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What was your latest dreams senpaitachi?
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What was your latest dreams senpaitachi?

For me it was a good friend hating me, shit felt so real
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I don't even have dreams anymore
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Oh...soryy senpai
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A blonde with purple eyes admiring me and saying i'm really handsome all the time and invited me to her big beach house at Bali.
Woken up before I arrived there.
Make me want to shoot my head desu.
>doing something outside with brother, can't remember what
>we both end up pulling guns on each other
>tense standoff
>thugs appear with guns wanting something from us (again, can't remember what)
>we go inside to try and fight them off
>get separated
>end up in bathroom/locker room area
>hear a thug coming
>hide in a corner and wait
>when he is right around the corner, jump out and shoot
>hit him in the chest/shoulder but don't kill him
>try to shoot again
>gun will not go off
>it's a semi auto pistol, there's no reason for this to happen
>realize I cannot bend my finger to pull the trigger again
>thug stares at me in shock for a second
>finger still will not bend
>thug raises his gun and shoots me in the chest
>wake up sweating
All I have is nightmares. This one was more violent than most though. I don't even play video games.
I was struggling to climb over a giant wall, and when I finally made it over, there was another giant wall behind it
it would be better if it was an even gianter wall.
Hey guys after some googling I found out that if you fap too much you'll stop dreaming. If you stop masturbating for several days all your dreams will come back. I tried it and it's true, someone posted the science behind it but apparently "nofap" has something positive out of it after all and gives your brain that "reward" factor back.
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but I fap 2-3 times a day and get dreams
who /never sleep sober/ here?

no dreams since 2008
>Night before last
Had a nightmare I was lifting but wasn't getting any doms or gains

>Last night
Had a dream/nightmare where my little brother was getting bullied, cucked an beat up by a drug dealer, so I stole a coppers gun, hid it in my garden then went and shot the dealer to death in his apartment stairwell.
i was fighting alongside the nazis in the sunset with some samurai guys helping us, i was jumping all over the place and shooting everyone with hax-tier accuracy, then found some huge dude arm wrestling some other dude and i shot him in the biceps

lol idk
Being with someone I really like. But it's never going to happen.
I had a dream about my oneitis. I asked her out and she brutally turned me down and laughed at me. Felt pretty real.
I can't remember all of it
I had two dreams because my sister woke me up in the middle of my first, which was about my deceased father feeling like he could have been there for me more and I was just about to ask him more about his personal life in his youth
The second took place in a warehouse, I often have dream locations reappear in various ways
that dream then went back to my father, but everything looked like it was in GTA2 graphics, including a quick time prompt
I was at a concert of my favorite band. It was awesome, I haven't had that kind of dream in years. I can't wait for them to come nearby again, the two shows I did go to were the best nights of my life.
I was in a outlast kind of jail. Fighting for survival.
Last dream I had I was fucking a bunch of chicks
5/5 bretty gud
>dreams of a dead and rotting little girl dressed in white screaming at me -because some how i was the cause of her death and suffering as she was sure to let me know that- FOR A FUCKING 2 YEARS!, with one i am pretty sure was not a dream, though i was drunk as fuck

>dreams of other "MEs" in other dimensions getting killed by Arabs because i am an atheist and a Marxist (i live in arabic country) indicating each time that my turn(dimension) is going to be next soon, meaning my fate is to die by there hands

>dreams of my family crying because i fucked up, always dont know why though

>dreams of me always being the leader of some last remaining survivors from zombie apocalypse, and always ending failing them and end up dead, even though i have the same dreams with the same people in the same place always, which starts in a building inside a small apartment, THE WORST PART IS I HAVE A GF THERE and yep -_- she dies too

i fucking hate and love sleeping, sometimes i believe for a while that those dreams have meaning in them, that really my turn is soon to die, i dont know... it feels bad all the time when i wake up, like i failed at something, at saving my squad, or understanding that little girl, or my family...
I dreamed I got a girl pregnant and I was jobless.

I wanted to abort the damn thing. What a fucking scary dream.
I dreamt that my mother died and then my family blamed me for it.

I remember spending half of that dream thinking of a contingency plan to get out of the fact that I'd likely be temporarily homeless. Then I remembered my mother has life insurance with me as the recipient and I felt a little better. I remember thinking that I had just lost the only person in the world that I wouldn't have to worry about intentionally fucking me over.

Then I woke up and was thankful that it was just a dream.

>wake up as usuall in my room
>go into kitchen
>mum and dad are talking
>make tea and about to vanish into my room again
>ram my head right into some wall infront of me
>spill tea all over the place
>dad gets up and mumbles something angrily
>I stare at the broken cup and hear the mumbling getting closer and angrier
>turn around and he is right in front of me, looking really pissed
>"anon I earn X in a month, your mum earns Y, when are going to fucking move out!!!?"

Wake up for real now at 3 a.m. and spend the rest of the night looking at the ceiling.
Reality is getting too real man.
shit anon learn a skill to make money and move out, its clearly weighing mentally on your mind.

