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>tfw friends are starting to catch on...
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>tfw friends are starting to catch on to the fact you're a virgin
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>he has friends
Once, while drunk, I revealed my powerlevel.
0/10 just fucking end it.
I never met with those people again.
You just prove yourself to be extremely weak.
One shouldn't do this.
Once, while drunk, I revealed my powerlevel.

Just pretend you're a Christian, or better yet, actually become a Christian. Take up an unusual hobby like bee-keeping or speak articulately and at length of things that are above them: classical music, philosophy, mathematics etc.

People will think you're eccentric and let you off, like you've reverted back to a pre-sexual state, an innocent child who is not to be judged by the same standards as they judge themselves. If your friends are intelligent they may see through this, but persist; you may pick up some genuine hobbies along the way. This won't ease the despair of a loveless life but at least you won't have to deal with the scorn of others.

Kindess will help to keep the sadness from the left side of your face, which is where it will appear. Wistfulness is the most attractive expression for you to cultivate.
> Just pretend you're a Christian, or better yet, actually become a Christian.

I suspect that this advice is given with an ulterior motive. Join the Raeliens, OP, and you won't be a virgin much longer.
>Kindess will help to keep the sadness from the left side of your face, which is where it will appear

Is this really a thing?
Who cares, honestly. Just say you're asexual if you're embarrassed about it.
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>with some friends
>playing a drinking game
>one of those "every time you've done something that the person says, drink"
>every fucking question Is sexually related
>people start noticing I'm not drinking
>questions become more and more vanilla
>I still don't drink
>"drink if you've had sex"
>I still don't drink
>everyone starts freaking out
>omg dude you're a virgin??
>dude you're like 22 years old are you joking?
>are you saving yourself for marriage or something? lol!
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>neighbors druggie boyfriend point blank asked me if I'm a virgin, in front of my mother
>friends think I'm a turbochad manslut

Even when I openly admit to the opposite, they assume I'm joking.
I don't know. For me it's true. Right side appears intelligent, practical and confident. Left looks defeated and distraught.
>be virgin
>readily let people know if the topic of relationships ever gets brought up
>their interests are piqued
>do this with everyone I meet online
>amass a slew of orbiters
>continue leading them on, telling them they could come visit if only I trusted them more
>they buy me gifts to earn my trust
>still could have sex with whoever I want, but waiting for the right one

You all are doing it wrong
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My virginity was revealed by a pack of gum, of all fucking things.

>at a studio recording an album with my band
>just after lunch break, engineer asks if someone has gum
>my parents gave me and my siblings a bunch of 5 Gum as stocking stuffers a few weeks ago, so I had some in my car and went to get it
>come back in, hand out gum to everyone
>wasn't aware that it had "truth or dare" questions as a gimmick on all the wrappers
>this intrigues my normie bandmates
>one of them gets the "who was your first kiss" question
>they all laugh about how juvenile it is, but go on to talk about their first kisses anyway
>the conversation turns to me
>I have nothing to say, and suck at lying
>"wow dude, you've really never kissed anyone? Ever?"
>"don't worry dude, I was a virgin until I had sex. You'll get there one day!"
>Th-thanks Chad
>>"don't worry dude, I was a virgin until I had sex. You'll get there one day!"

Top kek
>This is what its like to chew 5 gum
What kind of music does your band play?
also how old are you?

Tbqh they are a bunch of faggots if they think being a virgin is anything to be embarrassed about. I have a friend who is a complete chad yet he only lost his virginity at 25.

tfw no gf ;_;
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>tfw friends are all virgins as well

we ride together we die together
My bother came home pissed off because the whole class made fun of him for being a virgin.

>mfw even most sophomores are having sex.
I though your virginity was sacred and shit, this is why I don't want children

*** a virgin at 22. I guess if you're a virgin at 35 then yeah start to worry.
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download (1).jpg
6 KB, 227x222
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>>"don't worry dude, I was a virgin until I had sex. You'll get there one day!"
holy shit, Chad is a total bro
math rock
>because the whole class made fun of him for being a virgin.
Not even going to ask why they knew that
>somewhat handsome
They will never catch me, right? right?
>take media arts credit to fulfill necessary block in highschool
>too beta to form groups right away
>end up getting approached by alpha sportsguys
>okay this will be okay this is easy, photoshop is easy anyone can do it and draw out rough drafts and sketches of basic poster design


>beg teacher to let me work on my own or swap out
>he's a bigsportsguy too and despite being adults who've failed many years they play lacross well so he can't afford them to drop out
>tells me to just bear with it and he'll make sure we all get a good mark

