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Who /hypocrite/ here?
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Who /hypocrite/ here?
mfw pathetic but still have high standards
Im 23 hhkv ugly, hungry skelly
but won't even consider dating anything below 8/10
any robot can relate?
anyone knows how do I lower my standards?
>how do i lower my standards

easy, look at a mirror
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You just create perfect image for woman and never settle for anything less. After couple of years you'll become asexual to flesh woman.
do you even know what hypocrite means?
fuckin asswipe
>After couple of years you'll become asexual to flesh woman.
I am afraid its already happening
How do I fix it?
Should I go for old memeful "practice gf"?
I'm the same way, except that once I get to know a girl, if she has an attractive personality, I find that it can upgrade 5-6/10's to 8/10's in my book.
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Honeslty no.

22 virgin here, never had a gf, and a 4/10 gf would be fine as long as she is not fat(because i'm not fat, so i deserve at least a skinny one).

You sound more like a failed normie than a robot honestly, no offence.
Thats how all men like.

Some are just not aware of it but all lust over same +8/10 women even if they are lowest of low themselves.
>easy, look at a mirror
this won't actually help u dickhead
human brain is so used to your own mirror reflection that it makes you think you look way better then in reality
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you have high standard because you wanna be SEEN with a hot girlfriend. The day you get a 8/10 is the day you realize looks don't matter. 8/10 and above has the worst behavior, completely out of touch with reality and internet talk.

3-6/10's don't have this issue for the most part. But you need to just get over their flaw.
>23 hhkv
>ugly af
>5 years of NEETdom
>can't even get neetbux
>only leave home to see shrink and get new pills

>You sound more like a failed normie
u killin me nigga
I have the same issue, but with:

bonus: when I know a person for a while, they appear uglier, as if they're losing attactiveness over time
idk anon
I was always delluding myself with thinking I only need to find ONE girl
some nice exception
a fuckin unicorn or something
is it that bad to believe that?
Well then something went terribly wrong when you went in to the robot life. Maybe you don't even want to aknowledge the fact that you are a robot or you just don't even care about the personality of a grill.

Honeslty the most pretentious requests that a robot like me should do are:

1)at least 4/10


3)Skinny(if you are not fat) or chubby(if you are fat)


5)not crazy

I only ask this and i alredy feel like i'm asking too much. Maybe you are really tall, and you feel like you cannstill have a 8/10? Dunno
>some nice exception
there are no exceptions, all women use the same tactics.
>lowering standards instead of becoming rich
I know I am robot, but im trying to improve myself
even got a therapist last year
doesnt realy help but I consider going there a step forward anyway

>Maybe you are really tall, and you feel like you cannstill have a 8/10?
dunno either
Im 6'1 and have good jawline tho
that's all i got tbqh
yet i still consider myself ugly af
i guess u are right anon, but i want to believe you know
i dont have much that would keep me goin
I need something to hang onto
Well yeah, you are pretty fucking tall, solved the mistery.

Well you still have hope anon, being tall is a thing, you have still an ace up your sleeve. With that, if you start working out, getting a 8/10 slut(because there is no non-normie 8/10 grill, i hope you know that) its absolutely not impossible. But honestly i don't get why someone red pilled like a robot would want an 8/10 grill, since you alredy know that she will cuck you every fucking minute as soon as she gets bored with you...That's why i was suspecting that you were truly a robot on the inside...
>8/10 grill
thats pretty subjective term tho
I once knew two hot (imo) girls who were really nice back in hs
they both liked me but I was too big of a sperg to make a move
i am pretty sure they wouldn't cuck me
one of them is very religious and other one is a tomboy
Even 10/10 women are a bad trade, so why would you lower your standards?
well I dont get any pussy atm
and im getting older
guess my only chance is lowering standards or getting rich like >>26224501 said
/fit/ but have a bbw and feeder/gainer fetish.

I belong here.
Your standards are what they are because you've never connected with a woman, you assume they are all the same thus objective beauty is the only way you rank them.

