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>be me
>wake up at 10am
>snooze till 10:20
>shower, brush teeth, get dressed
>catch train to town
>get a from the supermarket
>go to class
>one of 2 people in there, a grill who keeps giving me dirty looks everytime I make eye contact with her
>do some bullshit test a 12 year old could do
>meet brother at a record shop to exchange a shirt for a different size
>get chicken and fries from the mall and eat
>get the bus home with brother
>make sure my drunk father isn't dead
>eat yogurt
>now It's 3pm and I'm browsing, probably gonna watch the rest of Steve Jobs in a sec

Day: 6/10
Life: 4/10
>get a from the supermarket

I meant I got a sandwich from the supermarket

Alot done considering you of up at 10.20 and home by 3.

Why sandwich did you buy?
Egg salad famalan
>wake up at 9, supposed to be at my school at 10
>waste time till 12.30 with feeling sad and useless
>go to school to study with some aquaintances
>study for 3h even though I can't really focus
>sad feels coming back but I have to get through it somehow
Wish I could just go into work mode and focus.
Oh forgot to rate. Day 2/10
Life 4/10
>just woke up
>wake up 0530
>take nice shit
>drive to work
>get to work 0630
>it's 0730 now and I'm sitting around waiting for work to start (get here early to beat traffic)

Day 6/10
Life 7/10
you living on neetbuxs?
>go to work
>bothered periodically by fat girl ive fallen inlove with on whatsapp
>go home
>lie on the bed fantasizing about the Apocalypse
Such is life.
no, inbetween two semesters at my uni, just finished my exams, really needed a long nights sleep
>wake up 7 am
>log into mmo
>need to wait 5 more hours for new quests because I fucked up
>do some of my dailies
>buy soda and chocolate for breakfast
>plumbers show up
>start working the kitchen
>browsing in bed I see a lead thread and get horny
>can't masturbate because plumbers
>almost lunch and he isn't even half way done
>I'm going to have to leave this fucker alone to grab some McDonalds
>overall shittiest morning in 2016
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>browse 4chan
>drank cups and cups of coffee to stay awake
>make a scrambled egg sandwich
>walk to the pharmacy and buy 500mg of Benzedrex
>get home and take all 500mg at once
>feeling nice tingles all over my scalp
>making some more coffee
>browse 4chan

So we've come full circle.
Day: 8/10
Life: 2/10
>living alone
>waking up at 9
>going to college
>having people to study with
Pretty comfy 7/10 life
2/10 day tho
>Wake up at 10am yesterday
>Can't remember until this morning
>Have bath 7am
>Brush teeth, put my face on, straighten hair 9:30am
>Realise I don't go outside, put jim jams on 10:30am
>Sit on r9k and league all day
>prob gonna go to sleep soon

Day 1/10 Life 2/10
Nah I live with my parents and I am struggling with a bachelors degree in my mid 20s as a KV. I know though that other robots have a much harder life than me. But i'm not happy with mine at all. Just no idea how to improve it.
so far?
>woke up
>gonna do homework
>going to school in a few hours
>prepare for debilitating midwest snowstorm
Update from OP:

>just had an agressive fap
>gonna make some scrambled eggs because some anon mentioned them and now I want some
>gonna eat it and watch the office then watch a movie
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Picture 92.png
424 KB, 640x351
>Wake up at 10am
>Go swimming at river (I do this every day in summer)
>Mostly just floating and treading water as exercise, careless
>Get out of river
>Watch the eel that appears every time to eat whatever me getting out of the river dislodges
>The eel is like my pet dog at this point and shimmies around happy
>Watch a shag - a bird
>Go to supermarket
>One worker girl's heart flutters when she sees me, but she is in a rush
>Get home
>Have an afternoon sleep
>Wake up
>Watch Kardashians
>Cook chicken kebabs and vegetables and eat them
>Start music producing as well as internet
>Cook and eat again
>Here I am
>wake up at 7:00
>brush teeth, shave, clean up a bit
>make breakfast of grits, bacon, drink some powerade to wash it down
>head to work
>prep the food for the day
>realize how much I fucking hate ribs
>get my shit done early, pretty easy day
>done with my work by 10:30
>smoke a blunt with the dishwasher
>come home
>make a Cuba libre
>walk my dog
>go on a Cambodian basket weaving board and post this

