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The current state of r9k
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You are currently reading a thread in /r9k/ - ROBOT9001

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How do you guys feel about the current state of r9k?

When I started posted here it was before the shootings and it felt more focused on loneliness and depression. There were a lot more greentext stories and significantly less chad hate and hatred towards women. I'm not saying the hate wasn't there but recently it feels like every other thread women are brought up and it's getting kind of old. I won't claim to be an oldfag but it does feel like things are changing.

It also seems like there's been a recent influx of highschool/freshman college students. They don't seem to get some of the culture of this board and assume that being offensive is all it takes to fit in. Perhaps the younger folks don't lurk as much anymore?

The neet identity has become more powerful among threads and hatred towards blacks remains pretty much the same.

Lastly, the robot has made certain types of threads difficult to make (like comic dumps or threads to show off OC).
the current state of r9k is significantly better than /b/ and alot of other boards. I mostly just stay here nowadays
I'm a young newfag and I dislike NEET threads. I came here hoping for greentexts but they're pretty rare and I'm getting sick of vague hate threads.
In all honesty, /r9k/ is a pretty good board. Its still the only place that consistently makes me laugh, while at the same time having interesting discussions. Not to mention you can vent and share whatever you're feeling and will most likely find people who relate.

Only problem is that people fall for the blatant bait threads, like fembot feels and whatnot.
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Listen Kufar.jpg
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It's shit. Too much chinese cartoons, roasties trying to get attention, and nu-males and wannabe normies asking for relationship advice. We need to purge this place. With fire.
>Too much chinese cartoons
Fuck off, reddit
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>le everything that doesn't like what i like is reddit

Piss off you fucking weaboo faggot, reddit is full of meme spouting jap lovers like you. Your shit is not wanted on this board.
There would be less 'Chad en normie hate' if normies didnt keep shitting over everyone who isnt feeling like they can take on the world, and there would be more greentexts in return.

The robot hasnt been a blocker of OC then and shouldnt be now. i think the board would benefit from a sticky that defines what /r9k/ is all about so we can get rid of those discussions.
Might just be that 4chan is growing in numbers and some are migrating from other boards (most likely /b/).
This board is slipping.

I was here when the board was created and it was about memes and greentext, and I tolerated the NEETs because they had greentext, but then they started whining and then this transformed into a neo/jp/ NEET forum when they got booted from their home board and now there is a 'robot identity' for some reason.

I feel like the robot meme has been played out. So has the NEET meme. Let's kick out the people who thought they were welcome due to being the butt of our greentext jokes, focus more on poo poo pee pee, and other fun things instead of being virgin /pol/
i think the additional normie/female hate is a societal shift.. they're getting less tolerable in general and more outspoken online.

the normie influx is due to millennials loving pepe and memes now.

all in all i just wish there were more feels threads and greentexts, the real shit
Its all pure propaganda
Pure ideology
Pure shit posting

Theres probably some psyops disinfo agents redirecting all the. Internalized hatred into blaming chads and roasties.

Or it could just be aspies comung back from pol or something
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2 MB, 382x308
No. The current state of r9k is trash, and you're a part of that problem.

It's pretty bad, they say they hate women, yet every other thread is about women. This board has become solely dedicated to women and is only giving women more validation by existing now.

This board used to have diverse stories or at least the funniest ones reposted where someone spilled spaghetti or maybe some experience we haven't heard of like the man who bought two prostitutes because he had a fetish for licking women's legs.

Sure the school shooting and beta uprising theme here is great. Problem is that most people won't even respond to those threads or make them, especially if there's a thread about "post your 10/10 qt", "rate me robots", "buying a prostitute give advice", "girl rejected me today", "[random girl] worship thread', and "why don't you like trannies/boipucci thread"

I liked it better when I saw random threads with raging people screaming "REEEEEE" or "fucking normies get out"

Now it's all about women. Women this women that. But since a few good threads get through occasionally there's really nowhere else to post feels.
well NEETs vaguely hate everyone and they rule this board
you just described 4chan, buckaroo
too many normies nowadays. i related to the board initially because of the lonely/depressed theme but now i feel like the majority of space is consumed with normie threads, autistic NEET vs wagie threads, faces of /r9k/ bullshit and all around propagation of the meme of being overly negative about everything.
Fembot feels threads aren't bait
Robots are just too stupid to realize they aren't supposed to reply to it. Even though there could be a women hate thread, they'll become attentionseeking faggots who post in Fembot threads so they can feel they're talking to women they'll never meet or know for that matter.

It's their fault the thread gets bumped. They could sage the thread, but they'd rather partake in a pissing match and more fembot threads get made.
It was amazing for about two months before moot gave up on his oc paradise and a bunch of whiny faggots took over
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>OMG there not enough threads that i like this is the NEETs/betas/normies fault
Make your own threads, nobody is going to stop you, less whining and more action
My OC is horrible
And theres /ic/
Or a million draw threads on a million different boards.
way I see it senpai is that the NEETS who 'had greentext' just had experiences that the average person doesn't experience, like the tard ranglers that used to greentext here.
Now the average person here is NEET and doesn't have any greentext to nhare so they make topics about no gf (because you don't do anything) and how they hate normies (because they're jealous)
R9k should've stayed as greentext general, not nogf gen.
I'm not some super oldfag, I've only been on r9k about 2.5 years. That being said, I don't remember it being this bad when I first started posting on this board. I remember about a year ago when the rare pepe meme started, that's when this place got 10 times worse in every way. Now, it may have always been shit, I don't remember clearly. But I do know it has been better than this.
It was never made for "feels" or any of the self-pity shit that took over. I am still fascinated that it was hijacked as a refuge when this place used to offer some originality, and it's even more disheartening when people say we should "get back" to feels and greentext or anything else that this board never was.
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