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>tfw all your "friends" actually...
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>tfw all your "friends" actually never liked you and were just making fun of you the whole time
Then they weren't really my friends so nothing of value was lost, just assholes making fun of others which is expected.
that's sad
what happened anon
I'd make fun of that blonde if you know what I mean. By fun I mean babies. I mean I'd have sex with her for the purpose of procreation after taking her as my bride.
This has happened to me multiple times.

I'm just too jaded now, I'm pleasant to people but I keep all my acquaintances at arms length
Back to
your mums house
Holy shit those titties on the left are ridiculous
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oh shit I just noticed that lol
I always thought it was just about the two evident mega bitches on the right

but maybe it actually is way more than I thought it was
cus theyre blocking their eyes when she takes the picture and posing
and to other girls at that age that level of premature breasts size ridiculous and embarrassing
its probably like one of those pics that theyre going to show to all their other black swimsuit booze babies and laugh about how they were hanging out with "such a freak lol"
le sigh nice girlz...

man this is why i can't make friends.. besides any true friends I could make i'd hate anyway for being willing omega male/beta male scum neckbeards :(

they have great personalities but.......

I can't decondition it...... i think, see, sexually attract/fall in love like.....

are perfect*

fixed it for you lad.
whore is wearing a bra beneath her swimsuit.
It's because you are a roastie.
>All of your friends just hung out with you out of pity
>you will never get the girl with the biggest tits from a group
>you will never get any girl whatsoever
Not even sure what latest internet lingo term is. can't be assed to urban dict.
know its a bad thing :(

bigger titties like those have a floopy ass shape/are only onc hubbies to begin with, i';d take one of the smaller figured ones anyday.

she has great hair though :)
my "work friends" were like that.

given that our environment is more akin to a high school than a place of business, there was a tremendous amount of shit-talking interspersed among the drama.

the things i'd hear them say about other coworkers really should've clued me in that similar things were being said about me. on some level, in the back of my mind, i always had known that things were said about me when i wasn't around, but i never realized how bad it was until a kind soul clued me in shortly before i ended up quitting for an unrelated reason. people from another department who i barely even knew apparently still had things to say. i can't say i'm not guilty of contributing to those conversations myself. there's a sad and yet, common irony to that; in my effort to fit in, i didn't fit in.

a clique had formed centered around this guy in management. it was insane. there was basically two groups there: people who were friends with this guy and people who weren't. i considered myself somewhere in between the two groups and that was my mistake.
>tfw the first group of 'friends' you ever had just kept you around as a walking joke
>bullied by the people I deluded myself into thinking were friends for 7 years
>eventually make new friends
>two are like family to me
>one stops talking to me because I'm a pathetic piece of trash and he needed to tell me how I might as well kill myself
>the other kept me around to use as something to waste his time with until the weekend when he could meet up with his real friends
>group of friends that I had while still being friends with the other two
>strictly kept me around for money and because they knew I'd buy drugs for them
>a few weeks after getting fired I mention that I'm down to my last $20
>literally never heard from them again except for once when they wanted me to give them an old car engine for free and another time when one wanted me to piss in a cup for him so he could pass a drug test

I don't deserve to be alive.
That sounds fucked up.

What were they saying about you?
I can't deal with real life, like how all the hs and college cliques ended up being irl cliques and having brats and the brats like will be the same when they are in hs and college (or are for those that have legal brats - yeah some get knocked up at 15-18 after all) and it's just like fuuuuuuu

and the small talk/office cooler shit and politics. :(

Like I can't focus on body language type shit AND other shit..... just like I can't focus on school (even say premed or whatnots) AND a "job" I mean even speed can't fix that..... so it's just like well I can monotask better - but multitasking is still a disaster...... and I still can't magically get social cues that aren't fuck you or fuck off but the speed would now make me too forward/social/artificially happy and elevated (then crash miserably in 3 hours when it wears out of the system).... and well shit yanno?

there's got to be something better to life than a shitty low wage/tech/paraprofessional tier shit job with no pride/ability to even get a decent sugar baby....