>Despite all this they're pretty nice to me
>offer me snuzz or whatever you call chewing tobacco
>try to culture me on sports things
>one day they're sitting around me as I hurriedly hack away at a hockey poster- just changing the jersey colours and slapping it together with some fake-promotional info in final cut pro
>they talk about all the chicks they've slammed
>oh boy here it comes
>they turn to me
>what about you little guy?
>uh well... I've never
>this is a huge deal
>they start going on about how they'll fix that shit asap, get me into parties and hook me up with girls
>they fucking spend half an hour brainstorming how to get me laid
>m-maybe this will turn out well
>the next day they've forgotten entirely
>don't have sex until I'm 21

Could have been worse.
Depends on your body language and if you're a good liar or not
File: 1391143364969.png (16 KB, 630x620) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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I'll probably graduate college a virgin. Supposedly the easiest years to get laid.
File: 1453046153430.jpg (165 KB, 439x550) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Well i'm a little braggart and obnoxious. I make implications that i'm not virgin but a lot of people would be surprised if they know the truth.
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smug way.jpg
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yes, you're like a bullet through a flock of doves
>having friends

top normie

get rid of them and live a true hermit life

Among my male friends, I have always found it easy to maintain a facade of non-virginity.

That is, until we were all in a location containing females. As they began to socialize with the girls like regular people, my spaghetti burst forth from my pockets with extreme force. At this point, everyone had become aware of my true power level.

So yeah, I could keep the act up as long as you don't put me near a girl. If you are not a total sperglord, you might be better at it.
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but why.jpg
85 KB, 300x287
>Openly admitted I was a virgin in highschool
>dudes believed me
>girls didn't
>As they began to socialize with the girls like regular people, my spaghetti burst forth from my pockets with extreme force
Yeah, i tend to avoid places with woman. I try to check-out of these situations but i dont know when i'll slip. I've been massively drunk and never spill about about being virgin so i'm safe in parties.

From what I can gather, some chads lie about being virgins in an attempt to ingratiate themselves with the fermale.
>"don't worry dude, I was a virgin until I had sex. You'll get there one day!"

words of wisdom right there. take note, OP
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Why would you need to pretend to not be a virgin, just hang with better normies who dgaf or just don't make cringeworthy jokes about it.

are you black? originale senpai stylu
No friends but my co workers quickly caught on. I'm just waiting any day now to get the "have you ever had a girlfriend anon?" question.
I've been telling people I fuck prositutes, trannies, tried various fetishes like watersports. They just said 'haha you cray cray xD'

I'm a virgin though.
tfw i don't feel this feel
File: 1442329359908.jpg (14 KB, 444x332) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>"have you ever had a girlfriend anon?"

This is why I'm not looking forward to employment.
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>5 great friends
>3rd to lose virginity

feels alright desu
I don't have any real friends OP.
Most people in my experience don't ask. I really don't care anymore regardless
I have no friends, but Ive been around long enough to know people honestly do not give a shit, what are you in high school? Trust me, they dont care either way.
Unless you show your powerlevel when drunk
Nobody has ever asked me and everyone assumes I'm not because I'm a Marine

Feels conflicting
>>"don't worry dude, I was a virgin until I had sex. You'll get there one day!"
When chad is nice, it just makes me feel worse. I need someone to blame or else I'm just hating myself
Depends mate. I'm very close with my friends and it's taken a while for them to catch on. I'm 6'5 /fit/ and attractive and one of the most confident forward people so no one would assume. I think hey know now because I fumbled a bit when one of them asked me
God fucking damnit this is what happened to me too, I thought I restrained those memories for good fuck this life
I honestly know they won't care, it's just such a big shame on myself that I haven't been able to do what literally billions of people have easily done before despite all my inherent advantages.
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I'm 24 and a virgin and I'm pretty sure all my friends know but they don't bring it up.

It's kinda obvious when they have all gone through girlfriends and I've never had one.

What's a gf like? ;_;
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dressing room.png
1 MB, 1920x1200
Haven't a fucking clue I enjoy playing with the EVE dressing room, and occasionally character creator, a lot.
>all of my closests friends are virgins.
>except one who has a gf
>taking his gf everywhere with him
>his trophy
>if I say something against him bringing hus gf everywhere he replies "you would understand if you would have a gf"
> words can not describe my pain and rage
Holy shit same with my friend. He is cucked beyond belief. He is the most whipped person I have ever come across, I don't get it why in some guys minds they think they have to be subservient to their girlfriends in every way. He is so fucking miserable but he refuses to admit their is a problem despite all my other friends bringing it up. And it's the same shit he has said to me: "you'd understand if you had a girlfriend".
My only solution would be to get a gf and annoy him with my relation ship.
It will never happen.
Feels bad man.
>Not belonging to a group were virginity is encouraged till marriage
Just become Mormon all your problems will go away, lots of virgin qt3.14's waiting in Utah
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>he never tasted pussyjuice
last time someone asked me if i was a virgin was when i was 10 years old. how odd that even then I had to lie and say i wasn't.
> I'm 6'5 /fit/ and attractive and one of the most confident toward people
What are you virgin? You have easy ticket but still keeping it without cashing out.
File: WSPepe.jpg (77 KB, 409x409) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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The working world will amaze you with its unprofessional and unwarranted inquiries into your personal life. Of course, your coworkers will give all of this information away freely, out of boredom, so what the fuck is wrong with you, are you too good to share? Probably not even a team player, are you?
Just drink anyway to avoid the pain
man why am I on this webstie