I know, that is what I thought too.
I am a full time student who already struggles with his classes though. If I really want to move out I need some serious working hours with my skillset, which will force me to drop university or switch majors at best.
If I move out and drop everything I might as well forget that I have parents, because they will remove me from the familly tree for that.
It was some get together with people I haven't seen since middle school or high school. It was weird. I couldn't tell if some people had good thoughts about me, others seemed slightly surprised or neutral towards me. A bunch of other stuff. When I woke up I felt like I actually wanted to see them all. Even though if I tried that right now in life things would be awkward and they'd be far ahead in life than me in these past years alone
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I keep a journal. This was the most recent, but it was vignette-y.

>First I dreamed I was on 4chan reading various threads. One suggested that Amethyst from Steven Universe was not only a real person but that she was "like a real life rassassaway". I googled what that was and found a trailer for an animated kids film where the rassassaway was black scribbles with Amethyst's voice. It said "Those faeries will rue what they have stolen from me!". That was the trailer. All other threads were about sucking cock.

>Secondly was at a drug party thrown by [FRIEND]. Me, [FRIEND], guy and a girl were all in the same bed coming down from a trip. The girl started grabbing my tits and feeling hips. She laughed "When did Anon become a shemale?". I wanted to leave but I was told not to by [FRIEND] so I just hopped in my car and drove off to a bathroom. This was a compromise.

>Next I was rearranging my apartment and me and my friends were represented by Always Sunny characters. I was Charlie but living with Mac who had moved down the hall to fuck the waitress. Dennis told me to fuck a red haired prostitute to get back at Mac but I didn't want to when she showed up with her tranny brother so we just chatted. Her brother asked me to be a surrogate mother for him, but I was Charlie. I still said yes. There was a montage of us having a picnic, etc.

>Finally I was Dennis trying to trick a MILF into thinking I was classy at a fancy restaurant but my wine glass had a hole in it and I got mad, screwing up the deal. Mac suggested my schemes failed because the best schemers were all bald. I used my "God powers" to shapeshift into the mad scientist from Aqua Teen on the basis that Dennis' actor voiced the character. He doesn't. I kept shouting about how I could brew potions and if anybody needed said potions. Mac and I went to a Gym from pokemon and I kept zapping items on the ground before I decided to boil my face and scream. I woke up around here.

Please analyze.
You guys have weird dreams.
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Just woke up from an insanely vivid dream where i was trying to buy icecream, hot pockets, headphones and single shots from a gas station but i didnt have enough money. It was strangely exciting. I rarely dream and this was one of my most vivid ever and it had to be about something totally boring...
Woke up super hungry.
The occasional rimming my little sisters ass dream.
pretty hot desu
2 Week ago me cudling with my waifu
I took some new sleep medication called belsomra.
I started to fall asleep and kept waking up.

When I eventually fell asleep I had a dream in which I was in my old house at my desk having a seizure, attempting to grab something to throw to attract attention but not being able to move. I also experienced a similar physical feeling to when I did have a seizure before. Feeling physical sensations is something that never happens to me
I then woke up and had sleep paralysis. I experienced a hallucination of my room and desperately tried to move to break it. I eventually did and felt normal when I awoke.

I'm too scared to take it again and am supposed to see a doctor later about it.
>Feeling physical sensations is something that never happens to me
in dreams.

My normal dreams often involve impossible architecture or landscapes. My last one involving it was driving down a mountain that was curved as if through a fish eye lens and incredibly high.
Life in a nutshell
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I had the weirdest dream yesterday, already forgot most of it but fuck it

Some organization wanted to create a team of special people for something, think Suicide Squad. Anyway so they put them together
A blonde, overweight russian member of the mafia
An arab chick with a black hijab who's also a kungfu master
A ten year old little girl who's also a serial killer
Her mother who she killed, she was a ghost or zombie, can't remember
A 15th century russian conqueror played by Martin Sheen and nicknamed Baba Yaga, also his entire army

First scene was them getting introduced, all of them except for Baba Yaga agree on forming the team
Next scene is a small scene between the arab chick and the mafiosi falling in love with eachother
Next scene is them chilling in a public swimming pool
suddenly the little girl starts killing people and then a huge fight breaks out between the "heroes" and everyone at the swimming pool
They are losing for some reason but then Baba Yaga shows up on a flying horse with his army and they slaughter everyone while singing something
then I woke up
>this bollocks bro science
Had a dream where some robot-tier nerdy white kid committed murder suicide at my school and I was looking through all of my yearbooks to find pics of him and I remember thinking in my head "What if this ends up being me?" and I woke up.
It was really fucking weird, because I haven't remembered a dream in a while. It was really long. It started off in a mall, and Jonathan Rhys-Davies and Jude Law were filming something, like a reality or interview thing, on a couch, and I was sitting on it. I forget some details, but it was basically Rhys-Davies asking me if I were gay, and me saying no, but him not believing, and I had to run away, and they launched a campaign against me, and they, along with a bunch of other NPCs, spent ages chasing after me, all throughout different houses and lands, and it kinda felt like a horror movie.

