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What jobs have you had? If you've never...
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What jobs have you had? If you've never worked in your life don't shitpost.
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>fast food cook
>budweiser intern
>"administrative assistant"
>Quality Engineer for tech company
I have not seen that pepe yet, it must be very rare.
I used to work as an AV technician and electrician. Then I lost my mind and my job.
food placer
spoon cleaner
computer guy
fish cutter
Administration assistant

Was that for UK government lad?
>waffle house cook

i'm a low iq ape if you were wondering
Fuck off.
pizza and hot food delivery/preparation
sharked magic cards for a bit
now i'm a bartender
>maintenance man for property manager
>US navy
>warehouse worker
>chemical plant worker
>pharmaceutical instrumentation technician
Vaginal maintenance technician.
I did Warehouse work. Never looked back.
all very short term except dishwashing
>construction (barely)
>office assistant
>research assistant
>teaching assistant
>Sales floor/cashier/cart attendant
>Logistics specialist
>Field network engineer
My first and only job has been being the child of rich parents.

Pretty good gig. I'd rate it 10/10. Minimum work and has kept me more than comfortable. Even paid for my out-of-state college tuition 100%
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>now i'm a bartender

>Life Guard
I don't recommend, altough you'll get good stories to look back on and laugh

>cleaner for summer camps
this job was pretty gross. Half the time the sheets we supplied to the kids would come back covered in jizz and stuff
Shooting range assistant
Convenience store clerk
Police dispatcher
Computer lab manager
Distance learning lab manager
Biology lab proctor
Substitute teacher
Science teacher, HS
Engineering teacher, HS

leeching scum
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i know i know reee
>factory worker
>warehouse worker
>plumber intern
i've been NEET most of the time tho. i've just had those shit jobs because my mom told me to get a job.
fast food drone
Walmart cave troll (worked in the back)
doctor's office assistant
land surveying tech (now crew chief)
Customer Service Slave
Accounting Intern
Internal Audit Intern
Hot and cold Deli Clerk. Did that for about six months. It sucked. That's it.
Sales rep
Warehouse clerk

no... USA. after we became to politically correct to use the term secretary
Skip-tracing data entry for Debt Collection Agency

Fundraising Representative for the Democratic Party (DCCC,DSCC,etc) basically telemarketing with college kids and homeless people.

>Retail clerk
>Pizza delivery driver
>Iron/ metal worker
>equipment operator
>warehouse work

There's probably more. The drift is real for me.

I can't stand to stay at a place more than 3 years.
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>Skating rink manager
>Meaningful use government employee
>Nurse Tech

Am 19

>video store
>eldercare home
>furniture factory
Grave digger
Computer repairman
Junior Sys. Admin
Federal IT consultant
>newspaper delivery
>burger flipping
>grocery store bagger
>gas station pumper
>soundboard guy
>graphic design/illustration/map making
>ski resort security
>parking enforcement

Here's a question for you /b/; Which one of these paid the best?

That's easy: construction



Incorrect. One more guess and then I'll give answer.
First job was in one of those shitty ghetto Halloween stores that pop up for two months during Fall.

Then worked as a cashier at Target - was there until last summer, almost 5 years.

Worked in the dishroom at my college's dining hall for 3-4 semesters.

Worked as security for my college's sporting events.

Worked as a bartender at a winery on saturday nights. Trimmed and did maintenance on the vines during the weekdays. Kinda hated it, but looking back this was the greatest job I ever had.

Worked in a little liquor store on campus for a couple months.

Was at Chili's as a host for a couple months this past summer.

Parking enforcement then? No clue, tell us how much it paid too.

