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pepehisattva general thread
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Hi Anon, you know? you remind me of myself a few years back.
Come sit with me, we can discuss life, philosophy, culture, science or just your day.
Yesterday we talked about cinema and I go a good recommendation for an Iranian film from you, thank you brother.
Since I am working in my lab late tonight, perhaps we can talk about uni?
Hey man you ever think about a non-dual realm beyond time and space? That by it's non-dual nature this realm necessarily lacks space or time, those two concepts themselves relying on duality for existence?
Hmmm, not really, you use concepts like space, time and dualism which are quite heavy and require elaboration before using them in conjunction.
If we abstract space and time into math then there is nothing special about them that separates them from other dimensions. But talking about the "dual nature" means your questions has more to do with the human experience of said dimensions.
Did you read any of Nagarjuna writing? In "Fundamental Verses on the Middle Way" he de-constructs causality to show that reason and effect (and really time itself) are an illusion. While I do not agree, I think its a fascinating read.
What do you think? will a being free of this duality be like Billy Pilgrim in slaughter house five? Or will it be more like in the movie "primer"?
This leads me to wonder, if you find yourself free of the time-space continuum, and can revisit any time of your life, what would r9k do?
Also, if confronted with Nietzsche's idea of "eternal recurrence", that the every moment in your life will forever reoccur and you will reexperience and repeat everything forever. Will you curse the universe? will you passively succumb? Or will you enthusiastically continue like an ubermensch (superman?)
Damn I had to go do some housework. Maybe I'll read Fundamental Verses on the Middle Way, never have. I meant non-dual as in the non-existence of a "here or there", or "then and now", all time and space existing simultaneously within a single eternal moment.

If you are still here, what kind of work are you doing? Are you a student?
Why do certain philosophers enjoy buzzwords? Why can't they be more like historians, where we use non-buzzwords to explain the history of humanity?
What do you mean? Could you give an example?
This is interesting, again Buddhist and Sufi Ideas come to mind. Somewhat similar conflict between the two philosophies of "unity of existence" vs "separation" (god and creation / man and universe) was a very serious issue in sufism

Rumi held that this non-existence is the ultimate goal one can strive for:

Proximity to God comes when you escape
from the prison of your own existence.
What place is there for 'up' and 'down'
in non-existence?
There is no 'soon' or 'far' or 'late'
in non-existence.

I am a graduate student, doing wide interdisciplinary study right now, not really focusing on any particular field. What about you Anon? sounds like you studied some metaphysics?
Hmmm, derp, I do not really agree that any science is completely free of buzz-words. Sadly you can find tendency towards sensationalism even in STEM fields which should be somewhat objective (Game theory suddenly becomes popular during cold war and mathematicians - which in retrospect were completely out of their depth - start suggesting formal models for political conflicts, computer scientists talking about artificial intelligence though we are nowhere near even understanding what intelligence means...)
Historians are also prone to this, don't they reinterpret history every couple of years using a different paradigm? (reinterpretation of history in terms of class struggle when Marxism was popular in the 60s, functionalist view of religion when after the age on enlightenment...)
I said "Sadly", but I actually don't think this interplay between culture and science is a bad thing. And I find this reinterpretation of history to be a necessary process (when you have a new paradigm, making sure this theory fits previous data is the logical step).
Also, I am in no way undermining the importance of any of theories I gave as examples.
I am a bit obsessed with eastern philosophies, mainly taoism. But they all attempt to elaborate on the same concept, in their own ways.
That poem sounds like it came straight out of the Tao Te Ching.

I'm beginning second year physics this year. I feel like there is a link between these philosophies and the direction of modern physics. Already we have abstract, "useless", theories like string theory, which try to explain grand universal laws. I don't know, though. Was Schrodinger right in thinking that physics was heading towards the transcendental?

What are you doing in the lab now?
Yeh, Sufism is very much a mix of Islam and Buddhism / Hinduism. You even have poets like Kabir who both Hindu and Muslims persecuted when he lived just to claim him as theirs after his death. You would really enjoy Rumi's poetry though, Try "This World Which Is Made of Our Love for Emptiness":

Your idea about physics and eastern philosophies is interesting. Though I sometimes wonder if we are heading towards truth linearly or does it has to do with my discussion with drep (>>26242478), and physics is simply being influenced by a cultural trend (could be both!!)

I am reading psychology papers about attention, turns out even very simple subliminal messages can effect conscious decisions.

What are you up to at this hour?
I have been cooking and eating. No need to rush though. Sounds like you're taking it pretty easy in the lab. Thanks for the link, I really enjoy that kind of poetry. Makes me chill.

You're right about science succumbing to sensationalism. Luckily it's still based on data. This is where the problem with grand theories comes from. When you start theorising about things like multiverses and singularities it becomes very difficult to set up a lab and do an experiment to prove it.

I really want to be part of something huge and paradigm changing though in my lifetime.

Why are you on /r9k/?
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