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Who was the nicest person to you during highschool?
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I wouldnt know, i wasnt considered bad or unlikeable by many people, some were indifferent and by senior year I was well met and greeted by many in my class and below as a role model.

Maybe some were just kissing ass or pretending, but coming from a popr background and not being chad, i felt quite accepted.

I would say perhaps this one girl who was like a super athlete at my hs. She was tall and pretty strong, but always shared snacks with me and helped me study for tests when i felt unsure of material. She was outgoing, and learned last year shes getting married
there was this one guy in my class that called me an ugly faggot only once a day
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My High School Soccer coach.
She always went out of her way to help me. >Would offer to carry my bags when she was walking with me to training.
>would give me lifts home from games even though her house was in opposite direction
>at the funeral of a teammate she hugged me afterwards, kissed my neck and said "you're special"
>we all got certificates for participation, she signed a couple of ours in front of us, one got a smiley face next to her signature, she put a heart on mine.
>I was an asshole to her for the 3 years she was my coach, beligerent, sarcastic and unruly in practice/games. I hate myself for it. I was in love with her and I didn't know how to deal with it.
>one summer I rang her house and asked for her, on the ruse of asking which subjects to take the next year in order to become a pilot. She was nice to me and didn't act creeped out by the creepy thing I had done.
>I used to drive by her house all the time and I wonder if she ever saw me.
>last saw her in 2007
>have grown up a lot and want to show her who I really am, apologize for the way I was back then and tell her how much I appreciate the way she was so kind to me
>I'd give up everything just to find her but I don't want to be creepy in order to do so.

I love you Rebecca.
Uhm, my teachers really, particularly my Drawing teacher. Everyone else in class hated her for no apparent reason other than "OMFG SHE SCRIBBLED ON MY BEAUTIFUL DRAWING." And there was seemingly never a way to get it across to them that their drawings were really fucking horrible and that there was no reason to be mad over something like that. Get creative and work around it you pseudo fuck.

Needless to say I entered high school pretty hopeful about my classmates and had to drop out after developing mad issues from feeling surrounded by people I couldn't help but hate.
similar feel

My PE teacher was always cool to me, she's a blonde 6' qt but I out grew her and I think she had a thing for me
But she was always very kind and could tell I had a passion for sports and they were the only thing I liked and made me happy
She knew I wasn't like the other douchebag kids who only play football (roogbeh) and could tell my life was shit, she would ask me about home and I was honest to her, the only person I could talk to at times
Big, fat tech teacher who played DnD and was absolutely based or an old war vet teacher.

The war vet was a hardass, but he was one of the only teachers that actually cared about his students.
The girl I dated and then dumped.
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Eliza or (Girl whom names escapes me but always wore brooches)

Booth were mild-manner'd and never seemed to beef with anyone.
Also Christina whom I had cooking class with, and the home school'd boy who came in to finish senior year in high school, we discussed Vietnam briefly.
This one girl named Tommie. She was scene as hell, yet peppy and cheery all the time with no interest in drama whatsoever. Very enthusiastic about sex, but very loyal towards whoever she was seeing. Had drawing abilities, but lacked creativity and originality, like most. Smoked weed, but not all day, every day. Very self-aware. She was a unique one and didn't fit a stereotype like most do. I liked her, even if her lifestyle and choices did not appeal to me.
My imaginary friend Jeff. We had so much fun planning school shootings and figuring out ways to get back at normies for ruining our lives.

Jeff died last year. I miss him.
This 6'1 girl, she had amazing tits and a nice ass with a respectable face. She sat beside me in my computer class and complimented me on my driving when I was taking lessons.
My dogs, I miss them so much.
My crush. Never forget.

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Two druggie girls and a league/csgo autist
Two chads stood up for me once when they saw me getting bullied. Stopped rhe bullying entirely, 3 nice quiet years of high school. Got invited to a party once by them but didn't go. Otherwise just stood on the sidelines and did nothing.
No one really.

There was this one girl who would sit next to me in all our classes and rub her leg against mine, me being a complete autist I just sat there stunned, she'd look at me and say "don't pretend you don't like it"

Eventually she stopped.
A group of girls that used to talk to me all the time. They were all attracted to me. Then one of the girls got a boyfriend and she stopped saying anything. Then the prettiest girls of the three started to hit on me really hard. She was always touching my back in class and we would hold hands when there wasn't much to do in class. It felt really nice.
The kids in retard class were always nice to me. They treated me as if I were one of their own.
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my mother, who was also our head teacher
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