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Does love really exist?
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Does love really exist?
Share stories of you being in love
Share the results of that love
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>Tfw I'll never make a successful thread
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No, it doesn't.

>fall madly in love with 7/10 qt because she gave me the time of day
>she only likes me as a friend
>still act like a puppy dog for over a year hoping to win her over
>last straw was when she stayed at her black thug ex's house sucking his dick for three days
>hate the whole female race
Did you keep orbiting even when she had a boyfriend?
Love (and all emotions) is just chemicals in your brain. It's as real as life in the Matrix.
>Does love really exist?
Disapproval upon you.
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We were in love for a while
She stopped
I didn't

She wasn't dating anyone back then, but now she's dating a beta guy, and we haven't spoken a word to eachother in 8 months. Still hurts though.
Love in the fictional sense is an ideal that people strive for. No one is perfect so perfect love and what you are most likely looking for is impossible. But attempting to nurture love between two people is possible and you both grow with one another. It usually ends in heartbreak but you learn more about love and how to cultivate it with each failure
>Fell in love with person because they were nice to me
>Turns out they're nice to everyone
>Also, naked with everyone
>I somehow got friendzoned despite them being a massive whore

Relationships are a meme
i had a girl that would throw it back in the school stair case in high school but now im talking to a male online who aint even like anything i like hes like a lil bitch and im just cucking him but other than that just hoes
>antisocial personality disorder so I can't feel love or empathy, me t this girl that anyone in my position would have loved and she moved to another country and I felt nothing.
I felt nothing when my cousin was about to die and we were best friend in childhood, I felt nothing either when my best friend lost his dad
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I fell in love with one of my friends girlfriend and she also fell in love with me. We talked secretly for a few months up until the end of December because I was getting tired of never being able to be with her and never seeing her. We said I love you to eachother man, we made memories. This is this 1st time I've ever fallen in love and now she's gone.

We stopped talking and Im still madly in love with her. And it kills me because I wish she was happy with me
Thanks oh mighty and wise 14 year old
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Come on now, wake up a bit and realise that ofcourse it doesn't exist. Just a meme that tries to make you go out of your way for others for their benefit, don't fall for it.
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original comment dont steal
You can't love anyone with all of your toxic unhealed inner demons being spewed out of every hole in your body at every opportunity you get
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I don't think I really feel love too much, except when the person I love is taken away from me. It's like somebody's slowly been feeding me increasing amounts of opiates, then they've cut me off without warning. I feel so incredibly lonely and desperate. I get really agitated and angry. I do crazy shit to make them feel sympathy for me. Eventually my gf realized I did this, so she didn't show any sympathy at all after we were fighting. I got even angrier and desperate, so she decided to stop talking to me altogether. Then I had to go to the hospital because I had a psychotic breakdown. I was having these vivid visual and auditory hallucinations where she was saying sweet things to me or where she texted me saying she wanted to talk again, only to snap out of it and realize it wasn't real. While I was hospitalized, I spent every day from morning wake-up to lights-off time drawing these really weird and abstract pictures and I kept telling everyone they were "for [her name]". The patients all thought I was being really sweet. Then they'd ask, "How come you never call her? How come she never visits?" and I'd stammer out some excuse. After I got out, she started talking to me again so things got all better.

Moral of the story: don't ever date me.
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>tfw I'll never create a thread by fear of fucking up
Well you still had sex with them so fuck off

>Said I was friendzoned
>"You had sex with them"

Reading comprehension my friend
What a beta faggot. Just hang yourself.
Tell the story pls
Do you see her frequently?
>Fall in love
>My emotional and mental flaws lead to eruption after almost a year
>Break up
>Turn from a super feely softie into a mostly emotionless sentinel
>Been almost a year since breakup
>Still in love with her
>Still talk to her
>Not even on bad terms with her; we talk, hang out, and hook up every now and then

TL;DR: Love leads to strange emotional and mental paradigm shift,
>see pic
Sounds crazy m8
How long did your relationship last?
My nigga
What's your favourite drake song?
Not on that album but mine is Jungle.
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>Out of the blue a shy 7/10 chick starts talking to me
>We get along pretty well and I manage to not spill spaghetti every time we talk
>finally get the courage to ask her out. She says yes
>Soon after she just breaks up with me out of the blue
>Turns out she only wanted to date me so some guy who wouldn't stop talking to her would back off when he found out she had a boyfriend.
>she tries to remain friends afterwards and gets super pissed off at me for never replying to her. She was convinced she had done nothing wrong.

r9k was right all along. Even the shy ones are as bad as the staceys.

>I feel so incredibly lonely and desperate. I get really agitated and angry

That doesn't sound like love at all anon. That sounds like addiction.