I have a job

I have a degree

I have a girlfriend

I have a house and a car

I have friends

People like me in real life

Women smile at me for no reason

It's only on this website the vitriol comes out of me, and I think it's because I'm surrounded by idiots trying to talk about feels here.

I'm not going to be here tomorrow. I've forgotten what I have in common with you retards, and I don't feel like remembering.
Bye then c:
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Sure, a setting and a rising of the sun will improve everything for you.
I can't talk to girls for shit. I have no friends that are girls. If I'm out at a club I can get to making out but I can never get the sex. And I can't invite them home because I live with my parents.
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This happens way too often, chad-bro wants to help you get laid, but in the end when he gets invited to a party no way I'm gonna be his 1st choice for a +1.
then they forget. probably for the best, it would just be a constant reminder, and it would be even worse if it all fell through anyway even after chad-bro's full efforts, at that point you become permavirgin. even chad can't save you.
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>feeling the need to share this
File: 1453883991027.gif (1 MB, 540x531) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>Live with normies in a flat
>We are having a party
>Drinking games
>Never Have I ever
>Do you drink or not?

Remember, your choice can affect everything.
Would just be honest and own my virginity with pride.
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>Lied to friend that I have gotten two blowjobs from two different girls
>To make it somewhat believable I made one of the girls black and the other a 6/10 girl with mental problems
>He believed me
>Time passes on
>He asks why I still don't have a gf if I am competent around girls
>Make up some bullshit about how I just "haven't met one that I like"
>He has been trying to hook me up with a bunch of girls in class lately
>tfw pretty sure he is starting to realize how autistic I am around girls and pretty soon will unravel that I am a failed normie
I straight up told my friends.
>tfw i knew that feeling long ago
>lost it near the club while drunk
>next day friend who knew about it wrote on my facebook wall "congratulations :-)"
>hope that girl whitch I alredy know didn't see that
>implying he's not being a patronizing cunt
>tfw 22 year old virgin
>in college
>learning bee keeping
>learning maple syruping
>extensive brewer
>in eccentric major
too bad I lie about my dating/sex life so they don't expect as much. I wouldn't mind being a wacky eccentric

I'm also a theist but not a christian sadly
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>mfw 26 KV as of Sunday the 31st
I can taste the wizardy already
Vet here my nigga are you me?
blox blox
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>go to an after work drinking party with coworkers
>get so drunk, lose my mind
>people start talking about relationships
>blurt out I'm a virgin
>everyone just stares directly at me
>everyone starts asking me questions as to why
>just say I've never really met anyone I really liked
>after this, a known roastie who works there started warming up to me
>coworkers start warning me to stay from her because she's fucked numerous managers and other people

I wasn't even friends with these people, but they even tried to hook me up with some girls, who I had no interest in mind you, but still. Sometimes normies aren't so bad.
File: 1454316173197.jpg (43 KB, 582x741) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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no they're just doing it male while you're doing it female
>buy me gifts

anyway, here's your (you)
File: sadneet.jpg (190 KB, 500x598) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>tfw friends think you're a virgin but youre not
File: Tulips.jpg (606 KB, 1024x768) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>tfw everyone assumes you have fugged but you are a 23 yo khhv
I told a co worker yesterday when he flat out asked me. I don't give a fuck. He seemed cool about it, especially after mentioning that I've never really tried to lose it, and that I don't view myself as having any game anyway. I'd rather pursue my own interests and try to be successful with that. If it happens that I find a cool chick who doesn't care and is willing, that'd be awesome. Otherwise, I'll just keep working towards making myself (and hopefully other people) happy.
Trust me mate, they've known for a while and they do mock you when you aren't there.
If I were as much of a normie a year ago as I am now, no thanks to more extroverted and wild friends, I could probably have gotten laid.

It always feels like I'm three steps behind the rest of my peers.

Because I've gotten very close to making out with a gril at parties and can dance, I don't think they believe me when I say that I'm bad with women. I don't know why; I've all but flat-out stated that I've never had sex. I guess they can't believe that someone who isn't a hopelessly ugly loser can't get laid.

Maybe this will be the year.
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Thread images: 31
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