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I know that not every robot here is on the...
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I know that not every robot here is on the same level of loneliness, social inability etc. but I'm sure we can all get along. As long as you don't have an active social life, no matter the reason (being really ugly, having major social anxiety etc), are a virgin, and feel disdain for certain people, then you're alright.
I have a topic I want to discuss though. I feel like a lot of robots here think that they are ugly when they are in fact not. Before thinking this is baseless optimism, hear me out. I'm sure some of you are thinking you are ugly because girls aren't approaching you themselves. There's a good reason for that. You're not a 10/10. Yes, not a 10/10, but that doesn't mean you're a 4/10. Now, has some ugly girl approached you? Doesn't matter if it's a landwhale or a thin ugly looking girl. If she has, then that's normal. It's not because you're on their level, it's because they have no self-confidence and/or are horny as fuck, so they do the approaching themselves. Most girls don't approach at all, they just drop really subtle hints which you guys probably can't pick up. If you never were approached in your life, there's good reasons for that too:
>you look unapproachable
>you're in that special zone of looks where you are intimidating to even the desperate ugly girls, but hot girls don't want to approach you still
>you're ugly as fuck
It's to see if the third answer is true. Do you have crooked teeth, assymetrical face etc? If yes, then yes, you are ugly as fuck.

i am trying to leave my mortal desires behind and here u are trying to tempt me back with sexy talk.

how dare you.
*It's easy to see if the third answer is true.

I am pretty sure there are some ugly people on here, and they do feel desperate because people treat them the way they do, but I'm glad they see the truth and decide to not become orbiters or delude themselves into thinking people won't judge them based on their looks. The problem is that ugly people on here are wasting their time complaining about things that will never change. They need to put that effort into anything else. Hobbies, for example.
I'm almost 100% sure not a lot of people on here are ugly, it's just that they aren't approached by hot girls, and can't pick up the really subtle signs that girls drop. Yes, you're almost definitely not a 10/10, those are rare, but that doesn't mean you can't make it with some hot girl. Take yourself as an example. You see a 10/10 girl in movies or some shit. Does that mean you won't go for some of the hot girls in your environment, even if they're a bit chubby, or don't have as perfect of a face? Of course you will. It's the same for girls, it's only a question whether or not you're in that zone. It's not a shame to not be a 10/10, most of the people are not.
Don't get stupidly optimistic though. I didn't mean to say "we're all gonna make it and fuck 10/10s brah". It all depends on a few factors, which is basically a summarization of the things I previously said. I'll be posting the factors in the next post.
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Quality thread.
Sadly you will not receive much attention.
>As long as you don't have an active social life
I guarantee you that 90% of the people posting on /r9k/ have active social lives.

I don't know if I'm ugly on the outside or not.
It's my personality and what's inside me that's disgusting.
I've got facial dysmorphia, which will forever kill my confidence.
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Here's the factors.
Yes, important, but not as much as you think. It's enough to be a 6/10, because even then you will fit into a girl's niche (for example, some girl likes guys which look like you, so you'll be a 7/10 or 8/10 for her), it's only a problem whether or not you can find this girl.
Yeah, memes aside, this is important, but only if you have the looks already (I'm sure most of you do). The people memeing how confidence is the most important and how they made it with that, here's the truth - they already were hot to certain girls (they fit their niche or they just aren't ugly as they think they are), so confidence pulled them through, it's the only thing left needed. Granted, some hot people will make it without confidence, but only if they're literally a 9/10 or 10/10, and even they they have to initiate things themselves most of the time (say something which implies they like her etc).
Environment and genetics shape looks (genetics - your natural look, like jawline, nose etc, environment - you can get depressed from people treating you in a specific way and overeat and get fat) and are a factor themselves (for example, you may be in an environment which has more girls that do the approaching themselves, and genetics can make you have certain traits which you can use to your advantage). Confidence is shaped by the environment and partially yourself.

Continuing my thoughts in the next post.
Confidence isn't as easy to change as some people think. In a certain period it gets cemented and the only way to be changed is for the person to have a strong experience which will also affect their subconscious self. I was fat around 2 years ago, and while I am not ripped now, I still lost a considerate amount of weight (around 18kgs), and at least my back, arm and legs look well (so well that some people thought I was doing sports or shit, when I only did calisthenics at home), even though I don't have abs. This thing happened because I was inspired by TTGL. Yeah, it can be funny or pathetic to some that an anime influenced me this much, but it's not the point what influenced me, it's that you can be influenced. This doesn't mean you should force yourself though. Just try experiencing certain things and see if they can influence you. It will come unexpected I think.
I have some more thoughts on these topics because I thought a lot of about them and was (and still am sometimes) in a state of despair because of the way everything works (looks, females, socialization etc).
I'll gladly be answering some questions.
Also, /r9k/s problem is they're too redpilled, just like normies are too bluepilled. The truth is a mixture of both sides, the quantity of the both sides' elements depends on the subject we're talking about.

