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Why do I keep falling in love with my female...
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Why do I keep falling in love with my female friends? It never ends well. As soon as they find out things get awkward and they slowly start breaking contact alltogether.

Happened two times last year, now I'm developing feelings for a friend again. Problem this time is that we couldn't avoid each other if we wanted to, because basically I'm friends with all of her friends (she just moved into town, doesn't know many people).

What should I do? Tell her?
I don't even know what I feel for her yet.
Also, why do I keep making threads on topics nobody seems to care about.

Shameless self-bump.

this is where you fucked up
These types of normie threads typically do better in /adv/
>having female friends

Don't just spill your guts to her, that's overwhelming if she doesn't like you back and that's what she'll think about every time she sees you thereafter.
If you have a single friend (for me it's my best friend I met in school over 10 years ago when I wasn't a sperg), they'll keep introducing you to people, some of which are girls. It's really easy.

I figured that, but I don't know what else to do. How do I make her know that I like her?
i realized i can't keep female friends until i satisfy my urge in a relationship.
i will always eventually get fed up that i can't have sex with them or be intimate with them or date them, so i just don't keep female friends.
i had to sabotage my last friendship because i was getting frustrated at being an emotional tampton.
best way to sabotage your relationship with a female is just tell them you like them.
be like, yeah, sure bitch, i like you, yada yada, here's your typical ego boost, etc, bye bye now.
>If you have a single friend

*throws noose over rafter*
Try to seduct her
If it doesn't works forget it
Spilling your feels never works unless you're 9+/10
Its most likely from a lack of female interaction from your part that leads to a "If I dont get her I wont ever get anyone" mentality. Ask yourself, do I love her or do I just want to love somebody

Or maybe its acctually love, congratulations in that case
How do you even make female friends
Lol that's stupid as fuck
Why you gotta give anything to make them go away??
Just stop talking to her, spilling out will just boost her ego and make the bitch worse
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Daily Reminder.jpg
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Daily reminder that your feelings of friendship, new and foreign, will be confused with love at this point.
That's how I got oneitis actually
Explained that here >>26246955
I can talk to girls just fine, I am a good listener and often share a lot of their interests.
Only thing I can't do is approach girls or make a move.

I don't know Anon. I don't know how I feel about this particular girl. I always thought she was attractive and I obviously like her, otherwise we wouldn' be friends.
But lately I noticed I have stronger feelings for her. I'm not in love yet and I don't even know if I want her to be my gf, but still. It's like she's more than just a friend to me.
You should simply try to watch her body language (if she's too touchy or open to you) and try to kiss her
No other way, srsly
Spilling out never ends well
because she was a real friend and i was trying not to be a complete cruel piece of shit to her.
its just that due to my circumstances, i can't be just friends with women.
I'm sure you could've come up with another excuse
Spilling out is the cardinal sin of pick up, gam over nigga
>implying women have feelings
There is no way I can just kiss her.
We're pretty close. She is always holding hands while talking and giving me kisses on the cheek (and once on the neck when we were at the club), but she also said that we were just friends twice when she was asked by other people and told me that I'm basically in the friendzone, because I'm friends with her best friend, the first time we met.
If I just try to kiss her next time we go out, it'll be weird. I have a friend who tried to dance with her at the club. She isn't as fond of him since.
Fuck it then
What kind of girl does this kind of shit and then gets pissed off?
A skank obviously
you're probably starved for attention

don't ever become friends with a girl you find attractive. it almost always ends in a disaster.
I don't understand women really, but I know I don't like them. At their core they all want an alpha male, they are all manipulative, shallow and play games with men. They are basically whores in the sense that they use their pussy to get advantages.

I just can't pretend to myself they are all innocent and sweet. It's not reality. Sooner you realize that the better.
>had stoner female friend
>she was literally a tomboy which made her unattractive
>yet she had massive breasts
>conflicted to this day
the problem with woman is that they never settle and think they can invent new standards that didn't exist before.

lets say only 10% of the males around so-called woman answer the critirea and those 10% guys already found a gf then she is fucked.
but woman don't care about that, they literally can't into statistics of supply and demand
>falling in love
your teencore infatuations are just a joke to me.
>then she is fucked.

lol no, you don't understand their mentality

they would be willing to live in his harem, be one of many side bitches, and fight each other for his attention.

women at their core are completely degenerate.
they just think everything last forever
now when its time to settle down suddenly pussy magick no longer works and the guy that is making 100k a year already found a wife.
so yeah there is a big fucking difference between being 27 and 35
That's the thing. She's kind of a slut, or at least has been until recently she decided she didn't want to throw herself at men anymore. I wasn't attracted to her when she was whoring around, but now my attitude towards her has changed.
I guess subconsciously I hope I can be the right guy for her, but logically I know that that's insane. I wouldn't even know how to please her sexually.

Apart from her history with men, she's one of the nicest people I've met.
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19 KB, 403x392
>Have friends, lots my the sounds of it


>people acting as if they never had a single friend
Loners find loners in school. That's the way it has always been.

only other loner in my class was a kid with MS who couldnt talk very well and I didnt go to highschool
Even the girls that aren't that attractive to me initially I end up having feelings for, just because I like their personalities and I think looks are not that important if she's not a total trainwreck.

That sucks man. Have you ever tried going out and making friends now?
>That sucks man. Have you ever tried going out and making friends now?

too much of a manchild to even leave my house alone tbqh
I know what you mean. Most of the time my friends have to make me go out. Sometimes I don't leave the house for weeks other than grocery shopping.

Maybe make some friends online and meet with them? I've got to know some nice people over a football forum (or soccer for yanks).
Wrong. This is normie logic. Seriously fuck off.
Worked for me. Everybody hated me in school.
>"Anon is listening to le nigger rap music xD lol what a tool lol xDDD"
I just hung out with the other unpopular kids (those who were into Star Wars and sword fights and model trains) and we got along. Some of them I'm still friends with after more than 10 years.
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