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Why do stoners act like everyone is a okay...
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Why do stoners act like everyone is a okay with their addiction?
>"dude everyone smokes bro its 2016 bro"
>"im gonna drive in my car and smoke a blunt bro no one will care"
>"im gonna smell up my apartment with my glorious weed bro everyone will love it because everyones a loser like me"
Sleep tight pups

They also act like it's a miracle drug that gives everyone the best experience ever

>lol what you you mean weed gives you anxiety. You probably smoked it wrong lol
>know stoners that have dropped out of school and spend hundreds of the dollars that they earn from their dead end jobs on weed every month
>act like their drug habit isn't really a drug habit and their life is fine
>they feel superior to people who use other drugs even if theyre more capable of handling their drug habits

i swear stoners are blind to how their drug habit affects their lives
God I fucking hate stoners. I've smoked often for years now and I don't feel the need to make sure everyone i fucking speak to knows that I do. I don't get why stoner dumbasses have to go around making the rest of us look like morons. We aren't all annoying garbage, I swear.

totally agree with this, especially when they try to pretend its not an addiction, like, yeah its not an addiction, hence why you start shaking and getting all pissy when you haven't had green in the last hour
It is though. You're probably just too autistic to get high lol. Faggot
but also, sleep tight pups

stoner culture is fucking obnoxious
I know plenty of chill older dudes that smoke and are pretty normal
putting anything on a pedestal is just fucking autistic
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>>they feel superior to people who use other drugs even if theyre more capable of handling their drug habits
>junior year of highschool
>most well known stoner in the grade finds out I use DXM
>I'm not a fucking idiot about it and I don't let it fuck with my life
>this kid is constantly high
>says as condescendingly as possible that that shit is bad for me and that I should quit
>gets kicked out of the school by the end of the year

"lol, wtf do you mean it gives you anxiety and makes you paranoid"
> every stoner i know is also on xanax

ether that means that weed appeals to people who's lives are total wrecks, or makes people total wrecks
I smoke weed and you are a faggot if you don't
fuck benzos
just ruin my whole life senpai
One love bro.
I don't mind pot and I don't give a fuck if people smoke it, I just wish they'd shut the fuck up about it. I've smoked it before - it's not a world changing experience and it sure as hell isn't good enough to base your entire identity around and tell everyone about like a religion.

I used to work with a bunch of fresh out of highschool stonerfags and literally every time they got into a group and talked it was just them circlejerking about how high they got that weekend and trying to one-up each other about how much they smoked or what stupid shit they did.

why are guys that smoke weed always the type to say bro
Uno love
If you smoke a lot of weed at one time then yes, you can have terrible panic attacks because the amount of THC that enters your body all at once causes you to go into shock. It's happened to me several times after poor judgement and it does nothing but make you more experienced to find that sweet spot of pure bliss.

But taking in a couple tokes every 15-20 minutes? You have to be very sensitive to THC/CBD to have a negative reaction to that. Everyone reacts differently to weed and getting a good high from it can simply mean smoking less, or if necessary, not smoking it all and accept weed just isn't for you.

In moderation, weed is literally the perfect drug. It helps you escape the world for a couple hours by relaxing your nerves and gives you waves of euphoria. Senses are enchanced and everything sounds, tastes, feels, looks, and even smells better. Personally, I love the change of time-perception weed gives you since I can listen to my favorite songs and they seem to go on forever and I can hear every last note and harmony. I haven't experienced anything negative long term, and I always get high in private and making sure I'm sneaky about, not only to avoid trouble with the law but in respect to other people who may not like the disgusting skunk smell.

It's all about knowing your limits and having a bit of discipline to keep you from going overboard with it.
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I smoked one "toke" (and not even a very big one according to my former pothead friend) and it gave me a panic attack.

I can't even into the easiest and most perfect drug to take I'm so pathetic.
I dunno where I stand on this one. On the one hand, I've seen plenty of people burn out on pot (been there myself), plenty of people whose psychosis it just didn't help, and people who let it become their entire life, and I really don't advertise the fact that I smoke weed.

On the other hand, I really do think it's valuable and not a big deal. I honestly don't consider it any worse than a cup of coffee, and while I don't advertise that I smoke weed, it has to be pretty fucking obvious from my sheer lack of hiding it.

In my experience, the problem with weed appears when people embrace it as a replacement for something else. They get high instead of confronting their problems, even though those problems are nagging at them, and then they get anxiety because their life is falling apart and the weed has thrown their conscience into overdrive. Then they get anxiety because they've used weed as an escape so much that the thought of not having weed (which is inevitable because they're burnouts with no money and consume a fuckton daily with a building tolerance) becomes synonymous with being forced to confront the unpleasant unwillingly. They have nothing else going for them and no will for long-term investments in life, so they make their whole lives about a flower that can give them a shortcut to feeling good, and about the surrounding subculture and the sense of validation and inclusion that comes with it.

Again, I don't really know. Where I'm at right now, literally everybody in my dorm smokes weed, as does most/a lot of campus, and it's really not a big deal. It's not a big deal in the sense that it's nothing to get hostile over, and it's not a big deal in the sense that there's more to talk about over a bowl than weed.
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It's really nice when you can smoke a little bit with some friends. Just like no more than four hits. No pressure from obnoxious stoners to take two hits every time the joint makes a full rotation.

The first time I tried marijuana was when I was subletting this apartment, and my roommate smoked a lot of weed. Every time I smoked with him, he'd make me take like hit after hit. I couldn't even keep track of how much I was smoking, but it was a lot. It'd make me be so shaky I was scared I was having an epileptic fit. I was completely unable to get comfortable. And I would hear whispers all around me (yes, I know I have schizophrenia). I gave it a few tries because this was the drug everyone was raving about, and I really wanted to see what everyone found so enjoyable about it. But I never could, so I just decided weed wasn't for me.

That is, until I was over my friend's house pretty recently. He only had like four hits, while I took just one long hit. I actually felt really nice. Finally I understood what people liked about weed. I could feel these amazing waves of euphoria down my body. No shaking, no hearing voices at all. My friend and I were having a really comfy conversation about different historical space programs. He's really hardcore into Kerbal Space Program while I'm studying mechanical engineering, so we were both talking about lots of cool stuff and sharing information. We were like blowing each other's minds.

It was an absolutely perfect night. So I agree that stoners are really obnoxious, but a couple hits with your best bud can be an amazing time. In my opinion, weed is best smoked in moderation.
>tfw vape weed everyday, even in the office on saturdays (only one there)
>no one but my brother knows i partake
>hate people that smoke weed. also hate myself. there's probably some overlap
>have yelled at kids smoking out of a can in the alley behind my house to leave before i call the cops
>when people bring up that they smoke, i act a little concerned about it
>if they ask, i show them the studies about it increasing heart attack risk, testicular cancer, etc. but that they can keep going if they'd like (throw in a bit about it being a free country if they're /pol/itical)
>am a support for a co-worker who's going to narcotics anonymous & had been "clean from green" for 2 months

i feel like the human collaborator in "They Live," except this is a righteous cause
You should still off yourself.
>weed is the easiest drug
Tbh weed makes you much more anxious and prone to panic attacks than LSD or shrooms.
it's a work in progress, did you even read past the first line? probably not you scum dumb fuck
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>stoners are one person
I get what youre saying if youre from the USA with that whole 420BLAZEIT FAGGIT culture but im a "stoner" because I dont want to go on meds and the only person who knows about it is my dealer
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