NOPE

Normies are bad at everything and have learning disabilities when it comes to games
>he still plays Melee

More autistic than LoL players
Have fun with your 1v1 final destination fox matches
>I've met so many fucking normies who are so god awful at this game yet still play it all day every day it's unbelievable.
You do understand that most of normies play this game with other friends or just for fun? Pretty much every bigger league streamer is robot-tier.
lmaooo even if melee evolved to the point where it was nothing but fox dittos on fd it would still have the highest skill cap out of any game besides chess, playing melee at a true optimal level would destroy your hands before it got to that point tho.
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there are people that are simply not good at vidya. (like me) you cant do anything about it , its just how your personality was made. while youre sweating tryharding to reach shitty-ass silver 1, others are masturbating at anime champs in-game and get to diamond like one, two, three. you just have to put two or three times more effort. i got to like gold3 and dropped this game. way too much stress and rage. i started slowly abandoning multiplayer games.
>tfw got banned from league (was in gold)
>tfw only competetive game i play now is sm4sh
>got placed in bronze three
Same i feel like i need a duo so many kids on bronze god
Fampai, you need to find a small community on the forums. You can even make your own with a rented teamspeak and copy+paste recruitment speech.
too bad the normal players are just as cringeworthy as normal lol players. To win locals you have to be around a bunch of memespouters
I just feed intentionally to get as low as possible and sometimes play seriously when I feel like beating up the low elo scrubs. It's fun to watch them get triggered.
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if anyone from oce wants to play add Master of Loops. Ill boost you for free :(
can you add me, im in bed atm but it'll be cool to talk to/play with someone from r9k

ign: elphillo
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>tfw been playing ranked since s2
>never been gold
>tryharded a month ago bc wanted to see where ill place
>did so week before reset bc didnt know
>went from silver 4 to silver 1 98p in a week
>lost motivation
>did placements
>placed silver 5, am now in promo to silver2
I became a meme among friends. Im constantly silver
What champion? Flat ap is cheese anyway.
if you die, it's your fault faggot
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>tfw your girlfriend is actually good at league
She was plat 1 last season, and she's really fucking hot as well. Did I win the lottery?
File: MasterRace.jpg (452 KB, 1423x1423) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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or you could stop being a lolfag and play a game that takes actual skill
because lol is a shit game compared to doter
Plat 1 >good
Top zozzle
original comment I swear, robot pls don't ban me.
That's really unimpressive. If you put in any effort you can easily get diamond.
Considering every other girl i've met on league is fucking trash, it's pretty impressive imo.
Can someone give me an actual argument why dota has higher skillcap?
I played dota and it just seems like league with weaker turrets and higher burst
Because dota babys think it requires skills to deny lasthits
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>implying girls play anything other than the most casual shit
>Ended Diamond V last season, Diamond IV season before that
>My face when I'm terrified of letting anyone know I play league since I know low diamond isn't shit
>My face when I primarily played leona in both seasons
I play Street Fighter, smash and JRPGs.
I could never get into pay2win games.
Also, 1v1 > team games
I used to always fill with solo que. Now in dynamic que fill is just a big support button.It gets me so angry
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>"competitive" team games
desu I'd rather fill support than let some cockmongler that queued for support play it

people who go out of their way to play support are on average shitty as all dick
>Not playing Dotes
I don't even
tip of the iceberg, trenchling
They're really, really repetitive and boring. Plus I don't want to play with other people I literally HATE PEOPLE
Save yourself time and don't. I was briefly challenger and its really not worth the effort you could invest in a job/career.
Same. I played only Taric, both top lane and primarily as support. Only armor runes. Got Challenger 4 in a month of playing.

All my friends that I played with casually before I did ranked either stopped talking to me or quit the game. The jealousy and shit talking was real. Ex:

>why aren't you doing better? You're diamond!
>anon's just a noob who got lucky
>we didn't win the last game we played with him - he probably paid someone to boost him
>please boost me anon, I need hard carry
>why don't we win when we duo queue, anon? I thought you were pro.

>mfw noface
I played it and I'm not ...

Yeah, I'm autistic, but in a good way. Not emotional and socialize well. I really liked the people I met on League. I made some bro's and broettes for life.
Dota is an objectively better game in all the metrics that matter.
Player count and tournaments mean nothing
>Player count and tournaments mean nothing
lol.... you get how retarded that is, right?

Player count and tournaments mean nothing = two of the three metrics used to measure value and ignoring subjectivity 'mean nothing'.

The third metric is money. What company makes more money is more important than what game has higher valued tournaments. DOTA puts out more money on tourney's and gets crushed by how much LoL makes.