You win the prize! It was a private firm (not government law enforcement) and paid $27/hr. Also easiest job ever.
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Nice, did you never get in trouble with anyone? There's some clips out there with people going mental on parking ticket people.
13 to 16 Darkroom Tech for xrays
16 to 17 Taco Bell
17 to 18 KFC
24 to 24 hospital security as a 2nd job
18 to 30 military
30 to 32 retired and life is good
How many people did you rape/molest while you were working at that camp? Also any storys about shit happening there?
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>painter, not the artistic kind
>unloading ships

It's funny how being painter is 90% setting up the scaffolding and other stuff. Painting is the easy part.
Video store.. brings back memories senpai
Fast food was fun as hell job as a kid, tons of girls and weed good times..
Retired? Where does the money come from?

People would yell at me on occasion but that was pretty easy to avoid by choosing which areas were least likely to have people returning to their cars at a particular time of day.

The weirdest rant I had someone give me wasn't even about the parking situation. I get called over to see about one of the ticket machines not printing tickets after a guy tried to pay. Get there. He doesn't wanna talk about the pay machine at all. He was much more pissed that my dispatcher used the security cameras to locate him and identify which machine was broken. This then triggered a lengthy speech from him about fascism and invasion of privacy and government conspiracy.
Also 25 to 25 another 2nd job worked at BK for side cash work hard save hard retire early senpai
> bojangles
> local car wash
> worked for my dad (construction)
>service assistant for a few months
>games tester, currently

i play games and i'm paid for it. life is good.
I got medicaly retired from military so I got out early, VA pays 3250 a month tax free do to not being able to work anymore, also I started working at 13 and saved my ass off so at 30 when I got out I paid for my house in full, no house payment or car bills.. SSDI income is coming soon for me

Indeedy, that was back in the 90's for me, one really got to see allsorts of customers tho. Once I fucked up too, they sold CD's too, all cases were out in the store and then the discs were in racks under the counter and in the basement, some guys wanted to buy a record, I lifted up the rack under the counter to check for it, but had to go down to the basement and check the racks there, but I forgot to lift down the rack from the counter so when I was back up they had bolted with the whole rack, didn't get fired but boss wasn't happy.

>>unloading ships
How did this work? You got to operate cranes?
>Grave digger

How do you do the spoiler thing?
Oh shit I would have been stressed, fid you ever have to rewind VHS tapes? Or by then was it all DVD, I tried my ass off to work at Block Buster but never any openings had to settle for taco bell
Is there anything wrong with you (limb blown off, etc)?

$3250 per seems like a lot for a case of muh agent orange or whatever the 2016 equivalent is.
fucking hell i want to be you.
Im wondering this too.. gravedigging now is done by Bobcats and machinery, wonder where they are from
seriously though, im 19 and graduating soon, i want to move away but how do you even move out of state and find a job and a place to live? do you apply over the internet first? and any ideas on what job to get if i have no college degree? ive worked at a gas station before
PTSD, and herniaated disc in back etc, if you join the military go medical or computers idk why the fuck I didnt
I liked and hated my time in it, hell they pay you and get trained in a job food and housing is covered its a pretty good deal, after 20 years you can retire and make good moneys
>office furniture distributor
>bike messenger
>line cook
>cashier at a service station
>baggage handler at an airport
>news journalist
>sports journalist
i worked for a psychotic greek at his pizza place and did literally everything, all he did was sit in his office watching porn and shit
If you are good shape and dont have police record join USAF for a cake time do medical or computer anon, you do 4 years can leave if you want a d get GI bill after for college

It was VHS, we had a VCR for rewinding them but weirdly enough I don't think I ever found a single cassette that wasn't rewinded upon return. It was a pretty nice job back in those days, haven't seen a videostore around in many years here nowadays though. Are there any Blockbuster stores left in the US?
What the fuck, you got any pics of this greek guy what was the place called? IDK if he was psychotic sounds like normal Greek behavior
Im pretty sure they are all gone, I havent seen a video store in years, did you get the same customers all the time
Worked at papa Johns.
Working blows but it was still fun times.
Hows the journalism going?
i dont have a police record but ive done stupid things earlier on (pissed in lysol, shit on floor of bathroom at school, was always joking around and being perverted) and i to be honest i really regret that stuff and some people know about it, could that stuff land me in trouble down the line if its been like 3 years ago?
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That you? If it is lets cook!

