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Any other wage slaves that can't get...
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Any other wage slaves that can't get to sleep?

I have too work 9 hour shifts for the next 8 days, and I just can't sleep.

I'll keep posting in this thread for the rest of the week, I think I just might quit my job halfway through the week.

So come feel with me.
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>4:23 am
>Have to wake up 6:30 am
Might as well just watch some chinese cartoon now.
I work nights. Fuck, I'm at work right now.

I don't get stable sleep and I haven't in...like a week. I usually get solid sleep after talking to a friend I've known for a number of months now but she's not on as often anymore.

I still wish I could just reset my life.
Kek in the military I'll be working 12-13 hours shifting 5 days straight with sometimes weekend duty.
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I went to art school after high school, it wasn't really my thing; I'm not really the artsy fartsy type. I was "good" at it but it was just a combination of the people and the commute.

I really liked art history people can't really appreciate art at all anymore.
I only got 4 hours sleep before work today, and I was fucked all day. usually I manage 6, and even them I'm fucking tired all day.

If I get home and go pretty much straight to bed and asleep, I can get 10 hours sleep and then its only half as bad putting up with the shit at work
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I wish I could go into NG+ for my life, I used to work nights, and that was the most depressing time of my life; and at least you have someone to talk too.

I would honestly join the military if I wasn't a fat fuck. Good luck.
I currently have to walk 5 miles to work so i can pull an 11 hour shift.
Wish i could just live the neet life.
Only during the day, when I force myself to stay up. And she's in a different continent and...well, she wouldn't miss me.
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I hope you get paid well. I'm honestly thinking about trucking; 11 hours of being alone, travailing the ol' empty US of A.

I'm sure she enjoys it, if she takes the time out of her day. I haven't had an actual conversation with a girl since highschool.
Yeah...maybe. Iunno.

But it keeps me going. At least until she finds a guy at her university. Then I'll just go from there.
It's been at least a couple years since I was able to get a full night's sleep. It used to be that at least on the weekends I could sleep in. Now, I still wake up after 4 hours or so and that's usually it. Sometimes I toss and turn for a couple hours and then fall back asleep for another hour or two. I can't remember the last time I woke up and didn't feel exhausted. Everything's gone completely to shit in the past few weeks. I just want to go to sleep and never wake up.
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Well you know... Roasties and all that. Ree etc etc.
Save up some money and do some fun things with it. I've been putting $50 a paycheck into savings for about a year, I think I might use it to go to Japan later this year.
Why not? There are a bunch of companies that train you for free and the course is pretty short. Even if you go to school its not that expensive and if you got a job you could pay it off in a matter of a couple months at most
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Unable to fall asleep even after 10+ hour shifts.
Alarm fails to wake me up and end up being late or not even showing up.
Good times.
>tfw geniunely debate rather you'd rather work 40 hours a week for the rest of your life or kill yourself
Yeah...after income tax I'll have almost $3k saved up but I don't want to spend it all. I'm thinking of taking a week off in a month but I doubt I'll do anything but sit in my room.
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to real anon, why
Yeah, i had that problem, i would often spend a good 4 hours trying to sleep before actually getting any, just because my mind would never stfu, its especially bad because i have to be there at 430 am.

A couple months back i went to the doctor after a really bad night where i didnt sleep for the last 24ish hours due to stress and heat stroke. They put me on mild sleepers and its enough to push me over the edge and sleep.

I would strongly recommend seeing someone about it, it stops so much worry.
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I work 2nd shift and usually don't have a problem falling asleep. As long as I can get to bed before 9am I'm good.

I don't know if I could survice working in the mornings.
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