I'm not even gay. It was because I hesitated, and he asked me why I hesitated.
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>She laughed "When did Anon become a shemale?"
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All of my 'dreams' end up just being about situations with old friends (Though they have the same appearance as they had when i'd last seen them, so years ago) and seemingly enjoying myself, perhaps a girl here or there.

It's more like nightmares to me since it's just throwing in my face what I had many years ago and could've continued having. Now my ex best friend is in jail, all my other friends are normies living on in their lives with their other halves, with one touring the country with his band.

All the meanwhile i'm stuck doing nothing with my life, with no desire to do anything at all anyway. Don't know when the last time was that I slept right and felt good about waking up. I just feel disorientated, massive headache with a dry/sore throat and even more tired than when I went to sleep. But I have to get up for obligations and the fact that my back/neck ache like crazy.
I witnessed the birth of the universe, entire galaxies spewed in all directions before one came directly towards me then I woke up. It was the first dream that's ever made me jolt upright straight out of my sleep covered in sweat. It was terrifying.
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Anyone else use nicotine patches to lucid dream?
I was in a mall playing magc: the gathering when an African drug syndicate took the mall over, stole all of out cards and shot a fuckin ton of people. I had to hide myself and my girlfriends little sister for hours. Shit was fucked
>Read a thread on /x/ about lucid dreaming and how to induce it
>Haunted by shadow people and nightmares for a fortnight

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I emailed my oneitis asking her about her day yesterday. By the time I went to sleep, I hadn't received a response.

In my dream, I woke up the next morning and looked at my emails. I had received a response from her. It was a long paragraph about how she was only ever nice to me out of politeness, and how she was sick of my "advances" towards her and thought I was a creep.

I woke up on the verge of tears, and then realized it was all a dream. I checked my email just in case, and saw that I did receive a response from her. This was it.

We're all gonna make it brobots.
Sent from my iPhone
Original post
I've had dreams where everything is allright and I'm loved and more importantly I know how to love back.

The people around me in those dreams feel so real and vivid to my mind.

Then I wake up and feel all somber and shit.

For the longest time I tried to recreate those dreams without success and then when I finally experienced something similar in my dream I woke up and what I noticed was that it wasn't those dreams I wanted but that somber feeling I had from waking up losing everything I had in the dream and realizing I can't really have it.
Literally that I was Izumi from parasyte and that my dad got mad at me for keeping on trying to find migi, trippy as fuck.
Since we're talking about Sword Art Online I've always wondered, was the AIDs girl gay? She seems pretty into Asuna. At one point she even talked about marrying her
here goes nothing

I was at the 7-11 for whatever reason and i was approached by two nasty junkies that knew me and wanted to talk one went around into the alley the other waved me to come over she wanted to talk so i followed out of curiosty they both started injecting something i'm not sure if it was herion or some other drug but they asked if i wanted some i refused some conversation reavlead they wanted me to speak with some other "chick" i agreed and shortly after that a truck drove up i got in and we started driving to the outskirts of town on our way out one of the junkies turned around and asked me if i would want to fuck her i said sure why not and i said if i don't want to i can leave right? i can't remeber what she said after this but we arrived at this building i got out and i can remeber the first floor was all windows with a tile floor and the second was the same but it had a table and green carpet both looked like they were under some sort of renovation a male was their he said he got most of the cleaning done then after that i was walking down a stairwell into a basement with a musty stench there was a tv off to the right and a in a l like shape there was a table or something in the corner and on the other side was another l like area after this i don't really remeber much but i woke up in what looked like some sort of hell there was fire and the air was heavy and hot then i remeber coming back to the house into the l shaped area and killing everyone after that i woke up
you forget your meds edge lord?
I dreamt i was having a date with my oneitis with cuddling and shit. I felt true hapiness for a moment there, then i woke up.
I kept passing by a grassy hill in the middle of a city, and this chubby autistic redhead girl was standing on it. In the dream, I would walk past the hill every day and try to work up the courage to talk to her. I eventually did, and we briefly exchanged spaghetti. Then she left and I could never find her again.

Can you stop? Just stop.
>dead best friend comes back
>is too busy playing sims to tell me how the fuck she stopped being a pile of ashes
>I hit her
>she deflates like a blow-up doll
>I have to hide her dead, floppy body

Somehow less upsetting than most of my dreams with her.
Don't remember anything other than big gun fight & asking for "5.56". my dreams are stupid.
Had a dream last night that I was looking at a map of central asia and europe and there were markings of where the ancient demons tombs are. Then it hovered over every tomb and it showed a video of each of them in their prime doing demon stuff like making fire

Then i was in my 8th grade class and it became really real and i was like holy fuck i fucking time traveled
>find girl screaming about being spied on in the shower
>catch guy to confront him
>stab guy in throat with knife that I apparently had
>fuck girl
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I had one last night where my niece was jerking me off and I thought it was actually happening

It came totally out of nowhere
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