I've never worked at a pizza place how clean is it? I can tell you taco bell is by the far the safest and cleanest IMX, all food comes in bags and you just warm it up, burgerking depends on location, KFC was filthy, everyone cross contaminated food raw fhicken blood fingers on cooked chicken..
You think 25 is too old to join the military? I hate what I'm currently doing and have no commitments in my personal life (wife, kids, etc.).
No, not that big of a deal senpai just kid shit, look into if you want to move and a change of pace
its going very well, thank you
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>Housekeeping (as a guy yeah lol)
>Card Shop
>Petrol Station

If any of you are considering looking at jobs in retail, go to any distance or length to avoid any customer interaction. I never realized how fucking autistic old people are, jesus fuck

Wendy's was my burger flipping place. Their cleaning policy is pretty good. Only thing that has potential to be sketchy is the salads.
Nope not at all, I knew many people who joined at 25, if not married you will be in the dorms with younger ppl but its not bad, good thing is you are older and can focus on career and wont do dumb 19yo or 21 yo shit that would get you in trouble, if you did 20 years to retire yiud be 45, or just do 4 and use your GI bill for college
i don't have any pics, but his name was henny, not gonna say the name of the place though cause i don't wanna get doxxed
>bookseller (some christian bookstore)
>barista (starbucks)
>bookseller/cafe server (barnes & noble)

just put in some internship applications to some local companies
wish me luck so I can finally get out of this minimum wage rut
*nod must have been strange times
No, the cranes are for licensed operators only. A crew of about 10 men unloads some 2000 tons by hand. We stack the boxes on top of some tree platforms and the crane operator puts in on land.
It's extremely dangerous as it's not uncommon for the crane to drop 500 kilo loads on people's heads. Also, the storage rooms in the ships are usually -40 degrees Celsius or lower.
It used to pay well, but not anymore. Not exactly a desirable job.

There were some regulars, some of them had probably seen everything in the store, dropped in to grab whatever was new for the week. Certain films attracted certain types of people tho, Don Juan de Marco drew lots of younger females etc, the ones renting the pornos were a breed of their own too I'd say.
Salads are always sketch, they arent cooked so if saw some contaminated ahit gets on there ya fucked
>No, not that big of a deal senpai just kid shit, look into if you want to move and a change of pace

much thanks and if im there will i still be able to talk to my family much? to be honest i love them but they are into some real oddball religious stuff (ufos, etc) and are really conservative and strict and id like to space myself from that without having them think i cut them off
>car wash attendant
>chemistry teacher
I already went to college. I have a bachelors degree. I just hate my field and the choices it offers in the civilian world. Could I leverage it to get a better and comfier position in the military?
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Sandwich slave
Cookie factory certified cookie dough shoveler
Mentor of first year students

And I probably have done multiple other small jobs for a couple of times too
I wouldnt count on talking to them much at all in bootcamp, after though and yiu are done with your job school for training its fairly a normal job, if you are not in a combat MOS or AFSC its pretty chill, and yes you would be able to talk to them on deployments
terrible fucking place to work and now i've got to find a new job soon, no neet life for me
Yes, if you go as enlisted you might start out 2 ranks higher but if you already have a degree look into being an officer you would have to talk to a recruiter about that

Yea, sounds like pretty harsh work. I saw some documentary on ship breakers in india and china, quite a lot of people who'd died or gotten handicapped due to falling parts.
Ive always wondered what kind of people go into pornshops and rent porn videos Im sure for the most part average person
Best of luck on finding work, internet makes it easier to find jobs, just copy paste resumes and away ya go
Manual labor jobs mostly. I actually prefer them cause I get payed to stay fit.
>warehouse worker x2
>factory worker
>cart pusher (way harder then it sounds especially at the huge walmart I worked at)
>house cleaner for rental properties
>lawn care
I now work at a kitchen in a grocery store. By far the easiest job I've ever had...also a very fattening job.
If you are young that side food isnt bad but lawdy older ya get it catches up, manual labor is fun I think, you stay in good shape and are actualy tired by end of shift
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>restaurant bus boy
>lifeguard at a waterpark

