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Who /EsotericOccultTexts/ here?
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Who /EsotericOccultTexts/ here?
>tfw studying ancient rituals to smite Chad
>tfw seeing through the propaganda and thinking about how to meld it into your own tool
>tfw becoming one with the almighty as you become god yourself
Look out normies
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Yeah, not sure how deep the rabbit hole goes though. I know that controlling yourself entirely is actually not that difficult to achieve (time put in wise, its tricky getting it down though). You can certainly make yourself feel, see, experience whatever you want. Your cognitive abilities will expand as well. This in and of itself presents a lot of power, as far as control of the outside world or channelling I am unsure. I will find out eventually I guess. If it is possible there are people out there influencing minds in a pretty profound way.
>Good drinking water

Kek what is this spic religion
can you expand on this? I lack any form of self control and i'd like to know how you did it? Books i should read?
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I sit zazen. If you go to the wikipedia page you will see the entry level practice section, I use the technique where you focus on breathe and nothing else. I also use mantras, things that I repeat during the outbreathe. It dosent matter what mantra you use, it serves as a way to switch things up. I get back whatever I put in practice time wise. 30 minutes a day is a good start, then shoot for 10 more each month up to an hour. I feel more focused, and like I am less miserable and suscepitble to things bothering me. My memory also incidentally got better. Here is a little research to check out if you want.
That particular piece samples a lot of studies, so its useful as an introduction to the science behind this kind of thing. Among other things there is a shrinking of the amygdyla, which is a small, "older" part of the brain. The amygdyla is responsible for emotions, there are many other changes as well though.
Check out fringechan.org

Praise be to kek
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You mentioned kek, and dubs were had.

You must convert to kek
im scared to click the link can somebody test it for me?
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The occult is the ultimate red pill.

get into Hermetics and Rosicrucianism, there is where your Meme Magic will start to manifest itself into your life

R. Swinburne Clymer is an amazing mystic, as well as manly p hall.
Where do I start?
I've actually been kinda interested in a while.
I want to summon succubi and learn curses protection spells and stuff.
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all of that is fake magic.

Fake magic designed to lead the profane, the easily misguided away from the truth.

Real magic can be found in Rosicrucian, Hermetic, and Khabbalistic text and literature.
Right here my famille
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>Aleister Crowley


Ohhhh sure he was such a great occulist, thats why he died from syphilis and addicted to heroin.

He was the edgy cousin of the occult world, and no one let him know any of the true secrets because of this reason.

You literally can't do any of those things. It's the male version of wicca, for the stupid and gullible.

Learning chemistry or physics is the closest we have to actual magic.
whatever you do, don't dabble, go all the way or don't try at all, I'm regretting it a lot
As someone who's spent much time looking into that stuff

the only way you'll ever be able to perform real magic is if you balance yourself mentally, emotionally, mentally. I jave a friend who tried summoning a succubus to satisfy his urges, and bad things happened. He implanted a negative entity into his mind. You don't want this nor can you handle this. Magic has a high barrier of entry; it demands self-discipline, like all arts. God is the source of all knowledge and by extension all magic. How can you penetrate the science of consciousness when you yourself are not completely conscious?

wait, so whats the point of doing all that stuff If you cant even smite normies with divine wrath?
*mentally, physically, emotionally
How do I summon demons and shit?
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I read too much Jung and now I have this complete belief that there is secret knowledge hidden within our minds. Within our consciousness, there is a very important Thing that we have to discover. The point of our lives is to discover the Thing. It's embedded all around the universe, but you can find it without leaving your room.

I've been searching so desperately for the Thing. I've been reading esoteric literature, I've been doing yoga, and I've tried numerous hallucinogenic substances. I developed a dissociative addiction because I was convinced I was getting closer and closer. Right now I'm having a crisis because I'm not sure if the Thing is real. My doctor says I have schizophrenia. I guess I show a lot of the symptoms, like hallucinations, disorganized behavior, and wild creative thoughts. But I just wonder, maybe my mind is just a lot more sensitive to the Thing, and that's why it affects me in these ways? My brain and body are so desperate for the truth, I yearn so greatly to find it. That's why I don't feel hungry or concern myself about hygiene, I need the Thing so much more.

There have been a few select people, usually the founders of religions, who I believe have discovered the Thing. These people are able to gain huge followers because their words vibrate so well in the structure of our consciousness. I try to read things from every religion and find their similarities.
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Crap Hound 5 - 01.jpg
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Thats from my copy of Crap Hound 5 I scanned and uploaded to Pirate Bay about 8 years ago.
Same coffee stains and everything. Its really cool to see it's made it's rounds.

Still have my original 5000x6600 scans if any one wants a mega of it. They're neat ass books.
I'm keen to get into the occult but I think I have weed induced schizophrenia
By all means anon. That's what we're here for.
I don't know what this is but if you're looking for some neato artbooks try the Book of the SubGenius. Every page is basically like this, but with some UFOlogy nonsense crammed in with the occult/religious stuff. Great books to read, too.
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Jung was a cuck, don't think too far into what he believed
Fair enough.

Crap Hound 5
do you have more of these? #7 in particular
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Thread images: 13
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