Did you really care about her unique personality traits or did you care about what she was doing for you or making you feel (or maybe she was making you not feel something - like loneliness)?

Did you care about her happiness? Did you want to see her succeed even if it would mean she would have to give you less time or attention or comfort or less of whatever bad feeling she supposedly distracted you from? (this is based on you saying that without her you get lonely and desperate and agitated and angry)

>After I got out, she started talking to me again so things got all better.

Did they really get better? It sounds really broken, unhealthy, and painful.

Do you think you should work on yourself and let her go?
That only implies that you were rejected from a relationship not sex

>Moral of the story: don't ever date me.

So you know and acknowledge that what you're doing is wrong. Why don't you treat her better?

>I get really agitated and angry. I do crazy shit to make them feel sympathy for me.

Do you think she deserves to be put through the crazy shit you do for sympathy?

Do you completely lack the ability to care about what someone else might be feeling?
I suppose "Marvin's Room" is pretty good--I don't listen to Drizzy much anymore, honestly. Moved over to (relatively) underground Rap.
>does love exist


>share stories of you being in love

loved a guy before he got killed

>share results of that love

sad but better for having experienced it

>doesn't love gf
>insane freak out when she leaves

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>fall in love with my 7th grade English teacher
>At first teacher gives no shits about me
>spend an entire year trying to win her favor
>go from amateur stalking to being her favorite student
>spent the next year always being around her, treated special, she bought me gifts, and would try to nominate me for things in school
>got to the point where other students were visually jealous and got in between us.
>I could disobey her in front of the entire class and face no repercussions so it was pretty obvious.
>unfortunately she did have a boyfriend and was in her mid twenties or early thirties while I was 12 or 13
>endgame was spending senior trip with her holding hands and taking pictures, got her cellphone number and gave her lots of hugs.
It was unrequited but I got something out of my pursuits.

Anybody want to hear the other two or have questions about what I did? I was genuinely in love with her, would have done and was doing everything she asked of me. If she reciprocated any feelings I would never have left or betrayed her. Too bad that was a distant dream.

>thinking 12 year old infatuation is the same thing as love

seriously what is with you obsessive freaks?
It wasn't infatuation. I felt the same thing at 18 for someone else. You going to call that 12 year old infatuation too?
Its not like she was the first person to treat me nice or some other pathetic bullshit.
I liked her. I worked at her. And I got her as close as possible. Honestly if there is no infatuation in your love you're clearly doing it wrong. Now a days with hook up culture people are so distant and detatched. There is no love in what they do. Its just expectation and tolerance. They don't genuinely care about people for being themselves. That's why you cant just be yourself.
>fall in love with qt
>she initiates first contact
>have the best two years of my life
>leaves at the end of HS because she's a "changed person"
Save me from the red pill, I feel like I'm slowly swallowing it down
Lets hear the other ones m8
Jamal here asking wtf this nigga just typed
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>meet girl in chatroom
>both interested in arts
>I just entered HS
>we had been talking for a couple of years prior
>depression hit hard but she was always listening.
>she would tell me she loved me
>unfortunately she also had a bf
>spoke with her every single day
>she drew pictures of is together one of them being very lewd
>want to meet her
>do it
>she was perfect but I felt inadequate
>she held me close and we held hands
>she probably thought of me as a pet but was very intimate
>unfortunately new man stepped into her life and she left
>felt extremely angry and hurt because she have no explanation at the time.
>she just stopped speaking to me one day when I needed it the most
>depressed about it for 2-3 years after
>blamed myself partially for not being good enough
I've been in love twice. It was pretty good.
love doesn't exist
but really good friendships do
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If you were to lock two average, none crazy people in a house, they would fall in"love" in a week. But hey, don't let reality bother you. My cat only likes me because I feed it, but that doesn't stop me from snuggling with her.

>being cynical about love

you're boring m8

this is fucked up brobot
Everybody has a different ideal, romantic version of lust that they try to believe in to make life nice. Only my version of it exists for me and only their ideal version of it exists for them. So basically, it doesn't really exist. I'm not trying to preach some kind of wise truth or anything; just sharing my underdeveloped 2 cents.


Hi, just to let you know Autism is a serious issue and pretending you have autism on a Bulgarian carpet cleaning image board is highly offensive to many people. Please be more considerate :^)
>Was really in love for like 8 times in my life
> for most of the times much too beta to make a move

> If I made a move I got rejected pretty firmly-which is ok so at least I knew what was up

> 1 time got put in the friendzone and made it out of it after 2 years
> had my first gf for a year and ended it myself because she was crazy af

Now freshly in love with shy 8/10 qt3.14 will have to ask her out soon, havent dropped all my spaghettis she seems to like me back. Wish me luck really want to escape lonelieness
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