All minimum wage jobs
Cool, much thanks. It's something I'm definitely considering.
Yeah, they were mostly dug by machine. I would jump down into the holes to even things out and tidy up. I would also fill in dirt around the caskets by shovel, too get it packed tightly.

I also mowed grass and landscaped at that cemetery. It was a super chill job. Nice and peaceful and I got to be outside most of the time. Ideal summer job for a teen.
Can you join the military if you have been in porn without any worry of problems? (i havent been in porn but i have been wondering about this)
I'm glad I'm not one of those ship breakers. Their pay is horrendous compared to the job they do.

Were you an architect? Or was that another anon? I'm wondering what kind of buildings you've designed.
Professional penis inspector at an elementary school
Part-time at McDonalds for a month. I quit so I didn't have to work over Christmas (They were gonna make me go in Xmas eve, boxing day, new years eve and new years day)
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>dishwasher for iHOP
>cashier for my highschool cafeteria

I worked a lot during highschool. I did it for the free food after the end only shift desu.
You should its a good life XP, if you do go stay away from combat jobs including being a cop unless you really want to do it, get trained for something you can use on the outside, good luck senpai
Doesnt sound bad I find cemetarys peaceful too
I'm getting older...almost 27. With my other jobs I was able to eat junkfood constantly and still lose weight. Nowadays I have to eat healthy as well as work out. Shit sucks.
If you were in a porn I wouldnt see it as a problem its legal, you ca t do porn while in the military though I knew a woman who did and got kicked out for it
I hear you on this senpai I would love to be 16 eating everything x10 I wanted, I still can now but have to watch it and do lots of exercise
>construction worker
In my country
>Flower factory worker

Aye, I typed in architect because I couldn't think of a title. I was more of an assistant tho. What I did was to draw plumbing and waterlines into projects, mostly apartment buildings, I also redrew a lot of old handdrawn drawings into CAD.
What is a flower factory? I mean I know it says it in the words but what do you do senpai?
Whats your fav food at IHOP, any secret menu items
Everyone I worked with hated working at Mcdonalds, now that they serve breakfast all day long I bet its even worse, how was your time there?
Basically packaging flowers. The usual work is that i unload like couple hundreds of flower boxes (usually roses), then unpack those boxes into bouquets . You put those bouquets on to line and some machinery cuts rose stems, then you pick those cut bouquets, put them into buckets (usually contains 6-10 of them) and put into the trolley (20-30) buckets. Throughout shift you usually done about 60-70 trolleys.
Sounds like a pretty good job, even if it's an assistant job. It would be damn cool to be an architect.
>working in a warehouse packing and shipping phones/accessories for AT&T online customers
$8/hr was nice because everyone was vietnamese and didn't talk (at least to me), though i hate the vietnamese language now
>Great wolf lodge (indoor waterpark/hotel) lifeguard
$7.85/hr the chlorine concentration in the air gave me respiratory issues and a constant cough, also gave me back pains that still persist
>University: Moving and setting up chairs and tables for events on campus
$8.50/hr more back pain, not bad otherwise
>University: Work for a FabLab
$10/hr, play GTAV and jack around for 5-8 hours a a time, am a supervisor so I can make other employees do things I don't want to
super comfy job.

I want to angle for a university job after I graduate, any anons with advice?

