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itt: we discuss normie parent logic
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itt: we discuss normie parent logic
> violently rage against you when you go against their wishes fpr years
> wonder why you became an unassertive pushover

> wonder if they were shit parents
> get upset if you confirm they were shit and make excuses

> take credit for your successes as a parent
> when you fuck up tell you that you are being influenced by everyone else who isn't them, from the friends you don't have to the TV you don't watch
>raises child horribly
>kicks them out at 18
>when I was your age I already graduated college and make 100k per year
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>Authoritarian as fuck
>Never let me hang out with friends or go to parties
>Eventually people stopped inviting me to things
>Parents wondered why I spent so much time on my computer and didn't have any friends

I'm so fucking glad I left that prison. I don't even fucking visit them.
> white people being in charge of their own destinies when they can't even stand up to mummy
eat shit you fucking ape
these, i dont blame them, both of them had horrid parents
i wasnt the best son of the world so i just dont care
at least they worked at a food business and i always had food
dont regret anything, im a fucked up man now but i really hate the normal people
like i said, i just dont care

>doesn't mention their father

>anon, you spend all your time in your room!
>girl who likes me texts me that she's bored and i should come over
>can you drive me to a friend's house?
>who is it? do we know them? is it safe? who's going to be there?

this was in high school, i was 15 at the time.

i could have made it, guys

i haven't had a relationship or sex in 5 years.
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robots don't entirly blame their parents as they are born mentally fucked they can be raised well and still be beta spergs. abusive parents just add to the fire of mental distress
same shit happen to me, but that wasnt a girl it was some friend
now im khv
Oh boy I've got a long story

>mom pulls me out of private school around 2nd or 3rd grade
>starts homeschooling me and by that I mean passing me off to various tutors
>eventually she divorced my dad and kept me from seeing him because he was "stalking her"
>later claims that I have PTSD from that whole situation
>eventually marries a retired scientist after dating him for 2 months
>later that year my aunt and uncle take pity on me and give me an old laptop so I can actually learn stuff
>my parents get pissed at me because I use it in my room alone
>since I won't give my laptop to them they turn off the power to my room and remove the door
>I try running away from home but they stop me and take the laptop from me
>whenever my mom has to leave town for business my step dad pretty much forgets about me completely and randomly gets pissed at me and threatens to send me to military school
>as all of this happens I become more withdrawn and depressed
>my parents confuse this with me getting used to this family life and start trying to "befriend" me
>mfw Ive been depressed since I was 13 and all the time I've spent alone has caused me to develop depersonalization
>mfw I can't remember the last time I told my mother I loved her
Sorry if this doesn't make any sense I'm kinda drunk
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>later claims that I have PTSD from that whole situation


how does this video make you feel?
I don't see what this has to do with anything I said
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Can relate a lot to first example in OP.

>rage, yell and hit you over trivial shit; stir up petty arguments and then threaten to hit you if you talk back, all for the power trip
>can't understand how come you've grown to be a non-confrontational wuss because you lose your wits and start choking up whenever it seems like the odds are overwhelmingly against you, as you've internalized that might makes right

"We've spoiled you too much!" - Everyone agrees.
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Thanks mom for embedding an extreme fear of failure and rejection into my being so that I never actually accomplish anything or get a girlfriend, and avoid confrontation even when I'm one thousand percent in the right by any angle.
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>tfw joined the military after getting kicked out at 17 and now have 500k in my bank and parents both broke
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>parents are academics who have studied and worked relentlessly through their lives to get to where they are now
>both are around their mid 50's
>they wake up at 6am to go to work
>come back from work at 8pm
>complain to each other about their jobs and coworkers (they've been doing so ever since i was a child)
>start fighting and yelling at each other (they've been doing so ever since i was a child)
>fall asleep in front of the tv because they're too tired to do anything else
>"anon what's your problem, why don't you go to college or get a job? get married, have children? don't you wanna be happy?"

Every time.
>dad died when i was young
>oldest brother forcefully takes the 'man of the house' position
>he also happens to be the most insufferable person i've ever known in my life. the kind of person you can talk to once and go "yep he's an asshole"
>rages, screams and hits me whenever i do something he doesn't like
>has to have the last word no matter what. literally the only way to get him to shut up and leave you alone is if you look away and stop talking
>if you say a single word, he's going to say something back ten times louder, no matter what you say
>he doesn't get why i try to ignore him and thinks i have an attitude
>ego the size of a blimp
>constantly tries to show how he's better than people
>constantly starting shit. he's the only one in the entire family that starts arguments, 9 times out of 10 it's with me
>my family says it's my problem for not handling his anger for him
>after years of dealing with this raging cunt and being told to get over it, my family wonders why i hate them

i hope every day of my life that he dies a horrible, painful death. i hate this cunt more than anything. i've never despised someone with such passion ever before and i hope to god i never will ever again. why can't he just fucking die?
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Start lifting bro
Get jacked bro
Thread replies: 20
Thread images: 11
Thread DB ID: 495985

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