But yeah, mean's nothing.
I'm talking about actual skill and fun playing the game, none of those things have anything to do with those three things
Dots is objectively more skillful than lol
ow the_edge . jpeg
You're talking about skill and fun, both being subjective.

I won't argue skill, because that's retarded. You're either good at one thing or not. That doesn't translate into one being better than the other. That's just fucking moronic.

You say Dota is more fun, yet how do you base that? Personal preference? Fine. You like it more. Good for you. Player base? I guess you fucking lose.

Face it, dota kid. Unless you wanna be subjective (ie: muh feelz), LoL wins on all accounts unless you think having bigger reward pools for tournaments trumps everything else. Which would make you a retard.

>muh fee feez
>paying for heroes
>grind to unlock other heroes
>rune tree shit
>choosing lol over dota

Lmao ay
If you made every lol player play dota, and every dota player play lol, the dota players would do better.
That is objective skill levels
I feel myself getting old by just playing these crap games where you do the same thing.
Both are the same garbage. You are not superior for eating shit than drinking piss just because one is harder to swallow.
>liked dota a lot
>1k mmr with 2k skill (keeping it real, not saying Im 4k or some shit)
>can't rank up
>team is always fucking me down
>my two best friends play lol
>basically only true friends I have
>play with them
>game is easy
>make 2 new friends
>we play on skype every day
>runes are shit
>having to unlock heroes is shit
>talents are shit
>only paid skins are shit
>the cosmetics in dota are better
>riot is a jewish fucks organization, valve is better
>had more fun playing lol than playing dota
The power of friendship
I was talking to a girl and she told me that she's serving a two week ban on LoL. She blames it on the fact that she keeps getting bads on her team.

Red flag much?
Sounds like you need to learn to handle the bantz
Because i chose the wrong (right) popular competitive vidya to sink 2,000 hours in.

Seriously.LoL is normie shit. CSGO is 10x better, even though it's a completly different genre
>Spent childhood playing around on the WC3 ladder
>See this retarded DoTA rip off actually get a huge following

Seriously, why? Anyone who chooses LoL over DoTA obviously only started playing video games in this decade. I rarely even play DoTA anymore because keeping up a game like this a waste of time.

Maybe I'm just getting too old for this "I'm such a nerd culture" or maybe I just got into it way too early, but all these trendy faggots are fucking annoying.
Worked for 2 guys in my class. They both played videogames all day long and somehow still managed to get the qt/whore girls in our class.
Characters have turn rates so can't mindlessly kite, you have to think about your positioning.

Characters have more powerful but more costly abilities, encouraging decision making wheras LoL champs have line skillshots on a few seconds CD and low or no mana cost.

Less character built in mobility and no get out of fail free flash.

Item builds can vary from game to game instead of being entirely static based on character choice.
I believe Dota is way to complex for them. Cod is very popular for a reason. And Dota has way more things you need to understand before you become good.
>Every girl I know who plays LoL is literal trash with no desire to improve
Girls/people play for fun, shocker eh? You autist.
I play smite desu, pretty horrible cummunity but not as bad as lol I assume as it's less popular and less competitive
Isn't League of Legends anime trash though? It panders to plebeian anime "fans".

I mostly play WW2 games
Girls don't play for fun even they play for attention. Every girl I played with just got killed repeatedly and got pissed off and blamed their teammates for their failings. Never met a girl that played LoL and was any better than a silver level player and that was at absolute best.
>more micromanagement
>active effects of items are way more important
>pulling stacking
>longer stuns -> more punishment for mistakes
>longer range grabs/stuns
>you need to know how to act against invis hero's
>Some heros have completely unique playstyles
>supports are actually important and have alot more damage potential
List goes on
Play it yourself and you will understand.
Still, they are not trying to "get better" in a fucking video game, especially not League. This is healthy.

Come on, you can't be this autistic.
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the feeling of wanting to kill myself from playing obscure anime trash is much more tolerable than the feeling of wanting to kill myself from playing mobas
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Yeah trying too get better in a video game is so autistic lol.

I booted up SMB1 (I'm so retro xD) but I kept dying on the first level! I play for fun, not to "get better".
>Yeah trying too get better in a video game is so autistic lol.
Yes it is, believe it or not. I say this as someone who plays to get better myself. Its much less than it used to be though.
>Meet girl IRL when I went to watch the LCS at London
>She sees me talking to Rekkles as we used to play together
>Asks what rank I am in the smoking area between games
>Tell her i'm challenger
>She takes my irl number and ign
>She's one of the typical 10/10 stacey cosplayers
>We play one game together, because of my ELO we're against diamonds
>She gets rekt as she's a bronze in silver
>Never plays with me again
>Stops contacting me

I don't know a single girl who plays league, doesn't own a skin for 3 or more female champions (Lux being the most common), and isn't absolutely shite. Idc if she has a vagina she should buy wards and look at her map.