>tfw still no gf

Aye, it was very comfortable, I worked with 2 elderly very nice gentlemen, I made one mistake though. First day I got there they asked me if I liked coffee (I hated coffee), I said yes because I wanted to fit in. These guys guzzled down several large mugs of coffee every day though, and as soon as they had some for themselves they filled up my mug too. It was just a temp job for a few months to ease a busy period, but by the end of it hands were in parkinson-mode and stomach was in no good shape, kek. It's definitely a job I could imagine too though. There's a documentary on a japanese architect named Tadao Ando out there somewhere, I recall it was a very comfy watch if you've got time to spare.
Pretty shitty. Very boring and they always made me go on my break as soon as I got in so they could make me work the whole shift without a break in the middle. Managers were rude, they didn't show me how to do anything there, always burn my hands on the fryer, paid me less than they said they would etc. I suppose it's better than being a manual scavenger though or some shit.
back 2 leddit son
>fast food crew member
>parking attendant/valet
I was a host at a longhorn steakhouse for a while during college
i enjoyed working with a lot of attractive waitresses
hey what kind of shoes shes wearing ? some cul boots.
i will buy one of that boots and im gonna name it
the rape boots
so i rape women wearing dat boots.
all in glory to allah.

>blockbuster video
I was the only guy who showed up to work consistently. Co-workers stoned or fucking around the whole time

>public library
fapped in bathroom. barely got anything done. nobody there worked hard at all. government employment = easy mode

>college desk job
brought external HD with standalone web browser. Watch 8 hours of TV per shift. Barely worked. Talked to QTs at the desk

>Office job 1
Lasted 1.5 years - alcoholic. Only had to do 8 hour shifts and I kicked ass even though I wasn't sleeping and was hung over all the time.

Saved up $20k and quit working for a year

> Office job 2
Terrible, dying company. Pure frustration and failure. Quit within 3 months

> Office job 3
Mega asshole for a boss. Lasted 8 months and quit. Everyone quit. For years. He finally got fired this year. I am very happy. So did his asshole overlord boss.

> Temp job, government sector
more people not working at all. Office politics. It was actually fun. At the bottom you just have to ride the waves and accept your role as a pawn to be used between bickering, 40-something year olds who are trying to climb the ladder in an office where no actual work is completed.

Surfed the internet for 7 out of 8 hours a day. But the commute was terrible. 3 hours in bad traffic a day. I quit that too.

>house husband
No sleep. Babies all day. It's the best job I've ever had though
>movie theater
>Halloween store
>pizza slave
Navy IT
>bitch about back pain from chlorine
>bitch about back pain from moving chairs

You sound like a huge fucking pussy
In order

>Freelance illustrator
Best job I've ever had.
Pretty good. Got to draw all day. Cuntomers don't really take the wind out of my sails.
>Lab assistant making dentures
Nice pay, good prospects, terrible managerial team.
>Warehouse containers
field worker
ice cream scooper
You "might" have trouble getting jobs the require a TS clearence
>>age 15 - assisting on a construction site,
>>age 18 - few month in a computer shop as a tech
>>age 21 - electrician
>>age 25 - low current tech. - install security systems and smart home solutions etc..
Don't know if that counts, as I was working for my father. From cleaning pig pens to driving tractors
Pretty much doing research for the last 10 years or so. Well, the labs changed and my work specification a bit.
No real life skills lol.

All these upwardly mobile normies. You people need to GTFO.

>Alberton's courtesy clerk.

Later promoted to cashier, couldn't deal with the retards, and left.

>Pizza Restaurant clerk.