Avoid doing this
maybe you are right
but how do i connect to a woman whom i don't find attractive at all?
serious question
I can't see this happen
I would like to have a wife and kids one day
maybe i should get /fit/ or rich? to increase my chances
I mean nice girls dig this shit too, right?
You don't, people are attracted to beauty, not matter their own.
That is not hypocrisy, that is being human. Those who claim personality is more important to them than appearance are the real hypocrites, though no one dares to say it.
Pretty fat (6' 240lb)
I'm fine with women who are also fat but not as fat or fatter than me
thanks for that anon
had to hear that from someone
That's not hypocritical
You can't control what you're attracted to
You'll most likely never get a woman that meets your standards but it's better than getting a girl you're not attracted to and have a miserable relationship that either ends with you breaking up and being all depressed or knocking her up, marrying and long for death every day
You don't lower your standards you faggot, you push them higher (and also yourself)
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Nothing wrong with being a hypocrite, depending on how its being used. Like an alcoholic and someone who's never touched alcohol telling you not to drink, who are you going to listen to more? The alcoholic, hopefully.

Your situation =/= being a hypocrite, being a hypocrite is saying you wouldn't date a girl who wasn't a virgin but you fucked dozens of people, or you like eating meat but hate hunters who hunt for food. Someone who condemns something while doing the same/similar thing.
You have high standards, can't exactly be a hypocrite for wanting a high end when you're at the low end, that's just unlikely expectations.
>top zozzle
>super faggot.
>get /fit/ or rich.
love how you just think you can materialize this stuff like its an on/off switch. If that was the case, whats preventing you faggot?
>miserable relationship that either ends with you breaking up and being all depressed or knocking her up, marrying and long for death every day
that sounds fucking terrifying
i'd rather stay hhkv

guess u are right
im just pathetic and miserable fuck
my neighbour who is fit
offered me help with that, so this one wouldnt be impossible i think
second one is more luck based i guess
also never said it would be easy
but it would keep me busy and help me improve
i see no arm in that
>whats preventing you faggot?
im a lazy fag
but with every year im getting more desperate to actually do something
lazy but you deserve shit without working for it.... typical fucking normie..
File: normie go away.png (556 KB, 1000x1210) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
normie go away.png
556 KB, 1000x1210
Here's another bored normie troll. Go on reddit faggot.
>on 4chan
>your superiority complex.
>allah forbid
>lazy but you deserve shit without working for it.... typical fucking normie..

how new are you on this board?
can i atleast get some neetbux senpai desu!? And can you tell mom my peepee bottles are full and i'm out of tendies?
>>26225456 not at all...
Thats not how it works, nigger
File: 1454513651390.jpg (66 KB, 623x469) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
66 KB, 623x469
Its exactly how it works.
Maybe something simpler for you
>chad who says he's willing to date anyone
>say a 6/10 girl is interested in him
>he goes he's not interested in her just by first appearance

>guy who's pretty really average in looks
>he has a set bar of standards
>same situation where 6/10 girl is interested
>he says he's not interested and wants to get a little higher
>just a dick with high standards
Hypocrites will contradict themselves, high standards actually follow through with their own rules.
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are u trying to say that all pathetic NEETs on this board wanting qt gf w/o changing anything in their lives are normies?
explain yourself, nigger
i expet girl to take care of her looks to be hot
meanwhile im ugly af and dont pay attention to my looks
doesnt seem fair tho
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feel that feel.jpg
80 KB, 550x453
My mom was an alcoholic and had an unmedicated mental illness. I swore I would never become like her.

Now I'm a drug addict and don't ever take the meds for my mental illness. I tell myself it's acceptable because I don't have any children or people I'm responsible for. I can be an insane ranting psychotic on his fifth day of a no-sleep Adderall binge. Nobody would really even care or worry.
In a word... yes.
I can't relate at all.
Also, you're dead, Elliot, please stay dead.

I am ugly and I do not have chance to 8/10 so I decided to not try at all.

I understand that she would not want to date ugglo like me, because personally I would not like to date a gril thats is ugly.

