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lone and dark music threat
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2015-04-03 23.40.55.jpg
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lets post a melancholic dark lone sad music with a pic
pic made by me

>I only have one organ left in this ol' bag of bones, it is failing me
>I try to tell people that I'm dying, only they don't believe me
>they say we're all dying, that we're all dying
>but if -- if you are dying, why aren't you scared?
>why aren't you scared like I'm scared?
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>The Downward Spiral
>The Bottom

I've been listening to this track for a week now
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This whole album is really good, very atmospheric. It starts to seem even darker when you find out the lead guitarist/vocalist was severely depressed and he killed himself when he broke his hand because he couldn't play guitar anymore. Making music was the only way he could deal with his sadness, and once that was taken away he had no reason to live.

I don't know how I would cope if I couldn't play guitar either. It's the only thing that gives me happiness anymore. Trying to write an album right now. My friend is in the hospital and I spent all day every day talking to her. Now with all this free time, I gotta do something so I can stay sane. I'm teetering very close to psychosis, but I refuse to take my meds because they take my creativity away.
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Burial - untrue
Mono & world's end girlfriend - Palmless Prayer/ Mass Murder Refrain
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>why aren't you scared like I'm scared?
That line hits me so hard, goddamn. It makes you feel so alone and helpless in the world, like everybody else is carrying their weight on their shoulders just fine, but for some reason it's crushing you.

ray always felt pretty hollow
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Here's some more sad, depressing songs that give me lots of feelings. Used to only listen to this kind of music when I was struggling a lot with depression. Not depressed anymore, but maybe they will help someone who's going through a tough time now.

>D for love
>D for insight
>D because you're heaven sent
>I want you to need me
>Not to feed me

>They'll only miss you when you leave
>So you try and stay awake
>You just might be the love in their eyes
>When they've subtracted all the times you sat there
>Trying not to say goodbye

>"Is that the truth," he says
>"The pain is easy?"
>Too many words, too many words

>So try living life
>Instead of hiding in the bedroom
>Show me a smile
>And I'll promise not to leave you

>She was just getting ready to go to her midnight shift as an RN in Wadsworth
>Then she vanished up in flames like that but there had to be more to her life's worth

>I open up my heart
>And stick my fingers in,
>But you will never want
>What I have to give

None of these are like a one-song band, they've all got at least one good album that's really nice from start to finish. Give them a try if you want some more.

I would also recommend picking up an instrument to any depressed robots. Guitar is a great one, because you can start making some songs all by yourself. Pirate something like FL Studio so you can record yourself.

I know how hard it is to even do things you were once so used to doing. You gotta push yourself to get the ol' brain gears going again. Easier said than done. Like I said, I've been struggling with psychosis pretty recently. It makes you stay in bed all day, unable to eat, shower, socialize, or even sleep. Guitar is my only outlet.
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If you are predisposed towards, or want somewhere to start with Black Metal, here's what I feel is a standout record.

It's majestic when enjoyed in solitude.
Agalloch is a nice band to start with too
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