Thank you, I'm glad that at least one person read this completely.
Will reply to you in my next post, character limit is running out.
I'm fat.
Original comment sprung from an original mind.
>Sadly you will not receive much attention.
Yes, I am well aware of this, but if I can influence at least one person, that will mean the world to me.
The problem with /r9k/ is that a lot of people on here are bitter. I can understand why, it's harsh dealing with things when you realize certain truths behind them. But you also become blind to any kind of reconciliation of thoughts. Are you really sure you really figured it ALL out? I'll always be sure that the truth is not as one sided as most people present it, be it on /r9k/ or facebook.
Also, there's one sad fact - some people on here feel unique because they can claim to be robots, it's the only thing they have going for them, they cannot find satisfaction in some other things (reading, watching movies etc). These people will never make it unless they let go of that weight.
>I don't know if I'm ugly on the outside or not.
Do you have any stories to tell related to some social situations where maybe you thought it was implied you look good/ugly?
>It's my personality and what's inside me that's disgusting.
It's your personality that THINKS you're disgusting. You don't even know what's inside you, you can't see with all that bias. The problem is getting rid of that bias, which is not easy.

Have you read all that I typed. Here's what to do:
>lose weight
>if you're still ugly (genetics (jawline, specific face etc), asymmetrical face...), don't waste time with most people and find joy in hobbies etc
Well I'm not really ugly, but I have social anxeity disorder, as well as schizoid pd. Still a virgin and I dislike people in general for how shallow they are. Social norms kill me inside.
If I wanted to summarize /r9k/s problem in one sentence, it would be: Not evolving completely.
Yes, most of what you're claiming is correct, even though it's a bit exaggerated at times, but you stop there. You don't know it maybe, but you find joy in criticizing, but not doing anything else. Not saying that you can change all this (the male and female traits etc), but you can change yourself.

I also have social anxiety disorder, and I'm maybe schizoid, although I haven't been checked on that.
I see shallow people everywhere, but that doesn't mean they're all like that. Currently I have one friend in real life with which I discuss various topics. He's anything but shallow, and I really enjoy talking to him. We can claim that we don't need anybody, but it really is better when you have someone who is not shallow to talk to. The solution is to find that someone, not to isolate yourself from literally everyone.
>Social norms kill me inside
Because you are too aware of them, and they bother you because you see how disgusting some people can be just to get some pussy for example.
I think the problem is too much self-awareness. It's the worst sickness, as Dostoevsky said it himself.
"Ugly" isn't even a real thing. It just means you don't take care of yourself. You need to be showering, brushing your teeth, wearing clothes that fit. Nobody gives a shit about the shape of your nose or how big your ears are. It's all in the hygiene. Even eggman would look fine if he got a proper haircut
Bullshit. Some people are just ugly. Sure, they can improve a bit but some people will just stay ugly no matter what.
OP here, that's bullshit. People don't care, yes, but if it's really bad (crooked nose, crooked teeth etc), then they do care.
>I have a topic I want to discuss though. I feel like a lot of robots here think that they are ugly when they are in fact not. Before thinking this is baseless optimism, hear me out. I'm sure some of you are thinking you are ugly because girls aren't approaching you themselves.

If you're not a 9-10 / 10, then you're not good enough. Fat and ugly women can easily hook up with guys who are better than average, even if it's not a long term relationship.
I think my problem is thinking too much about how lame normies are and how I am a special snowflake with a unique agenda in life. And that leads to the repulsion of most social interactions. Any anon feel the same?
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>this thread is full of failed normies trying to defend themselves
The real robots are already aware of this and aren't bitter
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But you know how on the outside you appear aloof/ blend in with everyone else?
Despite your hidden qualities/ perspective? Like you've got to hide it from everyone else

Other people are doing that as well
Everyone is hiding their hidden traits

And everyone seems boring

If you are endearing towards people, they'll let you see these hidden qualities over time. You just have to keep an eye out for it, and not come off as someone who will judge them.
I feel you anon. There are times when I have the opportunity to go to some social event but I stay home instead thinking of how I am so much better for not going to a normies party. I mostly hate parties and these situation but I should force myself to go there and perhaps I will find some1 who doesn't feel great there too and relate.
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Holy shit I love this image.
The /fit/ one isn't as funny because they're all faggy normalscum anyway.
I'm brown ugly and short. If anything im only the last option for a 2/10
The red pill and blue pill are warps of some truths but not all of them. Some of the truth is laid out of what's presented in both of them. One such truth is that the gender ratio at live birth is slightly greater than 1:1 (male:female). This could be used to interrupt how an increasing number of males aren't dating in first world countries, assuming you couple it up with the fact that medical care is becoming more effective at saving human lives and violence/health-risk-work is falling/becoming safer respectively.
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