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So I have a little story that you guys might...
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So I have a little story that you guys might appreciate
>13 years old
>not really in touch with my family
>find out that I have a cousin that I didn't know about that is only a year older than me
>she's my paternal grandmother's youngest sister's youngest daughter
>meet her for the first time
>immediately notice she's kinda cute
>she takes a liking to me
>nothing happens but she's pretty chill and unlike most people, treats me like a human being
So nothing happens that time, however fast forward a couple of years
>15 years old, she's 16
>her parents own a nice ass cabin and some property on the Olympic Peninsula in Washington state over looking the ocean
>my parents and I get invited to come that spring and stay a week
>this is the first time I've seen this cousin since we first met
>she's turned into a total Stacey cunt
>just ignores the whole family and keeps her eyes to her phone
>at the time I'm a lard ass etc
>she still treats me well but isn't as nice and friendly as she was before
>I end up sick three days in
>everyone drives 40 minutes to go do whatever
>she stays behind because she's pissed at her mom for some reason and made a thing of it
>I spend all day going back and forth between the kitchen, bathroom, and my room (well the room I shared with my parents and brother)
>finally at around 3pm I manage to go take a shower
>I hear the door open about 10 minutes in
>"oh God I'm sorry anon" followed by a pause, then she closes the door
>I get out 20 minutes later or so and my clothes are gone
>figure I must have forgotten them or something
>walk down the hall wrapped in a towel toward my room
>turn the corner
>she's there and takes a picture with her phone
>I kinda freak out
>get in my room, close the door
>notice the towel is open around my junk
>look for the my suitcase
>it's gone
>walk over to my cousin's room and ask her if she's seen my luggage through the door
>"no anon, you left it on the couch"
Should I continue? It's not sexy.
Well I guess I'll continue. Didn't pre-type it out because fuck you.
>go into living room area
>find my suitcase there
>as I'm walking back, pass her room, her door is open, and she sees me
>I whatever and got get dressed
>nothing happened after that on that trip
So there is the more recent thing. Should I even bother?
Do it, desu.
Alright, give me a minute.
>19 now, she's 20
>in the time since we last met I've lost a lot of weight and moved half way across the country
>haven't really kept up at all and don't have her on any social media
>a family tragedy strikes and I go back to Washington for it, the passing of her mother
>I see her for the first time in years
>she's a bit chubbier, quieter, and an overall more humbled person
>she sees me and kinda smiles but you can tell that she's having problems with coping with all of this
>I end up staying a week longer than the rest of the family because it's been so long since I've been in this part of the country and some other stuff
>a few days after the funeral no one has heard from her
>I call her a few times but no answer
>a few days later she texts me, apologizes, and asks if I want to get lunch or something
>we meet up and her and I catch up despite never having been that close to begin with
>she still wants to talk, so after that we both drive back to her apartment
>her roommate has gone home for the holiday (early January and they're both undergrads)
>just her and her cat
>she walks me over to her kitchen and asks if I want anything
>I tell her a drink
>she open the fridge and gets two glasses, pouring a generous amount of adult Juice from a box of wine in each
>we talk for a few hours
>she cries off and on, refilling more and more her glass
>I tell her that I need to go, apologize, and that if she needs anything that she can call me
>before I even stand up shit jumps up, hugs me, and spills her wine
>she freaks the fuck out because it got all over the carpet
>I try and help her clean it up as best I can
>I eventually leave somewhat awkwardly
>get back to my hotel room
>lay down
>pass out
>wake up the next day around 7 am to her calling and texting me frantically, I guess I had left my billfold there the other night
>whateves, I tell her that I'll get it later in the day
>she insists on dropping it off herself
>19 now, she's 20
>wine in stock
Kill yourself OP
Maybe he's canadian. Drinking age is 19 here.
>Olympic Peninsula in Washington state
File: horror.jpg (66 KB, 528x792) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>shows up
>"hey anon, can we talk some more?"
>we go inside
>we talk a while at one of those shitty little tables that they have in cheap hotels that usually only have or or two chairs
> she sits on the bed and insist that I sit close to her since the cheap window AC unit is being loud as fuck and clanking around.
>"oh anon I'm so glad we talked yesterday"
>she smiles, looking at me, and quite intentionally sets her hand on my knee
>"it's been a pretty emotional few weeks but you seem to be pretty good with this kind of stuff"
>she starts tearing up a bit and motions me to sit next to her
>she cries into my shoulder
>after a while she calms down
>places her hand on my thigh and looks into my eyes
>"thank you anon"
>we talk a bit
>she asks what kind of cologne I wear
>"I'm not w-wearing any"
>"oh cool yeah, well you still smell nice"
>her hand moves up to my junk
>looks hard into my eyes and smiles
>I whimper, sperg out, yell at her, tell her to leave, and then immediately pack my shit up and check out
>haven't talked to her since or even been back to that part of the country
Any that's about that. She called me a few times after than and then just stopped since I didn't answer. I also later found out she was apparently a virgin, like a real hardcore one, not buttsecs or anything. Fuck me mang, what the fuck did I almost do? Anyway
TL;DR Not a cousin fucker.
There is literally nothing wrong with drinking wine or other low-alcohol content drinks as an adult under 21 aside from retarded laws.
Not Canadian, just a law breaker.
I'm implying it's a fake story dipshit.
You're telling me this underage "robot" just casually goes into a girl's house and asks for a drink and the underage girl has alcoholic beverages in stock even though she can't have access to them until one year later?
Cousin marriage has been the norm throughout most of human history.. It's fine as long as you don't continue to marry cousins over and over then you get very inbred...

Sounds like she has been saving herself for you and you fucked up really bad
Nice reading comprehension. She offered and I said something to drink.
>underage girl has alcoholic beverages in stock even though she can't have access to them until one year later
>completely ignores the roommate.
Also in college, even at 18 everyone still had alcohol in their dorms and apartments. People have FIDs all the time. I never bother to ask her all autistically
>w-where did you get this alcohol?
For all I know it was her roommate's or something.
>saving herself for you
Nah m8, she was just emotional after her mom passed and wanted anything and anyone who would show her some compassion. She was confused at best m8.
You clearly didn't read OP's posts thoroughly.
Your reading comprehension sucks. Stay in school.
>not fucking your cousin
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Thread images: 3
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