Isn't that what most games are about though? With the exception of story based "games", they're almost all about honing your skills.

>tfw shit athleticism but 1.5 K hours in stepmania seeing people with way less time spent be way better than me
Women are notoriously bad decision makers. It is no wonder they fail hard in split second decision games.But who cares about gaming "skill" anyway?
Tfw all these arguments can be made for Heroes of the Storm, we all know SC2 is the only e-sport which requires genuine talent. Dota and LoL are just meme games.
If i'm playing a competitive video game then gaming skill is the only thing that matters to me, then again I was always the kid who wouldn't "go easy" against girls/disabled kids as a child.

Blame my father desu, had "Win or you are a loser" drilled into me as far back as I can remember.
>they're almost all about honing your skills.
Yes, it's called a skinner box and is designed to exploit your natural weaknesses in order to get your money.

>1.5 K hours in stepmania
Luls, I didn't know people played this type of game after turning 16. Looks like tekken meet guitar hero.
>Blame my father desu, had "Win or you are a loser" drilled into me as far back as I can remember.
Well you obviously lost then because you are wasting your time on video games, and not something that actually benefits you?
umm... No they can't
I don't have time to play anymore, but I was plat
Used to be a sportsman, went to an academy for Cricket and Athletics (100m sprinting). Ended up dislocating my right knee and snapping my coxic (lower spine), either had to go through surgery on my knee (Quite common in Cricket), or give up sports, I gave up sports and turned to e-sports.

Got GM in SC2 2010 S1, got Challenger in League, ~6k in Dota2, Top 10 in GoW1 execution ranked all time, #2 Gamebattles clan in WaW/MW2. Rank 1 in HoTS.

Providing I was winning I didn't feel bad. Wish my body could have handled sports though, would have had a much better life (I think).

Actually saw an old school teacher a few months ago and he mentioned how he tells his students about my gaming "achievements", made me smile at the least.
>Yeah trying too get better in a video game is so autistic lol.
>>more micromanagement
Camps provide this
>>pulling stacking
Starting a camp pre boss/activity means you can complete it during the objective causing pressure which has to be dealt with
>>longer stuns -> more punishment for mistakes
Longer stuns in HoTS then LoL
>>longer range grabs/stuns
(Look above)
>>you need to know how to act against invis hero's
No invis detection except actually looking for it, no invis detecting wards
>>Some heros have completely unique playstyles
>>supports are actually important and have alot more damage potential
No level difference, no items, supports are "as ahead" as everyone else, they are literally more important in HoTS than Dota or LoL
Pretty much this

In order of difficulty
SC2 > Dota 2 > LoL > Hots
Well if you can sustain yourself and you are happy in life, I dont see the issue. However, I doubt it, as gaming as a career is pretty much a meme.
>hey guys MY GF is good at babbysfirstmoba pls come give me a free (You)
If I was happy in life I wouldn't be here desu, a lot of the people I played league with in S1 are now pros, or in the challenger scene, if you hear Rekkles/Froggen ever mention a Malzahar main in S1 it was me. A lot of people tell me I should of just focused on one game, but that's life at the end of the day, you regret the things you don't do not the ones you do.

Currently a 3rd year student, got a comfy(ish) STEM job lined up for when I finish as relatively intelligent. But my best years are behind me unfortunately.
>Challenger 4
>Currently a 3rd year student, got a comfy(ish) STEM job lined up for when I finish as relatively intelligent
Good, you will outearn these "pros" easily that way.
I'll be rich, but I don't have any hobbies outside of video games, and I will always regret not taking that opportunity, oh well, lifes short anyway.
SC2 > HOTS > Dota > LoL Beta (without kids wanna be esport gladiators) > Dota 2 > LoL (post introduction to esports)
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If you find HOTS harder than LoL it's probably time to kill yourself.
Not harder, better, more enjoyable, less kids, less faggots who think playing a game is a sport, a better game overall. There's no skill involved in any moba. I mean, moba? 2016? Come on, it was already overrated and boring in 2014.
im not good at videogames and i dislike them to be desu
>being able to get your account to level 30 and then playing ranked long enough to get challenger in the span of a month

you know you're on /r9k/ right? why would you even want to lie to impress a bunch of autists
not really, there's yt vods of singsing playing league against bots and completely shitting the bed, ofc that's anecdotal evidence but you purely hypothesizing that doesn't make it any better
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Was d3 at highest last season. Playing on a new acc atm
> Magus Wonder (euw)
Someone please add me and play with me :(, I'm lonely
File: 1407799179503.gif (689 KB, 320x240) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>tfw got banned after a drunken rage rant in chat to a feeding talon, feeding lee sin jungle and vi jungle who took ignite in my Plat promo's

I feel free senpai.
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tfw nobody will add me and this thread will 404
File: 1417897823150.gif (467 KB, 381x271) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
467 KB, 381x271

Sorry but I'm NA senpai.