Even if I could get one, she would dump me as fast as other better looking guy would get near her. Some girls just hate being alone.

Even if I will be rich (which is unlikley in the first place, because I am shitposting here), I would know that she is not cumming because she want my D but because she can live comfy life.
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>dont care about other peoples' day-to-day lives
>somehow expect them to care about mine

how do i stop being a scum r9k?
it's all random either way.

you don't "deserve" a pretty girlfriend, but neither do the men with said pretty girlfriends.

you need to realise we live in complete absurdity.

the idea of working hard and then "deserving" something and getting it comes from the false american dream (a.k.a you can be succesful if you work hard/all success comes from hard work).

or in practical terms (not sure if you're asking for advice with this thread?), just chill out. if you put value to yourself based on current socially accepted western (normie) trends, you will fail miserably.

find a niche and stick with it. for me it was art. lots of projects waiting to be born and not many people willing to take them - perfect world for me.
>I have high standards
is well known to be an excuse to not even try

Is you don't believe this judgement, then consider that flirting and dating can be improved like a skill and deal with "substandard" girls for practice.
If you want to bed a hottie, you'd want to be sure you can get lower girls into bed - can you? Even if it's just making the. Give you head
I want to have cute kids, that wouldn't be possible with a gremlin of a girfriend desu.
OP here

that's exactly how i feel anon
yet i can't force myself to lower my standards

>we live in complete absurdity
thats pretty solid man

thanks anon
sounds about right
not necessary u cant get looks from your grandparents
>tfw both parents were very attractive
>tfw got the worst possible DNA from my ancestors pool
>tfw inherited big ass jewish nose from my grandmother whom i never even saw in my life
I am not sure if there is a reason to lover your standarts,

It is untrue that 10/10 has shit personality while ugglo are ugly but do not act like dumb whores.

It is not uncommon to find ugly bitch that will change your life into nightmare as fast as you get married or pregnant.

I know people that could be with anybody just to not feel alone even if they hate each other.
that's how i always thought to myself
"calm down anon, you only have to find ONE girl, and since people can't be fractions math is on your side, you fucker"
but it's getting more difficult every year with my autism and depression growing
I regain some hope when I found out my best buddy from hs got engaged last december
he was the second most autistic person in my school
i never met his gf but she looks really cute
he met her in elevator at college library, that's crazy
maybe there is a hope for us afterall?

anyway thanks to all guys who posted itt
i really wanted to talk about this with somebody
Why do you need a gf in first place?
someone to fuck and cuddle in bed sleepeing
having someone who actually cares about me
Do you realize that a normal girlfriend will force you to:

>go outside to pubs/disco
How are you going to reac when some Chad will start to touch her ass?

>meet her family and dance with her whole nigh on familly parties like wedding etc
are you a robot? What about smart talk with her parents and family, small talk with her normie friends?

>if she will feel that you are weak she will play with her pussy as gratification for you if you act as she expect
Otherwise she will have "headache" or "period"

and its only the small part.

I am not trying to discourage you in trying to get a gf, but gf it self will not change anything.

Some of you seems to think that one day after you will find loved gf you life will back on the right track, but it is untrue.

You should have solid life and your gf should be only a additional fun in your life.

If she is with you its good, if she dump you its good.

Some of you will build your life value on your gf and with time your will start doing more and more dumb shit to not let her go and at some point she will be so disgusted by your beta mentality that she will quit and you will be broken inside.
nice generalization buddy

idk man i need a change
i am desperate for love
i need somebody to share life with
something to give me a reason to get out off bed in the morning
also cuddles and someone to talk face to face during dinner
thats it
My generalization is pretty legit.

People here and on /fit/ aka robots in denial really belive that one day they will meet somebody and their lives will change.
maybe you are right idk shit about woman tbqh

i am aware that i must be responsible for any changes in my life
but living w/o any reason is not helping me out
getiin more lonely and depressed with each passing year
i want to experience a relationship
even if it wont end up well
i want to feel im alive
because i dont feel im right now
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