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>tfw every dream
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>tfw every dream
Had a dream of some qt co-worker, woke up with love in my heart for her. But then I realized I'm too unattractive and ugly to be in love with a female.
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This happened to me last night

>I want off this wild ride
This happened to me when i was 10 but instead of being a girlfriend it was a play station 3
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I used to have these dreams a lot as a kid. My subconscious probably knew I was a robot and was preparing me for it.
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>tfw you never dream and when you finally do its always nightmares

Fuck this shit, man
>tfw you never got that sweet ps triple to play the new ratchet and clank games
Lately I've been getting killed in my dreams. I wake up right after. Does that mean anything.
I've been having a lot of dreams where i am murdering people. If that makes you feel anymore sane
Fuck, this happened to me last night. I just want a cute girl to chat and chill with. And of course fuck.
last night I dreamed that megan fox was my gf and I was stroking her hair while watching her movies in a bar
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You're missing out brah, ACiT was a great game.
PS3s are reasonably cheap now..
I sometimes have dreams where a random women would just take my as their bf and would go out on dates. Not too long ago I had a dream where the girl got mad at me for not picking up the hints she was giving me.
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I had few of these recently for a girl who I thought I had no feelings for, but I guess I have a crush on her even though I have no reason to have one and I thought I grew out of crushes.

There's literally no reason for me to like this girl, but yet I can't stop thinking about her.
In my dream last night Hitomi Tanaka wanted to fuck me and I was like "no my gf will be sad" and then I woke up and saw my GF and her boobs don't even spill out so much that you can see them from behind and I regretted not cucking her for Hitomi in my sleep.
Last night I dreamed there was a shooting in my country. Something like 25 dead and 140 injured.

I remember thinking it'd be hard to make fun of amerishoots on the internet anymore, so I'm glad it wasn't real
Today I had a dream that my hair was fucking LONG, like down way past my nipples. When I woke up, it was the same pathetic just-past-my-neck curly hair it's always been.

>tfw guy trying to grow hair long

Fuck my life.
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I had a dream last night that I killed my neighbour and that her daughter knocked on my door because "she needed to talk to someone who can understand her".

One thing led to another and in the next scene I was pounding her from behind, the thought that I was the man who killed her dad and her not knowing it making me even harder and fucking her even more.
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Last night I dreamt that I got cancer and rapidly drifted into the abyss while those around and close to me revealed their true feelings of disdain for me. It felt like real time so I got to cobfront my own mortality and face the reailty of my seemingly impending death.
The night before that I dreamt that I was sacrificed by some shadowy religious cabal.
I fucking hate my dreams. It's always some abatract horror story or scolding dramatization of immasculating, depressing and painful events in my life.
I remember dreaming about having an accident and pretty much dying/getting a light at the end of a tunnel

Then I woke up and silently cried for a bit before trudging through another day
I dreamt last night that I was on 4chan reading a post about dream....... Wait WTF!!!! (Some time later) i woke up horrified to find Pepe had only fingered me once that night
Do you have more or sauce of that girl?
if i kill myself will i dream forever?
>only get dreams taking my medication
>they suddenly stop prescribing me my daily dream dose
>worry that what OP is describing won't happen to me

By the time I got to my pharmacy it was to late to call my doctor. I never felt open to the idea of sleeping in the short run.
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shes underaged you sick perv
>dream about having qt3.14gf
>ask her why she choose me
>"because no one else wants you"
>wake up
Not sure what was worse. The nightmare or waking up to real life.
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what's her name so i can know she's underage?
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>Not beating the shit out of her in your lucid dream for not being real irl

Wat type of robot are you?
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>take 6mg of melatonin and pass out
>douchebag in a bright red suit with red glasses breaks into my house
>lets my ferrets out
>they all die
>tie the fucker to my door and slit his throat
>wake up pissed off
I guarantee they are turning you down because you're approaching them weirdly
>be dreaming
>have 10/10 gf
>she tells me it's time to wake up
>tell her I want to stay with her forever
>she tells me she will come with me
>wake up with the memory of her perfect smile
>no gf

lol just kill yourself family
>tfw I do this
>dream of some wispy pale uguu kawaii vulnerable girl trying to lure me
>sit on top of her and pull her eyes out
>punch the goop back into her face

I have a partner of years in real life who I love very much and don't want fake ass dream waifus
You have ferrets? Nice.
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