Left after boss became more psycho and couldn't stand her nepotism anymore


Tutored poor kids in college. Hourly pay was OK, but work split too thin between tutors, so I had to move back home after I finished my worthless bachelor's degree


Now a lifeguard at a retirement community. All my coworkers are 6 to 10 years younger (Im 28). California raised the min wage again, so now Im making less than a dollar above the min wage. Too much of a sperg to take advantage of the PTP that floods the place during the summer. Constantly reminded decrepitude is what awaits me even though I haven't enjoyed my youth. Life is depressing.
>Current: Generic Office drone
Definitely my easiest job, I work good hours and can spend a few of those just browsing the web or talking to people. Gets very boring on occasion though.
>Best job: Landscaper
Worked for the national trust and basically helped maintain the park and keep it safe. Didnt really have a boss so when there was nothing to do I'd just drive out into the woods, smoke up and read a book for 6 hours then go home. I quit eventually when i did get a boss, she was fat and therefore couldnt do any psychical labour. Just used to yell at myself and the other people working in the park, afaik she got sacked soon after I quit which bummed me out.
>Worst Job: Pawnbroker
Taking money from the poor and giving it to the rich (although it was the best paying, I used to get almost 1000 gbp bonus every month). Met some interesting and genuine people but most of the business relied on taking money from people who really needed it more than we did. Never felt guilty about ripping off the alcoholics or gamblers though, the gamblers were always dickheads while the alcoholics were fucking annoying and loved to waste time/ drive out our other customers.
I've been working at a family owned tobacco/beer store for a little over 2 years now.
I hate my life, and I hate the customers even more.
If you're gonna pay with loose change, precount it don't make anyone count it for you, please. Don't tell me your life story, I really don't give a shit, for fucks sake some lady told us about how fruit flavored beer makes her shit better. Fuck retail.
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>hardware store working in lumber yard
>hotel maintenance worker
>line cook
>starbucks baristo
>sales at under armour store
>dollar store
>apprentice at brewery
>filing drone in insurance office
>fabric cutting person at a small quilt shop
>IT assistant at two-year college
>data entry drone at gynecologist office
>writing tutor for university
>editing intern for small publisher
>english and literature tutor
>grader of standardized tests
>call centre tech support
>stockboy/cashier/receiver (current job)
>library assistant
>helper at a centre for poor people. (Usually helped with homework.)
>Grocery Store
>Cargo at an Airport

All shit jobs, two were above minimum wage but I was basically selling my soul away to work.
>call centre
>barista (coffee bitch)
>intern for some bullshit company
>strategy analyst
>Data analyst
> management consultant
>us navy

How did this work? Also mirin' those quads.

>i'm a low iq ape if you were wondering
I kinda noticed that when I read "dishwasher"
File: 1405370637973.jpg (33 KB, 539x496) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Iv done a hew jobs

>> worked as a laborer in a dump
>> did some Grounds work (construction)
>> worked as a Kitchen porter
>> did some warehouse work
>> pet bedding packer
>> Truck Driving

no idea what i'm going to do next would like to do more trucking
>sonic carhop
>library assistant
>phone operator
>filing assistant
>lab assistant
File: 1333658469735.jpg (88 KB, 500x500) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
88 KB, 500x500

For u, anon-san

>anime posting truck driver
I don't see it
I was paid to scare people on a haunted house. I would have to set off traps around this old art theatre. It was the most fun iv had working.

Most of it was setting off traps but the last "scare" I did was sneak up behind people with wet fingers and glide it past there face.

sadly is closed down because an earth quake destroyed the building but they might reopen it one day.

heres the link to it

>code moneky
>grad student (not sure if this qualifies as a job, but at least I got paid)
- Kennel hand
- Retail
- Office admin
- Firefighter.

Pretty happy with the conclusion to that chain.

Ahh, pretty cool.
heh how ya know i'm from the UK
yes it is true I watch anime and have a LGV licence

Oh man way belated but but I forgot, I also did ERP (but not cybersex) with a dude for 3 or so years for several hundred a 3 to 4 hour session.
P.C World
I'm currently a part time night stocker. It's okay.
>worked at my moms store, stocking stuff and doing cashier.(hated it)
>farm worker (was alright because no social interaction)
>overnight shelf stocker at grocery store(fucking sucked because of the annoying normies I worked it)
>back to my moms store
>now unemployed because can't find a job that has no social interaction.
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