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ITT: tell your autistic coding/programming stories.

>just got my programming diploma
>sick of seeing code so get a job as cashier
>have to work a long shift
>brain tired and can't concentrate anymore
>keep asking people if they want their receipt
>people give me strange looks and ask me what I mean
>get mad because they are idiots and repeat: "DO. YOU. WANT. YOUR. RECEIPT?"
>"N-no that's fine... uh I'll just go now"
>coworker is laughing his ass off
>think he set those people up to piss me off
>turns out I was asking if people wanted their source code instead of receipt
>>just got my programming diploma
>>sick of seeing code so get a job as cashier
Why? Why not just get a job in IT then and still make double what you are now.
I literally just want to shut off my brain. Sometimes I program at home for fun, but if I have to spend 8 hours a day looking at source code or even fixing networks, I'll blow my fucking brains out.
>compile awful code with bad use of pointers
>on next compile there's an error not in my project but in a windows header file I include in the project
>that actual file on my HDD is now fucked up with ascii smiley face pointer gibberish in the middle of it
>have to search for a working copy on the internet and replace it so I can compile again
Is anyone here a freelance programmer? Is it accessible? How's the pay?

Yeah, I think most people with no experience programming greatly underestimate how convoluted and abstract that stuff gets. Most people will not enjoy programming for a living, it takes a shitload of autism to think in that way.

t. an autist who programs for a living

>is it accessible

Yes and no.

Yes in that everything you need to program is already available to you.

No in that most people will never be able to do the kind of extreme abstract thinking required to write out the instructions for what is essentially an invisible logic circuit.
About to get fired from current job and gonna go to college but I have no fucking clue what I wanna do. Thinking about going for a computer science degree and start programming but I'm worried about wasting a bunch of money for a career I might end up hating.

You should become a programmer if you enjoy failing at something you're trying to figure out hundreds of times before finally noticing a tiny detail that you need to fix so you can move on to the next problem.
That actually doesn't sound all that unappealing
>if I have to spend 8 hours a day looking at source code
Never happens lad

>Lunch break
>Filling in time sheets
>Bug reports
>Support tickets (unless it's a very large company)
>Coffee breaks

God I hate working
It happened in college, and it happened during my internship. Sure, there are some breaks but at best I still had to do 6 hours of fixating on that shit. I love it as a hobby, I've done a bunch of shit, but fuck me if I'm going to stare at boring useless company code for that long again.
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Moving to Austin soon in hope of landing a web dev job. No CS degree, self taught. How fucked am I?
i can only do really simple programs. i completed like the first ten project euler problems then make simple scripts.

how do i actually code a good piece of software. like for instance i had an idea to make a job hunting script that automatically searches cl, emails potential employers your preset message, so you can run the script just applying to massive amount of jobs wihtout actually manually having to do that.

of course there would be parameters that you would set for teh type of job, etc.
Is that craigslist?

This is what they call a web scraper. If it's for a single site like I think it is, you could literally do it in a day for the basics, and a week or 2 for maximum functionality/efficiency or whatever. This is coming from a guy who enjoys making web scrapers for fun.

That being said, it sounds like you're just a beginner so it would take like a week for the basics for you. In what language do you want to make it?
What's difficult about that? You're just getting intimidated about the size of it.

Write down a list of things you need the program to do (send an email, create a template message, read a webpage, parse html to find the information you need), then write a class or method to accomplish each task and link them together.
I think his problem is that he doesn't know how to start. One of my first programs was a web scraper. When I started I thought it would be impossible, but it was much simpler than I thought.

My advice to you (>>26206132) would be to follow some web scraping tutorial on YouTube and add your own extra functionality. Once you understand the concepts it's not too difficult to actually execute. If you're using C#, Python, or Java, you'll do fine because it's so simple to do internet stuff in them.
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>be a computer stuff student
>need to take dept elective class
>wanted to take cs research or some shitty course like that
>%95 of the time easy as fuck course depending on instructor
>usually you just write a blog about some retarded ass software technology for like 8 weeks
>all instructors already taken only one left
>he wanted someone interested in android opencv and some other bullshit i cant remember
>i only know lil bit android
>go talk with him its only choice anyway
>he says are you interested and shit like that
>im like hell yeah i was born opencv bla bla
>he says that his last students were not good so they took bad grades
>think to myself shouldnt be that hard if i work hard enough i might do
>usually all the people nails aa from this course but his latest took dd
>i had to accept it so i say its ok i want this course
>go talk with him he tells me to set up dev environment and shit
>then he tells me to try to look for a way to open camera in background in android
>i look for it
>figured out there is no good way to do it
>fyi im like really shitty programmer all i can do is read the fucking manual
> i have to do make some really shitty workaround
>its like 6 lines of code
>works in my samsung phone
>show it to instructor
>instructor tries on his phone doesnt work
>well its not supposed to work but it does in samsung phone because of some reason i cant remember now
>teacher is amazed
>he is like man you are really good bla bla bla
>he gaves me an aa in like week 3
>didnt even take an 8 week
>later he offers me a job in university
>im like why not
>feel like hey im not that shitty
i also would like to state that people thought this was hard as fuck so it was the only reason why nobody took the course from instructor. thanks god for making some people even more retarded than me.i can also tell some stories about the work if you are interested
Lad sounds like your instructor is making you his protege for stalking attractive female students. When your phone becomes mandatory you'll know I'm right.
>Getting a diploma/degree in something you don't want to do for a living
Well, congrats.
nah mate he didnt do that. he was really cool guy. this stuff happened 3 years ago
I did at first. I started programming before college and it was a lot of fun. But in college you do boring shit 24/7. There was like 1 fun project and that was it. Most of the shit I had to die was financial management applications or whatever.

>customer types shit in
>program sends customer's request to server
>server processes request and sees if it's valid
>if it's valid make customer enter his payment details
>generate invoice

It's always something like this. Fucking every hour of every day I had college, it was something like this. Fuck 'em.
who cares desu. if the salary is ok i would do it. but im forced to get a job not in IT cos they all require exp here where i am, that i dont have.
If you're okay with it, that's fine. But at this moment code drives me insane. I hope it's just a phase.
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