Day: 8/10
Life: probably a light 5/10
>wake up at 5, say why the fuck am I awake, go back to sleep
>really weird dreams for two hours
>wake at 7, breakfast/Monster, move between shitposting and gaming for two hours
>alarm to wake at 9 goes off, ignore it
>9:30, panic because I'm suppose to be dressed and ready by now
>slap on clothes, run out door to wageslave job
>small employee cafeteria for big company, alone for first hour
>whatever, not busy at all, troll 4chan on phone cuz dead
>then 'crazy' Susan comes in, makes up rules that her bosses have told me to ignore
>lot harder to ignore when it's just one on one
>try to get through the day without wanting to strangle her or trigger her autism
>she keeps saying she'll take her first break after she gets done with this- no this-no this
>can't take my lunch till after she takes her break
>consider eating her
>finally lunch, watch a cartoon, feel better
>last 4 hours fly by, get to talk shit about Susan to next shift coming in
>go home, realize need to take care of garbage
>I love you cats, but not enough to clean your shit
>small cardio on a workout bike
>refreshing as fuck shower, try to sleep with post shower relaxation
>can't, go to /r9k/, blogpost for the blogpost thread l
>wake up 10am, gf has already left for class
>get some shit together for the NEETbux providers.
>ride into town
>NEETbux people say I'm not on their system
>that's cool, still getting paid
>wander around town for a bit
>ride home
>tuna and avocado sandwiches for lunch.
>do some tidying and groceries before gf gets home
>gf comes home, cook up kebabs and salad. With her
>she gets upset over being overcharged for ice cream
>watch x files

Was pretty good, 7/10, life is 10/10
>awake all night and not taking advantage of the morning
>3/10 day
>5/10 life
>0/10 person
>woke up too early
>vape some kush
>watch the office
>gonna sleep in an hour
>energy drink
>dirty cats
>3/10 day
>4/20 life at least you are smart enough to have 2 hours of free time before work
8/10 life
>5/10 day
>Wake up at 9:30am
>Have a glass of juice and an apple for breakfast. A cheesestring too, because I'm a man-child
>Play some Wolfenstein: Old Blood
>Waiting for family to leave so I can have a nice long wank without risk of being interrupted.

Part time worker here. I have today and tomorrow off, then I go to work on Wednesday and get paid. For all you robots still living at home, part time jobs are a great balance between wageslavery and NEETdom.

>Gives you something to do, so you don't spend all your time alone with your depressing thoughts
>Helps you improve your social interaction skills
>Gives you money
>You still have 3 or 4 days a week off work, so you can be /comfy/ in your room
>Parents/people in general will respect you more, since they see that you're trying
>sleep from 2 am to 2 pm
>play WoW and listen to music
>haven't eaten anything yet
>most likely buying weed later

File: in20years-spook.jpg (24 KB, 361x361) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
24 KB, 361x361
>wake up at 6 am
>try to suck own dick, end up cumming in own face
>distusting, manage to swallow some of it
>shower three times to get rid of the sticky
>pass out on couch
>wake up at 1 pm
>check bank account
>realize satan is trying to say that i deserve to go by me some good food to enjoy even though i'm poor
>do exactly that
>probably smell like cum
>people are staring
>spill my spaghetti while buying chicken
>run home
>enjoy chicken
>shitpost on /r9k/

>be me
>wake up at 8.30
>get dressed
>eat cereal
>class at 10
>attend class
>Dont talk to anyone
> teacher gives us assignment to write report in groups that we chose by our self
>when class is finished i quikly walked out
>walked home
>sad feels along the walk home
> i will probably fail this course if i dont do assignment
>i wont do it because no friends
Day 4/10
Life 5/10
>wake up at 9
>lay in bed and wallow in misery for an hour
>throw some clothes on and brush teeth
>spend a few minutes futilely trying to brush the dandruff away before giving up
>Walk to my first programming class
>spend the whole class fantasizing about becoming a farmer, trying desperately not to think about that big software project I just failed
>anxiety builds up so I skip my next class to hide in my room and post on 4chan

5/10 life
4/10 day
>wake up early due to proton farts and have to pee bad
>rememeber I have a flat tire
>go to walmart auto because im poor
>eat subway while I wait
>walking around wasting time
>just want to go home and go back to sleepytime
>have to turn wagecuck mode at 3

today has been lame so far
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34 KB, 700x830
>wake up at 5 pm
>lie in bed for another hours since my head hurts and my body feels weak
>mom comes in and yells at me again, educating me on how useless I am
>day already off to a great start, feel like killing myself immediately
>get on my pc and check if I got any responses to my job applications
>all declined
>punch a hole in the wall and start crying

Day: 10/10
Life: 10/10
>be me
>wake up at 7
>slept through three alarms somehow
>late for class
>decide not to go
>take massive shit
>continue lying in bed, shitposting here
Day: 4/10
Life: 4/10
UK or US
Minus all the bullshit (>put on pants)

>got up
>played DaS for four hours

Day/Life: 10/10
It's still my first playthrough so I have bright eyes and rosy cheeks.
>Not feeling like killing myself
>wake up at 8:00
>Surprisingly bad headache that only lasts for a few minutes
>Shower and skip breakfast because I forgot to cook it last night
>Get to class at 9:10 and half-listen to the lecture because it's review
>Worry that my uni's standards might be low considering how many idiots have made it to this point
>Shop for textbooks I still need
>How the fuck do they charge $303 for a book on Heat Transfer
>Wait 4 more hours for my next block of classes

today 5/10
life 4/10

Hopefully when I intern this summer the income will make things better. Money can't buy sincere relationships so maybe not.
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Thread images: 5
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