Until you realize how fucking retarded it is to play with anyone you know IRL.

I was challenger in Season 3 (stopped long time ago) and every time someone asked me if I play League and I told them my rank they instantly wanted to play with me.

So I play a few rounds with them on my smurf, just stomping every game (absolutely no fun for me) and getting praise by these normie fagots. Then they get mad when I don't want to play with them.

One of the reasons why I stopped playing this shit game.
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>started in pre seaon 3
>ended gold
>got plat on season 4
>had literally all champs and all but 7 skins that weren't available anymore: urf, black ali, rusty blitz, s1/2 victorious skins, ufo corki and king rammus
>i told riot support to permanently delete my account on preseason 5 just because i was so addicted i couldn't trust myself to quit until i got diamond or challenger that season
Haven't looked back. Making 180k a year working as a consultant editor and translator due to the breakthroughs I made by dropping all multiplayer online games altogether. You guys should also stop, there's so many good single player gems one can enjoy without having to interact with subhuman "gamer' types. Not to mention the iteration time of these games is so long that you might as well pick something like a fighting game if actual skill and development are your reason to play them.

Anyway, that's my advice to you.
File: 1426979182265.png (185 KB, 456x480) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
185 KB, 456x480

It's not just IRL man. I wasn't even challenger, just low diamond because I liked the border, and I lost some friendships over it. One guy in particular, he was maybe gold but he always got drunk as shit and started yelling and doing the dumbest fucking things ever.

>friends talk me into doing a 5man together because "you're always complaining about how bad pugs are so play with us instead!"
>mfw matchmaking gave us all diamond+ opponents the majority of the time vs my silver/gold friends
>mfw it literally matched us against crs once
>I'M the one that got yelled at because of it
File: 1452460181397.png (304 KB, 396x396) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
304 KB, 396x396
>have literally no games to play
>play lol for the 10 placements matches
>win 9 matches hard carrying as zilean since everyone playing this game is retarded
fucking meh, the game is shit anyway. I'll most likely degrade back to gold out of inactivity like I did last season.
So your advice is to just be successful ?
this guy has the right idea

i played nothing but orianna and went from bronze 3 to diamond 5 in season 5
File: Ahri ears down.jpg (216 KB, 589x596) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
Ahri ears down.jpg
216 KB, 589x596
Literally everyone I know in real life except my best friend is fucking shitty as fuck at the game.

I duo with guys from my small group of friends, but most of the time I solo and it's awful. I went from a meh tier Silver 3 to Bronze 5. It's like in one LoL game there's 3 decent or good people and the rest are fucking retarded normies.

I sorta stopped playing to rank up in CS but after the new shitty rank update I'm going back.

Also for you DoTAfags in here: Why is it that DoTAfags that always bash on LoL? LoL players never give a fuck about you.

>LoL player: Ok whatever
What did they change in csgo? I keep hearing about it.
>LoL is normie shit
But CSGO isn't? Are you kidding? CSGO is more normie than lol at this point
I play CoD and suck. The last multiplayer game I was good at was Halo 3. I don't do ranked. I don't practice 1 game autistically. I haven't even made it to expert in guitar hero. I can only speedrun the original mario and thats cause you only need to play like 6 levels. Since when do girls date people based on video game skills. Why shouldn't i just keep playing rpgs with dating sim elements.
The ranking system. Pretty much every Eagle is in Gold Nova now. I was making my way out of Gold Nova, was in Gold Nova won. I won 5 matches in a row with no rank up, then I lose one match and get smashed down to GN3, lose another one and sent to Silver Elite Master. At the moment, I'm sitting at Silver Elite and I'm pissed.
and CS were pretty cool and full of very clunky looking mods, maps and addons that they were a great success.

CS:GO just followed the wave of popularity.
>Finished silver 5 last season after grinding out of bronze for like a month.
>Some normie asks me to duo for placements.
>Unknowing to how bad they are I said yes.
>EVERY, FUCKING, GAME, Atleast 12 deaths.
>Cant carry
>Get placed bronze 4

Normies fuck everything up, Even my shitty time waster. I can't find anyone to play with who isnt just fucking meme builds or ayyylmao feeding is funny dude.


On top of getting shitdicks forcing me to play because im too autistic to say no when someone invites me I don't have the motivation to stick to anything. Just fuck me up familia.
I only play shmups now. I'm done with games that require large time investments.
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