bleh and I'mt he type everyone would talk behind my back about..... where it's that one guy that's oblivious and it's the in joke.....
The brown girl is high test. Big breasts with a thin waistline. They are made to be bred and nurture children.
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Everyone talks shit about everyone because it makes them feel better about themselves ;)
File: 1448243808869.jpg (10 KB, 388x330) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Holy fucking shit dem titties on the left! I would keep her in a barn and milk her and sell the milk for babies to drink. Fuck.
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>tfw friends often "forget" to invite you along
File: 1445351483797.png (646 KB, 1920x1080) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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is the picture related?
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>tfw your gf sends the facebook video equivalents of youtubepoop so you have to log into facebook for the first time in 3 years and see dozens of messages from old friends trying to get back in touch with you
I don't want kids
also that's a load of horseshit.
i'm a fucking "skinnyfat" 0 tried for over a decade to conquer it before finally giving up because any diet so anal retentive you need adderall and a goddamn tracking calendar just to fucking plan micros and macros and whatever that costs well over 500$ a mont minimum not counting protein supplementation - just ain't worth it....

and my test is still 978 :( ......

in women I imagine it just makes them manlier/aggressive if its higher

and flabby chicks are bleh. all of them. her waist isn't thin.... her boobs are WAY too big....

and I don't want kids, let alone to nurture the damn things. ain't got enough money or time in life to split with something that might turn out a faggot or assburgers or nerd :(
Maybe try getting off it for a while.
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>none of them are chubby
Off *what*?
reality? :( there is no medical treatment or cure for reality/betamaleness alas.

i mean cosmetic surgery/medicine help but they're costed to ironically only be affordable for alphas, or us betas only after we're like so old it still can't truly help us :(
how has nobody x-rayed this yet?
You should put on a trip your posts are really weird and entertaining

Her waist is smaller in comparison to her breasts and you sound like a faggot
I won't even need one. I'm such a failfgt I'm obvious :)

No I just have a different preference to facial neoteny and titty shape/firmness.

I mean I can pull up a camwhore or something to show yoiu a pic of what I mean?
"High test"=the type of women high testosterone like, fucking retard. By the way you type like a 14 yr old girl from reddit
There are no 14 year old girls on reddit.
Not that I'd know..... why go to reddit...the gonewild females are the only thing to really give it any merit........ and they're just really pretty camwhores that still make camwhore revenue somewhere anyway teasing guys like us who aren't worthy to be with female specimens of that caliber......

women can not fucking sniff if someone has high fucking testosterone btw retard

considering mine was high enough a year and a half ago to make a nurse tell me to see a goddamn endocrinologist

and again, is still a 987 you know, damn fucking HIGH?

so yeah, no.

also higher test is known to be correlated with goddamn autism fool..... DERP.
Yeah you type like a 14 year old girl. Maybe not from reddit but more like one tumblr back in 2009 t.b.h
says a fat neckbeard.

please like i know what your fucking magic type properly damn unwritten rules for typing like a "proper adult" (however they type on the internet - what is this? fucking keyboarding class? is this a job? am i being paid to be goddamn professional? no, exactly, i thought trolls were /b./ territory and at least they still have the occasional genuinely qt attentionwhore that puts out.....)
don't worry about it, every group of friends I have ever been in has had a "jester". The jester is that weird guy that no one actually likes but does weird/goofy things so we can laugh at him or talk about him when he's not there, there's nothing wrong with being a jester, it just means you are part of the group man.
>fat neckbeard
Not fat. This meme is also overused. you dont even type like a modern girl you type like a 13 yr old girl from one of those MySpace profiles made 8 or so years ago
>keyboarding class
No. Just stop typing like a preteen girl
not a meme.
nerds are always fucking homely
if you weren't - you wouldn't be HERE.

you'd be screwing a qt/dating

socially awkward and ugly are married to each other.... haven't you ever seen any assburger syndrome people? I have yet to see one single female with that shit that is qt. NONE.... well maybe 1...kind of from youtube, chick named alexis, barely legal, doable at least, especially compared to the others.... idk maybe it's the influence of the extra testosterone making their faces all homely or making them frumpy and chubby.

I've seen how teens/tweens type - this isn't it.
I've had this happen before. And truth about the shit that was being talked.

Apparently I was the one they hated most, though I have no idea why. Friends are overrated. I'm so jaded now that if I can't at least get anything from friends resource wise, I don't even bother. They're just going to fuck me over in the end anyway.
>this isnt it
not anymore. Like i said you type like how preteens USED to type
>emoticons on fucking 4chans
Confirmed 12 yr old girl
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>bigger titties like those...
>she has great hair though :)
mein neger!
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