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What are you currently on?

I take 40mg of Amitriptyline and 80mg propranolol SR a day.
im currently on 50mg sertraline a day

always forget to take it...

as for other medication ..

I'm currently stoned on Northern Lights

a* strain my dear
never skip ssris
>20mg Lexapro
>15mg Buspirone
>10mg Zyprexa
>20mg Hydroxizine

Lots of variety but probably not enough potency. I still feel like shit. Lexapro needs to go up.

im new to pharmaceuticals
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10mg/day Prozac
200mg/day Spironolactone
4mg/day Estrodial
200mg/day Progesterone
30mg/day iron supplements for anemia
and 5mg valiums for if anxiety attack comes

How is zoloft working for you
When I tried it it made me feel like a zombie and just like shit, just started prozac and so far it feels. . . alright
50mg Sertraline
0.25mg Risperidone
0.25 Xanax if aniexty swells up but I abuse the xanax.
None of this shit helps any of you, does it?
I stopped taking my abilify and told no one
originally on fluoxitine(Prozac), sucked ass

sertraline seems to be good

if I forget to take them though I get v nauseated
Ha ha ha
It didn't help me 15 years ago when I started taking them mom
It doesn't help now
a lil

weed helps more tbqh
So far it feels weird I guess
Yesterday I felt the depression starting to come in so I went to my pharmacy and picked them up and started them for the first time last night.
It was weird. . I didn't feel. . . depressed, but just still kindve, I guess you could say bummed because of the isolation around me of anyone else to talk to or anything, but it felt weird because it was like i could feel it suppressing the feeling of being depressed but the weight of everything that makes me depressed was still prevalent.
That fucking nausea is the worst
>medication made me fat since I was a kid
>lolntake this new medication that supresses hunger instead
Spent the entire fucking day not able to get off the bed
>you aren't trying hard enough
>you don't want to get better
Ok I try them again
>3days sick as fuck
Fuck you dad
Fuck you
>taking meme pills
Oh you are in for a ride friend...
You realize they aren't supposed to make you stop feeling depression, they just make you unable to kill yourself don't you? Well until you gonahead and do it anyways
Seroquel, Risperdone, Ativan, and Zoloft.

Feels zombified, anon.
sertraline is p good in the aspect that it keeps you not down but at the same way able to continue life

the hunger is annoying for me because I am very skinny and the anti anorexia aspects makes me hungry which I'm not used to

I hope you feel better soon, my friend
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>taking the pharmaceutical jew
Yeah honestly thats the feeling I'm starting to get a bit
I think though my mind has just started to associate boredom+isolation as the buildup of depression, but even with an antidepressant it still doesnt change the fact that I live alone and have no friends
>all these goys actually falling for pharma
haha holy shit, no wonder my dad scoffs at you goyim
you're truly dumb sheep

here are my copyrighted (c) Jewish tips to being a better man (one that needs not medication):
i cannot stress this enough, simply eat more healthily and you will reap the rewards
mind and body work in unity
>pick up a hobby
video games may be a hobby, but they're a very shit hobby
it's just a short-lived escape from whatever you are running from
how about tackle your problem head on, like a man? or just wallow in your depression and fuck yourself up with pills, your choice
>make friends
yes, for us literal autists it is quite rough in the beginning, but push through the initial barrier and you will be infinitely happier
you probably think it's cool being a loner (xD) because you saw donnie darko, but deep down you're putting the act on just to appear cool, to make friends, to make a good impression amongst your peers
>vote for bernie sanders
vote for sanders to destroy america from the inside-out, make israel finally happy
bc you can get fucked up side effects like hallucinations and suicidal tendencies
I take a centrum forte every day
I started taking them when I was 8 a psychiatrist convinced my gullible father because he experienced mental illness when he was younger
Turns out I end up with mental illness even tho I took all that shitty medication anyways
I'm getting off of Lexapro right now and I gotta agree with this anon. Since I've been on this drug I feel no different really, just super tired and my urge to kill myself is completely gone. Weird shit, but I want my energy back.
Was on 120mg Duloxetine, pregabalin and mitrazapine.

I'm coming off all of them this month and starting weight training.
Apparantly, not being depressed takes a lot of work, pills do fuck all, so I'll just keep drinking, thank you.
25mg metoprolol and however much xanax I wind up taking
Tramadol 50mg
Temezapham 30mg

My days are fucking sweeeeet
ah, lmao oops
Antipsychotics cause brain shrinkage.
Flanax 550 mg
Bactrim F 160/800 mg

Infections suck
what infection(s) do you have, anon?

Urinary, at least pissing doesnt burn like hell anymore.
I take 10 mg Escitalopram and Zyprexa 10 mg. I also have these wild hallucinations reinforced by my night terrors.
Jesus fucking Christ Anon, that's way too much. That will fuck up your heart big time
Unless you're schizophrenic or psychotic to the point where you are a danger to those around you, and are then prescribed antipsychotics, medication prescription is literally nothing more than a way for big pharma to line its pockets. Doctors and psychiatrists both do not have anything even resembling your wellbeing in mind, mostly because they themselves have no idea how to truly manage the human condition. Some are more benevolent than others, but all only prescribe drugs because they are paid to, whether those drugs be downright harmful, addictive, or placebo.

You dare believe me? You will be labeled as a conspiracy theorist. Enjoy your time in the USA.
You have no idea what you're talking about. Prop is more or less a placebo drug, with very limited effects on the central nervous system. A dose 10 times as large would still never be deadly to anyone but an ant.
That isn't true

You do know propranolol was designed to be cardiac medicine to treat angina, right? Beta blockers are one of modern medicines most important inventions. Dismissing it as a placebo is kinda stupid
I'm on 1mg lorazepam, 150mg lamotrigine, and 20 mg escitalopram
anxiety is fuckin gay
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I currently take:

30 mg of ADDERALL IR
8 mg of SUBOXONE
1 mg of KLONOPIN
200 mg of PROZAC
5 mg of ABILIFY
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