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>am a gigantic loner with zero experience
>decided to change this with making an OKCupid profile
>talking to a few girls, have like 5 of them tell me I'm good looking in the space of two days
>like one girl in particular, she seems shy and weird, and specifies she's into monogamy. Too shy/anxious to say hello and have to get on a 7 can drunk to send her a message
>she replies more strongly than I thought, giving me her name and phone number. Tells me to come visit her and shares her facebook page
>go through her page and she seems even cooler than on okcupid
>....oh but wait, there are some older photos here
>selfies of her tits all over the place
>guys saying they want to motorboat her and her replying "any time ;)"
>pictures of her in bed with some guy, even saying he had a gf and hopes she doesn't mind
>a picture of her in her HS teachers bedroom, sayng they used to fuck
>a picture of a bottle of "playboy passion shot for her" which is designed to make women horny, with the caption "to make the night more fun ;)"
>she was fucking married to a guy, but divorced after three months
>this was only last fucking august


had to take two fucking xanax after reading that, can't believe I was developing a crush on her. I haven't had a crush in so long

tl;dr : fucking roasties
come on you fuckers, reply

I always reply to your threads
Hi there friend. I'm going to reply now, and read your post after this just so you know that I'm here :)
>tfw I met a cute virgin peruvian chick who's coming to my country in august. Social media accounts everything check out and i'm skyping with her right now.

Life is sweet, yours sucks.
What a major fucking slut, holy shit.
This literally always happens with pretty much any girl. You think she's cute, start developing a crush, and then realize they're terrible. And then you realize women in general are terrible.
Good story OP, i'll admit i laughed. Fuck online dating. It's the worst of the worst on there.
Use phone number. Go meet. Plan ahead. Cunt Punch. Or just fuck her up.
You have all the cards in your hand, make her regret it.
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>comes to country
>"Thanks for getting me here anon"
>leaves you.
>implying i'm paying for a random chick
>Who says i'm getting her into my country

Feels good not to meet fuckups
Consider that a bullet dodged
Sorry anon, but you're going to get cucked. :/
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645 KB, 3368x1086
Ok, Kirsten Stewart :^)
Meme me up senpai xDDDD
Pump and dump dude, wear a condom. That's what online dating is for. Not real relationships.
just fuck her and leave
the thing is, my living situation isn't great at the moment

I'm stuck back at my dad's after dropping out of college, and I plan to save up for a few months so I can move during the summer on a working visa

I told her this and she offered to let me stay with her for a month or two on cheap rent.

I was honestly considering it but I'm not sure anymore
I don't know mate, sounds like a good chance to experience some cuckoldery. You can become the meme
I'm not going to fucking hit her
I'm a pretty socially avoidant guy (hence why I'm on the sit in the fucking first place), so it seems like the kind of mad shit I should to to kick-start the rest of my life. I just started taking anti-anxiety meds so one on hand it seems like the perfect oppotunity to tern her into my fucktoy for a few weeks

>mfw I saw a post she made about how badly she wanted a valentine this year and I started fantasising about showing up at her place with a bouquet of flowers

just fucking kill me
>go to her place
>fuck around with her till you've built up some xp
>leave her ass
>use your new more experienced self to reel in more/ less experienced bitches
that's a good idea, thanks
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>more sexperienced
>more sex-driven
You're in the trough of disillusionment.

You need to move the fuck on and realize women are animals and then treat them as such.
I stll need somewhere new to live and it's either live with her or find a totally new town to live in (where I don't know anybody)

I'm not a social guy and I don't have any buddies I can move in with

it honestly might be fun, I want to turn into more of an absolute madman
also, feel free to post your own
>post conservative views as my okcupid stuff
>only liberals in my area
Thats why you dont get your feelings involved untill youve been dating and decide to be in a relationship. Untill then its just a friend/potential fuck.
I even had another girl say on her profile that she was into monogamous relationships, I replied to her saying I like that too and all she said about that was "ok" after saying "zomg you're cute ;)"

even said she was a practising catholic
I bet she was a moderate "catholic" and didn't hate fucking faggots or abortion.
well she did list "god" under the six things she could never do with out
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Thread images: 4
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